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Guide to sell on back market

➡ You want to sell on the platform and you are looking for practical and useful information ?
➡ You need to know if you are eligible to be a seller on the marketplace ?
➡ You are responsible e-commerce, CEO, traffic managers or marketing manager ? You have one or more online stores ?
➡ You want to boost your sales of reconditioned products in France and internationally ?

Sell ​​on back market: what are the advantages and how to do ?

Sell ​​on Back Market: What are the advantages and how to do it?

Discover in this article what are the specificities and advantages of this platform as well as good practices to sell well on back market.

Sell ​​on back market: presentation and specificities

Created in November 2014, the French company focuses in the sale of reconditioned electrical and electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and even dryers !

To sell on Backmarket, you must take into account two types of costs:

  • The subscription, at 50 € / month
  • A 10% commission For selling costs (regardless of the product)

At the rate level, the reconditioning is more or less in terms of competition, this table is evidenced by which takes up the cost structure, in summary:

The advantages of selling on back market

Its important notoriety

Although relatively young, the platform is already well established in 8 European countries as well as in the United States and is the first market place in the field of reconditioning. The market and sales opportunities are therefore substantial: the marketplace claims more than 12 million unique visitors per month. It is, finally, a growing marketplace since its foundation, giving off an important turnover and having raised 110 million euros in 2020.

A highlighting of the best value for money

Unlike its competitors, Back Market relies on an “owner quality” algorithm highly highlighting the most attractive value for money in order to guarantee buyers the best. You can therefore benefit from greater visibility than other marketplaces.

Attention : this can be double -edged for you. If your value for money is less compared to the competition, your visibility will be limited. It is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to it; We come back to it in the last part.

Prices readability and transparency

Unlike his competitors, the reseller Back Market has a single commission, set at 10% regardless of the type of product, its condition or its price. In comparison, sell on Fnac Marketplace requires knowing in detail the commission applied to each device.

This is also valid for the subscription. It is unique for Back Market, at 50 €, while it can be declined in several variants in competition. To sell on Amazon, for example, you must choose between two types of subscription; For eBay, moreover, there are three.

You therefore know precisely the costs applicable to your sales.

Sales and competition data

Back Market gives you information about the prices for your products, present and future trends or attractive niches (low competition and large volume of sales). This is all information that you can operate in order to improve your visibility and increase sales.

Additional logistics services

Back Market offers to support you for the logistics part of your sales thanks to three services:

  • Backship : for the carrier DHL-Express;
  • Back care : to entrust the management of multi-language customer service to Backmarket;
  • Fulfillment by Back Market : for the storage and sending of products. This logistics service is provided by Cubyn To guarantee the best reception experience. An automatic module allows you to automatically synchronize all your orders, to facilitate daily logistics management.

How to sell well on backmarket in 3 steps ?

Step 1: What are the legal prerequisites ?

Any market activity must respect the legislation concerning it: you must therefore be registered in RCS companies and comply with the obligations of VAT.

This first regulatory step past, you must now meet the conditions established by the Marketplace.

Step 2: Selection and “Back label”

The seller goes through a selection process called the “back label”, which it is necessary to obtain in order to sell on back market. In this way, the reconditioner controls the legal imperatives previously detailed, then focuses on quality standards. Many questions are asked, on the different aspects of the sold product (appearance, battery, camera, accessories, etc.) and, more broadly, the service (delivery, after -sales service, etc.)).

Acceptance is not systematic: the marketplace indicates that, on average, 1 in 3 seller is authorized to sell on back market.

Once the fields are mandatory and the selection has passed, the platform continues to precisely scrutinize the quality processes of the sellers. They thus ask for Customer feedback and products on products and service; experts also use Mystères commands in order to gauge the qualitative standards of the reconditioned or used devices.

Discover more about the black label in video.

Step 3: The importance of the value for money to increase sales on back market

It was indicated previously: the marketplace algorithm values ​​sellers displaying the best quality price offer. This is a fundamental step in order to enjoy a unique visibility and thus boost sales. To do this :

  • Determine the product status : Several categories are offered by the platform in order to facilitate the choice of potential buyers from “stallone” to “like new”: an iPhone with some visible stripes will not be sold at the same price as Samsung in perfect condition. The prices charged and the estimate provided by the platform depend mainly on this factor, so you must identify it precisely. Check in detail what Back Market grades are.
  • Study competition prices : Now that you know the condition of the product, it’s time to compare the prices of other sellers for the relevant category.
  • Attach your price accordingly : schematically, the maximum price not to be exceeded for purchase must correspond to the cheapest price offered in your category. This makes it possible to cover the “price” aspect, but do not forget that it is linked to “quality”. The most ideal situation is therefore to offer products like new or close to this state at a price lower than the competition.

In summary, selling on back market takes on various ecological and economic advantages in particular. The well -seated status of the company allows merchants to benefit from a certain legitimacy in the eyes of potential buyers, who thus avoid any risk of scam. Keep the advice above in mind to succeed and start !

Guide for sell on Back market

Discover in our guide how to boost your sales of reconditioned products on Back market ! Find all the information and specificities of the French marketplace as well as our advice for successful integration with Beezup.
Sell ​​in France and internationally now ! ��

Key figures
Network info
Customer audience and typology
Integration and optimization advice with Beezup

Why sell on Back Market ?

Created in 2014, Back Market is the first marketplace exclusively dedicated to the sale of reconditioned products. The marketplace is selling electronic products such as smartphones, computers and even household appliances.

It is a strong growth company, which broadcasts at theinternational through its platform, which has millions of unique visitors and more 1,500 active merchants.
Indeed, in addition to its high visibility, it has many advantages for sellers : a dedicated account manager, an IT support team to meet your technical needs and many internal services to help you cover all stages of the customer journey.

To find out all of the marketplace and its advantages, download our guide ! ��

Is this guide for you ?

➡ You want to sell on the platform and you are looking for practical and useful information ?
➡ You need to know if you are eligible to be a seller on the marketplace ?
➡ You are responsible e-commerce, CEO, traffic managers or marketing manager ? You have one or more online stores ?
➡ You want to boost your sales of reconditioned products in France and internationally ?

We give you all our advice to integrate the marketplace and multiply your turnover on Back Market Marketplace with Beezup ! ��

Guide to sell on back market

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