What a new car at 5000 euros?, 5 petrol cars for less than 5.000 € available immediately on.

5 petrol cars for less than 5.000 € available immediately on

La Sandero is an excellent choice of new car and is also on the second -hand market. Honest, without fuss, it actually offers the strict minium in terms of equipment. But it also has 5 real seats and a decent trunk. Like the Citroën, its small 1.4 essence of 75 hp benefits from the Euro 4 standard and therefore is not afraid of any lez.

At 5000 euros, here are new cars accessible

At 5000 euros, here are new cars accessible

Used cars are in great demand because of their reasonable price, yet it is always a pride to ride in a gleaming car. Compare a new car and a second -hand car is not feasible. New has many qualities and many advantages. The problem concerning new cars is at the level of the amount, their price. The remark was made in 2021, on this increase in the price of new cars. In this year 2022, the situation remained the same. However, in this article, discover the new cars that you can offer yourself at 5000 euros.

  • 1 The different new cars accessible at 5000 euros
  • 2 The right period to buy a new and cheaper car
  • 3 The advantages of new cars
  • 4 Conclusion

The various new cars accessible at 5000 euros

For 5000 euros In the automotive market, you can buy a new car. Here are these different cars:

  • Kia Picanto
  • Dacia Sandero
  • Toyota Aygo
  • Renault Twingo
  • Fiat Panda
  • Dacia Lodgy
  • Mitsubishi Space
  • Citroen C1

In addition to these, you can also have cars for less than 6000 euros like:

  • The Peugeot 407 SW 2.0 HDI 136 Comfort Pack Fap
  • The Peugeot 206 x Line Clim 1.4 HDI
  • The Renault Espace 425 Th Euro 52.0 DCI 130 FAP
  • The Renault Laguna 3 Expression 1.5 DCI 110 FAP Eco2
  • Citroen C4 Picasso Millenium HDI 110 FAP
  • Citroen C3 Comfort HDI 70
  • The Ford Ka 1.2,69ch titanium

Depending on the budget and its personal preferences, with 5000 euros it is possible to have a new car. You can already make your choice among these. But if your budget allows you to go beyond, treat yourself and find a car according to your tastes. It is possible to compare prices. Use the Renault Talisman comparator to have a new cheaper vehicle.

The sedans are also cars that you can buy new from a car and inexpensive agent at all. There is also the Ford Focus, the Dacia Logan, the Volkswagen Golf, the Renault Clio which is a city car. Let’s not forget the Opel Corsa, the Renault Captur, the Renault Mégane 4 Sedan, the Dacia Duster, the Nissan Qashqai with a delivery. Discount offers new Renaults, BMW series, with attractive prices. Negotiating well is an art and quality.

The right period to buy a new and cheaper car

A new car can buy at any time. If you have already saved some to be able to offer it, here are certain periods that we have targeted for you. During these moments, you can see the cars and find new models with discounts or discounts.

During the end of the year, from the end of November: this period is characterized by an acceleration of economic activities. All sectors of activity during this period experience an increase in their production. Demand is increasing and many offers. So it’s also the right time to buy A new car dear at all equipped with a good motorization. The prices are excellent, in addition, you can always negotiate.

During open days: these are times when companies exhibit their products and make the structure known. Automobile prices are very affordable during this event. Listening and satisfaction of customers are the major points of these days. So enjoy it.

During the summer period : although not the period when economic activities are at their pinnacle, however it is the period of promotions, discounts. Companies, big brands all want to maintain their activity, and make interesting promotions as well as credit sales with relaxed criteria.

When you ask the services of a Auto agent : This is also a moment that will allow you to get a good deal. With its negotiation capacity among major brands, this expert will make you benefit from better offers. At home, you have a large choice concerning all models of new cars. He will subsequently take care of administrative formalities: registration certificate and fast delivery of the vehicle.

When there is arrival: the arrival of a new generation on the market pushes companies to destock. It is so everywhere and even in the French market. It is a question of making room to accommodate new models or the new generation. It is therefore a question of avoiding an overload and for that, the prices are enticing and the discounts, of the renault scenic for example. Negotiate with salespeople during this time is advantageous.

Many structures are in the sale of new or used cars. You realize that it is possible to buy a New car cheaper. You can get a car loan if your budget does not allow you to acquire it or pay in monthly payments. Do not miss any opportunity to buy a used or nine vehicle.

What new car at 5000 euros?

The advantages of new cars

Despite the fact that there is a rush to second -hand cars, it is however necessary to have a new car at home. Here is the advantage of a new car.

It has a good lifespan: the new car at the base can be used for 10 years without having major problems. This has the capacity to reach 200,000 km per year. Apart from technical revisions, there is the certainty of not having repairs to be made during this time. The new model is reliable, it has no story to tell yet because you are the first user. You will make his story according to the time put.

A good warranty : it is compulsory and its duration is at least 2 years in France and in the European Union. This warranty is different depending on the manufacturers of cars and can go beyond 5 years. Its mileage is sometimes unlimited or not. The warranty extension is when the warranty period is extended. It is very advantageous for the driver who knows what can happen as a breakdown, it is covered. So he benefits as much as possible from his new car.

It is customizable: Ah yes ! When buying a vehicle, you can decide to transform it into the car of your choice. Depending on your tastes, you choose the type of engine, the body color, the gearbox, etc. This type of car is also called: new custom vehicle.

She has a great value during her resale: after 5 years, you want to change car, so you have to resell the one you have. But your car is still new and in good condition. Because it is a car of first hand, She will sell quickly and at a good price. Right -handed cars are appreciated in relation to the second hands. As they have not yet stories, they are reliable and its owner is credible. You can therefore give the resale price while taking into account the Argus coast.


A New car at 5000 euros, you can have it. It all depends on the model and your preferences. Choose the right period if you want to have a new car cheaper. It has many advantages that used cars do not have.

5 petrol cars for less than 5.000 € available immediately on vroom.be

1. Citroën C2 – 2007 – 141.500 LM – 2.650 €

Certainly, there are not many options on this little Frenchwoman, but its bases are solid ! Its body seems impeccable and its small 1.1 liter engine and 60 hp is certified Euro 4. Primordial data since it means that this C2 can still enter all the Lez of Belgium at least until 2024.

2. Dacia Sandero – 2009 – 122.920 km – 2.990 €

La Sandero is an excellent choice of new car and is also on the second -hand market. Honest, without fuss, it actually offers the strict minium in terms of equipment. But it also has 5 real seats and a decent trunk. Like the Citroën, its small 1.4 essence of 75 hp benefits from the Euro 4 standard and therefore is not afraid of any lez.

3. Peugeot 107 – 2007 – 37.950 km – 4.900 €

If it is the kilometers that scare you when buying an opportunity, there are solutions, even for less than 5.000 € ! That of Vroom.Be takes the form of a Peugeot 107 having less than 40.000 km on the clock. It even has an engine that allows you to enter the Lez at least until 2024. What more ?

4. SEAT MII – 2013 – 98.262 km – 4.950 €

Twin of the Skoda Citigo and the Volkswagen Up, the Mii embodies simplicity. We told you about concessions, you have to do it here on the equipment, but also on the size. Spanish barely exceeds 3.5 m ! On the other hand, it is the most recent car on our list and the only one to have the Euro 5 standard !

5. MG MGF – 2002 – 121.457 km – 4.999 €

But yes, it is quite possible to have fun for less than 5.000 €, very pleasure even with this little English convertible ! But beware, there are still a few things to know before cracking for this MG. Note, for example, that it only has a Euro 3 standard ! So find out if you want to go to a Lez area since some of them could soon be prohibited ..

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