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Dating site: the best sites to find love


The concept ? Dating application, Happn is largely based on the principle of geolocation, allowing you to consult the profile of people you meet every day in the street, at work, in public transport, in stores … you can flash on an unknown and then discover that the person has a happy account. There is therefore a more accentuated “real life” side than in other dating applications. Homos and heteros can use the app. The +: Once a person crossed identified within the application, you can like their profile: if they do the same, then you can get into contact: this is the Cruch system. In the free version of the application, the number of daily likes is limited. To unlock everything, you must subscribe to Happn Premium, which costs 22.99 euros per month, 71.99 euros for six months or 95.99 euros for 12 months. Click here for Access the HAPPN application

What are the best dating applications in 2022 ?

Mobile dating applications are legion, but not all of them are. Discover the one that best suits you according to your needs, your desires and your search criteria in 2022.

Best Apps Meeting

Services related to people looking for love or a simple passade have been almost since the beginning of the Internet. The offer has been considerably enriched and many of these platforms have developed a mobile application. There are dozens, even hundreds, most generalists to the most specialized. We have selected those that seem to us the most interesting. Our list is varied to cover a large extent of needs. So what application will you start to flirt ?

The best general meeting applications

On these services, all profiles rub shoulders. You can also come across potential partners who are looking for a serious adventure above all as well as on users who are only interested in one evening one night.



French Service Adopteunmec is notably acclaimed by women, because they are the ones who have power on this platform. Men can only point out their interest in women with whom they want to exchange, then, they are their to decide if they open the discussion. They can of course take the first step by putting a profile in their basket.

Consequence: competition can be rough on Adopteunmec. But this is a reference in the sector in France, with a very large number of registrants, including a larger proportion of women than at other applications.

Download Adopte – Dating app for Android

★ (95296 votes) | Lifestyle

Version 4.10.0 | GEB developer adoptaguy | Update on 05/22/2023



Tinder has become a real phenomenon of pop culture, the symbol of the uberization of love and sex. The application popularized the principle of the swipe (scanning) to the left or to the right to signify that one is interested in a user profile. It clearly put more on quantity than quality. We often arrive at situations in which we do not even engage in a conversation after a “match”, and many profiles are inactive.

Tinder was 100% free at its beginnings then added as paid features, then a subscription. Suddenly, free users are disadvantaged compared to those who go to the checkout. The fact remains that the Tinder application offers an attractive interface and there are many and different profiles there. A good option if you have not defined your search needs and your search criteria.

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★ (5833785 votes) | Met

Version 14.9.0 | Developer Tinder | Update on 05/15/2023



Lovoo is based on a system similar to Tinder in terms of “match”, but adds a video chat function which allows you to go further than the simple text messages before an IRL meeting. This is the ideal tool if you prefer to exchange on video with the contacts you have validated and nostalgic for Chatroulette. It is even possible to create a video presentation to integrate in the profile to stand out from others and attract the attention of its conquests.

Video format obliges, the public of Lovoo is rather young, you may have trouble finding profiles in higher age groups. Video chat is also a risk to exhibitionism, but the phenomenon remains limited.

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Developer Lovoo GmbH | Update on 05/23/2023



In vogue this year, Fruitz is trying a different approach to meetings. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship, a glass of wine on the terrace or more, if you dare not say it with words, just say it with one of these four fruits: �� ������.

If match (“smoothie”) there is, choose a question from the hundred proposed and answer it before starting the discussion with your meeting. If some are adorable, others may encourage you to reveal your hidden desires.

Fruitz is free, but the Fruitz Premium subscription is offered from € 10.99 for a period of one month. Two other 6 -month and 12 month subscription formulas are also offered to you.

Download Fruitz – Dating app for Android

Note: ★★★ (26162 votes) | Lifestyle

Version 3.8.0 | Flashgap developer | Update on 05/23/2023



After Okcupid, Tinder or Meetic, the Match company created Hinge. Available only in English for the moment, the application asks you questions (sometimes funny, sometimes serious) to which you will have to answer in order to find a grip.

The interest ? You can see who liked you, unlike Tinder. The dating application is more inclusive and more suitable for people who wish to leave the other apps of the genre. The monthly price is however quite high if you pass on the premium version.

Download Hinge Dating: Dating app for Android

Note: ★★★ ★ (237006 votes)

Hinge developer, Inc. | Update on 05/15/2023



Happn is a French meeting application that pushes the concept of geolocation further than the others. Here, the system will not be able to offer you profiles that are truly nearby. Better still, he makes sure to put people who have already been able to meet in contact: in transport, in the street, at an evening … If you frequent the same places, these are already common points to exploit. The application informs you precisely of the places where you have crossed the person.

Among the other features, we find Visio calls to converse on video, a system of certification of profiles, and preferably filters. For more tranquility, you cannot be contacted by a profile that you have not validated yourself, as on other platforms. A concept that limits the possibilities certainly, but which also makes its strength: Happn is more selective than Tinder or others and we are more able to be interested in the profiles presented.

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★ (1688924 votes) | Lifestyle

Version 28.3.0 | HAPPN Developer | Update on 05/22/2023

The best applications to find love

Some applications specialize in meetings aimed at building a serious relationship. This does not mean that you cannot find love via a more generalist meeting application like adopteunmec, but these services allow you to make a first sorting and not to waste time with users who would only look for stories without the following day.


The European Once application focuses on the meetings that can lead to a serious relationship. And to do this, he takes the back of popular apps like Tinder, which bet on quantity rather than quality by limiting interactions with other profiles. No swipe and consultation of channel profiles here, OCE sends a single profile proposal to its users every day. The person you receive is sees yourself offering your profile. If everyone likes the profile of the other, the match takes place and you can start to discuss.

A very good option if you do not have much time to spend looking for a partner and you do not want to multiply sterile discussions, but rather focus on profiles that seem to be worth lingering there. OCE is compatible both for heterosexuals and homosexuals.

Download Once – HI dating app for Android

★ (332179 votes) | Met

Version 3.81 | Developer Once Dating AG | Update on 12/19/2022


You have necessarily heard of Meetic, the French dating service has been in the web landscape for 20 years now. The mobile application is not the most ergonomic when compared to what competition offers, but remains functional. Registration in itself is free, but you have to pay a subscription to unlock the features, even a basic. Do not plan to use it without paying, and prices are not given.

Despite this economic model, the number of subscribers remains high and there is a good variety of profiles, generally looking for serious meetings. Events, evenings and workshops between members are also organized in major cities to facilitate meetings. Again, you have to go to the checkout to participate. Meetic is therefore rather reserved for people ready to devote a substantial budget for the search for love.

Download Meetic – Love and Meeting for Android

★ (122467 votes) | Met

Version 5.95.2 | Meetic developer | Update on 05/25/2023



Like Meetic, Edarling is a so -called premium dating service whose access to the main features is paid. A very long personality test is to be completed during registration, whose information is used for algorithm to put you in touch with people he considers compatible with your search.

The platform is reliable and the users who are there seek above all serious relationships. An option to consider if you are very closed on the profile sought. Inevitably, you will often come across profiles that look alike with this way of doing.

Download Edarling – To find a re for Android

Note: ★★ ★★ (7828 votes) | Met

Version 5.2.8 | Developer Spark Networks GMBH Services | Update on 06/27/2022



Waiter is based on a philosophy similar to Once: Limiting interactions so as not to waste too much time and be sure to engage in a conversation once you have matched. Depending on the affinities and geolocation, the application offers three profiles per day, and it is only possible to select one. The one we have chosen must also opt for us so that cat options open.

A really interesting concept, which stands out for the absence of excessive swipe, and free for all. In order not to spend tens of minutes a day checking profiles, Waiter is a good solution, recommended in particular for people who are looking for a serious relationship.

Download Waiter: Less Dating, More Love for Android

(34089 votes) | Met

Version 2.4.1 | Developer Waiter Dating | Update on 04/27/2023

The best applications ass / one night

Some services are more known to connect people who only want an adventure without a future. Whether it’s a night before, finding a more or less regular ass plan, or a swingers couple, you could find your happiness with the selection below.

Note that many platforms focused only on sex are only available via a website and do not have an application. They are therefore not integrated into this folder, but know that you can access the web version via a mobile browser. The user experience will not be great, but it is a possibility. Among the services of this kind, we have for example: Erotilink, Jacquie and Michel Plan Cul, Easyflirt or Adult Friend Finder.



Grindr is very specific in the targeted audience. The application was designed for homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals that identify as a man. If you do not recognize yourself in this description, go your way, this service is not made for you. Grindr acts as a pioneer since it was she who successfully introduced the principle of the swipe, years before the creation of Tinder. For operation, we are on the same model as Tinder.

Grindr is widely used in the gay community, it is not the lack of profiles and the choice is overwhelming. It is possible to meet the great love on the application, but the majority of users will rather seek sexual intercourse without intention to pursue a relationship then. Certain practical functions such as the swipe are reserved for the premium version, but it is possible to find partners without paying.

New dating site 2022

Dating site: the best sites to find love

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The concept ? In the world of dating sites, Meetic is undoubtedly one of the best known since he has been present on the Internet since 2001. In the early 2000s, the Internet was only in its infancy, and Meetic positioned itself as a pioneer of the online meeting. Long free, the site has gradually become paying, first for men only, then for women too. Over the years, Meetic’s offer has grown: you can cite Lara, the Meetic chatbot, which provides coaching aid to the platform users. Meetic claimed to be the source of more than eight million couples. The +: The Meetic platform is available from its website, but also from a mobile application that can be downloaded from iOS and Android devices. It allows you to make heterosexual and homosexual encounters. When creating the profile, a lot of information is requested to ensure precise compatibility of the profiles. These can be verified, which avoids unpleasant surprises. Events are organized every month to facilitate meetings. Prices start at 29.99 euros per month for the basic offer.

Meetic offers a feature that cannot be found on most competing dating sites: the possibility of saving an audio message to add to your profile. This can last a maximum of 30 seconds, but it can be sufficient to provide further personalization of your presentation. You can leave a short message, say a quote, sing, tell a joke … It’s up to you to stand out. Click here for Access the Meetic site

Edarling: ideal for serious meetings

The concept ? The origin of Edarling is in Germany in 2009: while dating sites are increasing, Edarling is positioned as a serious dating site that is based on a specific matching, thanks to a very complete personality test. The promise: meetings based on affinities with a high level of compatibility. Users have the hand on certain criteria, such as the geographic perimeter, but the compatibility algorithm is responsible for the rest. A new couple every 18 minutes would thus be formed. The +: Accessible for both heterosexual meetings and between people of the same sex, Edarling is intended for singles who seek to make lasting dating. It is suitable for all age groups. The subscription to Edarling costs 120 euros for three months, 180 euros for six months and 204 euros for 12 months. The more duration you are committed, and the less you pay dear. Click here for Access the Edarling site

Attractive world: the top for the most serious singles

The concept ? Attractive World presents itself as a “serious dating site” that meets its users’ requirements. Understand by this that it is not open to all profiles: the platform aims at the most serious singles and values ​​the socio-professional situation as much as the physical. In addition, before you can have access to the entire platform, your profile must be controlled by a dedicated team that ensures its authenticity. The +: All the profiles of the site have, at least, a photo and a description of the interests, which is supposed to facilitate contact with contact. Community events are regularly organized in many cities in France. Attractive World is a site open to hetero, gay and lesbian singles. The one month subscription costs 79.90 euros, that of three months costs 59.90 euros per month and that of six months costs 39.90 euros per month. Click here for Access the attractive world site

Elite meeting: find a perfectly compatible person

The concept ? The name Elite Meeting announces the color: the idea is to relate complete profiles and perfectly compatible on all fronts, including on the socio-professional side. If it recalls the promise of attractive world, it is no coincidence: the two platforms belong to the same German group. All profiles are verified and validated by the site team, and a very complete personality test is to be completed during registration. The +: Open to all sexual orientations, Elite Meeting welcomes 155,000 new members per month on average, and enhances 85% of members who have carried out higher education. The site has a dedicated mobile application, like most other online dating platforms. On the price side, it takes 39.90 euros per month by choosing a three -month commitment: this is the minimum to access all the functionalities of the site. The subscription costs 29 euros per month if you are committed to six months and 20 euros per month for 12 months. Click here for Access the Elite Meeting site

Disdenmain: the platform dedicated to seniors

The concept ? Created in 2017, Disonsmain is the dating service dedicated to over 50s. Younger and connected than ever, the over 50s hope to meet a person with whom to share good times. Imagined with singles, Disdemain offers multiple possibilities of meetings through powerful algorithms, many research criteria, recommendations for profiles and events. The 50 years and + will thus be able to find singles of their age and their region sharing the same state of mind as well as the same values. Says from aimsmain, he has to date with nearly 2.5 million registrants in France. The +: Since its launch, saydemain has not stopped innovating and adapting to meet the expectations of singles as closely as possible. If from its creation these were able to take advantage of the friendly atmosphere of events, the mobile application quickly appeared followed by video call feature and online events Disonsmain Connect ! The price of the monthly subscription is 39.99 euros without obligation, 29.99 euros with three months of engagement and 19.99 euros with six months of commitment. Click here for Access the Disonsmain site

Adopt a guy: the concept for women

The concept ? Launched in 2008, adopts a guy is a dating site whose concept has never really changed: he invites women to “do their market” and put men “in their basket” as if they were objects. A man present on the platform can only speak with a woman if the latter has selected her profile. This offbeat scheme makes a guy an exclusively heterosexual dating site. The +: If female users seem to be in a position of strength, nothing obliges men selected to speak to them: this is why it is necessary to take care of their profile as on any other dating site. Men can send “charms” to attract women to their profile. Only men must pay to access all features: 29.90 euros per month. Women have free access to it. Click here for Access the site adopted a guy

Tinder: one of the best known

The concept ? Tinder is not a dating site, but a mobile application, available on Android, iOS and web browser. Created in 2012, it democratized the online meeting by geolocation and it is very well known for its “swipe” system: by dragging a profile on the right, you show your interest, while on the left, you reject it. If the interest is reciprocal, then the two people are put in contact. The +: Tinder is a very inclusive application, which accepts all sexual orientations. It offers a rather large free use, but it is possible to pay options, and even a Gold subscription, for 16.49 euros per month and thus access additional features. Tinder+ costs 4.99 euros per month and allows you to benefit from unlimited Likes and returns. Faced with the resurgence of false profiles, the platform has set up a verification system, which turns out to be secure. Due to its ease of access and use, Tinder is often used to look for more than to make serious meetings. Click here for Access the Tinder application

Happn: geolocation to find love

The concept ? Dating application, Happn is largely based on the principle of geolocation, allowing you to consult the profile of people you meet every day in the street, at work, in public transport, in stores … you can flash on an unknown and then discover that the person has a happy account. There is therefore a more accentuated “real life” side than in other dating applications. Homos and heteros can use the app. The +: Once a person crossed identified within the application, you can like their profile: if they do the same, then you can get into contact: this is the Cruch system. In the free version of the application, the number of daily likes is limited. To unlock everything, you must subscribe to Happn Premium, which costs 22.99 euros per month, 71.99 euros for six months or 95.99 euros for 12 months. Click here for Access the HAPPN application

Fruitz: the original and trendy application

The concept ? Fruitz is another meeting application available on iOS and Android whose principle is original, since four fruits are used to highlight what you are looking for: if you opt for the cherry, it means that you are looking for a serious relationship. The grape symbolizes above all a friendly search around a drink. The watermelon is associated with recurring meetings, but not serious, while fishing is dedicated to “one evening”. At least the message is clear. The +: The connection is established when two people like each other: the advantage is that the fruits allow you to know very quickly what others are looking for. The fruit associated with a price is revealed through “discoveries”: they are unlimited for women, but limited to three per 12 hour edge for men. Different paid formulas exist: Premium Fruitz, available from 10.99 euros per month, and Fruitz Golden, the most complete, at 25.99 euros per month. Click here for Access the FRUITZ application

OCE: the principle of “slow dating”

The concept ? The Once application claims the principle of “slow dating”: here, no question of multiplying the matches by ten every day, since only one match is offered per day. It is the application algorithm that is responsible for making the selection according to your profile, but also your geographic location, to offer a pretender presented as more serious than in the case of another application. If the profile interests you and it is reciprocal, you can hire the conversation, otherwise, you just have to wait the next day. Why not after all? The +: Obviously, like any meeting application, you can pay to have additional features which allow in particular to “force fate”: for 19.99 euros per month or 15 euros per month with a commitment of three months, you can benefit from features allowing you to select your next match, or attract the attention of a person who has not yet responded to a like. Click here for Access the OCE application

Bumble: the dating site for love, friends.

The concept ? Bumble is a very wide dating site and that’s why this platform seeks to differentiate itself from the competition. Indeed, it offers both a love “date” and new professional contacts, including simple friends. It is therefore a very large meeting application: it has existed since 2014 and it is a London creation. However, in use, Bumble looks like many other applications. The +: When creating your account, you are invited to clearly indicate what type of relationship you are looking for on Bumble, before having access to the profiles that correspond to yours in a defined geographical perimeter. The application is open to everyone and offers free features. Others are paid, such as the Bumble Boost service, which allows you to see users already interested in your profile for 5.99 euros per week, or 12.99 euros per month. Bumble Premium costs 12.99 euros per week or 29.99 euros per month. Click here for Access the Bumble site

Badoo: one of the pioneering sites of the online meeting

The concept ? The Badoo dating site has existed since 2006 and this is one of the most famous platforms on the web. Badoo to date has more than 510 million registered around the world, which certainly has an attractive side to find shoe at its foot. However, these are not active users: a large number of accounts are inactive. In addition, Badoo requires paying to use all its features, which means that in many cases, people opposite will not be able to respond to your messages. The +: However, Badoo remains very easy to use and it is an asset for people who are not used to this kind of site. It is also very inclusive and accepts all forms of sexuality. If you have to pay quickly to access all the platform options, promotions are frequently there. Count 8.49 euros per month without commitment, 19.98 euros for three months, 30 euros for six months and 50.04 euros for one year. Click here for Access the Badoo site

Le Beguin: the free dating site

The concept ? Le Beguin is a free dating site, which is becoming increasingly rare on the internet. If its home page can question the seriousness of the platform, the latter displays promises similar to those of other paid sites, such as the moderation of accounts, taking into account geographic proximity, but also affinities between people, or the provision of customer service. The +: In practice, the crush seems attractive and it is true that it holds its promise of gratuitousness: the disadvantage is that not having nothing to pay to access it does not guarantee the quality of visible profiles. Better to be careful and do not hesitate to use moderation in case of doubt. Nevertheless, this French site still deserves to be interested in it. It welcomes heterosexuals as homosexuals. Click here for Access the Béguin site

The perfect gentleman: a high -end offer for demanding singles

The concept ? This paid dating site announces the color with its name: it promises a high -end offer for demanding singles. In fact, the profiles are all checked and handpicked, so you have to fill your own to put all the odds on your side. The site community consists of people active in higher social class, and that, the perfect gentleman does not hide it. The +: During registration, which is free, the perfect gentleman invites you to fulfill a questionnaire which will serve as a personality test to test your compatibility with other members. 200 questions await you for the occasion, but it is to better understand you. On the other hand, to hope to find great love on the site, you must subscribe to one of the paid offers: a six -month commitment allows you to pay 29.90 euros per month. Click here for Access the perfect gentleman site

Parship: the site adapted to all sexual orientations

The concept ? Parship is a dating site adapted to all sexual orientations, which mainly targets singles aged 35 or over: in any case, 75% of the members of the site are over 35 years old. Equity is respected because there are as many men as registered women, which makes it possible to multiply the chances of finding your half. The site is based on an affinity system to put singles in contact and uses 107 compatibility points to do it. The +: This dating platform manually validates the profiles of the members, which avoids unpleasant surprises. Many meetings take place locally in the big cities of France, which is a plus to facilitate contacts. Different paid subscription formulas are offered, and prices start at 29.90 euros per month: depending on the offer chosen, you have a number of features available. Click here for Access the Parship site

Should we trust free dating sites ?

Paid dating sites can quickly become expensive over time, and if you have a modest budget, you can be attracted to free dating sites. In itself, you are not likely to try the adventure on such a platform, provided you are aware of an important point: there is no sorting made at the entrance. Indeed, free dating sites often have fewer means to ensure the safety of their users, and there are therefore more risks to meet malicious people or come across scams. In fact, beware of the prince or the charming princess if the situation seems too beautiful to be true! In addition, a free dating site generally displays a lot of advertising to make profitable, which makes the experience less pleasant. The features can also be more limited. Besides, some free dating sites are satisfied with a simple website, and have no mobile application, for lack of a means. From a completely pragmatic point of view, we can consider that a free dating site is a simple way to determine if this type of platform is made for you. If you are not sure you want to invest money in a dating site, free sites can be a good way to test the service and see if it suits you. In addition, many people are attracted to free dating sites, which means you are still likely to find someone who suits you.

How to choose your dating site ?

Do dating sites really work? This is the first question posed by singles in the face of the plethoric offer that we find both on the internet and on mobile platforms. The fact is that yes, dating sites relate to millions of people around the world every day: as to whether these relationships last, this is a case by case! To put the odds on your side and find love in a lasting way, it is better to bet on a serious dating site and take the time to explore the profiles with which you have affinities. There is no point in running: discussing several days or several weeks online may be necessary to prepare the meeting that can change everything. If dating sites can help you get in touch with singles that look like you, then it is up to you and the person encountered in this way to decide to build a lasting relationship. If your goal is above all to have fun and have a good time without thinking the next day, it is, too, important to “aim just” and turn to a site or an application that corresponds to your desires. In short, for you to work for you, you have to take the time to find the right site, the right approach, and to move forward with philosophy. Finally, you can take a little time before finding a shoe at your foot: the first match will not necessarily be the right one, that is not to say that you have to despair. Be yourself and everything will be fine!

How to write a good profile on a dating site ?

As we have just said above, the important thing is above all to be yourself: start by sincerely answer the questions asked when you register on the dating site of your choice. This is important, because these platforms use algorithms that calculate the affinities of singles to bring them closer, so if you lie, these calculations will be biased. Then, a good profile is a full profile: conscientiously fill each box and description to allow your pretender to discover you in writing before talking to you. Take care of the spelling and put pictures of yourself well framed, with good light: drop the filters, too artificial! The goal is to show you as you are. Before discussing a person who interests you, take the time to explore their profile: this will no doubt give you some keys to send a first message that is both original and interesting, capable of showing that you are interested in the person in depth in question, and that you have not only flashed on his profile photos. What put in confidence and make you want to engage the conversation … and more if affinity !

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