Top 5 analog photo applications to transform your feed, best iPhone applications for Polaroid effect photos

Best iPhone applications for Polaroid effect photos

The originality of this application lies in the possibility of incorporating a video or a second image in your Polaroid image, in order to use the AR function.

Top 5 analog photo applications to transform your feed

Analog photos come back in fashion and you would like to surf the trend, but you do not have the necessary budget for such a camera ? Do not worry ! No need to invest all your savings in professional equipment. Some applications do work very well and allow you to enhance your photos at a lower cost. Discover 5 analog photo applications to transform your phone and at the same time your Instagram feed.

1# Adobe Photoshop camera

We no longer present the adobe suite. But maybe the application Adobe Photoshop camera You are still unknown. Available on Android and iOS, it is very easy to use.

The application offers a important library of objectives. In the “Film Effects” section, you can download the “analog” lens. Once the latter has been downloaded, you have the choice between 10 filters with different leaks of light and a silver grain. They also take up imperfections so much appreciated by silver photos. Even after having photographed, it is always possible to change the filter.

Our favorite filter ? The second of the analog objective. In addition to his pretty light leaks, he reveals scriptures like film bands.



VSCO has proven itself for many years. Downloadable for Android and for iOS, the app is well suited for amateur photographers as professionals.

For shooting, only one choice is possible: the “Retro” camera. On the other hand, you can adjust theIntensity of light leaks. After taking a cliché, a preselection of filters is proposed by the app. Our favorite filter: the “M3”, which brings a warm temperature to the photo.

The negative point of the app ? The features are very limited in freemium. To record the photo or retouching it, the subscription will therefore be a must.

Analog photo applications VSCO

3# Huji Cam

For the nostalgic of the case, we named: Huji Cam. The app, available for iOS and Android, offers to create an impression dating from the late 90s, but not only. The complete experience of the disposable device is recreated: viewfinder, trigger and development of the film photo.

To see the result, head to the Photo Labo. Regarding the photographic rendering, random leaks of light in aged colors, the illusion is perfect ! The date is even added on the photo version year 1998.

Huiji Cam

4# Dazz Cam

DAZZ CAM is surely the most appreciated app for lovers of vintage cameras. Only available on iOS, she leaves you Camera Desired: NT16, Insta SQC, CT2F, S Classic … The panel is wide, both for the photo and for the video.

Once the photo is taken, the retro look applies and the rendering is incredible. The surprise effect is the same as when you had to wait to discover photo prints.

Beyond the final rendering, the experience is immersive. The choice of the type of device is very pleasant and the photos produced conform to reality.

Analog photo applications Dazz Cam

5# Daze Cam

Simplistic app, but no less efficient, Daze Cam offers photos with a vintage look. Please note, the application is only available on iOS .

Start by photographing by helping you with the optical viewfinder and visualizes the rendering in the gallery. You can apply a filter and modify different post-processing settings, such as light leaks, blur or grain.

Small negative point, it is not possible to take a selfie.

Best iPhone applications for Polaroid effect photos

Mobile applications that allow you to transform and get Polaroid effect photos in a few seconds, discover the Top 5!

  • 1998 CAM – Vintage Camera
  • VNTG Vintage photo cameras
  • Rénocam: Photo & Effect Filter
  • Polaroid Originals
  • Xnretro

Being excellent successors in compact cameras, mobile phones are very useful for taking and sharing photos on social networks.

Comfortable, light and very versatile, they are able to offer us photos with filters according to various needs. The Polaroid effect was a success at one time, today it continues to personalize the photos thanks to applications.

Discover my top 5 of the best iPhone applications to take polaroid effect photos, which you can print with a Portable printer for iPhone For example !

1998 CAM – Vintage Camera

Available on iOS and on Android, the 1998 CAM application is much appreciated by lovers of photography. This is the most popular free selfie photo application in 2020. She is able to create and personalize images with a retro style ! Inspired by the most used vintage camera in 1998, this application includes an infinity of characteristics that allow you to modify photos as a real specialist.

1998 CAM - Vintage Camera

You will find more than 100 color filters, various random light leaks, a delayer and no watermark will bother you. There is the possibility of adding a date stamp if you wish, to import photos from the gallery, or to change the filters and the intensity of the effects in real time when taking photos.

Being free and requiring any subscription to take full advantage of the application, 1998 CAM deserves its place in this ranking.

VNTG Vintage photo cameras

VNTG Vintage Photo Cameras is in my opinion the ideal application to create and organize photo albums. This allows you to apply realistic fonts, exclusive and aged filters, different edges of borders, various photo adjustment tools, then contains vintage and colorful textures.

VNTG also offers high -quality retro format print service. Thanks to this service, it is possible to receive your impressions directly at home.

VNTG Vintage photo cameras

This application offers various VNTG cameras, each with a style adapted to the period at which it belongs. These offer more possibilities with regard to the personalization of photos. If you wish, you can opt for VNTG Pro membership, which will allow you to access all the available cameras and those in special editions for the holidays.

Rénocam: Photo & Effect Filter

I advise you to install Rétocam if you want to recreate the retro sensation in the most realistic and fastest way. Rélocam perfectly imitates the photographic style of the 80s. Its characteristics are very close to the 1998 CAM application, however it contains less personalization content.

Rénocam: Photo & Effect Filter

You have the choice between modifying the colors, the declaration, the saturation, the sticker, the reflections and the shadows as much as you wish. A complete set capable of bringing an artistic touch to your photos !

Polaroid Originals

Your analog instant photos will be exceptional with this application. Understanding various creative tools, Polaroid Originals is a free application with various options. With this application, you can change all your photos, to create images with a Polaroid effect using the Polaroid laboratory. It is also possible to add to your images of the collages of two, three, four, six or nine frames.

The originality of this application lies in the possibility of incorporating a video or a second image in your Polaroid image, in order to use the AR function.

Polaroid Originals IPhone Application

Take advantage of this adaptation of the Onestep +camera, which can use a portrait mode, a double exposure, a delay, a noise trigger or a manual mode. When your images are personalized, you can use an integrated scanner to record high quality digital copies, or share them directly on your social networks.


Compatible with OS X 10.5.0 and subsequent versions, Xnretro is a free application that requires less than 30 MB to be installed on your mobile phone or computer. It allows you to apply frames, various light effects, various color effects and personalize the contrast, the brightness and the saturation of the images, the total for a superb Polaroid effect. The paid version also has high -resolution images export.

In my opinion it is not a very complete application, but it is in the ease of creation and the speed of personalization of images that is the magic of this application. If you want to make images with a vintage or instant effect in a simple and fast way. This application will undoubtedly be very useful to you !