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Voltaire electric bike

“I just spent the 200km after a little more than a week and I can’t do it again. Simple, elegant and comfortable. »»


Who are we ? Voltaire develops elegant electric bikes with timeless design, thought to get rid of daily transport constraints.

Our bikes are designed by our R&D team, made up of engineers and designers, based in our Parisian offices. The frames, the battery or the seatpost have thus been developed by our internal teams, allowing you to enjoy a robust bicycle and a unique driving experience.

5 out of 5 on Google, 4.8 On Trustpilot and an average 3 -hour after -sales service for SAV. Whether via our shop at 21 rue de Rivoli in Paris or in support of our 100 partners set out in 6 countries, we provide you with the best service in all circumstances.

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“Live, light, easy to use and beautiful. In short, I love my bike ! The sales team was very caring for the pre-order. The process went very well without any hitch. I absolutely do not regret my choice. »»

Anne Dumon

“The Legendre dares a little less the comfort position with its high frame, which offers a position inviting to a more dynamic driving. And it matches perfectly with the muscular character of the rear engine, the handlebar ease with the unique speed via belt and the torque sensor. »»

Frandroid – 8/10

“A beautiful bike, and above all, simple and reliable. It really deserves to be better known because it has its place in front of Cowboy and Company, and its Factor “Relax” has no equivalent to my knowledge for a belt bike. »»

Michael Ravier

“An electric bike connected to the classic and modern design. I had a big crush on this Voltaire which brings a small freshness in the field of connected electric bikes. The Voltaire Bike is equipped with a security system with alarm and GPS chip to avoid theft, a wheel padlock included which is cool and a locking and unlocking system by NFC badge. »»


“I recovered my Voltaire bike 2 months ago. Sincerely, a real treat to go to work every day. The assistance is super pleasant, very responsive and linear. I chose the midnight blue and I will add the basket to the front. »»

Maxime Dahan

“Well equipped, not too much too expensive, and mechanically rather simple, it should not be the subject of unpleasant surprises for its owners. Assistance – powerful – will reassure the non -seasoned calves, and the connected aspect of the bicycle is also a plus especially when many people are reluctant to invest for fear of theft. »»

Gonzague Dambricourt

“I have my Voltaire bike for almost two months and I am still on my little cloud. A pleasure that this bike ! I love it. THANKS . »»

Jean-Michel Laurent

“A customer service with small onions for a post -delivery bike revision and for the loss of a battery key. Top responsiveness and the bicycle is magnificent, silent and comfort ! »»

Arnaud de Castelbajac

“I love my Voltaire bike ! It is beautiful, comfortable, efficient. The sales team and the technician are very nice, good advice, reactive ! It’s a real pleasure “

Keshar put

“Thank you for this magnificent bike, elegant and pleasant with a very fluid pipe. It is super quality, easy to use, assistance is very well developed. I love it ! The Voltaire team was very available to answer my questions. Well done ! »»

Mélanie Suduca

“Great experience with Voltaire, following a defect on my bike a few months ago it was directly changed and improved (thanks again for your responsiveness) I can only recommend ! The bicycle holds over long distances it is a real pleasure to use it daily “

Élise Braud

“It’s been 9 months since I was traveling with my Voltaire bike on a daily basis, and I am delighted. It is beautiful, comfortable and handy, perfectly suited to the city. The after -sales service is at the top: responsive in the minute with kindness and efficiency. I recommend my eyes closed! »»

Karine Loisy

“I just spent the 200km after a little more than a week and I can’t do it again. Simple, elegant and comfortable. »»

Thomas Bougeard-Perrière

“The best after -sales service that we can imagine: I ordered a bike from their first batch, so necessarily there was waiting, everything was new, and small updates or sometimes questions and even a little Bug, I found a super reactive team, bringing a solution during the same day, really I recommend going there with my eyes closed ! The bike is ultra pleasant to drive and superb ! »»

Stéphane Muraine

“I ordered my Voltaire bike after trying it. Immediately conquered by its look, its maneuverability, its light weight. A super after -after -sales service that answers illico at the slightest question. A top team ! »»

Stéphanie Hasendahl

“A very beautiful bike: racy, elegant and efficient ! I am delighted with my purchase and the use of this beautiful bike. An invisible battery that might suggest that this bicycle is not electric 🙂 Bravo to this young inventive startup and offering a high quality product for the concern of the Made in France and the sleek style ! »»

Voltaire electric bike


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  • Xerider (1)
  • Tenways (4)
  • Elwing accessory (7)
  • Master Lock (1)
  • Cortina (4)
  • City bike (11)
  • Bikle (2)
  • EOVOLT (12)
  • Accessories twelve cycles (12)
  • Twelve cycles (6)
  • Tilgreen accessory (3)
  • KTM (2)
  • Kuickwheel (1)
  • Eveo (1)
  • Horwin (2)
  • Minimotors Dualtron (6)
  • Voltaire (3)
  • Niu (8)
  • Cube (6)
  • Etwow (3)
  • Nihola (4)
  • Super Soco (1)
  • Nihola accessory (2)
  • Tilgreen (1)
  • Speedway (0)
  • Kask (5)
  • Elwing (2)
  • Abuse (15)
  • Specialized (2)

State +

  • New (59)
  • Occasion (2)

Color +

  • Anthracite (0)
  • Volcanic basalt (8)
  • Beige (3)
  • White (9)
  • Blue (4)
  • Sky blue (4)
  • Matt sky blue (1)
  • Night blue (9)
  • Ocean blue (2)
  • Turquoise blue (1)
  • Bordeaux (1)
  • Burgundy (2)
  • Champagne (1)
  • Lime (1)
  • Gold Rose (1)
  • Gray (17)
  • Silver gray (2)
  • Moon gray (3)
  • Matt gray (1)
  • IceBlue (7)
  • Yellow melon (1)
  • Mat lavender (1)
  • Metallic Blue (1)
  • Metallic Gold (1)
  • Black (35)
  • Black and blue (1)
  • Black and red (4)
  • Matt black (3)
  • Tangy orange (1)
  • Red (10)
  • Red Ecarlat (1)
  • Red Mat Ecarlat (1)
  • Hot sand (1)
  • Green (5)
  • English green (6)
  • Matt English green (1)
  • Sage green (3)

Displacement +

  • + 125 cc (1)
  • 125 cm3 (7)
  • 50 cm3 (1)

Autonomy +

  • 20 to 35km (3)
  • 35 to 50km (3)
  • + 50km (51)

Bike transmission +

  • Alivio (11)
  • Nexus (5)

Frame +

  • Woman (28)
  • Man (9)
  • Mixed (9)

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