VPN leak test | Astrill VPN, VPN: In -depth test of the 5 most popular VPN

VPN: In -depth test of the most popular 5 VPNs

SO, Why use a VPN ? First of all because VPN software considerably strengthens your security on the Internet. Usually, your web traffic can be watched and intercepted by your Internet access provider and malicious people. With data encryption applied by the VPN, this is not likely to happen. At worst, even if a third party managed to seize it, he could not decipher the content and know the sites you consulted. Online protection is therefore the primary usefulness of VPNs.

Frequently asked questions

Using A VPN Provider is one of the Most Reliable Methods for Preventing A DNS OR IP Address Leak. Your Computer and the Internet Can Establish A Steure Tunnel Thanks to VPN (Virtual Private Network) Services. You can do this to connect to the VPN Server and Begin Browsing anonymously without Disclosing Your Origin IP.

Should i Leave my VPN on all the time?

You should always have your vpn on if you use it to protect your private or to remain anonymous online. The Best Race of Action is to have your vpn active at all timia using the internet because it offers the best defense against hackers and helps keep your information proteced.

How do you check if your ip is leaked?

By using the Astrill VPN Leak Test Tool, You can Easily Check where your ip is leaked or not. You can also check it manually by First Connecting to a VPN Server and then Searching Google for “What is my IP”. If the IP Displayed in the results is your news ip then it means that your ip is leaked and your connection is not secure.

Can vpns leak your ip?

Yes, if you are using a vpn that has weak Encryption and Security Protocols, then it can leak your IP Address and Put you at Risk. Always use a Reliable and Premium VPN That Guarantee No IP and DNS Leaks.

What Happens if my ip is exhibition?

If your ip Address is Known by a Malicious Third Party, Such as a hacker, it can be used to gain access to your personal information. If a Hacker Knows Your Ip Address, they can Easily Uncover Your Online Identity and Cause Serious Harm To Your Digital Well-Being.

How do i know if a vpn is safe?

If the VPN you are using is not leaking your ip and dns, then it safe to use. ALSO, check your ip Address through the IP Address TOOL. If it shows the ip of the rental you have connected to, then it is safe to use. If your actual IP is appearing over there, that means that the vpn is not secure as it has not masked your iP properly.

VPN: In -depth test of the most popular 5 VPNs

You no longer want your online activities to be watched ? You want your data to remain confidential ? The best solution is to use a virtual private network (VPN) or virtual private network in French. The problem is that with the generalization of these tools, VPN providers have invaded the market and Internet users are then faced with a multitude of choices.

To determine the quality of the service, the best is to do a VPN test. If the task seems somewhat ambitious, we have done several for you. By reading the summary of our various VPN tests, you will have to be more inclined to make an opinion on the VPN mentioned. But above all, it is important to understand what VPN is used for and why use them.

VPN test

Why use a VPN ?

If you don’t have an opinion on VPNs yet, it’s probably that you have not yet made a VPN test. Contrary to popular belief, VPNs are not intended only for professionals in companies or cybercriminals who want to pass incognito. Thanks to the many features that can be assigned to them, VPNs are in fact used by a large part of Internet users in the world.

SO, Why use a VPN ? First of all because VPN software considerably strengthens your security on the Internet. Usually, your web traffic can be watched and intercepted by your Internet access provider and malicious people. With data encryption applied by the VPN, this is not likely to happen. At worst, even if a third party managed to seize it, he could not decipher the content and know the sites you consulted. Online protection is therefore the primary usefulness of VPNs.

Also, VPNs are known to preserve the anonymity of users. To put it simply, these tools hide your source IP address masking your geographical position at the same time. They assign you a new IP address shared with thousands of other users. Your navigation is then confidential since no one can go back to your identity.

Security is not the only reason why Internet users use a VPN. Virtual Private Network are also able to unlock blocked sites By bypassing censorship, geo-restriction and firewalls. Internet access is therefore freer because existing constraints can be deleted by connecting the VPN to one click.

After a rapid overview of the utility and the undeniable advantages of virtual private networks, let us now look at the criteria taken into account to test the applications. We will then end up presenting the results of our VPN test as well as our opinions on each of them.

VPN test: what parameters to take into account ?

To understand our opinions on VPNs, it may be interesting to first take note of the criteria we judged during the test.

Reliability and safety

When you do a VPN test, it is essential to look at the reliability of the supplier and this involves studying the company’s privacy policy. You will still share your navigation information with an external actor, so it is essential to check this to guarantee your daily safety.

During our VPN test, we sometimes had to read between the lines to find out about the information collected or not. It is essential that the VPN service provider undertakes not to keep any log (connection and activity register) of users. If the VPN does not refer to its log policy and it does not be transparent, it is rather badly engaged. This is often a sign that reliability is unfortunately not there.

The geographic location of the VPN supplier is also important and we took this aspect into account during our test. Indeed, the laws on the protection of Internet users and the conservation of data are more or less strict depending on the country.

A VPN company can also demonstrate its seriousness following independent audits if the results confirm its allegations. It is not essential but it is a real plus that can influence the opinion on a VPN.


When we talk about VPN infrastructure, we refer to the number of servers and covered countries. The larger the network, the more choices you have, the better. This point is quite easily verifiable since in general the publishers indicate it on their official website.


It is estimated that it is very good beyond 50 territories and excellent if more than 80. In terms of the number of servers, you can consider that it becomes serious beyond 2,500 servers.

Quality and connection speed

The quality of the connection is often put aside when looking for a VPN. However, it is not to be taken lightly since it will determine your online experience on a daily basis.

During our VPN test, we were therefore interested in the quality of the VPN connection by relying on the speed of the transfer and download speed but also its stability and its fluidity.

We check these measurements simply using the VPN application over a fairly long period. If bugs and disconnections occur frequently and the response times are high, it is easy to draw a conclusion. The quality of the connection can also be verified using a speed test – which we did. To obtain results as close to reality, we have tested several VPN servers in different countries.

Application ergonomics

When you judge a VPN, the ergonomics of the application is important because it is a tool used on a daily basis, or almost. In general, this parameter is easy to assess. It is often the first thing that jumps out after us after having installed a VPN application on your device.

The simplicity of use and accessibility are two key concepts. You have to find a happy medium between a refined interface with few features and too busy that confuses the user. Then it’s a matter of taste.

Bypassing blockages (censorship, firewall, geo-restriction)

One of the advantages of VPNs is their ability to unlock content and blocked sites by blurring your real IP address and Internet traffic.

During the VPN test, we therefore looked into this aspect by checking that they were able to access censored content in certain countries, to pass through geographic restrictions and firewalls on university or business networks. At this level, not all candidates are equal and the performances differ.


A VPN is a tool that can considerably improve the streaming experience by unlocking exclusive content. It is therefore natural to want to check it out.


Of course, all promise exceptional streaming performance. In reality, not all VPNs are equal. Some fail to access the most used streaming services and others deliver fairly bad connection speeds that compromise viewing.

Our opinions on VPNs are therefore based on tests carried out via several streaming platforms.


Internet users who Download online files often do this with a VPN to protect yourself effectively. Inevitably, it is therefore a criterion that comes into play. The global experience will be decisive to make an opinion on the VPN in question.

The VPN should make it possible to carry out these activities without incident, that is to say with significantly the same speed as when the VPN is disabled. In addition, it must be checked upstream that the publisher offers servers compatible with torrenting.


Finally, the price is also a criterion that we took into account during the VPN test. On average, prices oscillate between 2 euros per month and can climb up to 15 euros monthly.

Even if the subscription rate comes into account in the choice and the final opinion, we can not only trust the latter. A low price does not necessarily mean that the service is of lower quality and, conversely, a high price is not necessarily revealing of a premium service.

Finally, the privileged solution is to test the VPN application as a whole to ensure that the price is justified. Knowing that it is often possible to do a VPN test for a limited period. The trick is to subscribe to an offer and then use the supplier’s warranty to be reimbursed. For those interested, Expressvpn, for example, 30 days of free test without risk.

Most famous VPN reviews

There are almost a hundred different VPN actors but to avoid wasting your time, our VPN test was done on the most renowned. We have sift through ten VPNs on the criteria deemed the most important cities beforehand. For the time being, you can discover the ranking of VPNs.

The best VPNs after our test in 2023:

  • Expressvpn
  • Cyberghost VPN
  • Northern
  • Surfhark VPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN
  • Hide.me
  • Protonvpn
  • Hide My Ass
  • Ipvanish
  • Windscribe

VPN number 1 test: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a VPN provider that launched its service in 2009. Based in the British virgin islands, the company applies a strict no-log policy and does not collect any user navigation data. Several external audits were able to confirm this.

Our VPN test continued with the software and its ergonomics. Thanks to a refined interface, it is particularly easy to interact with the application. The connection button and the locations are easily identifiable.


ExpressVPN has a large network and provides more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries. It is rare to have access to so many territories. In addition to the quantity, the quality of the servers is also there.

ExpressVPN says providing high speed connection. An element that we were able to verify during the speed tests which led to very good results, without significant drop to note. During daily navigation, the connection is stable. VPN has never disconnected.

Thanks to VPN, we were also able to unlock geo-blocked content (not available in our region) by modifying our location. ExpressVPN also works in countries where the Internet is subject to censorship by the government, as in China.

For streaming and download, we have not noted a major concern. The servers allow the P2P and offer an unlimited bandwidth. The content initially geo-blocked have been easily accessible, whether on streaming platforms or foreign television channels.

For a more detailed examination of the ExpressVPN offer and its features, you can Find our opinion on this VPN here.

What we think of Expressvpn: Expressvpn is undoubtedly the best supplier tested until then. Both secure, reliable and fast, it checks all the boxes. In addition, it is possible to test it without risk thanks to its 30 -day repayment guarantee.

Cyberghost VPN test

Cyberghost is another candidate who has been the subject of a VPN test in -depth by our teams. This VPN launched in 2011 is responsible for preserving the confidentiality of Internet users. With its policy of absence of log conservations and a state-of-the-art encryption AES-256, it is rather successful.

The VPN test continued with the application, its design and its features. Cyberghost is very pleasant to use. The commands are intuitive and the connection to one of the servers is very simply done, in particular with the intelligent option “best server” which selects the most suitable for the user.

Test-Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost has more than 9,000 servers in 90 countries around the world. A gigantic and diverse infrastructure since in addition to standard servers, there are others optimized for streaming and download. The only problem concerns very strict Chinese censorship that Cyberghost fails to thwart.

Our VPN and connection speed test confirmed that the service was of quality and in accordance with what the supplier advanced, namely high speed and very low loading times. The details of the analysis are found In our Cyberghost opinion.

The price does not tarnish the virtual fault of this VPN test. Indeed, the 3 -year formula is offered at only 2 euros per month. What finish our VPN test in style.

What we think of Cyberghost: Our VPN test made it possible to highlight many highlights and an excellent value for money. Cyberghost provides optimal protection and greater freedom on the web. It is recommended for all those who have a tight budget.

NordVPN test

NordVPN was created in 2012. This mediatized VPN strengthens user safety thanks to its complete software and no recording of user activity registers.

The application is very friendly with very clear commands which facilitates understanding from the first glance. The list of countries 60 available, specific servers, a Quick Connect button for quick activation, everything is designed to simplify use.


NordVPN is compatible with torrenting and streaming activities. Latence times are however higher than with ExpressVPN and slightly more frequent connection bugs. The service remains still of quality with a relatively rapid connection and no buffer memory.

The prices are affordable and the features are there: cybersec, browser extensions, kill switch, onion over VPN. More information about him in Our NordVPN opinion.

What we think of NordVPN: Some weak points must be noted but our opinion on the VPN is generally very good. Unpublished features differentiate it from its competitors.

Conclusion: what to think of a VPN test ?

In 2023, the test of a VPN was essential to determine its advantages, its disadvantages and to make an opinion on the VPN. As it is not within reach of all Internet users to be able to examine the available offers, we have passed several VPNs on the test bench and three providers stand out: ExpressVPN, Cyberghost and NordVPN. Each has its own characteristics but there is a high level of protection and thousands of private servers.