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Material: prepare the exchange or return of your equipment

According to the offer subscribed, the orange equipment supplied is different. ADSL offers are equipped with the modem Livebox 4 While fiber offers come with Livebox 5 and 6. UP offers can be accompanied by a WiFi 6 repeater (€ 10 activation fees).

What is the Livebox 4, 5 and Play content and how to restore its orange equipment ?

The content of the Livebox Orange varies according to the offer chosen and the model of possessed modem (Livebox 4, 5, 6, play or old box). Each equipment contains its batch of accessories, cables and user notes. It is important to keep all the content present with your box because during a return of orange equipment, a list of the elements to be returned will be specified by the operator.

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  • The essential
  • Livebox 4 Box content, Livebox 5, Livebox 6, Livebox Play and TV decoders varies According to equipment.
  • There Restitution of orange equipment can be made in a store in store or relay point.
  • It is generally enough to return theMain livebox equipment (modem and decoder).
  • Orange offers on request or the purchase of accessories intended for livebox subscribers.

What content is present in each livebox offer ?

Livebox contents

Orange offers two subscriptions in ADSL or in fiber : these are Livebox and Livebox Up offers, offered between € 36.99/month and € 49.99/month and can go as far as 2 Gbit/s.

According to the offer subscribed, the orange equipment supplied is different. ADSL offers are equipped with the modem Livebox 4 While fiber offers come with Livebox 5 and 6. UP offers can be accompanied by a WiFi 6 repeater (€ 10 activation fees).

Recently, the operator has offered an offer Livebox Max With better speeds and which are equipped with the latest operator’s modem: the new Livebox 6.

Livebox 4 content in detail

The Livebox 4 supports Two broadband offers operator, Livebox ADSL and Livebox Up ADSL, as well as Open packs ADSL. These are real quadruple play packs combining fixed, mobile, internet and TV services.

The Livebox 4 is the Last orange modem Equipped with an internal location for hard drive. On its facade, a button can be in a hurry to display various information on the operating condition of the Livebox 4.

THE Livebox 4 dimensions are 215 x 215 x 50mm and it weighs 800g. It has wifi compatibility extending to the standard 802.11b/g/n/ac in 2.4 or 5 GHz. Since it is an ADSL modem, the Livebox 4 contents Includes the accessories necessary for an ADSL installation: DSL cable and filter as well as a telephone adapter (legog).

Updated on 09/28/2022.

Livebox 5 equipment

The Livebox 5 is the penultimate orange box, and we find it in Four very high speed subscriptions ::

  • Offer Fiber Livebox.
  • Offer Livebox Up Fiber.
  • Pack Open fiber (with mobile package).
  • Pack Open up fiber (with mobile package).

This modem is slightly more compact than the Livebox 4, having for dimensions 230 x 185 x 45mm and weighing 680g. Livebox 5 is compatible WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac and can accommodate a fiber flow of up to 2 Gbit/s.

In addition to the classic elements that are provided with most modems (RJ45 cables, power supply, user manual. ), a WiFi card is included in the cardboard of the Livebox 5. It indicates the useful information for connecting to the WiFi (network name of the network, password, meaning of the lights), which are also present on the label located below modem.

Updated on 09/28/2022.

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The content of the Livebox 6

The Livebox 6, launched in April 2022 by Orange, has a better speed and especially a connectivity with the 6th WiFi. It has a design all by vertical breaking with the codes of the old livebox. She equips the offer Livebox Max Fiber of the operator, offered from € 34.99/month.

Updated on 09/28/2022.

The list of Livebox Play equipment

The Livebox Play is no longer offered in current Orange offers. She was indeed equippedLivebox Jet offer which was replaced by the Livebox Up offer. Depending on the type of internet access subscribed (ADSL or FTTH fiber), the content of the Livebox Play varies in terms of connectors.

As with other livebox, the fiber optic located at the rear of the modem is only present if we subscribe a fiber offer. The dimensions of the Livebox Play are 230 x 185 x 40mm.

Updated on 09/28/2022.

It is possible to apply for a box change from the operator. Depending on the age of its subscription, a passage to a Livebox 4 or 5 is indeed possible.

Which orange material accompanies TV decoders ?

Until the end of 2018, the Orange TV TV decoder completed the equipment issued to subscribers with each livebox. Today it’s the UHD 4K TV decoder that the operator offers. Both operate under the operating system Linux.

The UHD TV decoder provides more modern connection with the presence of a USB-C port, But the major evolution is at the level of its compactness. We can realize the difference in size between the two decoders by looking at their dimensions:

  • TV decoder 4: 215 x 215 x 50mm and 990g
  • UHD TV decoder: 126 x 126 x 30mm and 250g

The contents of the boxes of the decoders is quite usual: there are the power cables, video, ethernet as well as an orange remote control equipped with 2 batteries.

Updated on 09/28/2022.

For livebox up subscribers, a second decoder can be obtained under request, in order to take advantage of the multi TV. You have to pay 40 € activation fees For the decoder, and € 10 for a second device.

Orange equipment return: how to proceed ?

Return its orange equipment in the event of an exchange or termination

Three scenarios concern a return of equipment: a box change, a move or a subscription termination. Liveboxes and decoders made available to each subscriber remain the property of Orange, and all material has rental fees generally included in the price of the internet package.

This is why the equipment must be returned to each change of situation, under penalty of facing penalties ranging from € 49 (TV decoder) at € 300 (fiber optic case).

Livebox restitution cardboard

There Return procedure is engaged after sending a letter (or an email) specifying the conditions of Return of equipment as well as a transport voucher (send label). Return your orange box is therefore free whatever the situation in which we are. It takes about 7 days To receive your mail transport voucher. By e-mail, the deadline varies according to the procedure (termination, moving or commercial exchange). Then just:

  1. Scrupulously prepare your box and its accessories in their original packaging or in a suitable size box. Think of securing them well with bubble paper or polystyrene.
  2. Close the package and tickle above. It should only be glued the shipping part of the good, since the other part is signed at the post office and will be kept.
  3. Wait for the return of Orange which will send a restitution confirmation in general within 7 working days. The security deposit will be automatically reimbursed.

For livebox subscribers residing in the DOMs, the return of the orange equipment is done Only in store. You just have to unplug your equipment and bring it to an orange point of sale, having followed the restitution conditions specified in the e-mail received. When the equipment is returned, the store delivers a certificate Confirming the correct deposit of the contents of the orange box

Return of Livebox Orange as part of a breakdown

During a breakdown, the Orange equipment referral is also completely free, provided that the Orange customer service made a diagnosis and then approved the request for the replacement of equipment. The return and exchange of equipment is done in Orange store. For a Livebox return In store, we must respect this procedure to follow:

  1. When the new equipment is available, a Sms is sent with an exchange number to present in store.
  2. You have to go to the store with your defective material (and the accessories requested) placed in its original packaging. If we have lost this packaging, another suitable box will be sufficient.
  3. We present his box and his exchange number, and the employee Orange will entrust the new equipment.

For an orange livebox restitution in the relay point, the steps are as follows:

  1. A Sms is sent when the orange replacement equipment is available in the chosen relay point.
  2. It’s necessary disconnect and repair his old equipment in his box. There is no need to prepare a sending package since the relay point will take care of it.
  3. By presenting his identity document, the new equipment is entrusted. The latter is available for 8 days at the relay point from its date of receipt.

The operator rather recommends a return point for relay to Avoid all big wait in store.

What is the list of orange equipment to restore ?

For different liveboxes, only Main equipment (modems and decoders) are to be returned during a restitution. It is not compulsory to include all the cables and filters which were initially present in the Orange box content. However, the exact detail of the List of equipment to return for a Livebox 4, 5 or Play is specified in the e-mail or the confirmation letter received by the subscriber.

During an exchange of equipment from an option (recorder hard drive, TV key, WiFi repeater . ), obviously must be returned the accessory in question, because there too non -restitution allowances can be billed.

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What orange accessories are available as an option ?

A wide choice ofOrange subscribers accessories can be purchased on the supplier’s shop. There are equipment to complete the services offered by Livebox:

Orange Accessories

  • The orange wifi 6 repeater: this case allowsextend the wireless network coverage of his livebox. He acts as a WiFi signal amplifier and you can install several within his home. Even TV decoders can connect to the repeater. It is free for livebox up subscribers.
  • A set ofConnected equipment, Composed of opening and movement detectors and an intelligent socket. This set provides securing of the home and control of the lighting and electricity consumption of its devices. You have to be holder of the connected home service to be able to buy this pack. Other connected objects are available (switch, bulbs, watches, thermostats . )).
  • A WiFi TV key that we plug into HDMI on any television, without the need to be connected to its decoder or to its livebox. It allows to look at more than 70 Orange TV channels, many bouquets as well as videos on demand. It is controlled via the Orange TV application or with the remote control provided.
  • A backup battery for livebox. Connected to its modem (only for Livebox Play and Livebox 4), it ensures the operation of the equipment during 2 hours During a power outage.
  • Many other accessories, such as ADSL filters or Ethernet adapters.

Updated on 09/28/2022.

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Material: prepare the exchange or return of your equipment

Make equipment (livebox, decoder, hard drive, flybox. ) made available to you depending on whether it is an exchange or restitution and depending on whether you live in metropolitan France or in the overseas departments.

You can change or make equipment in the event of a breakdown, change of offer, moving, termination of option or offer.

Unused equipment must be recycled, the restitution of the equipment made available to you and the preparation of the package is essential: the non -return of your equipment causes penalties.

To exchange in the event of a breakdown or in the overseas department, you must bring the old equipment to obtain the new. In other cases, you receive the new equipment and you have 30 days to make the old.

Metropolitan client: Place your equipment in a relay point

Wait for receiving a transport voucher before any restitution of equipment

In the case of termination, commercial exchange or move, your mail or email of restitution terms contains a transport voucher. This good allows you to return your equipment for free while benefiting from care close to you. You must wait until the reception of the transport voucher to make your equipment in relay point.

Deadlines for receipt of the transport voucher ::

  • By email*:
    • Termination of supply and move: processing time for termination and move + 2 days.
    • Option termination: 2 days.
    • Equipment exchange: J or J+1
    • Termination of supply and move: processing time for termination and move + 7 days.
    • Option termination: 7 days.
    • Equipment exchange: 7 days.

    * Mail sent to the contact email address you have informed in your customer area.

    If you have lost your transport voucher, a new voucher is systematically attached to recovery and formal notice letters. You receive them respectively 15 and 30 days after the first mail, if you have still not returned your equipment. You can also find your transport voucher in the section your documents in your customer area. The equipment concerned is: livebox, decoder, fiber box, loan airbox, sending of mobile in repair.

    Disconnect your equipment
    Place your equipment to return in relay point

    You put your equipment in relay point by taking care to prepare the return package ::

    • Carefully pack your equipment with their accessories (power supply, cables, remote control, battery, etc.) in a package. You can use any type of cardboard: that of the original equipment, that offered by post or any other format box adapted to equipment.
    • Close the package then cut and glue the transport voucher on the package.
    1. Party to stick: be sure not to stick adhesive tape on bar codes to facilitate optical reading. The transport voucher must be glued flat (do not stick to an angle).
    2. Exclude your package exclusively in the relay point of your choice.
    3. Part to have signed in relay point and to keep. Once the package is deposited, have your transport voucher buffer and keep it as proof of deposit.
    • You receive a confirmation of restitution:

    – By email, the day after your deposit, if your contact email address is entered in your customer area.
    – Otherwise by mail, within 7 working days of your deposit.

    Five relay points close to your home are offered on your transport voucher. You can also choose another relay point.

    The refund of the security deposit (if applicable) is automatically triggered at the deposit of the equipment.

    Follow the return of your equipment

    You can follow the routing of your package by entering the package number starting with XZ which appears on your transport voucher (in the party to be preserved).

    The information issued online on monitoring your package is accessible 24 hours after the relay point deposit.