What is the minimum age to open a revolut account? | Revolut fr, open a revolut account: all the steps to subscribe

Open a revolut account: all steps to subscribe

To prepare for account opening at Revolut, the customer simply needs to take out their identity card, then enter their smartphone.

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What is the minimum age to open a revolut account ?

To open a revolut account, you must be 18 years old or over.

However, if you are between 6 and 17 years old, you can still create a revolut account

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Open a revolut account: all steps to subscribe

Open a revolut account

It is possible to open a revolut account in a few minutes, from your smartphone, without having to go to an agency or to contact an advisor. Just fill out the form provided for this purpose. The customer must however comply with some conditions, such as being of age. How to open a revolut account ? Find all the steps.

Which can open a revolut account ?

Revolut is a neobank, also called an account without a bank, which means that, unlike online banks or traditional banks, its subscription conditions are much more flexible. A large majority of the French population can thus open a revolut account. To be able to open an online account at Revolut, it is still necessary to respect the following three conditions:

  • Being older than 18
  • Reside in one of the countries of European Economic Space, Switzerland or Australia. Revolut is not yet accessible all over the world, but the neobank declares to work there.
  • Have a smartphone compatible with the Revolut application. This being a neobank, the bank account is managed entirely from his phone. Compatible devices are Apple Watches, Iphones or iPads with the iOS 10 or a later version, and phones with Android 6.0 or a later version. The smartphone must also have a minimum 3.5 -inch screen size. Note that Android tablets are not supported.

If these three conditions are met, the customer can open a revolut account, Even if it is banned banking. Accepting excluded banking is indeed a peculiarity of neobancs, which can be considered as banks for banking prohibitions.

On the other hand, it is requested to make a first payment on the account at the opening, for a minimum of € 10.

What are the supporting documents requested ?

Once again betting on flexibility, Revolut requires only few supporting documents to open an account. No need for proof of domicile, pay sheet or tax notice. Revolut only asks:

  • The photo of an identity document valid (Identity card or passport). Depending on the case, a residence permit may also be requested.

To prepare for account opening at Revolut, the customer simply needs to take out their identity card, then enter their smartphone.

Open a revolut account

In all and for everything, opening a revolut account requires only a few minutes.

Open a revolut account

1- Download the application

To open a revolut account, you need to go through the application of the neobank. The first step is therefore to download it. To do this, click on the following link:

The customer landed on the page opposite. It is enough, at this stage, to enter its phone number, which allows a first verification.

The consumer will then receive an SMS with a link to download the application directly. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

>> Note: Revolut also allows you to open an online pro account

2- Add money to the account

Once the application is downloaded and installed, the customer can open it on their smartphone. Revolut then asks to make a first transfer on the account of at least 10 €. It is however possible to repel this transfer until later by clicking on “not now”.

3- enter your personal information and check your identity

Revolut application

The customer can now gradually discover the application. However, to finish opening a revolut account, obtaining your bank card and being able to use it, it is first necessary to enter your personal information and check your identity.

Why should we confirm your identity to open a revolut account ? This is an obligation, for banks, to know their client, in order to fight against fraud, corruption and money laundering.

Revolut thus requests the following information to open an account:

Once this information has been entered, it is still necessary to check. To do this, you have to go to “Profile”, then “check your identity”. There, the customer must simply click on the “photo” icon to take their ID in photos, then take a photo of himself. Beware of the catches are not vague and that the validity of the identity document is greater than or equal to three months.

As long as the identity verification has not been made, the account will be limited.

4- Order a revolut cardrevolut card

The customer has finished opening his Revolut account, but he does not yet have a bank card. He must order it. To do this, just click on the “Cards” tab in the event of the application right.

There, the customer will have three options:

  • Order a physical card : Mastercard (free), Premium card (€ 7.99/month), or metal card (€ 12.99/month), which can be used for current expenses, purchases and withdrawals of money. It will be sent to the postal address entered and is generally received in nine working days. Delivery is made worldwide, with the exception of the following countries.
  • Order a virtual bank card, which makes it possible to carry out internet transactions only. They can only be ordered free of charge if the customer already has a premium or metal account.
  • Link your revolut card to account, If the consumer already has a

Sending the MasterCard card costs € 4.99 (€ 19.99 in emergency), but that of other cards is free.

Note : to order a card, you must have made the first minimum payment of € 10.

5- Use Revolut

The customer can start recharging his account, making transfers, sending requests to refund to friends and appropriate the Revolut application before receiving their card. Once it is done, he can also use it in stores.

The application also gives the possibility of directly managing the bank card, such as blocking or unlocking it, activate or deactivate contactless, or even authorize payments online or not. To find out more, also find revolut reviews.

Open a revolut account: reminder of the offer

In Europe, more than 4 million people have chosen to open a revolut account. They are 550,000 in France. Since its launch, the British neobank has had resounding success, which also echoes that of its main competitor, N26. In the success of the neobank appears the need for consumers to find alternative offers to their main bank, cheaper and more flexible.

Revolut markets three offers:

  • Classic account with free bank card
  • Premium account at € 7.99 per month, with travel insurance
  • Metal bank card at € 12.99 per month

This offer revolves one of the best neobanks.

Written by Claire Krust – Updated on 03/15/2023

50 responses to “Open a revolut account: all the steps to subscribe”
by Rahi – September 15, 2022 Reply

Good morning. I try to open a revolut account but I cannot receive a code, as if I already have an account. Then I tried to take the process as if I have an account, and learning it gives me back to an email address that is not mine. By noting that the number is new and no one had access to it. It’s Lyca Mobile.

by Claire – September 16, 2022 Reply

We invite you to contact Revolut directly, themselves have access to customer data and will be able to tell you what to do.

Sincerely, the Captain Banque team

by Guibert Stephanie – June 13, 2022 Reply

Hello, My son has a postal bank book in France can open a re -alert account?

by Joellyne de Captain Banque – June 14, 2022 Reply

A priori, you have the possibility of opening an account at Revolut. It will therefore be necessary to proceed to the first payment confirming the opening of the account from booklet A of your son. Because the first payment must come from the same holder.

Sincerely, the Captain Banque team.

by Aicha – March 15, 2022 Reply

I lost the number with which I opened my revolut account, I am afraid to change it and that it is definitely blocking it. Help me I beg you.

by Joellyne de Captain Banque – March 16, 2022 Reply

In the event of a problem with Revolut, you can use the cat available to you directly on their site.

Sincerely, the Captain Banque team.

by Bravo – March 5, 2022 Reply

I want to open my account on my new phone phone the old one fell into the swimming pool and is unsuccessful .
That is to say spoiled . I bought a new phone

by Joellyne de Captain Banque – March 7, 2022 Reply

Good morning,
You can completely re -order the application on your new phone and enter your account number and password. You can therefore access your account
Sincerely, the Captain Banque team

by Escalès – February 28, 2022 Reply

One of my friends was the victim of a financial scam. She paid a large sum using a RIB that the Revolut 21 domiciled scam in Lithuania gave her in Lithuania. How can we contact the bank in order to meet with a manager?
Thanks in advance

by Captain Banque – February 28, 2022 Reply

Good morning,
Unfortunately, Revolut, first seen, does not offer a customer service number in order to contact a manager, however you can contact them at this email address [Email Protected] in order to make them return.
Sincerely, the Captain Crédit team.

by Chemla – February 17, 2022 Reply

I try to know in vain if my revolut account is closed after 3 years of inactivity and without supply because I have lost all my data except the RIB.
What to do? Everything is in English and I don’t understand anything.

by Joellyne de Captain Banque – February 17, 2022 Reply

To contact Revolut, you can use the cat’s chat or the website, submit a complaint on the online form or send it by email to [Email Protected] .

Sincerely, the Captain Banque team.

by de GRECIS – February 13, 2022 Reply

Bjr, how to account opened by another person for a third party. This account was closed and I did not identify or the phone of the person who opened this account. My salary remained on it. How to recover my money knowing that I only have an identity document to justify. No identifier or the number of this person. THANKS

by Joellyne de Captain Banque – February 14, 2022 Reply

Good morning,
If the account has been closed, this person had to provide a RIB for the money who remained on it was transferred. It will therefore not be possible to recover this money, the account no longer existing. However, you can try to get closer to the bank in which this account has been opened to find out more, without conviction that it agrees to give you more information. Specify, if this is the case, that you are not initiated by this account closure (in this case, the bank will advise you on the steps to follow, because this person would have made a registered letter to your name). We advise you to also get closer to your employer to present him a new RIB belonging to you to make a change of account and be able to touch your new salaries
Sincerely, the Captain Banque team

by Guy – February 3, 2022 Reply

I have a revolted account on my phone but I lost the phone is it possible to open this same account on the new phone ?

by Joellyne de Captain Banque – February 3, 2022 Reply

Your revolut account is not linked to your phone. So, if you know your identifiers, you can perfectly download the Revolut app on any phone and connect.

Sincerely, the Captain Banque team.