Top 4 of the best cheap VPNs: which one to choose?, Cheap VPN: essential offers to subscribe at a low price

Cheap VPN

However, the price is not the only criterion to take into account because some inexpensive VPNs are sometimes doubtful. While with NordVPN, you will have the certainty of unparalleled security.

Top 4 of the best cheap VPNs: which one to choose ?

If as more and more Internet users you want to buy a VPN to improve your experience on the web, then you are certainly trying to get the best VPN at an affordable price. You are aware that it is not enough to go to any VPN at low prices, it is also necessary that on return, the quality of the service is at the rendezvous. This is why we have gathered, for you, the best cheap VPNS, with the most advantageous quality/price ratio.

How to recognize a good cheap VPN ?

A good cheap VPN is characterized by an offer at a reduced price accompanied by a quality service. It is important to choose a VPN whose performance will satisfy you.

The main aspects of a good cheap VPN are: safety level, speed and ease of use. The VPNs that we are going to present to you group together these three essential elements, despite their low prices. That’s why you are not going to be disappointed.

We also note that a good cheap VPN must have a high number of servers across different countries (including the main ones like France, the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom … )). Indeed, the more servers there will be in each country and the less they will be overloaded. Your internet experience will therefore be all the more fluid.

9000 servers

91 covered country

45 days satisfied or refunded

7 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : An excellent VPN with a very large network

5500 servers

60 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

6 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : A very good VPN for safety and anonymity

Private Internet Access

27000 servers

45 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

10 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : Very low prices for a quality offer

3200 servers

100 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

Connections unlimited

Our opinion : The best value market price

The top 4 cheap VPNs:

  • Cyberghost VPN
  • Northern
  • Private Internet Access
  • Surfhark VPN

Presentation of the best cheap VPNS

Now that you know how to choose a cheap VPN, we will without further delay attack with the first of our ranking: Cybergghost.

1) VPN cyberghost

Interface of L

  • Number of servers: 9000+
  • Number of covered countries: 90+
  • Price: € 2.19/month (over 2 years + 2 free months)
  • 45 -day warranty satisfied or refunded

If you are looking for a cheap VPN, the best candidate we recommend is Cyberghost. This supplier based in Romania has the asset to offer very cheap prices while being complete but also very fast.

Here are the positive points about Cyberghost:

  • The rapidity
  • The application for smartphones
  • Does not keep any logs, P2P and Bittorrent which works
  • Servers optimized for streaming
  • Ease of use
  • 7 simultaneous connections per account
  • Ultra competitive pricing
  • Very large network of servers
  • Customer assistance in French

If you are wondering which offer to choose, and the most attractive offer turns out to be the one for 2 years. Thus, you will pay an unbeatable price of just over € 2 per month and will benefit from 2 free free months.

There are variants over 6 months and 1 month, but these are less attractive. Especially since the 1 month subscription has a satisfied or reimbursed warranty of only 14 days against 45 days for other subscriptions.

There is therefore no risk to test this excellent cheap VPN that will meet all your expectations.

You will understand, Cyberghost remains of impeccable quality despite its low prices. This is what won its millions of monthly users.

This VPN supplier has the distinction of having a considerable infrastructure with more than 9,000 servers through 90 different countries. Which explains its phenomenal speed.

Cyberghost also provides a multi-support VPN application that preserves anonymity. You will then benefit from complete protection for your online activities.

The servers dedicated for streaming and download that this VPN sets up – and that we detail in our opinion on Cyberghost, as well as its very good customer assistance, testify to the quality of the service offered.

To sum up, we have a cheap, efficient and easy to use VPN that will meet the needs of its users. Cyberghost is really in the elbow with NordVPN.

Read our article presenting current promotions at Cyberghost to take advantage of the most advantageous prices.

2) NordVPN

Nordvpn Windows App

  • Number of servers: 5800+
  • Number of covered countries: 60
  • Price: € 3.35/month (for 2 years)
  • Guarantee satisfied or refunded 30 days

NordVPN is a VPN having proven itself worldwide. Therefore, NordVPN is an excellent candidate for us among the best cheap VPNS on the market. In addition to a very high quality service and unique features, NordVPN offers a very affordable long -term subscription.

By choosing NordVPN you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Tor Navigation Server
  • Doublevpn server
  • No logs
  • Compatible with streaming platforms
  • Filter against trackers and malware (Cybersec)
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Excellent flow
  • Over 5,800 servers in 60 countries
  • Support reachable 24/7/365
  • Protection for P2P
  • Nordlynx house protocol

In order to pay your northern subscription as expensive as possible, you will have to favor the offer over 2 years which turns out to be the most profitable. Thus, you will spend barely more than € 3 per month.

In case you like to fall back on a shorter subscription, there are also offers over 1 year or 1 month, but the latter are actually much more expensive than the initial offer. Especially since all offers have a satisfied or reimbursed warranty of 30 days. In this case, you might as well go towards the best offer and test the best cheap VPN without obligation and without any condition.

However, the price is not the only criterion to take into account because some inexpensive VPNs are sometimes doubtful. While with NordVPN, you will have the certainty of unparalleled security.

This VPN supplier has many qualities with regard to the blockages on the Internet and/or geographic restrictions in order to access the blocked sites in his country.

NordVPN also has a broadband connection and a “Nordlynx” house protocol allowing much more fluid web traffic.

On the other hand, we can note that the design of the application is very attractive and very ergonomic. Nothing could be simpler than using NordVPN !

All of these reasons therefore explain why NordVPN rose among the highest walks of this ranking of the best cheap VPNs for 2023. You will not be at all disappointed if you opt for this supplier.

3) Private Internet Access VPN

Interface of L

  • Number of servers: 26000+
  • Number of covered countries: 77
  • Price: less than € 2/month (over 3 years + 3 free months)
  • 30 -day guarantee satisfied or refunded

We continue our ranking with a really accessible VPN. These are private internet access. This supplier is a little less known in France and in Europe but values ​​its 10 years of experience for the benefit of its reliability.

Here is what Private Internet Access (PIA) offers you:

  • Compatible with P2P download
  • Protection of up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Blocking advertisements and trackers
  • No bandwidth limit
  • Huge network of servers
  • No logs kept on its servers

If the idea of ​​subscribing to a subscription to Private Internet Access tempts you, then we recommend the most economical offer, that is to say the offer for less than € 2 years over a period of 3 years. This will also allow you to get 3 more months in addition.

You could also go to a year subscription which remains very reasonable for just over € 3 per month. Among our ranking, Private Internet Access is the VPN which offers the cheapest offer with regard to one year subscriptions.

Private Internet Access turns out to be highly efficient and this is explained by the use of openvpn and wireguard protocols. These will allow you to take advantage of excellent flows once your active protection.

Private Internet Access also guarantees compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS devices, or with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera in the form of an extension.

Finally, Private Internet Access is a VPN that will satisfy you. It deserves its place among the best inexpensive VPNS.

4) Surfshark VPN

Interface of L

  • Number of servers: 3200+
  • Number of covered countries: 100
  • Price: € 2.30/month (for 24 months + 2 free months)
  • 30 -day guarantee satisfied or refunded

Our ranking ends with Surfshark, a recent VPN supplier and therefore with less seniority than his opponents. This explains the very competitive pricing of this VPN aiming to compete with the market.

Surfshark will offer you the following elements:

  • Policy for the absence of newspapers
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Support available 24/7 via a live cat
  • Quality encryption and effective protection against leaks
  • Cleanweb functionality to avoid being “followed” on the internet
  • Support of the main streaming platforms

Surfshark offers an offer to just over € 2, on which you are committed for 2 years.

This is the subscription that we recommend to you, because the longer your commitment and the less you pay every month.

So, if you were not satisfied, you can always obtain a full refund at any time within 30 days of your purchase.

Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands, where data preservatives are nonexistent. A detail that makes the difference and allows us to trust their no-log policy.

In addition, if you are a streaming lover, this VPN will suit you perfectly. Indeed, he manages to unlock more than 15 international catalogs from large SVOD platforms.

The application interface has a very ergonomic design which guarantees use without the slightest difficulty. Although it does not strictly speaking a free VPN for Mac, its satisfied or reimbursed period will allow you to test it without risk.

You will also appreciate the excellent flow rates and the weak ping of the servers of this service.

Finally, Surfshark is undoubtedly one of the best cheap VPNS. Its storage of foolproof data as well as its impressive connection speeds will not leave you indifferent.

Are cheap VPNs secure ?

Now that you know our 4 favorite cheap 4 VPNs, we will linger a little more in detail on the specificities of these cheap VPNs.

Using a cheap VPN, you may have to ask yourself questions about the reliability and safety of the latter. So far, we have presented you the best cheap VPNS in which we can have total confidence.

Unfortunately, there are inexpensive but doubtful VPNs, which could compromise your online safety.

In order to distinguish the voucher from bad, here are the risks you might face if you use a VPN whose reliability leaves something to be desired.

The risks of a non-secure VPN

The first risk would be the leakage of your data. Indeed, your IP address, DNS request and even your geographic location may be disclosed against you.

Some VPNs are not serious enough and do not guarantee absolute security.

It is not impossible that dishonest VPN suppliers resell your information to ill -intentioned people. This is why your VPN must be equipped with the non-conservation of data (NO-LOG), so that your online activities and even your navigation history are not kept.

The required functions

Kill Switch and Split-Tunneling feature are also essential for a good VPN. The Kill Switch will automatically cut your Internet traffic if you are subject to a problem of connection with the VPN. On the other hand, split-tunneling is a function that will allow you to choose the applications to be protected by VPN and keep a good connection on these applications.

However, it will be necessary to pay attention to that these features work properly so that you are not exposed.

Kill Switch NordVPN

Customer support

Finally, the customer support of your VPN supplier may be unsatisfactory or even pitiful. As a general rule, we often contact customer support, however, no service is perfect and it may be that we meet a problem or want to ask a question.

Customer support must therefore be responsive and respond to customer requests.

The 4 VPNS of our ranking each have impeccable customer support reachable 24/7 via their cat online.

On the other hand, they have functionalities explained previously in order to guarantee you impeccable security.

What to choose between cheap and free VPN VPN ?

This is obvious, a free VPN will never surpass a cheap VPN in our ranking for example.

To start, a cheap VPN will guarantee you security that free VPN will not be able to guarantee.

Most of the time, free VPNs have a fuzzy privacy policy, bulky advertisements, the absence of Kill Switch and Protocols such as OpenVPN, Wireguard or Ikev2 as well as defaulting features.

So you expose yourself to a risk if you choose to use a free VPN. Your personal data and your activities on the internet could be traceable and then go back to you.

In addition, using a free VPN will not offer you a pleasant experience on connection speed. You will certainly meet big slowdowns or even be suddenly disconnected from a site that you consult.

While if you opt for a cheap VPN (like NordVPN, Cyberghost, Private Internet Access or Surfshark) you will benefit from a multitude of optimized servers without any bug.

NordVPN servers

You can also enjoy an unlimited bandwidth, which is not the case for free VPNs. In addition, you will not suffer any latency. A plus that will allow you to look without interruption of exclusive streaming content that you will have unlocked with your cheap VPN.

The vast majority of free VPNs do not allow access to certain streaming platforms.

The last advantage offered by a cheap VPN in comparison with a free VPN is P2P download.

Generally, free VPNs do not allow the download and transfer of P2P files. So if you want to download in P2P and benefit from a powerful download speed, opt for a cheap VPN, you will not regret it.

Conclusion: which affordable VPN to choose ?

Cyberghost, NordVPN, Private Internet Access and Surfhark clearly dominate the Virtual Private Network market thanks to their unrivaled value for money.

For 2 to 3 € per month, they offer you all the qualities that a good VPN must have. And as explained previously, it is better to favor a cheap but efficient VPN, rather than a free VPN that could be dangerous, would put your personal data in danger and do not guarantee you a good experience.

Following our analysis of the best inexpensive offers, we strongly advise you to take out a subscription to Cyberghost for less than € 3 per month over a period of 2 years. The longer your commitment, the higher your monthly rate will be high. This is valid for all VPNS presented (Cyberghost, NordVPN, Private Internet Access and Surfshark). In addition, you have the right to a satisfied or reimbursed warranty for a month or more depending on the supplier you choose. So there is not to hesitate, to test one of the cheap VPNs of our top 4 is really without risk and you will be completely satisfied with it.

Frequent questions about this software

We will now answer questions that you are likely to ask yourself on cheap VPNS.

What is the best cheap VPN ?

Cyberghost is considered to be the best cheap VPN service. It has a remarkable level of security, impressive ease of use and unbeatable performance, while being cheap.

Can we trust a cheap VPN ?

It is true that the safety of some inexpensive VPNS leaves something to be desired, which is why it is necessary to trust a cheap VPN only when it meets the criteria of VPNS in our ranking.

This is worth paying for a VPN ?

Subscribing to a VPN subscription is indeed the best solution if you want a quality service, better features and the guarantee that your data will remain secure.

This content is offered to you by a team independent of the editorial staff 01net. The editorial staff did not participate in the production of this guide on VPNs. 01net is likely to receive remuneration when a purchase is made via the integrated links.

Cheap VPN: essential offers to subscribe at low prices

There is no need to pay large sums to enjoy a quality VPN. A cheap VPN is therefore not systematically a solution of little confidence. Even the best are obtained today at very reasonable prices thanks to regular promotions.

NordVPN logo

Satisfied or refunded 30 days
6 maximum simultaneous connections

Complete characteristics of NordVPN.

Cyberghostvpn logo

Satisfied or refunded 45 days
7 maximum simultaneous connections

Complete characteristics of Cyberghost VPN.

Purevpn logo

Satisfied or refunded 31 days
10 maximum simultaneous connections

Complete characteristics of purevpn VPN.

Surfhark VPN logo

Satisfied or refunded 30 days
Unlimited simultaneous connections

Complete characteristics of VPN Surfhark.

The use of VPNs is constantly increasing. More and more Internet users are turning to these solutions to ensure their anonymity as well as the protection of their online activities. There are many VPN suppliers, but not all of them are. To protect yourself effectively, it is important to choose a trust VPN.

Several cheap VPNs offer this insurance, but you still have to know them. Like the mobile package market, there is constant Promotional offers to subscribe to a low -cost VPN subscription. In this file, we help you make a choice that you will not regret. The good news is that even the best on the market are at very competitive prices if you decide to subscribe to several months.

  • Cheap VPN: the best offers for a low price subscription
  • NordVPN: from € 3.29 per month
  • Cyberghost VPN: from € 2.19 per month
  • Surfhark VPN: Subscription from € 2.49 per month
  • Purevpn: from € 2.08
  • Why choose a cheap VPN rather than a free VPN ?
  • Comments

Cheap VPN: the best offers for a low price subscription

Discover our selection of best offers to subscribe to a cheap VPN. We see good plans regularly that allow you to spend less. But beware: by looking for an accessible price, you should not make a hazardous choice. Because low -cost solutions are not always reliable.

This is why it is important to know what a quality VPN is. We will help you in this guide to select a cheap offer while enjoying highly qualitative services.

NordVPN: from € 3.29 per month


NordVPN logo

Satisfied or refunded 30 days
6 maximum simultaneous connections

Complete characteristics of NordVPN.

See the NordVPN offer

NordVPN recently recastt of its offer by sawing it in three separate formulas: Essential, advanced and ultimate. The whole from € 3.29 per month if you choose the 2 -year subscription. The basic formula incorporates VPN, antivirus protection and an advertising block.

The “advanced” formula also offers a Password manager (Nordpass) and a vulnerability scanner. Finally, by choosing the complete formula, you benefit in addition to a secure 1 TB secure cloud storage (Nordlocker). For each formula, you have the choice between one month, one year or 2 years subscriptions.

One month is obviously the most expensive. It is offered at € 12.99 for the essential formula, € 14.19 for the advanced subscription and finally € 15.69 for the ultimate formula. The one -year subscription is billed respectively € 4.59, € 5.79 and € 7.29 for essential, advanced and ultimate formulas.

Finally, if you choose the 2 -year subscription, you benefit from a reduction from 57% to 63%. The final price therefore comes back to you at € 3.29; € 4.49 and € 5.99 respectively for the various formulas. This promotion allows you to subscribe to this VPN by enjoying a cheap price. And this is one of the best solutions in the category.

This is what emerges from our full NordVPN test if you want our opinion on the service. Millions of users turn to the latter to take advantage of a secure connection. The supplier has more than 5,000 servers around the world and you can connect for at least 60 countries.

One of the NordVPN forces is the guarantee of among the highest flows on the market. You will therefore be able to streaming in 4K, watch TV or even play online thanks to comfortable Internet speeds. By taking a subscription, you can connect up to 6 devices. Finally, the interface of this cheap, but very qualitative VPN is easy to handle.

NordVPN’s strengths ::

  • Very high flows.
  • Easy to hand interface.
  • VPN No-LOG which does not keep the traces of your online activities.
  • Good value for money.
  • Location in Panama, a court belonging to any surveillance alliance.
  • Homemade protocols Nordlynx Based on Wireguard.
  • AES-256 bits encryption.
  • Simultaneous connection on up to 6 devices.
  • Compatible with Torrent downloads.
  • Antivirus protection, password manager and integrated cloud storage.