Wetransfer: Menu Bar Transfers on the Mac App Store, the 10 best alternatives to wetransfer in 2023 (free and paid)

The 10 best alternatives to wetransfer in 2023 (free and paid)

Becuse All the App DES is give you a download link, you can’t track who has downloaded the app through the transfers page. It would be nice if there was interface to add emails and send directly through the app.

Wetransfer: Transfers bar menu 4+

Becuse All the App DES is give you a download link, you can’t track who has downloaded the app through the transfers page. It would be nice if there was interface to add emails and send directly through the app.

Not Run and Die Harder, 08/06/2020

Wetransfer (File Transfer)

This program refuses to die.
It would not do anything and then when i tried to delete it it would not shut off and drained my battery.
when i put it into a folder it jumed out again and refused to shut off off.
I Found A We Transfer Shortcut Icon in my file and deleted it first.
Then I Had to Put It Into A File Folder then Move It Several Timesto A Deseper Folder then Delete The Folder to Be Rid of it.

Why do I have to choose one, 05/20/2019


It’s appears as a stylized “we” in the status bar (to the Left of the Time and Wifi Icons.) Just drag file to the bar and it starts the transfer.

Privacy app

The Developer, Wetransfer BV, Indicated that the App’s Privacy Practices May include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the development’s privacy policy.

Data Linked to You

  • Contact info
  • Identifiers

Data not linked to you

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • User happy
  • Data use
  • Diagnostics

Privacy Practices May Vary, for Example, Based on the features you use or your age. Learn More

The 10 best alternatives to wetransfer in 2023 (free and paid)

Woman Sharing Files Through Internet with a man sitting on a pile of polders, trophy and refresh icon

Wetransfer is a popular file-sharing tool. Nevertheless, it does come with some disadvantages, such as its limited allowance for free users (2 gb) and the fact shared files only remainable for seven days.

That’s why we made a list of alternatives to wetransfer That performing Better in the File-Sharing and Cloud Storage Department:

  • Dropbox: A Cloud Service With Many Third-Party Integrations and Collaboration Tools
  • Google Drive: Google’s user-friendly solution to cloud storage
  • iCloud: A service provider loved for those who use apple products
  • Masv: Excellent for File Sharers who Want Flexibility and Lots of Integrations
  • Mega: Great for Digital Creatives Who Need Huge Storage and Transfer Capacities
  • Microsoft OneDrive: A good choice for those who want lots of storage and great value
  • Smash: For people who want a simple and no-noonssee file-sharing tool
  • Surge Send: Followed for busy professionals who are on the move a lot and want flexibility
  • Sync: A great option for those who want to securely Send Large Files
  • Terashare: A User-friendly and Simple Way to Shared Unlimited Files of Unlimited Sizes

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If you want to read it about these great wetransfer alternatives, be sure to check out the complete article below!

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Wetransfer has been a household name in the file-sharing business for a while now. As is the case for many tech solutions, the service’s 2009 Beginnings Were Pretty Humble. Nevertheless, Nowadays the Service Provider has about 80 million MONTHLY USERS SPREAD OUT OVER 190 Countries.

Wetransfer is much more than a file-sharing service. It prides Itself on Being a Tool that allows for seamless cooperation between digital creatives. As such, it lets you share ideas and designs with coworkers and customers and even offerers a feature for joint presentedations.

Moreover, Wetransfer’s pro Package Boasts A Generous 200 Gb Data Allowance. Despite The Many Pros Wetransfer Offers, The Service Has Some Cons As Well. Some of these include:

  • The Wetransfer File Size Limit for Transfers is only 2 GB For Free Users.
  • Shared Files Become unavailable after Seven Days With Wetranfer’s Free Version.
  • Wetransfer Free doesn’t Password-Protted Transfers support.
  • The Best Package (Premium) is a bit pricey For a Large Team of Digital Creatives.
  • Free users can’t save their contacts.

Fortunately, we have strongly considering these disadvantages and the features that make for a great file-sharing service. So we crafted a list of The 10 best alternatives to wetransfer below.

The Best Wetransfer Alternatives

In this section, we’ll discuss the best wetransfer alternatives in detail. We’ll go over their features, pros, and cons. However, first, we’ll present you with a handy table that focuses on the hand characteristics of all the alternatives to wetransfer.

Service Best for? Storage Limit of Free Package Cheapest Paid Package
Limit of Storage of Cheapest Paid Package End-to-end Zero-Knowledge Encryption
Dropbox Businesses Requiring Planty of Third-Party Integrations and Collaboration Tools 2 GB $ 9.99/MONTH (PAID annually) 2 TB
Google Drive Those Familiar with Google Products who Want A User-Friendly Solution 15 GB $ 19.99/Year 100 GB
iCloud Users of Apple Products 5 GB $ 0.99/MONTH (Paid Monthly) 50 GB ✔ (You have to enable “Advanced Data Protection” and not all categories are encrypted this way)
Masv File Sharers Looking for Flexibility and Many Integrations Unlimited (goal after seven days you start paying $ 0.10/GB) Pay as you go: $ 0.10/GB for storage and $ 0.25/GB for transfers Unlimited
Mega Digital Creatives Requiring Large Storage and Transfer Capacities 20 GB $ 10.92/MONTH (Paid Monthly) 400 GB
Microsoft OneDrive People who Already Have A Microsoft 365 Package and Who Want Great Value 5 GB $ 59.99/Year 1 tb
Smash Individuals who want a user-friendly tool to share files Unlimited $ 4.80/MONTH (Billed Every Two Years) Unlimited
Surge Send Professionals who requires flexibility While on the move 5 GB $ 15/MONTH 250 GB
Sync Those Looking for a Secure Method to Transfer Large Files 5 GB $ 8/MONTH (BILLED annually) 2 TB
Terashare People Looking for a User-Friendly Platform to Shared Unlimited Files Of Any size Unlimited Terashare doesn’t offered paid packages

Below, we’ll discussion these wetransfer alternatives in more detail.

1. Dropbox: A Cloud Service Pioneer

Screenshot of Dropbox Website Homepage


  • Available we have large numbers of operating systems
  • Lots of Third-Party App Integrations
  • Useful collaboration tools
  • Offers A Live Chat Feature and Phone Support for Selected Plans


  • No Zero-Knowledge Encryption
  • Non-business packages are restricted to 2 Gb File Transfers
  • Free version is very limited

Dropbox, Which Came on the Scene in 2008, is undoubtedly a Cloud Storage Pioneer. Being Around for So Long, It’s Available on All Major Devices and Operating Systems, Such AS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and even on a lot of smart tvs.

Dropbox is a great tool for business as it allows real-time collaboration and has lots of features that make communication within a team a breeze.

Dropbox’s collaboration features include way for coworkers to present and combine their ideas (Dropbox Paper), features to prevent employed from duplicating or Changing Documents, and many more.

On Top of this, Dropbox Also Offers Lots of Third-Party App Integrations. It includes an App Center Setting from which you can choose Various Applications and Integrate them within your Dropbox Workspace. These include, Among Others, The Following Services:

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft
  • Slack
  • Adobe
  • Zoom
  • Autodesk
  • Can go
  • AWS

Another Plus is that dropbox Offers a live cat support feature For all of their paid plans, apart from dropbox basic. They also Offer Phone Support for Their Dropbox Business and Dropbox Enterprise Packages.

It would be beneficial, though, for a live chat option to be offered for all paid packages. However, Considering That Even Many Paid Cloud and File Transfer Services Lack Good Customer Support, Dropbox is Doing Quite Well in this Department.

As far as disadvantages go, it’s a shame Dropbox doesn’t offered zero-knowledge encryption. This means Dropbox Stores Your Encryption Keys, so you are not the only one who has access to them. So this can result in privacy from, such as an employed from dropbox, for examples, accessing your data and files.

Another Disad further is that dropbox’s non-business packages Only Allow you to Send Files No Larger than 2 Gb. A free account imposed Even more stringent transfer restrictions: At 100 mb maximum. Moreover, Free Users Only Get 2 Gb of Cloud Storage.

2. Google Drive: a popular option with a user-friendly interface

Screenshot of Googledrive Website Homepage


  • Many users are Already Familiar with Google’s Products
  • Seamless Integration With All Of Google’s Applications
  • Planty of Third-Party Integrations
  • To user-friendly interface


  • Only 15 GB of Free Storage Space Per Account
  • Google doesn’t have the best privacy track record

Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the Most Popular Cloud Services, Especially with Consumers. This is also one of its hand advocates. After all, Many users are Already Familiar with Google Products.

Google’s Familiar Feel also Makes It a Popular Choice for Businesses. This is further facilitated by the fact Google Drive is compatible with a huge number of third-party products as well as other Google Applications, Such AS:

If we have to think of a drawback, we would have mention that this service free storage space is limited to 15 gb per birth. Now, you can Easily get surround this by creating multiple free google account. However, this is obiously a bit tedious.

Google Drive’s Maximum Daily Transfer Limit Lies at 750 GB. While this might be an Issue for creative that share huge file, we think this is more than reasonable. Furthermore, Google Drive Allows You to Upload Files Up To 5 TB in size.

Finlly, It’s unfortuunate that google drive doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to privacy. In Fact, Even Though Google is one of the biggest data storers the company has also experienced data breaches in the past.

3. iCloud: an alternative to wetransfer for iPhone and mac users

Screenshot of iCloud Website Homepage


  • Great for People Who Use Apple Products (iPhone, MacBook, iPad, etc.))
  • GOOF Choice for Creative Collaboration
  • Seamless Integration With Other Apple Services


  • Limited end-to-end Encryption
  • A maximum file size of 50 Gb

There is no doubt that iCloud is one of the biggest storage and file-sharing services. It’s eSpecially convene for sharing files and making collaboration between users of Apple Products Easier.

It’s also a great option for digital creatives to work also on projects and share these between them. For Example, if you want your coworker to look at your project, you can share it with them and see the changes they make. Apple has a great reputation with visual creatives eSpecially, and many of them use apple product in some form form.

Needless to say, Another advantage of iCloud is that it Seamlessly Integrats With Other Apple Services, Such AS:

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Lines
  • Keynote (presentations)
  • Email
  • Messages
  • Music
  • Notes
  • Pictures
  • Reminders

Moving on to the service’s disadvantages, iCloud only Allows you to Upload and share files up to 50 Gb on the paid packages and Up to 5GB On the free package. At 50 Gb File is by no means small. However, this Might Not Be Enough for Digital Creatives Who Want To Share and Collaborate on Massive Projects, for Instance.

It’s also unfortunate that iCloud’s privacy and security still leave something to be desired. For examination, you have to to Enable The “” “Advanced Data Protection“” ” feature to protect your data with end-to-end encryption. This Function Will Encrypt Your Information when you are, while it is in transit, and when it arrives at its destination. We Believe this Should Come as a standard feature that is activated from the beginning on its own.

Moreover, Even when using “Advanced Data Protection,” There are Still Three Categories of Data That Aren’t End-to-End Encrypted And that has their Encryption Keys Stored on Apple’s Servers Rather Than On Your Device: Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. This can be an Issue As Others will have the opportunity to gain access to your data.

4. MASV: Convent File Sharing and Many Third-Party Integrations

Screenshot of Masv Website Homepage


  • The Ability to Send Several Files simultaneously
  • Offers Hassle-Free Integration With Many Third-Party Platforms
  • Shared Files Remain Available for 30 Days
  • Complies with Several Important Privacy Standards, Such as the GDPR
  • Lets you Send Up to 100 Gb For Free


  • The Pay-As-You-Go Model CAN Get Expensive Quite
  • No Live Chat Gold Phone Support

MASV is another service that floats high among the top cloud and file-sharing services. This alternative to wetransfer boasts a generous Free 100 Gb Data Allowance for File Transfers and file sizes up to 15TB. Moreover, on the free package, the storage is unlimited, but After Seven Days, you have to pay $ 0.10/GB. The Cheapest Paid Package has unlimited storage and transfer limit. Additionally, The Time-Shared Files Remain Available for 30 days.

Some other great file-sharing features include the option to pause and resume transfers whenver you like and the ability to send various.

Perhaps The Main Reason Masv is Among the best wetransfer alternative is its third-party compatibility. The Service Offers streamlined integration with a large number of other platforms, Such AS:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft 365
  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Backblaze B2
  • Box
  • Digitalocean Spaces
  • Minio
  • Iconik
  • Frame.io
  • Object Matrix

Masv’s Great Focus on Advanced features doesn’t mean they neglect the basics. In fact, the service offer solid security and privacy measures, Consisting of Both Encryption Customer-Side (Data is Encrypted on the Sender’s side before it is transferred) and end-to-end Encryption, As well as compliance with Several Important Privacy Standards, included the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Unfortanely, Masv Also Has Some Disadvantages. One of these is its Lack of a live support chat feature gold phone support. Moreover, Masv’s Pay-As-You-Go System Could Work Out To Be Somewhat Pricey.

MASV ALSO has an interesting business model, where you pay for the Amount of Data You Send. Currently, masv charges $ 0.25 per gb, Although the first 100 Gb are free.

This might sound loanty convent and flexible, which it is. However, for People who Send Very Large Files, it probably works to be exisseed than just getting a subcription. It could also cause you to lose track of How Much you’re spending.

5. Mega: an alternative to wetransfer that lives up to its names

Screenshot of Mega Website Homepage


  • A very Generous 20 Gb of Free Storage
  • Paid plans have huge transfer allowances
  • Flexible Solutions for Businesses
  • Zero-Knowledge End-to-End Encryption
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Unclear About Their Free Transfer Limit
  • No Live Chat Gold Phone Support

Mega Really DES LIVE UP to its names and is one of the best wetransfer alternatives to transfer large files. In fact, if you’re just look for a huge storage and transfer capacity, you can loany much stop reading here.

Mega Offers A Whopping 20 Gb of Free Storage Space, And you can transfer files up to 20gb in size, too, on the free package. Even More Impressively, their best plan offers an astounding 16 tb of storage. If you want to make your Cloud for, that’s no outlet EITHER: the same plan offerers 16 TB of Monthly Transfers, with no maximum for file sizes.

This service can also Serve the Needs of Businesses Well. That’s Thanks to Mega’s very Flexible and Customizable Enterprise Packages.

Mega Even Has a Handy Tool that gives you an approximation of How Much Their Service Will Cost Your Business. For Instance, for a large team of 150 users with the ability to store and transfer about 500 tb, you’ll pay about $ 2,000 in Month.

Now, The Above Might Sound Like You Really Need to make it Rain to Afford Mega’s Cloud Services. However, in proportion to the huge love of data mega offers, it’s news One of the Most Reasonably Priced Options We’ve Found.

Mega’s Security doesn’t let up. After all, the Provider Offers Solid Zero-Knowledge End-To-End Encryption.

Moving on to the Cons, Mega isn’t clear or transparent about the maximum Ament of data you can transfer with their free service. They mention it depends on different factors, such as your geographic rental and internet connection. This isn’t very helpful.

It’s also unfortuunate that Mega doesn’t offered a live cat or phone support option. However, All Things Considered, Mega is one of the Most Robust Data Storage and Transfer Solutions in the World.

6. Microsoft OneDrive: Cost-Efficient Service With Great Storage Capacity

Screenshot of OneDrive Website Homepage


  • Very cost efficient cloud storage
  • Followed for Large Files (Up to 250 GB)
  • Great Real-Time Collaboration


  • No Zero-Knowledge End-to-End Encryption

Microsoft’s OneDrive is definitely among the best alternatives to wetransfer. A lot of this has been do with its whorpread adoption by mary business and the wide rage of other microsoft services available. These Make OneDrive Very Following For Collaboration and Third-Party Integration.

Moreover, from A Storage Standpoint, OneDrive Might Just Be the Most cost-effect Option out there. You can get a Microsoft 365 Family Account that included 6 TB of storage (1 tb per person) for only $ 99.99 A Year.

The Above also Makes OneDrive Great for Collaboration. For Example, You can Share The Link of A File With Someone and Allow Them To Eith Just View The File OR Edit It. You can also see the edits they have made. SO, There’s Nothing Stopping A Small Team From Sharing A Microsoft Family Account as an Affordable Collaboration Option.

Of race, the fact that microsoft offers so mary other services, such as word, excel, and powerpoint, is another reason that oneedrive is so great for real-time collaboration.

Normally, we’d consider a file size limit of any kind a disad further. However, OneDrive’s Generous 250 GB maximum SHOULD GET YOU THROUGH MOST Projects.

We Only Recommend A Different Alternative, Such As Mega, If you plan on working with and collaborating on huge projects, such as (long) 4K or Even 8k Videos. Otherwise, OneDrive’s File Size Limit is Unlimly to Pose Problems.

Our only real gripe with oneedrive is that you can transfer only 5gb on the free package, and it doesn’t offered zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption. That is to say, users don’t store their own encryption keys. This could, in theory, result in Microsoft Employees Seeing Your Data.

7. Smash: A Simple-to-Uuse File-Sharing Service

Screenshot of Smash Website Homepage


  • No maximum file size
  • Easy-to -use and Hassle-Free
  • Very affordable


  • The Free Plan is limited when it comes to file size and a availabibility
  • Small Number of Features
  • Limited Customer Support

Smash Might Just Be the Simplest and User-Friendliest Entry on List. It’s not nearly as feature-rich as the other alternatives on this list. Nevertheless, It’s Quite Refreshing to Find A Product That Dues Just One Thing Very Well (Transfer Files) Rather Than Doing 10 Things Just Alright.

Smash is all about the transfer in wetransfer. There are no fancy collaboration features, no dedicated cloud storage options, just the ability to Send Large. Best of all, It’s easy to use. You just click we have large “send” button, select your file or folder, fill out some sender and conto conto, and that ’s loanty much it.

Smash doesn’t have maximum file size. However, if you’re using the free version, transfers over 2 gb won’t receive “Priority Treatment.”This Means they’ll get delivered to your container icce smash’s servers are a little bit less crowded.

Smash’s paid versions offered a lot of benefits compared to the free version, Such as Priority Treatment for Files of Any Size. Your shared files will also remainable For 30 days. Moreover, you’ll be able to Customize Your Download Link and Download Page.

Smash’s Biggest Drawback, apart from the free version’s limitations, is Its Lacking Customer Support. It doesn’t offered a live cat option and only smash’s enterprise package offer phone support.

8. Surge Send: A Flexible File-Sharing Provider

Screenshot of Surgsend Website Homepage


  • Pause and switch the device from which you upload a file
  • Password Protection For Files
  • Track File Transfers
  • Set a custom link expiration date with pro or enterprise


  • A maximum of 50 Gb per upload
  • 250 GB maximum storage
  • The Service is Wave regarding its Encryption

Surge Send isother decent alternative to wetransfer, be it with a bere caves. The Good Mainly has to do with the flexibility this service offerers. On the other hand, it has somewhat stringent file-sharing limits, and its security policy has been completely convinced us.

The Great Thing About Surge Send is that you can pause and resume uploads at any time. You can Even Resume Your Upload from a Complely Different Device. This is great if you have to leave home or the office unxpectedly.

Another Testament to Surge Send’s Flexibility is the fact that their paid plans Allow you to Choose A Custom Expiration Date for Shared Files.

Something that’s a bit flexible less is out of send’s policy on data limits. You can Store 250 Gb With Their Paid Plans, While their free version include 5 Gb of storage. They also have a maximum file size of 50 gb or 3 Gb with their free plan.

However, they are very vague about their Encryption Standard, Only mentioning that it’s “256-bit” and “Federal Level.”It’s concerning that they don’t choose to be more transparent about something as important as their Security Policy.

On the plus side, they do Allow for Password Protection of Shared Files To Bolster Their Security.

9. SYNC: AN APTLY Named Wetransfer Alternative to safely Send Large

Screenshot of Sync Website Homepage


  • No data cap for files you share
  • Zero-Knowledge Encryption for Cloud Storage
  • To user-friendly interface


  • Small Number of Customer Support Options
  • Limited support for Third-Party Platforms

This appropriatly Named Cloud and File-Sharing Service Has Some Great Features in Store. The biggest edge that it has over wetransfer is that This service doesn’t have maximum file size. You read that right! You can meet files of any size you want.

Sync DOES indicates that Files Over 40 Gb Might Take Nordicantly Winding To Reach Their Destination. However, this only Seems normal and reasonable to us. Moreover, the fact they’re transparent about this is another more.

Another Advantage Over Wetransfer is that sync’s free version Offeries Encrypted Cloud Storage. However, the Storage Allowance for the Free Service is only 5 GB.

Files Stored in Sync’s Cloud Are End-to-end Encrypted with zero-knowledge Encryption. This Means they’re Encrypted as Soon Asy Leave Your Device, in Transit, and When They Reach Sync’s Servers. This Ensures Even Sync’s Employees Can’t See Your Data.

Sync’s Only Real Disadvantages concern their Customer Support and Their Lack of Support for TiRD-Party Platforms. Looking the form, sync only offerers a page with articles on common from that users run into and a contact form form. There are no live chat options or phone support.

Unfortanely, Sync also doesn’t offered that many third-parts integrations. All in All, However, It’s a very Solid To Replace Your Wetransfer Account.

10. Terashare: A P2P File-Sharing Solution

Screenshot of Trashare Website Homepage


  • No maximum file size
  • Complety free to use
  • An easy-to-use app (and site)


  • Their Encryption Protocol is outdated
  • Unsecured Website
  • No Help Page, Live Cat, Gold Phone Support

Trashare is an interesting addition to our list of wetransfer alternatives. It’s the Only Entry That Related We P2P File Sharing.

Terashare Uses the P2P Bittorrent Protocol to Allow Users to Directly Exchange An Unlimited Number of Files. Essentially, your container will download the file straight from your computer. Additionally, Files Under 10 Gb Are also Stored on Trashare’s Cloud. However, if your file is aboo 10gb your computer must be switched on for the container to able to download the file you have smell them.

There are definitely some advantages to this ingenious and innovative sharing solution. For one, it is likely the reason that Terashare doesn’t have to yell, Gold Speed ​​Caps.

Second, it’s very fast and efficient Becuse your container can start downloading as soon as you share a link containing the file. In Other Words, you don’t have to upload your file to a cloud before it can be back.

Another very important advantage of terashare is that it’s Complety free. In fact, there are no paid packages. This means all of the service’s features are available to all of its users.

Unfortanely, Trashare DES COME With Some Disadvantages As Well. First, and Most Importantly, The Standard Encryption They Use, RC4, is outdated.

RC4 has been shown to have some serious vulnerabilitities over the years. For Example, its Encryption Key is too and can be cracked very easyy. So it is even less Secure Than Aes 128-Bit Encryption (Most Services Use AES 256-Bit Encryption Nowadays).

Moreover, and very surprise, Trashare’s Website is not secured by the https protocol. This Protocol Ensures You Are Accessing A Legitimate Website and that none of your Personal Information is leaked. It is that Strange that terashare is not secure by https, as this has been the security standard for website for years now. ESPECIALLY FOR A WEBSITE THAT ALLOWS FOR FILE SHARING, THIS IS TO WORRISOME.

Additionally, terashare doesn’t offered much in the way of customer support. They have No dedicated help page, and you can only contact them by email.

Use A VPN to Protect All Your Traffic, Not Just (Shared) Files

Before concluding, we wanted to discuss something very important. Many of the Cloud Providers Discusd Above offered Solid Encryption to Keep Your Data Safe. Ideally, this Should be Zero-Knowledge, End-to-End Encryption.

VPN Shield Icon Over the Router Icon

It’s not just your shoots you should protect, However. We also recommend that anyone should Protect All Their Other Online Communications and Online Activities. After all, there are a lot of spying on your browsing data these days, like internet service provider who sees the sites you visit or Search Engines that know what you’ve clicked on.

A GREAT WAY TO Protect Your Privacy and Your Data Online is by using VPN. A VPN Will Hide Your Real IP Address, Making You Much More Anonymous Online. It will also Encrypt and Thus Protect Your Data.

A VPN that we Wholeheartedly Recommend, Thanks to its Great Security features, Ease of Use, and Connection Speed, is Nordvpn. This service Provider also has a free trial if you figure to explore what it can offer without making a commitment to the service.