Pay a cheaper flight ticket with a VPN: how to do?, Cheaper plane tickets: Using a VPN is really useful?

Cheaper plane tickets: Using a VPN is really useful


To help each Internet user, Here is a list of the countries in which to locate to get the best deals on plane tickets:

Pay a cheaper plane ticket with a VPN: how to do ?

How to pay for your cheap plane ticket

To pay for your cheaper plane ticket, there is a simple tip: use a VPN. Concretely, thanks to such software, it is possible to limit the increase in prices on comparators, or even to find better prices. In practice, to find a cheap plane ticket, you have to:

  • Connect to its VPN (NordVPN or Cyberghost) software).
  • Choose a server in the foreign country that you want to visit.
  • Compare prices by selecting a server in a country with low incomes.

In fact, it is strongly advised to test several destinations in order to find the best tips for your cheap plane tickets.

  • Change its geolocation thanks to a VPN to reduce the cost of your plane ticket
  • Steps to follow to reduce the price of your plane ticket with a VPN
  • Avoid increasing the price of plane tickets thanks to a VPN
  • Do your research from a low -income country to pay your cheaper plane ticket
  • Which country to choose to change the location and pay for your flight cheaper ?
  • What is the best the day of the week to buy your cheaper ticket ?
  • Which VPN to choose to reduce the price of your plane ticket ?
  • Cyberghost, a very efficient tool for travelers
  • NordVPN, a good VPN to find a cheap plane ticket

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Travel abroad has become commonplace for young people for a few years. The latter no longer hesitate to leave everything to go and discover the world. However, if going on an adventure brings a certain interior wealth, it can quickly make a hole in the wallet, especially for students or young adults in the limited budget. Fortunately, there are solutions to obtain Cheaper plane tickets.

One of the first tips is to look at flight comparators, but prices unfortunately fluctuate very regularly. Using a virtual private network or VPN can then allow the traveler to reduce its costs by modifying its location And by encrypting his data. Information relating to the traveler’s web navigation is then indistinguishable by comparators or companies. But then how it works ? Here are all the explanations and steps to follow to travel at a reduced price thanks to a VPN.

Change its geolocation thanks to a VPN to reduce the cost of your plane ticket

The virtual private network allows its user to navigate the Internet completely confidentially. VPN crypt indeed its connection so that no one can read or intercept their data. This also allows him to modify his IP address so that the Internet thinks that he is located in another country.

How to pay for your cheaper plane tickets with a VPN?

Thanks to a VPN it is possible to save money on the price of your plane ticket.

In the case of a trip abroad, the use of a VPN is therefore very useful for buying your cheaper plane tickets. Once there, the virtual private network can even allow the subscriber to continue accessing its French content.

Steps to follow to reduce the price of your plane ticket with a VPN

To reduce the price of your plane ticket, it is possible to turn to the side of a VPN. For this, there are several interesting suppliers to consider. To help each consumer, MonpetitVPN also offers a comparison of the best suppliers on the French market.

Here is a summary of the steps to be taken in order to lower the price of your plane ticket:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN subscription and download it (by clicking here).
  2. Empty the cache and the cookies of his browser.
  3. Launch the VPN and connect to another country than France.
  4. Choose private navigation and use a flight comparator by going to the country of the country previously chosen.
  5. Look for the desired flight then compare to see if the prices are cheaper. If this is not the case, continue by testing with other countries.

Advice to reduce the price of your ticket D

To reduce the price of your plane ticket, there are several techniques to know.

These different manipulations can take a little time, but it’s worth it. The price differences depending on the country of purchase can indeed go up to 15%, which is far from negligible.

What is the use of a VPN?

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Avoid increasing the price of plane tickets thanks to a VPN

When comparing plane tickets on the Internet, it is common to do several research a few days apart. The customer can then notice that the price of the ticket that interests him has increased since his last visit. No wonder: Website keep the IP address in memory user and use cookies to detect that this is not the first search for the user. They then adjust their prices, which encourages the customer to buy his ticket faster.

It is therefore important to clean your cache and the cookies of your browser as explained previously. The use of a VPN thus facilitates the task of the user By masking your IP address, which prevents websites from identifying it, and therefore adjusting prices. The virtual private network also makes it possible to secure its internet connection. Most cheap VPNs are enough for this use.

Watch out for the costs of flight comparators

Theft comparators are much appreciated because they offer low -cost air tickets. But, beware, buying on these sites causes costs, because they take a commission on the purchase. It is then more judicious to look for your ticket on the comparator with your VPN, then buy the ticket directly on the airline website.

Do your research from a low -income country to pay for cheaper plane ticket

Even if it may seem surprising at first glance, the prices of plane tickets are different depending on the country of purchase. Indeed, Airlines take into account different factors to establish their prices, including:

  • the country’s average income;
  • buyers’ profile;
  • the chosen motto;
  • The trend on this specific research.

The advantages of locating themselves in another country to pay for your tickets

By located in a low -income country, it is possible to reduce the price of your plane ticket.

Find cheaper plane tickets therefore take time. It’s necessary test many different geolocations with its VPN To find the one that will offer the most interesting price. In fact, by choosing a low -income country, it is possible to benefit from a more attractive price and, therefore, to pay your cheaper plane ticket. Note that it is still advisable to carry out your research with a paid offer and not a free VPN. If the latter is more attractive thanks to its free, it will offer few different countries, while with some VPN the customer will have the choice between dozens of destinations.

Protect yourself from scams in the world of VPNs

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Which country to choose to change the location and pay for your flight cheaper ?

Regardless of the country chosen in the world, it is possible to reserve your online plane ticket at a lower cost. As mentioned above, VPNs position themselves as an optimal solution, especially because they allow you to locate themselves in any country. In fact, it is possible to benefit from an IP address in a country where the standard of living is lower than in France, And so the purchase price will be lower.

However, faced with Colossal number of destinations offered by VPNs, It is not always easy to know where to locate. Of course, the user can try to connect within different countries to see which one offers the best price. It can nevertheless take a substantial time.

To help each Internet user, Here is a list of the countries in which to locate to get the best deals on plane tickets:

  • the country of plane destination (For example, it is likely that a flight to New York is cheaper from the United States);
  • India (According to several tests, prices are cheaper from this country);
  • Hong Kong (on some flights, this destination can be very advantageous).

Understanding the notion of VPN servers

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What is the best the day of the week to buy your cheaper ticket ?

In addition to using a VPN to locate itself in another country and not undergo the phenomenon of increasing price comparators, it is important to know When reserve your plane ticket. Likewise, the day of the week may have its importance.

Generally, You should not go about it at the last moment, Aside when it comes to taking advantage of the last -minute promotions. However, these may have certain constraints since they are plane tickets sold by companies when there are places. The destination is therefore not always the one that the Internet user is looking for, as well as the date. In fact, it is necessary Book your flight for several weeks in advance, even several months.

Here is the best day and the ideal hours to book a cheaper plane ticket:

  • Thursday is the day of the ideal week to find a cheaper flight;
  • Between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., flight prices are generally lower.

Even if this does not allow big savings, it is also advisable to book your plane ticket during the night, generally between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. In terms of day of the week, travel specialists argue that The most conducive to saving money is Thursday. To be sure to find an online plane ticket at low prices, you must however forget the reservations on weekends. At this time of the week, the prices are indeed much higher.

What is the most advantageous day and time of departure ?

The day of the plane departure may also have an importance, as is the schedule. It turns out that prices are lower for a departure on Wednesday. To be sure to save more money, you must also select a departure before 8:00 a.m. Note that, even if getting up early is not always to everyone’s taste, the beginnings of days are also the moments when flights are the least late and have the least risk of being canceled.

Which VPN to choose to reduce the price of your plane ticket ?

With the arrival on the market of a multitude of different virtual private networks, it can be complicated to make the right choice. For Choose the best VPN so as to pay cheaper plane tickets, several criteria are nevertheless to be taken into account. Its price, its reliability, and especially the number of servers it has to have a greater possibility of finding the best price for its tickets.

Cyberghost, a very efficient tool for travelers

Cyberghost is one of the most efficient VPNs on the market with more than 6,000 servers distributed in 90 different countries. It is also very easy to use, perfect for novices, with quality customer support for any problem encountered. The customer also benefits from 45 days satisfied, or reimbursed. So he has all the time to test his new software by trying to book his cheaper plane tickets for example.

In addition, once there, the subscriber can use his VPN to watch his favorite movies on his French account Netflix for example. He can also use Cyberghost VPN to unlock lots of new films and series on foreign catalogs from Netflix, like that of the United States. VPN also works very well with other platforms of streaming.

Is it legal to use a VPN to find cheaper plane tickets ?

Yes, don’t worry about it. Airlines display different prices depending on the country of residence because they take into account different factors, as seen above. By using a VPN, the customer will only take advantage of these differences in a completely anonymous way.

NordVPN, a good VPN to find a cheap plane ticket

Renowned for its performances and dubbed by entrepreneurs and influencers, NordVPN has established itself as a reference in the matter. The VPN supplier is one of the fastest and offers reinforced safety of navigation. Grass travelers and tunutors of good deals for cheaper plane tickets have every interest in taking out a contract at NordVPN. The solution is compatible on several browsers and provides unprecedented connection speed thanks to the Nordlynx protocol.

As with previous suppliers, subscribers have 30 days guaranteed satisfied or reimbursed. Generally and excluding exceptional promo, the monthly subscription amounts to around € 3.00 excl. Tax/month, making it one of the cheapest reliable VPNs available on the market.

For Internet users looking for a plane ticket at the best price, NordVPN turns out to be an ideal solution to change IP address. The supplier has more than 5,000 servers in more than 60 different countries. In addition to reducing the price of plane tickets, international libraries and catalogs from SVOD sites are available everywhere. Subscribers can also consult their French catalogs, outside of France thanks to VPN.

Cheaper plane tickets: Using a VPN is really useful ?

Summer holidays are fast approaching and you are looking for the cheapest possible plane tickets. The VPN solution can be a good idea to get there, but is it the most effective ?

As we know, when we look for the lowest possible prices, finding plane tickets can sometimes become a real obstacle course. Theft comparators are certainly useful, but are subject to high price variations following a lot of factors, in particular linked to its location when ordering. There are some tips to buy cheaper plane tickets, and using a VPN is part of the solutions.

Theft comparators generally use your location to offer ticket prices established from the local market. The average income level of a country and the number of users interested in the same destinations can affect the displayed price. The main function of a VPN is to change the IP address of a user, and therefore its theoretical geographical location. Thanks to a VPN, it would thus be possible to avoid the rise in prices, or even come across more advantageous prices.

Why do plane ticket prices vary as much from user to the next ?

Airlines are fond of cookies. We obviously do not speak here of pastries, but of the small file created by websites to each of your visits and which contains information such as your preferences, your connection identifiers, your browser history or other data related to your Interaction with the site.

The other reason, undoubtedly the most questionable, concerns the use by user profiling companies to practice dynamic prices according to the demand and the availability of tickets. Apart from the fact that plane tickets tend to be more expensive during peak periods, such as summer holidays for example, user profiling also makes it possible to analyze customer behavior and preferences on flight comparators or airline applications, in order to offer them personalized offers. Are notably analyzed:

  • Precise location of the user or user.
  • His computer equipment.
  • His supposed income.
  • His previous research.
  • Its purchasing trends.
  • Its privileged airlines.

Some travelers say that the international version of a travel site, for example (.fr) for France or (.co.UK) for Great Britain, will offer users different prices. Again, this technique can be interesting, but does not guarantee savings. Note that it is also taken into account the time spent on a page: a price can increase by several tens of euros in just a few minutes.

Why can a VPN be useful to save money on plane tickets ?

As we have seen above, the information collected by airlines to adapt their pricing comes mainly from cookies, but also from the user’s IP address. Using a VPN will have the function of changing its geographical position and encrypting its connection data in order to deceive the site or the comparator.

Before any manipulation from a VPN, it is recommended to Delete all the connection data from your browser or to navigate in private connection. This in order to ensure that the reservation site can no longer establish profiling according to your information stored in cookies. If this step is not filled, it is possible that the use of VPN has no effect.

Before starting any manipulation, it is important to note that This solution via VPN is not the absolute guarantee To get really cheaper tickets. In addition, it can take some time in search of real price differences. Other elements must be taken into account like:

  • Flight dates : flights from Monday to Thursday are generally 5 % cheaper.
  • Flight time : flights in off -peak hours are often cheaper.
  • The time of the flight reservation : The time is ideal for booking would be Tuesday around 3 p.m.

Once its VPN has been installed (via application or plug-in on a browser) and in order to maximize its chances of seeing the prices drop, it is recommended to Connect to a server based in a country where average income is low. This is particularly the case with India, northern Macedonia or Malaysia. We will also have to base ourselves on a currency conversion tool for the prices displayed in local currency, that of Google does the case perfectly.

With this tip and depending on the flights. It is possible to save a few tens or even hundreds of euros by tickets. It is therefore recommended to choose a VPN service with maximum servers and available countries in order to maximize its chances of observing prices drop. It is also partly for this reason that a free VPN may be useless.

The other tip is to Connect to a server corresponding to the country of origin of the airline. Change your IP address via a VPN to match it to the country of the airline will allow you to display different prices: use a Finnish server for a flight with Finnair For example.

Which VPN to choose to get cheaper plane tickets ?

As we have seen above, it is necessary to favor VPN services whose base of servers and available countries are the highest in order to maximize its chances. We have selected three VPNs that fit perfectly into this category.


The first VPN service to favor for its plane tickets is ExpressVPN. This has a large network of servers distributed in many countries: More than 3000 servers distributed in 94 countries. A good way to optimize your research and get around the geographic restrictions set up by airlines and travel agencies.


NordVPN is undoubtedly the most famous VPN in the world. In the case of flight booking, it offers a wide choice of servers worldwide, namely 5,200 servers in 61 countries dated. This number of servers can be very useful if you want to compare the prices of plane tickets in different regions. NordVPN also offers a functionality called ” Double VPN », Which figures the connection by making it browse two separate servers, thus offering an additional layer of very practical confidentiality when booking online of plane tickets.


In the same line as a NordVPN, Cyberghost also placed on a server park and of available countries: 6000 servers in 88 different countries. What make sure to find the lowest rates depending on the country. Another element that also has its importance: it has an advertising blocker and trackers to prevent booking sites from being able to establish a specific profile and adapt the prices.

If you want to know more about other VPN services, do not hesitate to consult Our dedicated comparator. You can also consult our VPN versus:

  • Expressvpn vs protonvpn: which is the best VPN ?
  • NordVPN vs surfhark: which is the best VPN ?
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  • NordVPN or ExpressVPN: which is the best VPN ?

The best VPNs of the moment

Save and fly using VPN for cheaper plane tickets

Save and Soar by Using A VPN for Cheaper Flights

You have probably had the opportunity to realize that the search for flights can be painful. However, you have already wondered why the more you are looking for, the more the prices fluctuate ? Indeed, prices change according to your IP address, your navigation or purchase history, your postal code and even the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected.

This is also known as dynamic pricing . However, with a VPN, you can avoid all of this. Here’s how to get these cheaper flights !

How to access the best offers with a VPN

For cheaper plane tickets, simply change your IP address with a VPN. Just follow these steps and you can enjoy your next vacation knowing that you have opted for a smart way to get around the price fluctuations in plane tickets !

Step 1 : Download and install a VPN, if not already done.

2nd step : Open your VPN and choose a server.

Step 3: Look for desired flights or plane tickets on Surfshark Search (a tool that gives you organic results without advertising or follow -up).

Step 4: Note the prices of flights and plane tickets.

Airline: Lufthansa (from New York to London)

VPN server: United States (Bend)

Dates: from 18 to 21 December 2022

Step 5: Erase cookies (examples for several browsers).

Step 6: Repeat steps 2 to 5 and note the flight prices using different server locations.

Airline: Lufthansa (from New York to London)

VPN server: United Kingdom (London)

Dates: from 18 to 21 December 2022

Price: £ 1,064 ($ 1,430)

You can see in this example that the use of an American VPN compared to a VPN in London gives a difference of $ 570 on the plane ticket ! Thanks to a VPN for plane tickets, we will have enough to go to Thailand next summer !

You can use this method not only to obtain cheaper flights and aircraft tickets, but also for other types of online purchases and save thanks to a VPN.

You are probably wondering if there is no other way to get cheaper flights without VPN. Let’s see that.

Flights in private mode: a tip for a cheaper flight or a simple hoax ?

It could be the latter. At least the tests we have carried out were not conclusive.

A rumor circulates on the internet concerning a technique to save money on plane tickets. This flight booking tip is notably called “Flight Booking Hack”.

You are supposed to activate the private navigation mode and the price of the same plane ticket is supposed to be lower (even on Google Flights). It seems that it is not correct. We carried out several tests and the price has not changed when going to private navigation mode.

Indeed, prices depend on the market: your location reveals the market on which you are. However, the Private navigation mode does not mask your IP . Anyone on the Internet knowing your location can also change prices depending on this. The same goes for plane tickets.

Private navigation mode only limits access to files hidden and of Cookies of your computer and does not record any data from the navigation session afterwards.

However, it is true that some Service providers follow the data and change their offers according to your Cookies . Since this does not fall under the public domain, we cannot say with certainty if this is the case for all those who sell plane tickets.

For the moment, you can use a VPN to alleviate price increases. As always, there is ..

other ways to enjoy exceptional offers

If you have time to experiment a little more, also try these methods and see for yourself if you can get even cheaper flights:

  • Change your IP address for one in a developing country
  • Change your IP address for one in the country of destination
  • Change your IP address for one in the country of origin of the airline
  • Change your IP address for one in your country

*Do not forget to erase your cookies (just in case) every time you Change your location with a VPN !

You should also know the best practices to search for cheaper tickets:

  1. Choose flexible dates: If you want to travel at the same time as everyone (as for Christmas), your chances of finding a cheap plane ticket are extremely weak.
  2. Be flexible in your choices of destinations: If you want, for example, go to Mexico via a specific Mexican seaside resort, you have a wider range of flights concerning flights.
  3. Do not stick to direct flights: Sometimes direct flights can be more expensive than those with correspondence, all due to price magic.
  4. Combine several airlines: If you do not take direct flight, you might as well use an airline for a stage in your trip and another for the next.
  5. Book in advance: 2 to 3 months before departure is a good idea, but if you want to travel during the high season, you might as well do it 5 months in advance.
  6. Use flight comparators: If you determine which airline offers the cheapest flight, then you can test if the price changes when you use a VPN.

What are the reasons for the price changes in tickets ?

By comparing the offers on the Internet, you can often see that the flight prices are increasing for the same company in a few minutes. This is due to the different techniques used, in particular:

  • Follow -up of your location.
  • Use of cookies to record your interest in the airline.

How do sites determine your location ?

As we have just established that your location considerably influences the prices of the flights you see, you may wonder how the sites know where you are. Here are some of the ways they determine your location and adjust the price of tickets:

IP adress

Each device has its own IP address so that online data can know where to go.

Since your IP address is defined at a specific location, it is possible that you get results according to it, which means that we will see the prices increase continuously more we are looking for the same flight.

Mobile monitoring

Have you used Google Maps recently ? Have you ever noticed that this application still knows your exact location ? This little tip is often used by sites and applications to easily follow your device.

Unknown to many smartphones users, this is a simple way to identify where you sail. When you keep the GPS function activated, the sites will indicate the prices according to your location.

HTML5 geolocation of the browser

In the same way as an IP address can indicate your location, the HTML5 geolocation allows a system to know even more precise information (district, street and even your coordinates of latitude and longitude). All modern browsers use this feature, but the use of a VPN allows you to get around it.



Cookies store all kinds of information (ranging from your IP address on the date and time time) for a short period of time on behalf of the site. The sites use this tracking data (clicked buttons, basket items, user preferences, etc.) to later display personalized information that meets your needs. This can contribute to price change when you update a web page.


It is possible to estimate your location from a Wi-Fi access point that you use. Google, for example, can triangulate the location of a Wi-Fi access point from Android users who connect there and have a GPS locator. This allows them to associate the SSID of the Wi-Fi router with a geographic location, and this is how they find you.

Is it legal to use a VPN to buy cheaper flights ?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN to make any type of purchase online, including cheaper flights. In order to make sure, we contacted the Kayak assistance and to confirm it:

The two say that, as long as the connection allows you to buy the ticket, there is no specific declaration that goes against the use of a VPN. So, the next time you plan a vacation, use a VPN to save and enjoy the best price on your tickets.

To conclude: book your next flight with a VPN

Buying tickets for your vacation should not hurt your wallet. The first step to save is to download a VPN.. Simply change your location to prevent sites from collecting your information and start to enjoy cheaper flights !

After having found these cheap flights, a VPN will also help you get around geoblocting and stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks when you travel. You are a winner throughout the line !

Avoid emptying your wallet

By opting for a reliable VPN

frequently asked Questions

Does the use of a VPN get cheaper flights ?

Yes, a VPN masks your IP address and gives you a different. You can get cheaper flights by choosing a VPN server in a country where flight prices are the lowest.

How to use a VPN to buy plane tickets ?

Get a VPN, then log into a server in the best country to book flights. You can find out which country it is by changing server and checking the prices.

Which VPN allows you to get the cheapest plane tickets ?

The one that allows you to access the greatest number of countries via its VPN servers. Surfshark is an excellent option since it has more than 3,200 servers in 100 countries.

Do airlines follow your IP addresses ?

Yes, they do it to provide you with specific information in relation to your location, such as language and currency.