VPN Belgium: top 3 of the best suppliers in 2023, VPN Belgium: which VPN to choose and which to avoid in 2023?

VPN Belgium: which VPN to choose and which to avoid in 2023 

When looking for a VPN in Belgium, there are two cases. You must therefore be careful to differentiate these two elements well, because depending on what you are looking for, you are not necessarily going to turn to the same suppliers.

VPN Belgium: Top 3 of the best suppliers in 2023

Best Belgium VPN

You are looking for the best VPN for Belgium and do not know which supplier to turn to you ? In this article, we will look at what are the advantages of this tool, but above all what are the elements to take into account in order to find the best supplier of 2023.

3000 servers

94 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

5 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : One of the best VPNs on the market !

9000 servers

91 covered country

45 days satisfied or refunded

7 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : An excellent VPN with a very large network

5500 servers

60 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

6 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : A very good VPN for safety and anonymity

A VPN in Belgium: why do ?

When looking for a VPN in Belgium, there are two cases. You must therefore be careful to differentiate these two elements well, because depending on what you are looking for, you are not necessarily going to turn to the same suppliers.

The case n ° 1 is that of a person residing in Belgium, Who wishes to subscribe to the subscription of a virtual private network to protect their personal information when it is on the internet.

Case n ° 2 is that of a person located outside Belgian territory, But who seeks to connect to a Belgian server to obtain an IP address located in the country and unlock geo-restaurant content.

In this first part, we will study these two possibilities in detail, in order to see what are the advantages of using a VPN in Belgium.

Why use a VPN in Belgium?

If you are Belgian, you may seek a VPN for Belgium to protect yourself during your Internet connections. Let’s look at how this tool can help you on a daily basis.

How does a virtual private network work ?

When you use a VPN for Belgium, you have access to the servers of your supplier. Once you are connected to one of the servers, your connection is automatically encrypted in order to be completely illegible for third parties and a new IP address replaces your real IP address. Thus, you are completely anonymous on the internet: your IP address and your location correspond to the server in question, and nothing allows you to go back to you.

Use a VPN: additional protection

This is why the use of a VPN in Belgium is very recommended.

Currently, there are many threats on the internet, and it can be difficult to find a way to protect yourself effectively. Many players are on the cyber security market and it is difficult to make your choice.

A VPN is however essential to be able to surf the internet or download without risks. Indeed, this anonymity is very practical, because it allows you to protect yourself and to be able to connect to all public WiFi networks for example without fear of making you hack.

Which server to choose ?

When you are in Belgium and you are looking for a VPN to secure its internet access, it is advisable to opt for a server which is located close to our real location. This limits latencies and optimizing the proposed speeds.

Why use a VPN with an IP address in Belgium?

Wherever you are in the world, you may want to use a VPN in Belgium to get a Belgian IP address that will hide your real IP address. Small explanation.

How it works ?

Many sites in the world are geo-restricted. This is particularly the case for content sites such as streaming platforms, replay and direct television channels or Paris online platforms.

To find out where you are located, and therefore if you have the right to access the contents, These platforms look at your IP address, and above all the location associated with it. If you are not on Belgian territory, access is blocked.

But as we have seen, using a VPN for Belgium allows you to modify your IP address, and obtain a Belgian IP address. No platform will therefore be able to know where you really situate yourself, and access to the platforms will be immediate.

It is by using this technique that you can for example access the RTBF and RTBF Auvio channels, as well as all the other Belgian channels.

In addition, this will give you access to the contents of SVOD platforms like Netflix (because in case you did not know, The contents are different depending on the countries)).

Which server to choose ?

When you choose a VPN for Belgium in order to unlock the content, we must try to minimize the distance between our location and the location of the server to which we connect. Indeed, it is always interesting to take the server closest to you in order to limit the slowdowns due to the distance.

Criteria for selecting a VPN for Belgium

You are looking for the best VPN in Belgium but you have difficulty making your choice ? We understand you: many players are on the market, and are far from offering all solutions to similar quality.

Therefore, how to know which one is the most efficient ? We have selected 3 criteria to watch in priority.

The number of servers in Belgium

The overall number of servers of a supplier is important. But if you are looking for the best VPN for Belgium, you will have to watch the number of servers available in this country in priority.

Indeed, this has a strong impact on the potential slowdowns that you will know: if there are few servers, then they will quickly be saturated, especially when there will be live content on RTBF for example and everything The world will want to access it.

This will have the consequence of slowing up everyone’s connection very strongly … which is far from optimal when we are looking for, for example, to look at F1 in streaming.


Several elements concerning security are to be taken into account when you are looking for the best VPN for Belgium.

In terms of technical features, we must look at the encryption used (we advise the use of 256 -bit AES encryption which is of military quality and a reference in the environment) and the protocols which are offered (in particular openvpn).

But that’s not all ! You can also look at the features that are offered: for example the Kill Switch (which automatically cuts your connection if your VPN is lacking for a few seconds, in order to protect you), double VPN, etc.

Finally, do not forget the most important point: you have to look in the privacy policy if the supplier is no log, That is to say that it does not keep any of your data of connections when you use the virtual private network. You can find the best vpn no log here.


Finally, you can look at the speeds that are offered by suppliers.

Indeed, if you are looking to access Belgian content, it would be a shame if important slowdowns prevent you from looking at high definition content for example.

In general, you will need good speeds to do all the most greedy activities in data: HD streaming, download, etc.

So be careful to compare suppliers to this level.

Our top 3 best VPN Belgium

Here is our selection of the best VPN suppliers in Belgium for 2023. All 3 offer interesting features and optimal performance to support you on a daily basis and protect your personal data.


Expressvpn is undoubtedly the best VPN in Belgium. It is available on various devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Routeurs), which will allow you to protect all your Internet connections.

In addition to being a safe bet in terms of security, it is simply the fastest VPN in Belgium on the market. With an unlimited bandwidth and quality servers, you may be sure you always benefit from the best speeds to download or watch Belgian TV from anywhere.

Finally, we have particularly appreciated customer support that is offered: you will be able to access 24/7 help with an online cat online.

Read our Expressvpn opinion To find out more about the supplier before committing.



Cyberghost is the supplier who has the largest number of VPN servers in Belgium. And it’s not surprising, because it is simply the biggest network of servers around the world.

Indeed, you will be able to access more than a hundred servers which are distributed in several data centers from Brussels.

It is therefore optimal for speeds: it was already noted that the proposed speeds were very interesting, but the fact that there are many different servers is proof that you will not know the saturation.

In addition, you will appreciate the interface developed by the supplier, which is simple, accessible for all and very practical pure configure the different features. A supplier who shows clarity and pedagogy in his applications: it’s a whole.



To finish this top 3 of the best VPN suppliers for Belgium, we have selected Nordpvn.

The number of servers in Belgium offered by this supplier is also interesting, with nearly 80 servers. The speeds we have tested are more than honorable for streaming and download.

Safety is also optimal, since in addition to a 256 -bit AES encryption and a panoply of features (Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, Double VPN, etc.), you have the guarantee that your information is well protected since the supplier is Integally no log.

No doubt: it is also a premium VPN and you are not likely to be disappointed if you opt for this supplier.

NordVPN Windows Application

Free VPN in Belgium: advantages and disadvantages

Do there are good free VPNs usable in Belgium or with servers located in this country ? First, know thatThere is no good free VPN with servers in Belgium. Unfortunately it does not exist.

Now if you don’t mind going to a service without servers on site (and which will not allow you to have a Belgian IP), then you can very well turn to Protonvpn.

However, be aware that even if it is One of the most popular free VPN services, It is nonetheless limited. You will indeed have to deal with servers available in only three countries (USA, Japan and Netherlands) and the impossibility of making it work on streaming services (it will be constantly identified and blocked). In addition, according to our tests, Protonvpn turns out to be relatively slow.

Due to the few servers made available and the large number of users, we will have to compose with regular disconnections and flows far below your internet connection. We were able to observe drops of 80 to 90%, which is huge. Suffice to say that the experience will be far from good.

Now if you just want to get your hands and use a VPN in Belgium for the first time, it can do the trick. Especially since from a security point of view, Protonvpn enjoys a good reputation (more details are to be found in our full opinion about it)).

You don’t want to compromise and want to enjoy a quality VPN and with servers in Belgium, all for free ? It is possible by opting for … a paying VPN. You read correctly. As surprising as it may seem, the trick is to take advantage of the satisfied or reimbursed warranty offered by services such as ExpressVPN, Cyberghost or NordVPN. Generally valid 30 days, this guarantee will give you the opportunity to take advantage of the service during the given period. As you approach the end of the warranty, just ask to be reimbursed and the turn is played.

By taking advantage of the guarantee of the mentioned trio, you can benefit from up to 105 days of free service. It is not optimal, but there is much worse, you do not find ?

In summary

We now arrive at the end this article on the best VPN for Belgium in 2023.

If you want more information on suppliers, know that we have made full reviews of these as well as a VPN comparison, that you can find on this site. We assess the quality of different elements (interface, speed, security, customer support, pricing, etc.) to determine what are the best VPN suppliers in 2023. Do not hesitate to look more in detail this information to confirm you in your choice.

In addition, note that it is possible at suppliers that we have presented you today to take advantage of a satisfied or reimbursed period. It lasts 30 days at ExpressVPN and NordVPN and 45 days for Cyberghost. This is a dream opportunity to make your own opinion on the solution before committing to the longer term, because the prices of 1 or 2 years subscriptions are always much more financially advantageous !

You will understand through our explanations, It is better to opt for a rather free paid VPN, And what you are in Belgium or you are looking to have access to servers on site (To obtain a Belgian IP address)).

VPN Belgium: which VPN to choose and which to avoid in 2023 ?


You live in Belgium or you stay there occasionally ? In this case, you may be one of Internet users looking for a VPN for Belgium. And as in 2023 it is not easy to find a virtual private network that works everywhere and effectively, we tested and then listed most suitable for Belgium, but also outside Belgian borders.

Regardless of the geographical position, whether you are in Belgian or outside territory, selected VPNs will be of precious help for many types of online activities. Before presenting you to use a Belgium VPN, their legality within this country and their instructions for use first of all our ranking.

Ranking of the best VPNs for Belgium in 2023:

Selection of 3 best VPNs for Belgium

If there is one thing that we learned during our tests, it is that it is important to choose a quality VPN in Belgium of quality to be able to navigate without changing your navigation habits. After several tests, we were able to establish the ranking of the three best VPN Belgium in 2023 according to various criteria (safety, performance, servers, global service, customer assistance, etc.). Here are the detailed presentations of each provider.

3000 servers

94 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

5 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : One of the best VPNs on the market !

9000 servers

91 covered country

45 days satisfied or refunded

7 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : An excellent VPN with a very large network

5500 servers

60 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

6 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : A very good VPN for safety and anonymity

1) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a VPN supplier present since 2009. He is therefore particularly expert in the cybersecurity market.

ExpressVPN offers advanced security thanks to AES-256 encryption on which it is based to establish a connection between your device and its servers. Its No-Log policy comes to provide additional protection. The term no-log means that it does not collect any connection journal or activity register of its users. It is therefore a prerequisite for the best Belgium VPN.

Upon activation, ExpressVPN fully camouflages your real IP address and gives you another in Belgium. You will be able to make websites believe that you are located in Belgium. ExpressVPN manages to thwart many blockages on the internet and censorship. It even works on Netflix it is far from simple since the platform has set up firewalls capable of detecting VPN.

Thanks to the intuitive interface of its application, the connection to Expressvpn is not very complicated. Just select a country from those available and click on the activation button in the middle. In the example below, it is Belgium.

VPN-Belgium connection

Connection in Belgium with ExpressVPN © Iphon

ExpressVPN has several servers in Belgium and its algorithm will be responsible for selecting the most suitable. Of course, it is also possible to establish a connection from Belgium to a foreign server. You should easily find the territory of your choice because the more than 3,000 expressvpn servers are present in 94 countries.

On the performance side, ExpressVPN offers high speed stable connection and unlimited bandwidth. You can therefore navigate from Belgium and apart from Belgian borders with this VPN completely normally, without major impact on your basic speed. This is partly what explains that Our opinion on ExpressVPN is so good. The application is also compatible on macos, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Fire TV.

Thanks to its quality service, thousands of servers around the world and a very quick application to handle, Expressvpn achieves a faultless. It is therefore as the best VPN for Belgium. To have a clear heart, be aware that it is possible to test it for free for 30 days by playing your repayment guarantee.


Let’s continue our ranking of the best VPNs in Belgium with Cyberghost VPN.

Cyberghost has the particularity of providing more than 9,000 servers in 90 countries around the world. An impressive infrastructure when you know that just in Belgium it has 200+ servers. You will therefore have no trouble establishing a connection in this territory. In addition, it is possible to see the degree of charge of each server in order to take advantage of the best performance at the moment t.


Belgian servers of VPN Cyberghost © Iphon

Cyberghost protects web traffic and private user information based on robust encryption and full concealment of their IP address. Other features are also available to strengthen the device (tracking blocker, malware and HTTPS redirection). It is ideal if you want to sail in a secure manner in Belgium.

It is possible to use Cyberghost during your streaming activities and for downloading in P2P. In this case, you will need to use its dedicated servers accessible from the “To download” or “Streaming” tab.

To take advantage of the advantages of Cyberghost VPN wherever you are, the application is compatible on several supports (computer, tablet, smartphone, connected television and TV box) and seven simultaneous connections are offered. It’s about one of the best VPNs on iPhone So don’t hesitate if you have one.

If you are looking for a cheap belgium VPN offering good performance, Cyberghost is undoubtedly the best choice. In addition, the subscription to a subscription over more than six months is accompanied by a 45 -day reimbursement guarantee.

3) NordVPN

NordVPN is an alternative to the two competitors presented above. Like them, it will offer you advanced security during your web browsing and will establish a connection in Belgium or to Belgium.

The NordVPN network has more than 5,800 servers located in 60 countries around the world, including 56 servers in Belgium. This leaves you much.


Connection in Belgium with NordVPN © Iphon

You can go to the Internet safely thanks to a new IP and a quantified end -to -end connection. NordVPN does not keep any connection log. NordVPN servers allow P2P and some support the Double VPN and IP dedicated function. The provider manages to unlock many content in streaming (Belgian or foreign). You will simply have to select the adapted country from the list.

The connection provided by NordVPN is a little slower than that of ExpressVPN and Cyberghost. This is what explains his third position. That said, the speed remains reasonable and navigation is not compromised.

The use of NordVPN can be done on six connected devices at the same time.

Why use a VPN in Belgium ?

Between security, anonymity, freedom on the Internet and abolition of digital constraints, a Belgium VPN allows you to enjoy a multitude of advantages. Here are the reasons to use this tool.

Navigate safety and confidentiality

Users who live in Belgium or who are passing there equip their devices connected with a VPN in order to preserve their confidentiality on Belgian territory. Indeed, even if Belgium is a relatively safe country in the Internet, Internet access providers can monitor the activities and online behavior of certain individuals. Malinteenty people can also grab your data without your knowledge.

A VPN will therefore allow you to encrypt your data on the one hand and strengthen anonymity on the other hand. Encryption is a process that makes user web traffic unreadable. This goes from passwords and identifiers, up to the downloaded files and consulted sites. These elements are accessible by Belgian Internet service providers normally. IT pirates can also steal them.

A VPN in Belgium will therefore mask all this information in the same way as the Source IP address of Internet users. Thus, no one can go back to them and know their identity. What increase the privacy of people located in Belgium.

Unlock Belgian content

If many users use a Belgium VPN, it is not only to secure their personal data. Even if the protection of private information and online activities is one of the major advantages of this tool, this is not the only reason.

The major interest in using a VPN for Belgium when you are not physically there is to be able to access Belgian content. To achieve this, it is essential to modify its virtual location using a new IP address.

You should know that many sites are blocked because of geographic restrictions. Depending on the location of Internet users (determined by the IP), the authorized and prohibited content will therefore be variable. Most of the time it is a question of copyright but it is also sometimes because of government rules or networks. Thus, some Belgian content will be inaccessible elsewhere than in Belgium.


A VPN will allow you to obtain a Belgian virtual geolocation which will indicate to all the online services that you are in Belgium. The sites visited will not notice anything and will allow you access. You will be able to look at sports events transcribed on RTBF, Belgian television channels, access your usual Netflix catalog and other sites without undergoing blocking.

Access blocked sites in Belgium

Belgium may offer a certain degree of freedom in terms of digital, some sites are blocked in this territory for the same reasons that we have just mentioned previously-geo-blocks, censorship. A VPN in Belgium will therefore make it possible to bypass these blockages by assigning you an IP address in another country authorizing access to the site in question.

Thanks to a virtual location abroad, you can therefore go to any site that would normally be prohibited on Belgian soil. For example, you can watch international TV programs or Change countries on Netflix and unlock the American catalog which contains more films and series. This can therefore be used for Belgians who want to discover other content but also expatriates living in Belgium who wish to access the services of their country of origin.

Are VPNs legal in Belgium ?

Belgium is relatively open with regard to the Internet. The use of Virtual Private Network is therefore authorized (See our guide on the legality of VPNs)). Internet users can connect to it without breaking the law.

On the other hand, it is obviously not allowed to indulge in illicit activities with a VPN. In this case, it is not the tool that is prohibited and but the use of the latter is problematic.

The steps to connect to a VPN for Belgium

If you need a Belgium VPN to benefit from the advantages listed above, you will have to know above all How to use a VPN. Two cases then arise: activation of VPN in Belgium or from abroad. The procedure varies slightly but the method is very simple and quick.

From Belgium

If you are in Belgium and you want to activate your VPN to get another geolocation, simply select the prized country from the list of servers available and click on the connection button. If you choose one of the best VPN Belgium, this information is normally easily identifiable from the application. After a few seconds, the term “connected” appears. Your IP and your location have therefore been modified accordingly. In the eyes of the Internet, you are no longer located in Belgium and you can access other content.

In case you want to use a VPN in Belgium to secure your Internet connection and keep your confidentiality, you do not need to select a server in a foreign country. You can just connect to VPN from a Belgian server. Do not hesitate to use the search bar to find the country more easily. Thus, you will benefit from data encryption and anonymity without modifying your navigation habits with unchanged access to Belgian sites and services.

From abroad

When you are abroad and you want to have access to Belgian content, activation of VPN in Belgium is necessary. To do this, you will have to select a server in Belgium. You will then get a Belgian IP and location which will allow you to navigate as if you were in Belgium.

As you can see, regardless of the circumstances, a connection to a Belgium VPN requires servers in Belgium, but not only. For access to foreign content from Belgium, it is essential that the VPN provider covers a maximum of countries in the world. For information, we can say that it is correct beyond 55 countries. Of course, it is necessary to verify which countries it is.

Why not choose a free VPN in Belgium ?

The temptation to choose a free VPN provider is great when you need this tool for Belgium. However, apart from the fact that the subscription will cost you nothing, free VPNs have only drawbacks.

First, they will never offer you the levels of protection pushed only the best VPNs for Belgium. They will even be risky. Indeed, some unscrupulous providers do not hesitate to resell user data to advertisers or government authorities. This is how they earn money. Security is therefore questioned.

In addition, free VPNs often have a very small server park. You will therefore have a limited choice to unlock international content from Belgium. Sometimes they don’t even cover Belgium which will prevent you from obtaining a Belgian IP address.

Also, customer assistance is often very summary and it is difficult to attach technical support in the event of a question or connection problem. All these reasons partly explain why it is not recommended to choose a free VPN for Belgium.

If the price is a criterion that comes into account in your choice and you have a tight budget, you can Use the free test of 30 days of ExpressVPN. It will allow you to use unlimited VPN during this period and without risk because you can request your refund from customer service. The advisers can be reached at any time from the live cat on the official ExpressVPN website.