VPN for dummies: Become a pro of the subject in less than 5 minutes, what serves a VPN?

What serves a VPN

Connection to a server is then carried out by clicking on the territory of its choice. From then on, the VPN is activated. To be sure, there is often a green indicator on the interface. You just have to sail normally. The VPN runs in the background, until you disconnect it.

VPN for dummies: become a subject’s pro in less than 5 minutes

In 2023, VPNs are now an integral part of the digital world. If you are not on the page and want to understand quickly what a VPN is and what it is for, we offer you a summary of VPNs for dummies.

A VPN, what is ? Simple origin and explanations

A virtual private network, abbreviated in VPN, means virtual private network in French. It is a system that is based on the implementation of a connection between the user’s computer and a remote server. Internet access is therefore done through a VPN, and not live as is normally. We can then wonder the point of adding an additional intermediary. In fact, by insulating the connection of Internet users, a VPN will make the traffic of the private and anonymous user. We often use the term secure tunnel because the VPN connection isolates the exchanges of the public internet.


There are several types but concretely, a VPN for dummies is in the form of an application. This is a real advantage since they are compatible on several supports. A VPN can therefore follow you wherever you go.

VPNs were first used mainly in the world of work so that employees can go to the company in a secure manner without being at their workplace. Over time, the use of VPNs has become widespread. They are now accessible by individuals.

This simple definition of a VPN for dummies makes it possible to quickly understand the principle of this service.

The interest of a VPN for dummies

To put it simply, a VPN is a service that allows you to navigate in a secure manner wherever you are and to modify your virtual position.

Online protection is the major asset of VPNs. Indeed, they encrypt user’s web traffic (represented by the famous secure tunnel which we were talking about). The data is blurred and traffic is therefore completely illegible for third parties, such as computer hackers or the Internet access provider for example. A VPN is therefore a great way to protect yourself against online surveillance and data theft.

Another interest of VPNs: anonymity. By hiding the user IP address and their physical location, VPNs offer 100% confidential navigation preventing anyone from knowing the real identity of the internet user. When you know that the number of cyber attacks soar, VPNs are essential tools from a safety and online confidentiality point of view.

VPNs are not just hiding the IP address. Since it is not possible to navigate without this identification number, they will make a change of instant IP. It is thanks to this that Internet users will be able to modify their virtual location. The repercussions of this simple modification are substantial: this allows to surf the internet geographic barrier. You may not know, but many sites are geo-blocked, that is to say that their access is restricted according to the territory. This is the case with television channels or streaming platforms, for example. By bypassing this type of blocking, VPNs therefore bring greater freedom to the Internet. In addition, they are also effective in bypassing the forms of government censorship.

Here is what a VPN is for draws in broad outline.

How to use a VPN for dummies ?

New technologies may seem inaccessible to certain people. However, VPNs are far from being complicated to use, on the contrary. Currently, VPN service providers do everything to make their application as intuitive as possible. It has never been easier than using a VPN.

The installation does not require any particular knowledge because it is similar to other applications. Just be guided, step by step. In addition, the configuration is very fast, whether on PC, smartphone or even tablet. On this subject, we have listed the best VPNs for iPad in 2023 here.

The interface of VPN applications for dummies is similar enough. It is generally found:


  • The list of available countries
  • The connection and disconnection button
  • Settings (connectivity, network, etc.)

Connection to a server is then carried out by clicking on the territory of its choice. From then on, the VPN is activated. To be sure, there is often a green indicator on the interface. You just have to sail normally. The VPN runs in the background, until you disconnect it.

Due to their technology, VPNs are apparently complex tools but in reality, they are very simple to use, at least for the consumer applications that we present here.

Some VPNs perfect for dummies

These VPNs for dummies were designed for the most new in this area. Using one of them, it is impossible to be lost, especially as everyone offers efficient and reachable customer assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Expressvpn is the ideal VPN for dummies. Its particularly easy to use application is very refined, regardless of the platform. You can activate or deactivate the VPN of a click, in a few seconds. The features are not too complex, which allows you to use VPN quickly, without asking dozens of questions. We appreciate the fact that it is translated into French.

In terms of the characteristics of this supplier, you should know that it is present in 94 countries of the world and has more than 3000 servers. Users have unlimited bandwidth and very high speed connection which is particularly suitable for streaming and P2P activities. Anonymity is guaranteed and the data is encrypted from start to finish.

ExpressVPN offers three paid packages lasting one month, 6 months and 12 months. By opting for the annual package, you will benefit from 3 free months in addition, 15 months in total, and the cost cost is much more attractive. The subscription includes a free 30-day test, which allows you to try this VPN without risk and to see by yourself its ease of use.


Cyberghost is another option to have in mind. This VPN for dummies is appreciated for its simplicity and very affordable prices. Its application is relatively quick to handle. Its dark interface reveals all the covered territories as well as certain servers classified according to their specificities (streaming and download). Activation of VPN is simple. It is done via the selection of a country or with the automated function “best server”.

Cyberghost offers its customers a secure and confidential navigation. Its infrastructure brings together no less than 9000 servers located in 91 countries. The choice of locations is huge. The speeds are good, even if slower than ExpressVPN and the connection is slightly less stable.

The prices are very accessible for those who are ready to engage over several years. The valid satisfied or reimbursed warranty undertaken covers you in the event of dissatisfaction. It lasts 45 days for the subscription to a package of 6 months or more and 14 days for the monthly package.


The other alternative to be able to take advantage of the advantages of VPN without incident is northern. Another VPN is perfectly suited for dummies. The neat design of its application makes it particularly pleasant to use. Orders are quick to identify. As mentioned in our test and opinion on NordVPN, the features are a little more numerous in this supplier, but this remains largely affordable. The options considered to be more technical are explained by simple terms.

NordVPN provides more than 5,800 servers in 60 countries. To simplify the connection, the servers are sorted according to their characteristic (P2P, Double VPN, Obfuscés, Onion over VPN). NordVPN effectively secures the Internet connection of its users. It even offers anti-menaces to filter malware and counter the trackers. Its device is very complete, but it remains accessible to beginners.

In terms of prices, NordVPN is between ExpressVPN and Cyberghost. The advantage is that all its packages are subject to a 30 -day reimbursement guarantee. Nothing better to test its VPN application on all your devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, smart TV and connected case).


VPNs or virtual private networks are multi-purpose applications. These services make it possible to go to the Internet without compromising your security and preserving its online confidentiality. These tools are also efficient to unlock geo-restricted and censored sites.

The VPN for dummies generally offers a refined interface, without superfluous, with accessible features. In addition to these elements, the service must be highly secure and the connection quick so as not to tarnish navigation. This is the case of ExpressVPN, Cyberghost and NordVPN, suppliers much appreciated for their quality and their ease of use.

Frequently asked questions

Even after reading the entire VPN guide for dummies, you still have questions that remain ? If this is the case, stay with us a few more minutes to read the FAQ that follows.

Are VPNs really needed ?

If you are concerned about your safety on the Internet and respect for your privacy, then yes, using a VPN is very wise. Especially since the services presented in our article are easy to handle. Although it may seem curious to protect your anonymity on the Internet when you don’t do anything wrong, it is something important for more and more Internet users.

Beyond the safety and anonymity aspect, VPNs are relevant to: unlock normally inaccessible sites, go around certain types of banishment on a site/forum/application, thwart geo-restrictions implemented by certain streaming platforms, or Also pay some cheaper services or products (video games, plane tickets, car rental, etc.).

How many devices can connect to a VPN ?

Currently, it is common to be able to protect 5 devices with a single VPN subscription. This is particularly the case at Expressvpn. Now this fluctuates from one supplier to another and can sometimes be more substantial. For example, NordVPN authorizes up to 6 simultaneous connections, while Cyberghost allows 7.

It’s up to you to choose the supplier that best meets your needs. In most cases, 5 simultaneous connections will do the trick.

Do I need a VPN on my smartphone ?

More and more people use a VPN on their smartphone. But is it really useful ? Again, it will depend on your navigation needs and habits. If you are used to connecting regularly to public wifi, then yes it can be very wise. Now it is not necessary either to leave the VPN protection Active 24/7.

Take a look at our guides of the best Android compatible VPNs or the best VPNs for iPhone users to find your foot shoe.

What is a VPN ?

A virtual private network, or VPN, can allow you to strengthen the safety of your internet connection or bypass a geographic restriction which prevents you from accessing certain content. This choice can not only be useful, even under certain conditions, necessary.

A VPN is a system that makes an internet connection at the

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How does a VPN work ?

A private virtual network, or VPN, is a system that makes an internet connection using another server. It is located, most of the time, in another country, through a quantified connection. In this way, this VPN gives you a different IP address from that which is normally allocated to you. You can hide your real geographic location and surf the internet on condition of anonymity.

Used, mainly, mainly by companies, more and more individuals are employing it today. When the employees wanted to access the intranet of their company remotely, and this, in a secure manner, the VPNs were a perfect appeal.

This virtual network has many advantages:

  • The data circulating between your computer and the private server are encrypted. In this way, the Internet service provider cannot reach this information that goes through your connection.
  • Your IP address is changed and you can be located in France or abroad. This sometimes allows you to bypass geographic restrictions in force on content.

Why benefit from a VPN ?

Cybercrime is unfortunately growing. To deal with it, many companies, but also individuals, do not hesitate to equip themselves with VPN. Computers, smartphones and even tablets can use this system, to benefit from internet navigation using a separate server.

The French government has unveiled the figures for people who are malicious in 2019: some 90,000 people affected. This cybercrime increased by 210 % in 1 year. It is not uncommon to meet, in individuals, blackmail at the webcam or online account hacking. These threats are among the most recurring. On the side of professionals, it is more often a question of phishing or hacking of account.

People call on a VPN for various reasons. These encrypted networks are, most of the time, employed by companies wishing that their employees connect to the internal network remotely, in a secure manner. Individuals, on the other hand, prefer to illegally download content, without risk of being identified. But using a VPN is also very useful in other cases:

Strengthen the safety of a public wifi connection (for a restaurant, a bar, a library, etc.):

  • successfully access online services or content that is subject to certain geographic restrictions (as for the Netflix catalog or banking services);
  • Secure your Internet connection if you need to use confidential data;
  • Access the Internet in a place that limits access to it (as in Saudi Arabia or China).

It is for this last reason that VPNs are most widely used. Some countries limiting their internet access, people seek to get around this restriction. This is mainly the case in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates or Thailand. Communications being particularly monitored.

How to choose a VPN ?

Take the time to compare, to properly assess your needs and to determine how to choose the best VPN

  • the operating system you use (Windows, Mac, etc.);
  • the prices of the VPN proposed;
  • At the time of your registration, whether or not you record your data;
  • the number of servers that the VPN has;
  • the geographic location of these servers;
  • the power of your internet connection;
  • the data encryption protocol that we offer you.

In order for your information to circulate in complete safety, VPNs employ encryption keys. The longer this key, the more reliable security. The majority use encryption keys to 192 or 256 bits. If it were to be decoded, this encryption would require thousands of years of calculation.

VPNs recommended in 2021

Here is an exhaustive list of the most recommended VPNs:

  • ExpressVPN: VPN much appreciated by these users, for its modern interface, easy to use on computer, as on smartphone. He has servers around the world. Quality always has a price: € 56.97 for six months.
  • Cyberghost: has an intuitive interface, as well as many servers that attract their users. It is one of the cheapest VPNs on the market, with prices between 71 and 95 € for 2 or 3 years.
  • NordVPN: a safe bet that uses thousands of servers dispersed in 58 countries. Its interface is complete and easy to handle, for € 74 per year.
  • Purevpn: the Hong Kong VPN on the list. Simple and easy to use, with a subscription of € 61.20 for 2 years.

These VPNs all have good value for money. They remain reliable, easy to handle and are sure values. All you have to do is make your choice.