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How the account works in the long term and which can open it

– a rate of 3% over 12 months (360 days);

How the booklet A works and which can open it ?

Livret A is a regulated and tax -free individual savings product, available at any time.
This can be opened by any minor or major natural person. The opening of a booklet A is also possible for non-residents.

The regulations only authorize detention of a single booklet A per person, so it cannot be transferred from one establishment to another.

It is not possible to open a booklet joined.

It is not possible to set up a direct debit, to make payments or to have a withdrawal card with a booklet A.

The current interest rate is 3% net (rate in force since 02/01/2023). Interests are calculated by fortnight and paid annually at the end of the year or at the time of the fence.

The payment at the opening is 10 euros and the ceiling is 22,950 euros.

To open this savings account, go to the “Products” section then on “Booklet A”. To access this page directly, click on the link: https: // bour.SO/LVA

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How the account works and which can open it work ?

The term account is a savings account allowing you to pay the funds placed over a fixed period in advance. This completely secure investment guarantees you to recover your invested capital.

When the Boursorama Banque account is opened, you can choose maturity as well as the gross annual, guaranteed and fixed actuarial rate, that suit you best:

– a rate of 3% over 12 months (360 days);

– a rate of 3.50% over 18 months (540 days).

No opening, management or fence costs will be applied.

It is exclusively accessible to natural and major persons and an individual bank account should be holded in order to open this savings account.

The minimum amount of the single payment is € 5,000, unrelated.

No additional payment can be made during the life of the product, However, you can open and have several term accounts.

On the due date, your capital and interest is paid to your bank account. If you wish to recover the capital placed before the scheduled due date, no interest will be paid to you.

This product is taxed, which means that interests are taxable and subject to social security contributions.

To open your account eventually, go to the “Products” section then click “Term account”.

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