What are the best powerful electric motorcycles (permit A)?, Electric motorcycle permit: what a permit for what power?

Electric motorcycle permit: what a motorcycle permit for what power

Only two special cases can give you:

What are the best powerful electric motorcycles (permit A) ?

Lightning Stike

Electric motorcycles are conquering the two-wheeler market. They achieved there by dint of efforts on the part of manufacturers to make technology as competitive as electric cars that were carving out to now.

I can only rejoice because these motorcycles have an advantage both in terms of ecological impact that in terms of performance in their thermal cousins.

Electric motorcycles have therefore become a very serious alternative to thermal motorcycles. But now that we have been satisfied with that, a question turns out: which electric motorcycle to choose ? And more precisely, which electric motorcycle to choose when you have a license ?

Here, We will focus only on electric motorcycles accessible to license, But we will deal with other categories of electric motorcycles in other articles. Because it takes for everyone. Without further ado, let’s see together the powerful electric motorcycles which are likely to convince you today.


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The different motorcycle permits

I don’t teach you, you need a license to drive on a motorcycle. And this is an excellent inspiration when you know that the motorcycle is a means of transport that is certainly practical, but much more dangerous than cars. It is therefore very necessary to train in your conduct with more rigor.

There are 4 different motorcycle permits:

  • AM license, which allows you to roll on a motorcycle with a maximum displacement of 50 cm 3 and a maximum power of 4 kW,
  • A1 license, which allows driving on motorcycles whose displacement must not exceed 125 cm 3 and whose power must not exceed 11 kW,
  • A2 license, which limits the authorized power to 35 kW,
  • And the license has, that does not display any maximum power.

If you have this last permit, we know you and I have not made all these efforts (the motorcycle license has a fairly impressive failure rate) to satisfy you with a motorcycle whose power is less than 35 kW.

You certainly want a motorcycle that generously shoots on your arms with each acceleration, and you are right. In this article, we will therefore focus on electric motorcycles accessible only to holders of permit A, therefore displaying a power greater than 35 kW (47.5 horsepower).

License figures

Before presenting in more detail the best powerful electric motorcycles accessible to permit A holders, I would like to recall some figures. Because I am always surprised to note that electric motorcycles seem much less attracting the manufacturers even when they have a potential that seems obvious to me.

I will not get into discussions on the ecological profits of electric motorcycles. They are obvious, even if I consider them as still improving. What I understand less is the financial interest that manufacturers cannot see.

Indeed, according to Statista, license issues A represent more than 6% of B license BRDs in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. It’s quite huge, since it represents more 50,000 new permits a year.

And it’s a safe bet that these new bikers are increasingly sensitive to the ecological cause.

There is no doubt that they would like to have a slightly more supplied electric motorcycle market in front of them, which would allow them to orient themselves towards the electric motorcycle that meets their needs. For the moment, you will see it, it’s not yet that.

The electric motorcycles that I will present to you are very good motorcycles, but they are still very expensive and too few to meet the diversity of needs. It is therefore a call to motorcycle manufacturers: convert to electric, you will not be disappointed !

That being said, let’s move on to what we are most interested in: the list of 5 best electric motorcycles for permit.

Electric motorcycle permit: what a motorcycle permit for what power ?

Electric motorcycle license illustration

Like two-wheelers with thermal motors, electric motorcycles and scooters require a driving license adapted to their power.

For electric vehicles, we are talking about continuous power in KW (kilo watts), while thermal vehicles refer to the maximum power in cm³.

If you already have a motorcycle license A, A2, A1 or AM, it is completely valid, you can therefore use it to drive a scooter or an electric motorcycle whose power is equivalent.

What electric motorcycle permits are available:

First of all, the Grail, the A license, will allow you to drive all types of motorcycles, whether electric or not, with a power greater than 35 kW (equivalent to 600 cc)

However, it requires prerequisites:

  • Hold an A2 permit for 2 years
  • Following 7 hours in motorcycle school (without final exam)

The A2 license is intended for motorcycles and scooters whose power is greater than 11 kwatts and less than 35 kwatts (equivalent between 125 and 600 cc).

You must be over 18 to spend it.

Can we drive an electric motorcycle with a B license ?

It should be noted that if you hold a license B, you can drive two-wheelers, three-wheelers or four-wheelers without specific electric motorcycle license, depending on your situation.

In the majority of cases, to drive your motorcycle or electric scooter with a maximum power of 11kW (equivalent to 125 cc), you will have to be 20 years old or justify 2 years of license and follow a 125 electric training of 7 hours on motorbikes -school.

This is equivalent to obtaining an A1 license.

Only two special cases can give you:

  • If you obtained a driving license before March 1, 1980
  • If you have assured and led a motorcycle* during the 5 years preceding the entry into force of the 7 -hour training and therefore before January 1, 2011

* with a power of 11 kW maximum (equivalent to 125) or 15 kW maximum for the 3 wheels and a ratio not exceeding 0.1 kW/kg/kg.

If you do not have a B license or you are still a minor, two permits exist:

  • For electric motorcycles and scooters whose power is between 4 kwatts and 11 kwatts (equivalent to 125 cc).
  • You must be at least 16 years old
  • For electric scooters with a maximum of 4 kwatts (equivalent to 50 cc)
  • You must be at least 14 years old
  • Vehicle speed should not exceed 45 km/h.

And the 100% electric motorcycle license then ?

Easy Monneret opens the first 100% electric motorcycle-school on the island of Puteaux. Training at AM and A1 permits will be issued exclusively on electric scooters and motorcycles. Eligibility conditions remain identical to the classic motorcycle license.

There are many advantages to go to electric:

  • An ecological solution: driving electric reduces its environmental impact and carbon emissions.
  • silent vehicles: these vehicles, very noisy, make it possible to limit the noise pollution caused by two-wheelers, especially in cities.
  • Savings made: beyond fuel savings, electric vehicles can boast of almost nonexistent maintenance costs.

Use, an electric motor will cost you an average of 80% cheaper than a heat engine.

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