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Our urban SUV vehicles

Thus, beyond 1.8 tonnes, a taxation of 10 euros per additional kilo with a ceiling fixed at 10,000 euros will be applicable. It will be added, if necessary, to the ecological penalty in force for cars emitting more than 133 grams of CO2 in 2021 (128 in 2022, then 123 in 2023). There sum of these two taxes will not exceed 40,000 euros in 2022 and 50,000 euros in 2023.

SUV Prix

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4×4, Used SUV & Crossover –

Porsche Macan

€ 73,780 or from € 1,010 / month

Fiat 500 x

BMW X5 G05

3.0 xDrive30D 265 m Sport

€ 63,490 or from € 830 / month

Volkswagen ID.4


Land Rover Discovery Sport Phase 2

1.5 phev 300 r-dynamic is

66,230 € or from 900 € / month


Land Rover Discovery Sport

Renault Kadjar Phase 2

20,130 € or from 280 € / month

Opel Grandland X

1.6 Hybrid 224 Elegance Business

€ 32,640 or from € 440 / month

Peugeot 2008 II

1.2 PureTech 100 Active

€ 20,940 or from 280 € / month

Land Rover Range Rover Velar

5.0 550 SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition


DS 3 CrossBack

Mercedes class GL

Volvo XC40

2.0 D4 190 First Edition

DS 3 CrossBack

1.5 BlueHDI 130 Rivoli

Opel Crossland Phase 2

1.5 Diesel 110 Elegance

Land Rover Range Rover Sport II Phase 2

2.0 p400e 404 hse dynamic

Land Rover Range Rover IV

4.4 SDV8 339 Autobiography

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Our urban SUV vehicles

With their sporting look design, compact SUVs offer enough interior space for long family trips. SUVs are also more versatile than sedans thanks to their large storage space. Thanks to their high and comfortable driving position, SUVs move easily in an urban environment.

Cut for urban adventure, discover the Toyota SUVs

Under dimensions perfectly suited to the city, the Yaris Cross hybrid and is an authentic compact SUV offering a high driving position and a leading habitability. With its diamond design, the Toyota C-HR Hybrid exudes dynamism while its performance illustrates the power of its character.

Yaris Cross Hybrid

As urban as SUV. The Yaris Cross Hybrid is an authentic compact SUV offering a high driving position and a leading habitability, all under dimensions perfectly suited to the city.

With our latest generation hybrid system at the cutting edge of technology, a 4 -wheel drive all -wheel drive system (according to finish), the Yaris Cross Hybrid offers real control by all time.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid

The hybrid Toyota C-HR was designed for those who aspire to bite life to the fullest and consider their car as an extension of their personality. The Toyota crossover displays a body inspired by diamonds and muscular wheel arches that highlight its robustness. He married the aerodynamics of a line lowered with a raised driving position and the silhouette of a coupe. But the Toyota C-HR is a 5-door ! This Toyota C-HR Hybrid also offers a level of equipment adapted to the most demanding customers.

Main equipment available on the Toyota C-HR hybrid range (according to finish)

  • LED front and rear lights with sequential LED front indicators
  • Rain detector and automatic lighting of lights
  • Smart parking aid system
  • Deadly angle warnings & rear traffic
  • JBL® audio system (eight speakers and a subwoofer)

The icon evolves

New Toyota C-HR, soon available

Toyota Rav4

No compromise. The hybrid rav4 has been designed to stand out. Its innovative hybrid technology allows it to recharge itself by driving, so that you can enjoy the pleasures of electric driving at any time, without having to worry about connecting it. And aboard its interior as comfortable as it is spacious, you can sail in town as well as off in complete safety. No longer choose between style, security and freedom: take everything.

The hybrid rav4 claims a sharp and robust design, while presenting an exceptional space on board. And be reassured; Thanks to its security equipment allowing you to take the road with a peaceful mind, it is not just a style effect. RAV4 is comfortable on all roads and will guarantee you a secure driving at any time.

Whether it is cities restricting their access to the most polluting vehicles, on the holiday motorway or off the beaten track, it will never be outdone. The front passengers benefit from a raised seat and enveloping seats, studied to guarantee maintenance and comfort at all times. At the back, the shoulder and the head space is generous, and the leg space has been further increased, to allow everyone to be comfortable.

With the Toyota Safety Sense TM of second generation, our active safety technologies have been improved to pass driving aids to high speed. But don’t fear: you will always keep control.

Rechargeable hybrid rav4

Power and technology concentrate. Outside and inside, stylistic details give the SUV a more refined sport look. The bow wears a dark cover on the grille on the specific pattern. A new chromed look molding at the base of the shield underlines the robustness and the component of the vehicle.

The rechargeable hybrid RAV4 benefits from an exemplary dynamic made possible by the GA-K platform and the installation of the hybrid battery under the floor which gives it greater stability.

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a hybrid vehicle without compromise. Capable of both swallowing the kilometers on the highway while keeping CO2 emissions contained in urban areas. Choose from the different modes: normal, eco, sport and EV, for an ever more personalized driving experience.

With a motorization 2.5l Hybrid Dynamic Forcetm and its incomparable driving pleasure, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid offers optimal performance. Benefit from several driving modes: normal, Eco, Sport or EV. Whatever the mode chosen, you will find acceleration, power and responsiveness, as well as a silent and comfortable pipe.

The efficiency of the daily hybrid system

Motorization 2.5L Hybrid Dynamic Forcetm offers a 2 -ton towing capacity. In addition, the AWD-I system (standard throughout the range) is a real asset for ever more security. The additional rear electric motor – independent of the main engine – distributes an additional motor force to the rear wheels, removing the front wheels skating.

Exemplary habitability and versatility

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid can transport up to seven people, with a generous space for the legs wherever they sit and a breathtaking panoramic roof (optional). Its interior can adapt to everything you need to transport with a largely sufficient trunk volume for passenger luggage.

Toyota Bz4X

The 100% electric all -terrain SUV. With its robust and slender style, the Toyota BZ4X is as comfortable in town as in the wilderness thanks to a modern and elegant silhouette. Competitive in terms of autonomy* and easy to recharge, the Toyota BZ4X 100% electric Toyota gives you the freedom to go where the road takes you. Embark on a trip aboard this electric vehicle and discover new driving sensations. * Autonomy can vary depending on the finish and transmission.

Learn more

Frequent questions (FAQ)

Which electric SUV to choose ?

Vehicles with an imposing template, SUV cars are gradually starting to win on the 100% electric market and thus come to garnish the offer of vehicles at zero emission of CO2. The latter, increasingly popular with car manufacturers, was not the least provided on the market.

In order to choose your motorized SUV with electrified energy, it will first be necessary Take advantage of the performance in terms of announced autonomy, recharge time but also to the accepted load power. The sensitivity of the purchaser to the outer lines and the interior design of the vehicle will also be as many elements that will promote the choice of the electric SUV.

Which rechargeable hybrid SUV to choose ?

With a reduced cost of use through its Double petrol-electricity engine, The rechargeable hybrid SUV is a versatile vehicle which will allow all motorists to drive anywhere uncompromising on driving habits. Perfect alloy of power and technology while presenting a very refined sporting look, the Toyota Rav4 family SUV rechargeable hybrid and its 100% electric autonomy will be the ally of travelers thanks to the comfort he offers, but also to the spacious side of his interior.

What are the SUV taxes ?

A Weight tax on vehicles over 1800 kilograms will come into force on January 1, 2022. Regarding cars sold or newly registered on French soil, this weight penalty will directly impact SUVs and other private vehicles with imposing weight.

Thus, beyond 1.8 tonnes, a taxation of 10 euros per additional kilo with a ceiling fixed at 10,000 euros will be applicable. It will be added, if necessary, to the ecological penalty in force for cars emitting more than 133 grams of CO2 in 2021 (128 in 2022, then 123 in 2023). There sum of these two taxes will not exceed 40,000 euros in 2022 and 50,000 euros in 2023.

Which urban SUV to choose ?

Real variation of their small city sisters, urban SUVs are above all dedicated to use in the city. Of a higher, customizable, more family and compact standing, small SUVs are increasingly prized by French.

If their success is based above all on their design and their adventurous side, they are also acclaimed for the comfort of their high driving position. Compact SUV with measurements fully adapted to the city, the Toyota Yaris Cross And its latest generation hybrid motorization is the best compromise to enjoy the advantages of the SUV while reducing its ecological impact.