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Clean vehicles

The category of clean vehicles also includes the natural gas car which is excellent interesting alternative energy. Natural gas vehicles emit less CO2 than a petrol car, but do not emit nitrous oxide or fine particles. We also note the hydrogen car which is an electric car capable of producing itself the energy it needs to work. For this, it uses a fuel cell and a more or less substantial hydrogen tank. The hydrogen vehicle is as clean as the 100% electric car, however, there are not many offers in this area, not to mention the distribution of hydrogen which is still lacking, especially in France.

What characterizes a clean car ?

Clean cars are more and more popular these days. Consumers want to turn to products and ways of consuming that are more respectful of the environment. Driving a clean car reduces your CO2 emissions and driving in a greener. Clean vehicles bring together electric cars, hybrid cars, cars operating in LPG or hydrogen. You want to know more about the clean cars market ? So we invite you to continue reading this article.


  • Definition: What is a clean car ?
  • The state of the own cars market
  • What is the legal framework for clean vehicles ?
  • What are the advantages of a clean vehicle ?
  • What are the disadvantages of a clean vehicle
  • Which clean vehicle to buy ?
  • Are there purchasing aid for clean vehicle ?
  • Ensure a clean vehicle: how much does it cost

Definition: What is a clean car ?

First of all, let’s go back to the definition of the clean car. A clean car is a automobile whose objective is to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. It is more respectful of the environment than other more polluting cars.

Clean cars include electric cars, hybrid and rechargeable hybrids, cars rolling with LPG (liquefied oil gas), cars rolling with hydrogen and GNV (green natural gas).

You have to keep in mind that a car must be polluted during its life cycle, but a clean car has a less important ecological footprint than a petrol or diesel model for example. Thermal engines still have good days ahead of them, the transition desired by consumers and by the French government remains slow. The end of petrol and diesel cars is not for now.

The state of the own cars market

Let’s take stock of the state of the own car market in France. Nowadays, most manufacturers offer this kind of vehicle in their catalog, selling vehicles rolling with diesel or petrol are no longer enough, consumers want to have the choice. SUV, city car, sedan, station wagon, many models exist in an electric or hybrid version for example. Who has never heard of the Tesla brand, well known for producing silent electric cars. The Tesla Model S plaid for example is the fastest 100 % electric car in the world !

In terms of sales, clean cars progress from year to year. In the first half of 2020, electric cars, for example, observed an increase of 112 % of their sales. For hybrid cars, the market share increased from 5 % to 11.3 % in 2019. These figures come from the argus.

What is the legal framework for clean vehicles ?

French law supervises clean vehicles: thanks to a certificate of air quality, also known as “Crit’Air”. This is a sticker which provides the level of pollution of the car and which makes it possible to differentiate the clean vehicles from polluting vehicles. The objective is to push consumers to turn to greener means of transport.

This sticker is very useful in low -emission areas (ZFE) where certain categories of vehicles are prohibited. There are 6 categories of “Crit’Air” for cars: the first includes electric cars and rechargeable hybrid cars. It is necessary to have a Crit’Air vignette for certain cities like Paris, Lille, Lyon and others.

What are the advantages of a clean vehicle ?

Let’s take stock of the advantages of clean vehicles. The purchase of this kind of vehicle allows you to benefit from the following advantages:

  • They pollute less than other models
  • You do not have a traffic restriction in the ZFE: you can go where you want
  • Clean vehicles are quieter than vehicles with thermal engines
  • Electric vehicles are generally more reliable
  • The maintenance of these vehicles is easily done

You now know the advantages of clean vehicles !

What are the disadvantages of a clean vehicle

Here are the disadvantages of a clean vehicle:

  • The purchase price is generally higher than thermal cars, this is particularly the case for electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • The autonomy of 100 % electric cars is limited: you cannot travel very long distances and you must find load terminals to recharge the battery, or do it at home. There are not many charging stations unlike petrol stations. Likewise, for vehicles rolling in LPG, this alternative fuel is not offered at all stations.
  • Electric cars batteries have a fairly large environmental impact

Which clean vehicle to buy ?

You want to know which vehicle clean to buy ? You want to save energy and fuel ? You want to buy a new car at the best price ? So we invite you to discover the Bymycar’s offer to buy the electric car of your choice, at a very competitive price. Also take advantage of our rental service which allows you to rent a new or used car simply (see our conditions directly on our site).

We offer more than 20 brands of new vehicles, you will necessarily find the model that suits you with us. You are looking for funding for your car ? Discover our financing solutions now.

Are there purchasing aid for clean vehicle ?

There are aid offered by the government for the purchase of a clean vehicle. The amount can go up to 6000 euros for the purchase of an electric or hydrogen vehicle. This ecological bonus is calculated according to your income, and the type of vehicle you want to buy.

Ensure a clean vehicle: how much does it cost ?

You want to ensure a clean vehicle ? You want to know how much it costs ? It is difficult to give a specific figure, but according to a study carried out by the ferrets between 2019 and 2021, the average price to ensure an electric car is € 405.

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What is a clean car ? Why such an interest ?

The challenges of clean mobility are multiple: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the decrease in the dependent on fossil energy and the improvement of air quality in urban areas. The clean vehicle sector thus represents a major challenge for the government, but especially for manufacturers in the automotive sector who must rethink all their strategy. If the development of proper mobility by means of promoting clean vehicles causes as much enthusiasm, it is because it allows you to achieve environmental objectives at European level and thus implement sustainable mobility solutions.

What is a clean vehicle ?

A clean vehicle is defined as a vehicle that works thanks to fuels other than diesel and petrol. The vehicle is said to be clean if it uses alternative energy alone or in conjunction with traditional fuel. According to this definition, the 100% vehicle is not the only vehicle considered to be clean on the automotive market, even if it is now considered the most viable solution. The 100% electric car uses one or more electric motors that require no combustion and therefore does not emit CO2 or fine particles.

Currently thanks to the help of the State, it is offered at an attractive cost since the bonuses for purchase can reach 8,500 euros depending on the case. Its main asset is the reduction in maintenance and energy costs, but the electric car is also pleasant to drive. However, the autonomy of these vehicles is still low and the recharging time is quite long, unless you use the fast load function which is not necessarily present on all models. Hybrid vehicles, combining a heat and electric engine are also part of the category of clean vehicles insofar as they drive in all electric up to 50 km. Fuel consumption is lower and the vehicle does not have any ecological penalty. Nevertheless, the hybrid is likely to be energy delicious on long journeys.

The category of clean vehicles also includes the natural gas car which is excellent interesting alternative energy. Natural gas vehicles emit less CO2 than a petrol car, but do not emit nitrous oxide or fine particles. We also note the hydrogen car which is an electric car capable of producing itself the energy it needs to work. For this, it uses a fuel cell and a more or less substantial hydrogen tank. The hydrogen vehicle is as clean as the 100% electric car, however, there are not many offers in this area, not to mention the distribution of hydrogen which is still lacking, especially in France.

Clean vehicle: why such a craze ?

The clean vehicle arouses both the interest of governments, manufacturers and motorists, for an obvious reason: environmental concern. If the French government announces the end of the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040, it is to respect the commitments made within the framework of the Paris climate agreements to contain global warming around the world from here 2100. In fact, to speed up the energy transition, the state has set up a large number of measures encouraging manufacturers as well as consumers to convert to electric. We are talking in particular of ecological bonuses and penalty. Faced with such initiatives, car manufacturers are forced to change strategy and develop products more quickly in accordance with consumer expectations.

For their part, motorists seem to be more and more attracted by these alternative solutions because of their many advantages. Mechanical reliability, operating silence, high energy efficiency are all reasons to opt for electric mobility whose long -term viability is most likely among all the solutions offered. Thanks to electricity, air pollution, but also noise pollution in an urban environment is contained. The total cost of possession for this type of vehicle also seems more attractive given the price of electricity and the reliability of the engine. Nevertheless, there are always problems that revolve around these vehicles that it is important to note.

Issues around clean vehicles

Currently, car manufacturers are making great efforts to produce less polluting vehicles, however, there are certain issues concerning the production of these vehicles that should be noted. Indeed, the production of an electric vehicle emits almost 1 ton of CO2 without counting the expenditure in water and electricity. It is also difficult to think that a vehicle is really clean if the energy it needs to function is itself produced from fossil energy. On the other hand, the batteries of electric vehicles are still difficult to recycle and when they are recycled, the use of heavy metals in the process is all the more polluting. Thus, if car manufacturers make progress, they still have to take up many challenges to provide really virtuous vehicles.

Clean car

Clean car

To roll clean, go green ! Hybrid cars, electric cars, ecological bonuses: find all the news and surveys of our experts to run cleaner.

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