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How to display charging stations for electric vehicles on Waze

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Waze finally incorporates an essential feature for electric cars

That’s it, Waze finally incorporates the charging stations for electric cars in its guidance application. The deployment is progressive, country by country. Waze does not become a route planner, but allows you to find compatible terminals with your electric car.

Article updated on March 15, 2023 : In a blog article, Google presents the new Waze functionality dedicated to electric cars. The GPS guide application now incorporates a huge database, listing the characteristics and location of the recharging terminals for electric cars.

It is then enough to provide information on the application the motorization of your car, and the type of socket (CCCS, Type 2, Chademo, etc.)). Waze will then list the charging stations present on the journey, as is already the case for service stations.

For the moment, the functionality does not seem present in France, and Google announces that the deployment will be progressive. The reason is simple: the immense database has been imported by Google, and the Waze community takes the time and the task of verifying that this data is up to date.

Original article of February 2, 2023 : If some motorists are still defying vis-à-vis electric, in particular due to the autonomy deemed insufficient, it is however increasingly easy to recharge your car. Indeed, if we are still far from the objective of 100,000 terminals installed in France, the network is in constant improvement, with more and more powerful terminals like those of Lidl or Electra, among others.

A new feature

In addition, there are today a plethora of applications to help you find a catch where to recharge your car. We obviously think of chargemap, which remains the reference in the field, but many other operators also offer their services, such as NextCharge or Plugshare. For four years, Google Maps has also displayed the charging stations on its card.

And yet a company was a bit lagging behind. This is Waze, which waited 2021 to offer this service to its users. The Communionaire application, founded in 2010 and bought by Google in 2013 launched this functionality a year and a half ago, but only in the United States.


Admittedly, last summer, it was also possible to find a terminal to connect your electric car to the French version of the application. But only 13,000 were then listed, out of the 82,107 currently located according to the Avere-France website. It was a partnership with Norauto, who had only lasted a few weeks in July and August to support vacationers.

A little disappointment, which could fortunately be caught up. Indeed, Waze may be working on The integration of a real route planner, As a user on the Facebook group reveals “Superchargers for all France (Ionity, Fastned, Electra and Co …)” . Very good news which is added to the many features already offered by the application.

A complete service

Indeed, Waze already incorporates the price of fuel and tolls, as well as the possibility of listening to the radio, among others. But now she would be about to list all the country’s charging stations. As the Internet user posted by the photo specifies, this feature would still be in integration and is therefore not yet available for everyone. Nevertheless, some stations are already visible, such as the Tavel-Sud ionity.

Thus, many information would be visible by users, who would be around 14 million in France alone. It is indeed possible to see the types of sockets available, as well as their number and their power. Information on the station’s opening hours is also indicated, as well as Location and phone number.

That’s not all, because payment methods and authentication means (RFID badge, application or QR code) are also mentioned on the charging station file. For the time being, Waze has not made any official announcements concerning this new feature, but it should not be too long.

On the other hand, it seems that the integration of a real route planner (which takes into account the consumption of the car and its autonomy to provide recharge stops) is not yet on the agenda.

Indeed, the company plans to give a conference on the new features dedicated to electric cars on February 19. We will not fail to keep you informed !

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How to display charging stations for electric vehicles on Waze

Electric car charging station. // Source: Canva

Waze now provides a feature that allows you to display the nearby charging stations for your electric vehicle. Here’s how to access it.

Announced in mid-March 2023, the display of charging stations in Waze is now effective, on May 16, 2023. If you have an electric car, you can now configure the application to find the nearby load stations. The software will be based on your location to offer a list of several entries. Seven sockets are considered to filter the results.

See the charging stations in Waze


  • Launch the Waze application on your phone;
  • Press “My Waze” at the bottom of the screen to display the side panel;
  • Click on the notched wheel at the top left of the menu;
  • Go to the line “Info on the vehicle”;
  • Choose “Electric vehicles”;
  • Activate “Favor the VE load”;
  • Select the sockets that are compatible;
  • Return to the welcome and press “Where are you going ? »;

You will then see a new line called “load stations”, which replaces that called “service stations”. The application displays all the stations that are nearby, based on the sockets you have given it (are managed: CCS1, CCS2, Chademo, GB/T, Tesla (North America), J1772, Type 2 – Mennekes).

Waze is based on your geolocation to display the load stations closest to your location. In the case of a display in Paris, the application returned several results within a radius of less than 3 km. This radius can however vary: if you are in the open countryside, Waze will have to extend its results to stations located much further.

According to government accounts, there are 100,000 electric terminals throughout the country – an objective achieved two years late. If the network appears well expanded today, electric cars in the car fleet remain largely in the minority: 1 % of the car fleet on January 1, 2021. However, a park is growing.

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