Sur-ron: Food-approved all-terrain electric motorcycle, Official Sur-Ron | The 100% electric motorcycle

Sur-ron i Moto100% electric

Combining the power of a thermal all-terrain motorcycle and the agility of a descent mountain bike (DH), the Light Bee was born. In its extremely design and dynamic aspect, it hides a wild and passionate nature.

Yamaha utilitarian quad

From 450 to 700 cm3, T3B, 1cv gray card, recoverable VAT.

Quad and SSV range Segway Powersport

With 570 or 1000 cm3 heat engine and hybrid 570 cm3 !

Yamaha leisure and sports quad

From 50 to 700 cm3, the Raptor range for young and old.

Who are we ?

Created in December 1984 by M. BRARD and M. Sarran, our company in Seine-et-Marne (77), located in Beton-Bazoches, has now become the quad specialist in the Paris region.

Established on 7000 m², our structure of 1600 m² has a very large capacity for coverage and reception.

Sale of various accessories and agricultural equipment – Repair of new or used quads – tailor -made creation and boilermaking, our company offers a wide choice of machines for your leisure (sale of quad and buggy), as well as a range complete quads utilities.

List of products from the Surron brand

Over-ron, brand of all-terrain electric motorcycle

Sur-ron I Motorcycle
100% electric

Relying on the success of its elders, theUltra Bee is sure to bring your driving to a higher level !

Prepare to live an experience rich in adrenaline, thanks to a new light and precise chassis, a controlled regular power Using the “Traction Control” system as well as new suspension system offering multiple settings.

Available in version Enduro (equivalence 125 cc / 10kW)

The electric motorcycle range
Light Bee

Light bee range of electric motorcycles

Light Bee

Combining the power of a thermal all-terrain motorcycle and the agility of a descent mountain bike (DH), the Light Bee was born. In its extremely design and dynamic aspect, it hides a wild and passionate nature.

The crest power is 5kw in sport mode with a torque of 250 Nm on the rear wheel. This power allows him to propel himself everywhere !

It does not matter whether it is on the streets, the alleys, the mountain roads, the snow, the sand or on an MX track, the Light Bee can show its unique attitude, recharging at any time and anywhere !

There Light Bee Is proposed in two versions:

Off Road X : dedicated exclusively to sporting use.
This version does not have the safety and signaling elements required for road driving. Therefore, it is not approved to circulate on public roads.

Homologist X ::
– 25% increase in controller power
– High speed increase
– Smooth and more linear power strip.

The Electric Cross Motorcycle Sur-Ron Light Bee Homologuex Can be taken on public roads from the age of 14 with a BSR (or AM license) or from 18 years old with a B license.

The electric motorcycle range
Storm Bee

Range of electric motorcycles Storm Bee

Storm Bee

Electro shock !

There Storm Bee is the brand new electric motorcycle, capable of achieving prowess both in all terrain and in urban areas.

Built by following the DNA of cross or enduro machines, the Storm Bee requires significantly more summary maintenance than its thermal competitors. The combination of a weight contained and dazzling access makes it a machine among the most effective in the world !

Available in version Trail (equivalence 125 cc / 10kW)
Available in version Enduro (equivalence 125 cc / 10kW)
Available in Moto Cross version Off road (250cc equivalence)


The Sur-Ron company was founded in 2014 by three motorcycle and technology enthusiasts. They created their first Light Bee model in March 2018.
Half of engineers are system engineers who develop smart systems for motorcycle, electronics and battery. The other half is made up of experts in vehicle design, product development and manufacturing.
Today, Sur -Ron has its own 50% robotic factory and just over 100 employees in Chongqing City – the Chinese Moto and Hangzhou capital capital.
Sur-Ron is dedicated to the creation of high performance electric motorcycles accessible to all.

MX-One: an electric motorcycle at less than € 6000 ?

We continue with a new test of an electric . The MX One, 12kW for less than 6000 €, it tempts you ? After our test, we could not resist offering it to you, € 5,590 !

Want to complete your motorcycle collection ? To roll in the garden ?

The MX One will allow you to ride without disturbing the neighbors !

A 12 kW in crest engine, more than 60nm of torque, you will have enough power to have fun, jump and slide !

Who will stop first ? You … or the MX One ?

Silence and power: the perfect alliance

We tested the MX One, an electric motorcycle offering great performance. Thanks to its brushless engine, it delivers a power of 12 kW and a torque of 60 Nm.

Its lithium battery uses CATL cells, identical to those of Tesla electric vehicles, ensuring a long service life and a quick recharge time of only 3 hours with the 15A charger.

In addition to that, you can replace the battery in 60 seconds, rather convenient to chain driving sessions.

Autonomy and maneuverability

The autonomy of the MX One is another positive point !

Capable of traveling more than 100 km in standard use and about 80 km for more sporty use, it adapts to all your needs.

Its 108 kg featherweight offers exceptional maneuverability and its 4 -speed mechanical gearbox allows unique adaptability to all terrains.

The MX One is more than an electric motorcycle, it is a technological revolution at the service of two-wheeler lovers.