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Download titles to watch them offline

To be able to access downloaded videos and watch them offline, make sure you are well identified on your Netflix account.

Video downloader

The downloader of all the 2019 videos allows you to download on your device the videos and clips of social networks and popular video sites, at the speed of the lightning.

With this easy -to -use social media videos downloader, you can browse all social media sites and download all HD videos from your own social media accounts. All formats are supported. 100 % free! (Videos shared by your friends on networks can also download)

How to use this video downloader:
* Navigate social networks or video sites with the integrated browser
* Click the video play button you want to download and watch offline
* Click the download button to download HD video
* Finished !
(You can also copy the links of the videos you like and paste them in this application to download them)

Features :
* Navigate in the videos thanks to the integrated browser
* Read offline videos with the integrated reader, No necessary buffer stake
* Download HD videos with one click
* Supported voluminous download file
* Download multiple files at the same time
* Download videos to Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks
* Supports download by video extension links
* Complete download manager to pause, to resume and delete downloads
* Save files downloaded in a folder password
* Download videos in background
* Taking control of SD card
* All download formats are supported, MP3, M4A, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WMV, Doc, XLS, PDF, TXT, etc.
* Simple and elegant design by the team that won Google Play’s Best of 2017
* Resumption of stranded downloads
* High download speed
* Check the progression in the download bar
* Download videos, music and images
* Add brands-pages to your favorite websites
* Download all videos of online websites

The 2018 videos downloader automatically detects videos, You can download them in a single click. THE Powerful download manager Allows you to break down and resume downloads, download in the background and download several files at the same time. Preview the video first, Download it quickly and look at it offline.

Important remarks:
• This application does not belong to any social network site and do not have the authorization
• Any unauthorized action (online delivery or content download) and/or any violation of intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user
• This application is intended for 13 -year -old users and +

Download titles to watch them offline

To watch series and offline movies at any time, download them from the Netflix application. Learn more about search, download and viewing videos downloaded below.

To download series or movies, you will need one of these devices with the latest version of the Netflix application installed:

  • Android smartphone or tablet
  • iPhone or iPad
  • Windows 10 and Windows 11 computer
  • Amazon Fire tablet
  • Google Chromebook (with Google Play Store installed)

It is possible that the older versions of operating systems cannot support downloads. Make sure the latest updates are installed on your device.

Find and download a series or a movie

download icon

Find a series or film and search for the download icon to find out if this title is downloadable. You can also filter by downloadable content.

Some titles are not available for download. To find out why, consult this article which contains more information.

To download a series or a film:

  1. Open the Netflix application.
  2. Browse all the titles available for download:
    • iPhone, iPad, Android or Fire devices: Touch my Netflix> Downloads> View titles to download .
    • Windows computer: on the left, click more Plus menu icon> My videos> Find videos to download .
    • Chromebook: Click on downloads> Find videos to download
  3. Select the series or movie you want to download on your device.
    • For movies, select Download Download icon.
    • For series, select the download button Download iconIn view of each episode you want to download.

Seasonal download icon

Android devices and Fire tablets also have a button download the season .

To avoid consuming too much data, we recommend that you stay connected to Wi-Fi during download.

Your offer allows you to download simultaneously up to 100 active titles per device on all the devices included in your subscription.

If you cancel your account, the videos downloaded from your device will be deleted. If you restart your subscription, you will have to download them again.

Offline viewing of series and films downloaded

To be able to access downloaded videos and watch them offline, make sure you are well identified on your Netflix account.

  1. Open the Netflix application.
  2. Access the downloaded videos page:
    • iPhone, iPad, Android or Fire devices: Touch my Netflix> Downloads
    • Windows computers: on the left, click more Plus menu icon> My videos
    • Chromebook: Click on downloads
  3. Choose the title you want to watch, then select Reading Reading button.

If a youth profile is used, it is possible that the series and films downloaded with higher age categories cannot be watched offline.

The downloaded series and movies are available on the device used for download and can be watched from any of your Netflix profiles. The downloaded videos expire after a certain time and the number of annual downloads is limited for certain titles. Once you have finished watching the titles, delete downloads from your device to free up space.

Learn more about downloads

  • How to use Automatic Download
  • How to use Download the following episode
  • How to use personalized downloads
  • How to modify the video quality of a downloaded title
  • How to store videos downloaded on an SD card

Solve frequent download problems

  • Unable to download a series or a movie
  • Why is a title not available for download ?
  • The downloaded title displays “Expired”