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Click on Join To launch the registration process (Figure 1)).

Figure 1

What is PC Game Pass and how to get help ?

This article describes the scope of the PC Game Pass support and the Xbox application on Dell devices.

Summary: This article describes the scope of the PC Game Pass support and the Xbox application on Dell devices.

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What is PC Game Pass ?

PC Game Pass allows you to access high quality PC games under Windows 10 or 11. The best way to discover PC Game Pass is to use the Xbox application for Windows, preinstalled on your Dell device.

PC Game Pass promotional offer:

DELL customers can subscribe to PC Game Pass while benefiting from Windows 11 OOBE (OUT-OF-Box Experience) experience.

Noticed : PC Game Pass is a Microsoft subscription offer that can be changed. The service contract is concluded between you (the customer) and Microsoft. The subscription continues automatically after promotional registration and Microsoft invoices you.

Solving problems related to PC games Pass and Xbox applications

Download the Xbox application Download the Xbox application
Management of the Xbox and Game Pass application Support.Xbox.com
Game Pass subscriptions Subscriptions and billing
Compare Game Pass plans Compare Xbox Game Pass subscription plans
Game Pass – Frequent questions PC Game Pass – Frequent questions
Manually activate the Game Pass Look for and use your Direct Digital offers

How to manually claim the Game Pass PC offer via Microsoft Store:

  1. Select the icon Microsoft Store in the taskbar or, in the research area of the taskbar, enter ” Microsoft Store », Then select it in the results.
  2. Connect to Microsoft Store with your MSA account (if it is not already connected)
  3. Select the tab included with the device to display direct digital games or subscriptions included with your Windows device.
  4. Select a game or a subscription, select And connect to your Microsoft account if it has not already been done.
  5. In the case of a subscription offer, you can add a credit card to activate recurring automatic costs (which you can deactivate later if you wish). For a game offer, save the offer, then Select Download or wait for the end of the download.
  6. Follow steps 3 to 5 to activate all other offers included with your Windows device. Users can also access account.microsoft.com after having carried out the above operations to see that it appears.

How to subscribe to PC Game Pass:

The PC Game Pass offer is automatically presented during the OOBE (Out-OF-Box Experience) experience Windows. To use the promotion, you must connect to your Microsoft account during the OOBE.

Subscribe to PC Game Pass

Click on Join To launch the registration process (Figure 1)).

Figure 1


Enter the payment method, then click on Following (Figure 2)).

Figure 2

PC Game Pass - Confirmation

Confirm the payment method, then click on BUY NOW (Figure 3)).

Figure 3

Welcome to the confirmation of the PC Game Pass offer

After clicking on BUY NOW. You should soon receive a confirmation email to confirm the subscription (Figure 4)).

Figure 4

Request promotion in the Xbox application

If you have not asked for promotion during the Windows Oobe, you can do so in the Xbox application.

Download the Xbox application from Microsoft Store

Download and install the Xbox application from the Microsoft Store (Figure 5)).

Figure 5

Xbox PC Game Pass connection

Click on ” To log in »And connect with your Microsoft account (Figure 6)).

Figure 6

Xbox PC Game Pass Application

Click on ” Get Game Pass ”(Get the Game Pass) (Figure 7)).

Figure 7

Xbox PC Game Pass Plan Options

Review the plan options and select them by clicking on Join (Join) (Figure 8)).

Figure 8

Noticed : The offer may be subject to modification without notice. If you do not see a reduced price offer, contact Microsoft directly: support.Xbox.com

Access to PC Game Pass games:

Click on Start, Then on the icon Xbox. Click on Game Pass -> All PC Games To consult the games available for your Game Pass plan.

If not already done, you can install the Xbox application from Microsoft Store

For play and DirectX performance:
Join the Dell community on Dell.com/community, then click forum support.

Solve game performance problems (official DELL technical support)

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