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Which smartphone to choose


After months of rumors and leaks, Samsung revealed its florets, the Galaxy S23. On the program, no revolution but a few additions here and there which perfection an already very tasty recipe.

Comparison / 242 Smartphones ☆ Tested September 2023

Little by little, the smartphone went from smart mobile to a real nomadic center of our digital lives. Because it is available in hundreds of models for as many screens, powers and budgets (from 50 to more than 1500 euros), here is what to see more clearly.

The smartphone has definitely settled in the center of our lives. From smart phone to pocket computer, he has reached surprising levels in terms of power, photo or even display quality. We test more than a hundred mobiles per year and these all go through our different test laboratories. Audio, photo, screen, battery, performance. A hundred measurement and analysis points are carried out on each smartphone. The test results of our comparison are all comparable to each other, since they are carried out under conditions that do not vary. Apple, Samsung (especially with its Galaxy S and Galaxy A ranges), Huawei, Xiaomi or Sony, everyone is housed in the same brand.

Whether you are looking for a high -end mobile or excellent value for money, our comparison allows you to find your happiness. You can sort all smartphones according to your choice criteria: screen size, storage, RAM, processor, sensor definition, battery capacity.


Smartphones How to choose your smartphone

More than 25 different brands and prices that vary from 100 to 2,000 €: Buying a smartphone has turned to the puzzle ! Android or iOS operating system, screen size, storage space, camera quality … There are many criteria. Here are the essential points to know to choose the right smartphone.

  • 1. Apple iPhone, the pioneer
  • 2. Samsung: smartphones at all costs
  • 3. Pixel, the Google range
  • 4. Xiaomi, the essential Chinese giant
  • 5. Fairphone’s green initiative
  • 6. Android or iOS: the operating systems match
  • 7. Murena’s privacy initiative
  • 8. An average budget of € 450
  • 9. Characteristics: from essential to secondary
  • 10. Zoom on the camera
  • 11. Reconditioned smartphones, a good opportunity
  • 12. Case, screen protection, connected objects … Dear accessories !
  • 13. Purchase: Good deals and traps to avoid
  • 14. A smartphone… ecologically sober ?

TEST THAT CHOOSE: Smartphones comparison

In summary

  • Choosing a smartphone is first to choose an ecosystem, that of Apple (iOS) or that of Google (Android). Only iPhones work under iOS. The models of other manufacturers operate on Android.
  • The manufacture of smartphones is disastrous for the planet. With its easy -to -repair devices, Fairphone proves that a virtuous economical model is possible.
  • The average price of a good smartphone is around 450 €. You can find correct smartphones at € 200, if you don’t expect anything from the camera and you don’t run after the latest functions like facial recognition or fast load.
  • Reconditioned smartphones allow you to buy a higher -end device at attractive prices.

Apple iPhone, the pioneer

In 2007, with its iPhone, the first phone offering a large touch screen and an intuitive interface, Apple defined the contours of the smartphone. Today’s iPhone, however, has much to do with that then. For years, Apple has stretched out only premium models at gold prices. Today, it has expanded its offer with more accessible iPhone in order to seduce the greatest number. The range currently available on the manufacturer’s website is made up of 6 models (see below), but older iPhones are always available from some resellers or reconditioned. Note that iPhone has become waterproof from the iPhone 7. This characteristic is to be taken into account, because it makes it possible to de -stress on a daily basis (calls in the rain, glass of overturned water, etc.)).

iPhone 1 and iPhone 15 Pro

Main iPhone models sold at Apple in 2023-2024

iPhone 15 pro
iPhone 15 pro max
iPhone 15
iPhone15 Plus
iPhone 14 iPhone 13 iPhone se
Price from) € 1,229
€ 1,479
969 €
1,119 €
869 € 749 € 529 €
Screen size 6.1 ”
6.7 “
6.1 ”
6.7 “
6.1 “ 6.1 “ 4.7 “
Number of rear photo sensors 48 MPX (wide angle)
2 x 12 Mpx (ultra-large angle and telephoto lens)
48 Mpx + 24 MP (wide angle, ultra-large angle) 2 x 12 mpx (wide angle, ultra-large angle) 2 x 12 mpx (wide angle, ultra-wide angle) 1 x 12 mpx (wide angle)
Front photo sensor 12 Mpx 12 Mpx 12 Mpx 12 Mpx 7 Mpx
Unlocking Face ID Face ID Face ID Face ID Touch ID
Battery 3,650 mAh
4,852 mAh
3,877 mah
4,912 mAh
3,279 mah 3 227 mAh 2,018 mAh

Samsung: smartphones at all costs

Samsung is by far the biggest smartphones seller. It must be said that the Korean manufacturer multiplies models to offer smartphones at all prices. Today, its offer is structured around 5 ranges of products renewed each year.

Structure of the range of Samsung Galaxy smartphones

Galaxy Z Galaxy S Galaxy Note Galaxy has Galaxy M
Description Folding Most powerful processor and cameras Integrated, high -end stylus Large screen (6.4 “to 6.6”) and fast load Entry level ; Camera 50 MPX, Full HD LCD screen
Latest models released Flip4, Fold4 S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra Note 20, note 20 Ultra A13, A33 5G, A53 5G M13, M23 G5, M33 5G
Price levels 1,109 to 1,799 € 849 to € 1,259 800 to 1,200 € 199 to 459 € Around 300 €

The emblematic range Galaxy S concentrates all the manufacturer’s innovations. The Galaxy S23, launched in early 2023, are available in 3 versions (S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra). They incorporate the most successful screen technologies (Dynamic AMOLED 2X), an ultra -powerful processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2), a large 5,000 mAh battery (S23 Ultra), a quadruple rear camera (200 + 12 + 10 + 10 mpixels), a 12 mpixel front camera and can film in 8K (resolution 7680 x 4320 pixels). A smartphone can hardly be higher, but they cost between 850 and € 1,250.

Samsung’s strength is to offer very good less flashy smartphones. THE Galaxy has (like the A54 5G or the A13) and the Galaxy M (like the M23 and M33) display great performances for a more reasonable budget, between 199 and 459 €. The quality of the photos will not be as spectacular or the processor so swift, but these smartphones are largely sufficient for the majority of users.

The range of Galaxy Z, As for her, designates the manufacturer’s folding smartphones. Expensive and solid models which have not yet convinced a large audience. We test them regularly (latest: the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Flip4 as well as the Z Fold3 and Z Fold4).


Pixel, the Google range

Since the launch of its Pixel range in 2016, Google has been renewing its flagship smartphone each year, as Apple and Samsung have been doing for years. Generation after generation, Google Pixel smartphones display rather satisfactory performance. It must be said that Google offers high -end smartphones with latest features. The latest born, the pixel 7a and pixel 7 pro, thus cost € 649 and € 899 at launch. Google smartphones incorporate the Android system into its purest version, without software overlay (other manufacturers add a software overlay to adapt the interface to their colors and integrate their own homemade applications). Google guarantees security updates and system updates.

Google Pixel 7a and 7 Pro

Xiaomi, the essential Chinese giant

In recent years, several Chinese manufacturers have arrived on the market with smartphones offering good value for money. Huawei, OnePlus or Xiaomi have made a name for themselves. The American embargo on Chinese companies in 2019, however, put a brake on the rise of Huawei, deprived of Google’s services (therefore Android and the Google Play Store application store), leaving the field in Xiaomi. The latter is now number 3 in the world of smartphones behind Samsung and Apple. It offers as many models of smartphones as Samsung, and also diversifies its ranges from the first prize (Poco M5S, for example, at 250 €) correct with the ultra high -end model (Xiaomi 13 pro at € 1,300).


Fairphone’s green initiative

At a time when everyone seeks to reduce their environmental impact, irreparable smartphones with large screens gourmet in primary resources and consumption are pointed out. Well Named. Since 2013, Fairphone has campaigned for more ethical and easy -to -repair smartphones. Always present, the manufacturer seems to win his daring bet. Fairphone 4, launched in 2021, is guaranteed for 5 years. Replacement modules for the camera, the speaker or the connector are available for at least this duration, and software updates at least for 4 years. But at € 579, it turns out to be dear compared to its competitors. And the Fairphone 5, which we took in hand from its launch in August 2023, is even more expensive. The commitment for ecology has a price ..

Android or iOS: the operating systems match

Android is, by far, the most widespread operating systems. Its rival, iOS (Apple), is only used by iPhone.


Visual Ga Smartphone Android

High -end smartphones incorporate the most recent version (Android 14) as soon as they are released or are updated shortly after. On entry -level models, manufacturers are content with an older version and do not bother to develop updates. Users therefore do not benefit from software improvements or security updates that protect smartphones against viruses.

To distinguish themselves from each other, the manufacturers add a home software layer which allows them to offer a graphical interface and some exclusive functions. But they are forced to integrate Google applications by default like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, etc.

It is important to configure your Android smartphone to keep control of your personal data. Google’s activity is largely based on the sale of targeted advertising; The more he knows about you, the more flourishing his business.



The latest iPhone (iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max) work under iOS 17. His successor, iOS 16, is announced. As always, this new version of the system is available for the 5 generations of previous iPhone (the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, released in 2018, are the last to take advantage of it). Just download it for free and install it from your iPhone.

Murena’s privacy initiative

Google’s Android system is based on the exploitation of personal data from users, which represent a manna for targeted advertising. Conversely, Apple makes the protection of personal data a major communication axis. Another actor goes even further. Called E/OS, it is a private life protection ecosystem from design, offering the user a control over any data leaks, such as the deletion of application trackers or a voluntarily location distorted. This system can be installed on fairphone and efoundation, its designer, has just launched its own brand of smartphones, Murena. An actor to follow !

Visual Ga Smartphone Murena

An average budget of € 450

According to GFK, the average budget that consumers devote to their smartphone is € 450. But we find on the smartphone market at all prices.

Less than 200 €

Many manufacturers offer correct prices models, around 200 €, and performance is there. However, these smartphones do not include the latest technologies. No ultra high definition screen either, nor large storage capacities, but they largely cover daily needs. Note that these smartphones are not photo and video references. Our purchasing guide dedicated to cheap smartphones will help you see more clearly.

From 250 to 400 €

Between 250 and 400 €, you will find correctly equipped smartphones (processor, connectors, quality of the screen), offering good audio quality in call and correct photos and videos. But most often, you will not benefit from the latest technological innovations, initially reserved for high -end smartphones. For example, if the smartphone incorporates a fingerprint sensor, it will be an average quality sensor, far from the ultrasound sensors integrated under the screens from the Galaxy S10.

From 400 to 600 €

This budget allows you to buy a very good quality smartphone, equipped with a very good touch screen, with enough storage (below 64 GB, make sure the presence of a memory card port), Equipped with a good camera. In this price range, you will also benefit, a priori, from regular updates to the operating system of the device (sesame to take advantage of a protected smartphone for viruses for a long time). This budget also makes it possible to consider an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy version a bit old (but nevertheless very efficient !), or even a reconditioned smartphone (that is to say rehabilitated by a professional before being put up for sale).

Between 700 and € 1,200

Very comfortable budget, very high -end smartphone ! Beyond € 700, you will enjoy a device equipped with a large high definition screen, sufficient storage (128 GB most often) and a good camera, probably with several sensors (with ultra Great angle and telephoto to accompany the main sensor). The materials will be chosen (glass and aluminum) and neat finishes. The internal components will be the most efficient of the moment (processor and graphic chip), which will allow you to play games, even resource gourmets.

Note that the battery life and the solidity of the phone are very variable from one model to another, whatever the price. These two criteria are systematically evaluated during our laboratory smartphones tests.

Characteristics: from essential to secondary

Screen size and resolution

A large smartphone is certainly a bit bulky, but it offers indisputable comfort of use to consult your mail or write text from the virtual keyboard.


Install applications, take photos, store videos, music … You will need internal storage ! Opt for a smartphone incorporating 64 GB minimum. A memory card reader will allow you to increase storage capacity if necessary. Note that on some models offering two SIM card locations (read below), the memory card reader and the second SIM card location are sometimes located in the same place: you will then have to choose !



Good cameras are reserved for smartphones at 400 € minimum. On some models, manufacturers have integrated technologies specific to the photo, such as optical stabilization, and software processing has improved significantly. Several smartphones are even equipped with a double lens, grand angle and telephoto lens, or even a triple objective.



Many smartphones allow you to film in 4K (UHD 3840 × 2160 pixels). If the device incorporates a good processor and an efficient graphic chip, the quality of the capture, fluid, is appreciable. But 4K videos are heavy to store (at least 200 MB for 30 seconds of video). Of course, you can choose another resolution in the settings.

Video resolution

Name Resolution
UHD 3840 × 2160
QHD 2560 × 1440
FHD 1920 × 1080
Hd 1280 × 720
Vga 640 × 480

Double SIM (or dual-Sim)

If you need two telephone lines, opt for a smartphone capable of accommodating two SIM cards. You will just switch from one to the other and you will not have to transport two phones ! Apple has already integrated a second “new generation” SIM card into its latest iPhone: it is in fact an E-SIM directly integrated into the electronic circuit of the phone, which allows you to change the package in a few clicks. Curiously, this feature is not yet operational in France: the Bouygues, SFR, Orange and Free operators would not see it with a favorable eye … weird !


Less than a quarter of the smartphones that we have tested in the laboratory to date have been waterproof; However, this characteristic is very appreciable.


The battery life of the smartphone depends of course on the use we make of it. The larger the screen, the more it consumes. Manufacturers compensate by integrating larger capacity batteries (around 5,000 mAh) in their large screen models. During our tests, we submit all smartphones to the same use cycle. Result: with identical capacity, all smartphones do not offer the same autonomy. Note that the battery of certain models is compatible with the fast load, which significantly reduces the charging time.


GPS box manufacturers felt the wind turned a long time ago. On iOS as on Android, whether free or paid, the vast majority of navigation applications are well suitable for occasional use. This is also the case with the default integrated to your smartphone (Google Maps or Plans). Note that in our tests, we check the compatibility of smartphones with competing (American) gps systems, namely Galileo (European), Beidu (Chinese) and Glonass (Russian); We have also found that smartphones compatible with Galileo are more precise than the others.


Facial recognition, fingerprint reader

These features are alternatives to secret code to unlock your smartphone. They are rather practical, but not essential. Especially since the reliability varies from one smartphone to another: we have managed to dive the facial recognition system of half of the smartphones tested. As for the fingerprint reader, it is not always ideally placed on the device and sometimes lacks responsiveness.


Zoom on the camera

In the past 10 years, the photo on smartphone has made spectacular progress.

Multiple sensors

After improving the automatic focus, the manufacturers have massively adopted the double rear camera to integrate a large angle, a telephoto lens or play on the depth of field. The addition of a third sensor, an ultra-wide-angle, is now quite common on high-end models.

In addition, the Google Play Store and the App Store offer many free photo apps that allow you to improve, personalize or easily share your photos from a smartphone (Lightroom, Snapseed, etc.)). Be careful and do not download anything: many applications for slightly fanciful smartphones are malicious.

Reconditioned smartphones, a good opportunity

Reconditioned smartphones already represent 20 % of total smartphones sales in France. It must be said that the promise is enticing. These models are guaranteed 100 % functional and sold 30 to 50 % cheaper than new devices. Since February 2022, the term “reconditioned” even covers a legal definition. There are especially iPhone on this market, but it also welcomes products from other brands. We have tested them, and our results are rather reassuring. Furthermore, our fears about the DAS (specific absorption rate) of these smartphones, which potentially suffered falls during their first life or were opened to be repaired, were not proven in our DAS test Reconditioned smartphones. The fact remains that certain traps must be avoided (read our buying guide).


Case, screen protection, connected objects … Dear accessories !

Coque and screen protection

Do not hesitate to spend a few tens of euros in protective accessories, such as a shell and glass protections for the screen. Manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, offer very beautiful models (leather, with LED lights, etc.), but they cost € 60 minimum.


Ecology obliges, the time when smartphones were delivered with headphones is over. But their quality usually left something to be desired. By launching its airpods, at the end of 2016, Apple once again set the tone for the other manufacturers. These small wireless headphones, recognized by the iPhone without the slightest pairing procedure being necessary, made a box despite their price of € 179. This success is measured by the many false airpods sold a few tens of euros on the internet. Since then, wireless headphones have become more democratized and all manufacturers offer, often even with a noise reduction function which makes it possible to isolate themselves from ambient noise. An accessory that will quickly become essential for your train or plane trips !


Connected watches

In continuity, the two giants also offer to complete your equipment with a connected watch (Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch). These devices allow you to consult your messages (SMS, social networks), different applications (bank, weather, etc.), to measure your physical activity (number of steps, swimming, running, etc.), to control your music, and sometimes even to answer a call. Nice gadgets not essential, but quite fun ! If you fall for it, our buying guide will help you make a choice. Because there are many models other than those of Apple and Samsung at Garmin, Fitbit, Xiaomi or Fossil.

Purchase: Good deals and traps to avoid


In 2012, the arrival of the fourth Free Mobile operator released the “naked” smartphone market, that is to say sold outside the subsidies of operators (therefore without associated subscription). In general, whether you buy the smartphone alone by subscribing to an offer without subscription or that you subscribe to a package with commitment over 24 months to reduce the acquisition cost, the total cost is, to the nearest a few euros, the even.

Refund offer

Manufacturers very often use reimbursement offers (ODR) when launching a new smartphone. This offer promises to reimburse you part of the product afterwards. It is based on the evidence of your purchase, which must be sent by mail or on the Internet according to very precise terms. Be sure to fill out your file very scrupulously, because at the slightest pretext, the reimbursement will be refused.

A smartphone… ecologically sober ?

Suffice to say right away: it’s impossible. A smartphone pollutes throughout its existence, especially during its manufacture, which represents three quarters of the environmental impact of the device. Seventy materials enter into the composition of a smartphone, including “blood mine” (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold), whose extraction leads to fuel armed conflicts at the expense of local populations (Ademe, 2019 )). A smartphone requires a total of 44 kg of raw materials and 85 kg of CO2 are issued during the first year of use (Deloitte, 2022). And yet it is difficult to do without it.

From then on, how to minimize the damage ? Already, think before buying: your old smartphone must really be replaced or can it be used for a few months, a few years ? If the time to change has really come, consider a reconditioned smartphone, you will avoid making a new device. And recycle the old ! Return it to the store or sell it to a professional (reconditioners buy the smartphones of individuals when they still have a market value). Once in your pocket, protect it with a shell and a glass soaked on the screen.

You want to push sobriety a little further ? So do not surf everything. Do not connect to the Internet (emails, navigation, social networks, etc.) that when you really need it. And do not hesitate to go further with our 5 tips to reduce our digital footprint !

Visual Ga Smartphone Ecology

TEST THAT CHOOSE: Smartphones comparison

Which new smartphone to buy in 2023 and our tips for choosing the right

Update on 06/30/2023 – You want to buy a new smartphone ? Apple, Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi, Google, difficult to make a choice among all the brands and all the models available in 2023. To help you see more clearly and acquire the phone that meets all your needs, we have concocted this guide to you.

Posted on 02/02/2018 at 10:51 AM | Updated on 06/30/2023

Which new smartphone to buy in 2023 and our tips for choosing the right

Article updated on June 30, 2023 with new entries in our selection – The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra checks all the boxes. We appreciate its performance, its excellent main camera, its bright screen and its stylus. If its price is rather high, the photographic treatment sometimes too advanced and the load slower than in competition, the flagship of Samsung is currently the best Android smartphone. For its part, the iPhone 14 Pro remains the best iOS phone in our eyes. Despite increasingly threatening competition, The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the best folding smartphone. In the mid -range, the iPhone 13 Mini joins the Google Pixel 7, the iPhone SE 2022 and the Pixel 6a. Despite its qualities in terms of display, performance and load speed, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 pro+ that we have tested recently is too expensive according to us (€ 499). On the other hand, the Redmi Note 12 5G has seen its price drop and can take the place of the Redmi Note 10 5G.

You want to buy a new smartphone to replace your old model and renew your tech equipment ? Before drawing the credit card, ask yourself the right questions and identify what matters most. Is it the size of the screen, the performance in play, the camera, the autonomy ? Like everyone, you would like to have everything better on the market in your hands but in the end, it will be the price / functions report that will condition your purchase. Because in most cases, the price still determines the performance and even if the proposals of the Chinese manufacturers are aggressive, this adage will not yet change this year.

Our recommendations for this third quarter 2023

The best high -end smartphones to buy in 2023

The most expensive models have the state -of -the -art options and technologies, the most effective processor and camera of the moment. They allow you to do more than the others and to foam with your little comrades.

1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: the best Android smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra has benefited from the largest update of its photo part for years. The high -end smartphone now has a 200 -megapixel photo sensor, about double its predecessor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It includes traditional updates such as a new processor, new colors, an additional storage space for the basic model as well as more parts made from recycled materials.

2. iPhone 14 Pro: the best iOS smartphone

This year, something new happens on the 14 pro screen, the notch has been replaced by a cutting that now displays system alerts and activities in the background. And our craze for this mini notifications center is only growing as we use it. The iPhone 14 Pro also benefits from the usual incremental update, with an improved photo configuration, a more efficient processor, an always active screen, iOS 16 as well as new safety functions, including collision detection and SOS D ‘Satellite emergency.

3. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: The best folding smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the most portable and funny phone we tested in 2022. You can fold in two its 6.7 -inch end screen and transform it into an object the size of a glass underneath that slides easily in most pockets.

The best mid -range smartphones to buy in 2023

More and more good surprises emerge on the mid -range. Chinese manufacturers are still moving as much with smartphones at less than 600 euros which can technically compete with the market on the market. Cadors of mobile telephony do not bother and have been offering for a few years now coherent products capable of competing with these phones. Please note, some concessions are often made on the side of the photo/video part and audio with some exceptions. You will also have to do without certain features that are often found on the top of the range such as wireless load.

4. Apple iPhone 13 Mini: the top for less than 600 €

The iPhone 13 Mini keeps the best of its predecessor and adds some ingredients to an already proven recipe. So we end up with a powerful compact smartphone with an excellent screen, an effective photo part and better autonomy. But if you have an iPhone 12 Mini, the few differences between the two models is not enough to call a purchase motivation.

5. Google Pixel 7: the reference to less than 500 euros

Pixel 7 is a continuation of Pixel 6, offering a good combination of useful features, solid photo technology and a correct price. It happens after Google has tried some different strategies to make its pixel phones stand out in recent years.

6. iPhone SE (2022): Apple Premium Experience at less than 400 euros

On the front, little change, the iPhone SE 5G 2022 always takes the stylistic codes of an iPhone 8 released almost 5 years ago. A Markété design as “emblematic” according to Apple. The recipe works and talks to Touch ID enthusiasts, there is no reason for the change.

7. Google Pixel 6A: the most complete Android smartphone at less than 400 euros

Generation after generation, Google refines its declination recipe for high -end smartphones. The inevitable compromises that have been made to make Pixel 6a more affordable than his big brothers are absolutely nothing unacceptable. The level of finish is very good, as well as the performance. The main technical assets and features that make the strength of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, we think in particular of the photo, the autonomy and the premiere of Android updates, are at the rendezvous. The best choice at this price.

The best cheap smartphones to buy in 2023

The technology and the drop in component prices have had a virtuous effect on the entry -level where there are phones capable of taking correct photos and offering satisfactory performance. It is no longer necessary to invest more than 300 euros in a smartphone to have a good experience.

8. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro: The most attractive cheap smartphones (less than 300 euros)

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 PRO 5G is an input/mid-range flagship with a solid technical sheet: quality AMOLED 120 Hz screen, good performance, effective main sensor, honorable autonomy and ultra-fast load.

9. Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 5G: the most accessible and effective front door to 5G (less than 200 euros)

New smartphones of 2023

Mobile telephony market players were not particularly expected in the 2023 edition of CES, the Las Vegas event rarely being the scene of big ads in the sector. Exhibitors mainly focused on sustainable development, automotive, televisions, folding devices and the smart home.

After months of rumors and leaks, Samsung revealed its florets, the Galaxy S23. On the program, no revolution but a few additions here and there which perfection an already very tasty recipe.

During the MWC 2023, a few announcements caught our attention. Xiaomi announced the international launch of the Xiaomi 13, 13 Lite and 13 Pro, Honor presented its Magic 5 Lite, 5 pro and VS, realme its GT Neo 5, OnePlus its 11 Concept, Nokia Son G22 designed to be repairable by its user and Motorola a wireless screen smartphone concept.

The Google I/O of the research giant held in May was an opportunity for us to discover several products including the Pixel 7A, a more accessible version of its flagships. Huawei, who still cannot integrate the services of the company into its smartphones, tries as best they can to stay in the race and has been offering many boxes since the same months.

Just before summer, Motorola renewed her Razr with two variations: the Razr 40 and the Razr 40 Ultra.

What happened in 2022

The 2022 edition of CES was held from January 5 to 8 in Las Vegas. Samsung presented the Galaxy S21 Fe on January 4. The same day, Realme for his part formalized the GT2 and GT2 Pro followed a few days later by OnePlus and his 10 pro. The Samsung Galaxy S22 were revealed on February 9. Xiaomi launched his new generation of Redmi in France a few days later.

We then found the OnePlus 10 Pro, the Poco X4 Pro and M4 Pro, the Honor Magic 4 series, the last TCL smartphones as well as the Realme GT2 and GT2 Pro during the last edition of the MWC.

Apple lifted the veil on the iPhone SE 2022 in March and the same period Samsung presented its Galaxy A33 5G and A53 5G.

The Google Pixel 6a was one of the stars of the last Google I/O of the American giant which was held in early May and its launch in France took place on July 21. The company then took the opportunity to teaser around the pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro which were announced in early fall a few weeks after the iPhone 14. And let’s not forget the king of Samsung folding who renewed his range in August with a Galaxy Z Fold 4 and a Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Other announcements caught our attention at the end of this end like the Honor 70, the Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro or the new members of the Motorola Edge 30 series as well as the Motorola Razr 2022.

Xiaomi ended the year with two new flagships, the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro. High -end armed smartphones to compete in particular the Samsung Galaxy S23 expected for early 2023.

2021, the flashback

The year 2021 opened on the These 2021 which was held virtually from January 11 to 14 due to the health measures taken to stem the pandemic of COVVI-19. Few manufacturers choose these to reveal their florets and this 2021 edition has not deviated from the rule even if some mid -range concepts and phones have been highlighted.

Samsung presented his Galaxy S21 January 14 but on the sidelines of the famous fair. A month later, on February 16, Xiaomi announced its Mi 11 Then His variations.

OnePlus And Oppo proposed new references in March. This was also the case of Samsung who fled Its mid -range catalog. Sony and Nokia followed during the spring.

Scheduled to take place from February 23 to 25, 2021, The MWC opened its doors on June 28 and closed them on July 1. No smartphone was the star of this edition.

The summer season is usually covered by Samsung and its Galaxy Note but the South Korean firm did not present its emblematic range of phablets During its UNPACKED event in August. On the other hand, she has renewed her folding with A Z Fold 3 and a Z Flip 3.

Apple followed in September with its new generation of iPhone (iPhone 13)). A few weeks later, in October, it was the Pixel 6 and 6 pro from Google that were revealed. The end of the year was rather calm. Huawei and Honor relaunched on the mobile telephony market with a Nova 9 and one Honor 50. Xiaomi finished 2021 by announcing in China the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro.

2020, the retrospective

Folding smartphone, 5G, always more photo sensors and pixels, ultra-fast charge, the year 2020 was generally exciting on the side of mobile telephony. The CES 2020 (Consumer Electronic Show) of Las Vegas which has spread from January 7 to 10 was unfortunately poor in ads. We were still able to have an overview of the OnePlus concept one and its cameras that become almost invisible. TCL also made an appearance with three smartphones: TCL 10L, 10 pro and 10 5G as well as a folding phone. Samsung did not wait for the opening of the famous high-tech living room to lift the veil on its Galaxy Note 10 Lite, S10 Lite, A51 and A71. The South Korean firm also presented its Samsung Galaxy S20 on February 11 and its second folding smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip.

While many manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei were waiting for the MWC 2020 to present some of their products, the coronavirus was right for the Barcelona High-Tech show since the latter was simply canceled. Huawei still unveiled its Mate XS, a slightly improved version of its folding smartphone Le Mate X. The Chinese firm continued in March with the renewal of its P range made up of four phones. Honor maintained his conference in Barcelona in order to announce the international launch of his 9x pro and his view 30 pro. The brand took the opportunity to unveil two new PCs, the Magicbook 14 and 15.6 inches, and a pair of wireless headphones. For its part, Sony has renewed its offers on the top and the middle of the range with the Xperia 1 II and the Xperia 10 II.

After having formalized in China its Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, Xiaomi unveiled in Europe and in April its flagships which were for the occasion accompanied by a Mi 10 Lite 5G. A few weeks later, it was the affordable Redmi Note 9, note 9 pro and Mi Note 10 Lite who entered the European market. OnePlus also played the premium card with its 8 and 8 pro neplus without forgetting its fans of the first hour. In July, the brand presented the northern oneplus, a smartphone within 400 euros which intends to make the “Fast and Smooth” experience accessible. Finally, Apple created the surprise by lifting the veil on an iPhone SE (2020) in April.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 20 and note 20 Ultra on August 5 a few days after Google and its Pixel 4A. Its apple rival presented new iPhone in autumn. Google, OnePlus and Huawei followed with a new generation of Pixel, OnePlus T and Mate. Given the still tense situation between Huawei and the Trump administration, the Chinese brand smartphone was marketed without the Google services like the Mate 30 Pro and the P40 Pro.

Key points to buy well

You have little time in front of you ? Find below a summary of our advice to make the right choice and buy the smartphone that suits you the most.

Android or iOS smartphone ?

Two operating systems have been predominant on the mobile telephony market for a few years: Android and iOS. To put it simply, only Apple iPhone runs under iOS. The other smartphones therefore operate on Android, Google’s OS. If you like to customize the interface of your phone from start to finish, opt for a mobile on Android. iOS puts on its side on the simplicity of its interface and on the concept of ecosystem so it is the right option if you have other apple products. You are afraid to change your bones ? Follow this guide to go from Android to iOS and this to do the opposite.

Cheap smartphone or high -end smartphone ?

The arrival in France of Chinese brands like Honor, Xiaomi or OnePlus has turned the market upset. More and more low -priced smartphones incorporate certain features offered by more premium phones (OLED screen, state -of -the -art processor, etc.)). Find in our selection the best cheap smartphones of the moment. If you are attracted to a smartphone but its price is too high for you, see our section Good deals and wait for promotions like the sales or the Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday to do good business. You can also turn to a refurbished or used phone.

What is the best smartphone brand ?

Samsung, Apple, Motorola and Nokia are no longer the only brands to adorn the stalls of physical or online shops. It is now necessary to count on Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo, and many others who multiply outings and compete in ingenuity to make a place. If you have been used to a single brand for several years, we advise you to go and see what is done with competition.

Small or large smartphone ?

The format of the mobile phone has changed in recent years. Exit compact smartphones, 2023 is still the year of phablets which display an average of 6 inches. The iPhone SE 2022, the iPhone 13 Mini and the Google Pixel 6a resist with their small screen. You can also opt for a folding smartphone, much more expensive, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 or the Motorola Razr 40 which, once closed, can easily slip into a pocket.

What is the best phone to take photos ?

The smartphone quickly became the only camera of many consumers. Several elements must be taken into account to find the best photophone. Know that the number of pixels does not alone define the quality of a photo sensor. Also look at the opening of the lens and the type of stabilization. Finally, if you want to take several types of shots, opt for a smartphone that combines other objectives (ultra big angle, telephoto, macro) to its main objective. To make things easier, we have selected the best smartphones for market photo.

What is the smartphone with the best battery ?

Some elements consume more than others like the screen. The larger this one, the more the phone battery is requested. To have correct autonomy, we recommend that you opt for a smartphone with a battery with a minimum capacity of 3500 mAh. Find in this selection the smartphones with the best autonomy. And if you don’t want to make any risk, go to our selection of the best external batteries.

What a package for your new smartphone ?

Buying a new smartphone is good but associating it with a mobile package that meets all your needs is better ! We have selected for you the best mobile packages as well as the best packages within € 10 of the moment.

For those who have a few more minutes, here are our more detailed tips.

Android or iOS ?

Android by far offers the best mapping application and the best virtual assistant. Another advantage, it integrates the most common Google services. Large Android updates are announced in May or June. It is the phones with an original version (without overlay) that have the premiere, in this case the pixel. The other manufacturers take more or less time to push updates. In general, the best served are the most expensive and most popular phones.

Currently, you have to opt for a smartphone with Android 13 even if its deployment is still limited to few models. Android 12 is the previous version released last year that we find in a large majority of smartphones released this year. But avoid any older edition that will make you lose in navigation speed and features.

IOS updates are broadcast at the same time for almost all iPhone. Apple generally announces updates to its bone in June and published them in September. This year, we go on iOS 17. The iPhone agree with other Apple products, especially Macs.

Cheap smartphone or high -end phone ?

If the price is the most important criterion to choose a phone, you will have to agree to make compromises if the budget is tight. But we can find excellent products that offer more than the others, we have already compiled the best smartphones at less than 200 and less than 150 €, take a look at our selection before leaving the CB.

If you are a demanding user and have the means to buy a high -end smartphone, do not deprive yourself but beware, not all models are created. The smartphone that you like must really stand out and have characteristics that we do not find elsewhere especially on an entry or mid -range phone.

What is the best brand ?

The arrival of Chinese brands in Europe and France has turned the market. Apple and Samsung are no longer the only stars of physical shops and e-commerce sites even if their notoriety remains very important. Consumers are now led to a choice among more than fifteen manufacturers. We will mention in particular Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus or Oppo. In addition to Form Factor, performances or the photo part, each brand generally highlights an interface and an ecosystem that are specific to it.

Large screen or compact smartphone, which design to choose ?

Compact smartphone or XXL phablet ? Standard or folding format ? Full borderless screen, with notch or with punch ? There are many possibilities. Your tastes but also your needs will determine your choice. Favor a large screen if your use is mainly turned to multimedia.

If you want to have a phone with a small screen, you will have little choice: the iPhone SE 2022, or the Google Pixel 6a.

On the front, little change, the iPhone SE 5G 2022 always takes the stylistic codes of an iPhone 8 released almost 5 years ago. A Markété design as “emblematic” according to Apple. The recipe works and talks to Touch ID enthusiasts, there is no reason for the change.

Generation after generation, Google refines its declination recipe for high -end smartphones. The inevitable compromises that have been made to make Pixel 6a more affordable than his big brothers are absolutely nothing unacceptable. The level of finish is very good, as well as the performance. The main technical assets and features that make the strength of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, we think in particular of the photo, the autonomy and the premiere of Android updates, are at the rendezvous. The best choice at this price.

For 5.5 inch and more screens, opt for a minimum definition of 1080p (Full HD); WQHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) it’s even better. If you are used to dropping your smartphone or if you hate fingerprints, buy a shell and a protective film for the screen.

What technical configuration, what performance ?

If you only plan to send messages, watch videos on the internet and play 2D games, you can be satisfied with an entry -level configuration. On the other hand, if you are used to launching several applications at the same time and playing gourmet resource games, you will most certainly need a smartphone ready to collect this type of activity. Besides, brands like Black Shark or Asus offer phones specially dedicated to the game. These gamer smartphones generally embark the most upscale components on the market and are accompanied by a series of accessories included or not.

Apart from a withdrawal photo part, the Asus Rog Phone 6 Pro is the ideal ally of the gaming on mobile. Asus flagship guarantees a long -term and comfortable experience thanks to its substantial autonomy and very effective temperature management. Nothing is resistant to the Taiwanese war machine which manages to tame the most gourmet games of the Play Store without flinching.

Rest assured, high-end phones are no longer the only ones to display technical configurations at the cutting edge of technology. Some intermediate models are equipped with the same processors as premium smartphones.

At Qualcomm for example, processor numbers will therefore grow the highest are the most recent. For example, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is one of the last to date and it is faster than a Snapdragon 7 Gen 1. Also remember that an Octo Core processor (8 cores) is not necessarily better than a quad core (4 cores).

How to choose your smartphone to succeed in your photos ?

The number of megapixels is not an infallible warranty for the quality of the photos. A 12 megapixel device can take better shots than a 16 megapixels. The reason is the amount of light that the sensor can receive and the image processing work by photo software. The best example remains the Google Pixel 6a which is still one of the best photophones with a back sensor of only 12.2 megapixels. However, the sensors of a resolution below 12 megapixels are generally present only on entry -level models and offer a fairly average quality.

Smartphones with two, three or four cameras at the rear use additional sensors to create a depth effect (bokeh effect), offer a telephoto, ultra-angle or higher level of detail.

Image optical stabilization is a plus because it contributes to reducing hand tremors. This is particularly practical when you photograph at night or inside. But on the other hand, this can do nothing against a subject that moves. A large majority of cameras offer HDR, a delay, a beauty mode for self -portraits and plethora of filters and effects.

A great autonomy implies a large battery ?

Most mid -range and superior phones hold a day of basic use made of calls, email, web navigation, a little video game and music. Several elements are to be taken into account if you are looking for a enduring smartphone:

  • Favor basic phones with a battery of more than 3,500 mAh;
  • If you opt for a smartphone with a very large screen, a greater capacity is preferable;
  • Cartography and streaming applications (music or video) pump more energy. Ditto for the brightness of the screen when it is pushed thoroughly.

Exceptions exist. The iPhone 14 Pro this year displays a very nice autonomy this year with a battery of only 3200 mAh. The Apple smartphone can count on optimization of small onions. Conversely, The Google Pixel 4 does not hold the day with its 2800 mAh battery. If you are not satisfied with the autonomy of your phone, you can always get an additional charger that you will leave at work or keep in your bag.

Recharge a battery sometimes takes a long time. If you don’t have the patience to wait two hours, turn to smartphones compatible with fast charging technology. No need to put more than 400 euros to take advantage of it. Launched from 339 euros last year, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro supports a wired load power of 67W.

The extras

Will these options be important for you on a daily basis ?

  • Fingerprint. Usually located on the back of the device or integrated into the power or reception button. On higher range terminals, it is more and more often placed in the screen itself;
  • Extensible storage on microSD memory card on certain Android phones;
  • Water sealing dust (IP68);
  • Wireless load;
  • Stereo speakers or improved audio quality via headphones;
  • USB-C port, the most recent standard on Android smartphones;
  • Headphone jack, which is on the list of endangered species;
  • 5G.

Other questions to ask before purchasing

  • Is there a USB-C port, an adapter (USB to USB-C for example) provided or should you buy one ?
  • Is there a headphone jack or should we provide an adapter ?
  • Is my smartphone compatible with all French bands ? (700 MHz (B28), 800 MHz (B20), 1800 MHz (B3), 2100 MHz (B1) and 2600 MHz (B7))
  • In case of breakage, the smartphone is easily repairable and at what cost ?
  • Can we make Wi-Fi calls ?
  • Is it locked on an operator or can we use another mobile network ?
  • Can we travel by simply changing a SIM card ?
  • Does the guarantee cover your needs or should we opt for an extension ?

Steven Fafard published on 02/02/2018 at 10:51 | Updated on 06/30/2023