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I need RAM for my pc how to choose

The DDR4 is efficient whether in terms of memory density (up to 16 GB against 8 GB for DDR3) or in terms of supported frequency (up to more than 3,200 MHz against less than 2,133 MHz )). It also works at less voltage (1.2 V against 1.5 V). She settles on a new generation motherboard with AMD AM4, Intel 1151 and Intel 2011-3.

What a memory bar for my pc ?

RAM or RAM memory is an essential component for your PC. Find out how to choose the memory bar of your PC.

RAM or RAM memory is an essential component for your PC, because it is it that allows you to work with software. It makes it possible to process data thousands of times faster than on a hard drive, and it is on it that the current tasks are stored to be accessible instantly. Following in the form of a bar with microchips, the RAM must be chosen in some criteria.

The performance of a memory bar


From the obsolete DDR to the most recent DDR5, via the DDR2 endangered and the DDR3 which continues to be still used, the RAM has evolved a lot. Their double flow over the generations (1 to 4) allowing to reach a transfer rate 8 times higher: 3,200 MB/s (DDR) at 25,600 MB/s (DDR4). A memory bar with a high transfer rate allows you to have a very fast execution speed. In other words, you can use several applications at a time without your PC not eating.

Capacity and frequency

The higher the capacity of the RAM, the more the computer can work quickly and fluidity. Currently, there are the 8 GB memory bar which allows you to perform tasks excessively consuming RAM (virtual reality, video games, heavy video processing, etc.). Using two 8 GB cards, you can go to 16 GB and a graphics card intended for the most demanding.
The frequency, for its part, measures the speed of treatment of RAM. Note that the DDR3 can go to 3,000 MHz, while the current DDR4 DDR4s of 4,600 MHz will be exceeded by new RAME memory barrettes at 4.8 GHz.

The choice between DDR3 or DDR4 memory bars

When to opt for the DDR3 ?

DDR3 is less efficient than DDR4. But you cannot replace a DDR3 with a DDR4 just like that, each memory slot is specific to a type of bar. Indeed, the choice of your memory bar depends on the type of processor socket, therefore the motherboard. Generally, the DDR3 is purchased to upgrade a used PC with an Intel 1155 socket, Socket Intel 1150 or an AMD AM3 socket+.

When to opt for the DDR4 ?

The DDR4 is efficient whether in terms of memory density (up to 16 GB against 8 GB for DDR3) or in terms of supported frequency (up to more than 3,200 MHz against less than 2,133 MHz )). It also works at less voltage (1.2 V against 1.5 V). She settles on a new generation motherboard with AMD AM4, Intel 1151 and Intel 2011-3.

DIMM and SODIMM format

The physical size of a memory bar can be currently classified into 2 bar formats: the DIMM or Double online memory module and the SODIMM (Small double -sized online memory module). The DIMM is currently used for desktop computers (Tours), while Sodimm is intended for laptops, Notebook.

What number of Memoirs Bars to choose ?

DIMM (Tour) or Sodimm (PC laptops), it is advisable to take 2 x 4 GB instead of a single 8 GB bar, and 2 x 8 GB instead of one at 16 GB. This allows better distribution of resources and not to quickly exhaust the components.

I need RAM for my pc
How to choose ?

With several thousand existing references, here are all the keys to make the best choice and find the ideal RAM according to your use. Don’t move, we explain everything to you !

What a bar for you ?

You want a selection of ram bars just for you ? Nothing’s easier ! Answer this questionnaire in two stages three movements, and hop: your ideal reference appears !

Better understand


Of course, everyone says: the more our PC has “memory”, the better ! But finally. Do you really know what the “ram” is for ? 🙂
These small barrettes that connect to the computer’s motherboard are a bit of a short -term memory. It allows the processor to temporarily store data of your games, your software and your operating system (Windows, Mac OS …) when it is in action.
SO. The more RAM you have, the more programs you can start at the same time !

What type of memory to choose ?

DDR2/3/4… a new PC ? Take a DDR4 RAM (This is the current standard, the latest generation of RAM) ! On the other hand if you want to increase the performance of an old machine, First check which standard it works on, That is to say the compatibility of your motherboard. DDR3 memories are still available for purchase if you want to boost an existing PC.

What format ?

There are 2 formats: DIMM (long) for fixed computers and SO-DIMM (short) for laptops. Easy !

What capacity ?

The number of Go corresponds to the available space to store and process your data. Good to know.
8 GB : today it is the minimum recommended
16 GB : for a configuration at ease in most games, or to work with several software at the same time.
32 GB : advised as part of a advanced professional use (graphic/video creation). and sometimes in the latest generation games !

And the frequency ?

Expressed in MHz, it is the processing speed of your data ! So the greater the figure. The faster it is;) However, with a DDR4 memory, 3000 MHz are enough for the majority of uses. Up to 3600 MHz you can hope for a few % additional performance. And beyond, the gain becomes less obvious and the prices fly away ! So useless to ruin yourself if you don’t have the use.

Above all, Check compatibility between your barrettes and your motherboard. To do this, look at the frequencies supported by the latter on the “technical sheet” of our site or via our configurator !

How many bars take ?

The “Dual Channel” technology allows you to enjoy a speed gain of around 10% if you take your barrettes by 2 (for example 2 x 4 GB / 2 x 8 GB / 2 x 16 GB etc). You can also take them by 4 if your motherboard has enough locations. No need to necessarily take the same brand: they must just have the same technical characteristics !

And to cool everything ?

RAM barrettes are increasingly supplied with thermal dissipator (or radiator). Be careful, except to make it pretty or to overclock your PC, it is not used for much. And yes, the RAM hardly heats !

Last advice: Pay attention to the bars surmounted by an imposing radiator. The latter could hinder the installation of the processor fan.
If you have a doubt, do not hesitate to ask for help from our customer service.

What type of RAM is compatible with my computer ?

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What type of RAM is compatible with my computer?

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The different ram bars

There mother’s motherboard is generally only compatible with a single type of RAM :: DDR4 ; DDR3 ; DDR2 ;, etc.
For example, if your computer has DDR4 type bars, So only DDR4 bars can be added or replaced.
The easiest way is to buy identically the bars that we want to install.

To know the RAM memory format installed in your computer, Several solutions are available to you :

– Check the information on the official technical sheet of your manufacturer where the information such as the number of locations, welded bars and the format of the RAM will be registered.
– Use third -party software from CPU-Z type To obtain this detailed information.
– Go to Windows > Powershell Then register the following formula: Get-WmiObject Win32_PhysicalMeMorme | Select-object smbiosmemorytype

Once back, you will get the information on the format of the RAM installed: 26 = DDR4; 25 = DDR3; 24 = DDR2

About the Bars frequency, The best is that it is identical from one bar to another: the system can only use the lowest frequency of the two.
Which means that a bar will run in constant sub-regime, which represents a loss of resources.