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Therefore, if he wants to stand out, he is forced to offer both a high quality offer, but competitive prices. So we ranked it third on the cheapest VPN podium.

Cheap VPN: the best offers, and those to flee

If, as always more Internet users, you want to buy a VPN without breaking the bank, you are certainly looking for cheap VPNs. There are very good ones who are doing their mission, but you still have to be vigilant. Indeed, looking at all costs the cheapest offers is not the best behavior to adopt. It is important not to find the cheapest VPNs, but those that offer excellent value for money.

Top 3 Best Cheap VPNs

If you want to equip yourself with the best cheap VPN of 2023 but you still want to benefit from all the features of a Virtual Private Network without compromising your safety, here are three suppliers that should please you.

9000 servers

91 covered country

45 days satisfied or refunded

7 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : An excellent VPN with a very large network

5500 servers

60 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

6 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : A very good VPN for safety and anonymity

3200 servers

100 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

Connections unlimited

Our opinion : The best value market price

Cyberghost: the plan at € 2.19 / month

Among our favorite cheap VPNs, we find Cyberghost in first position. This Virtual Private Network -based supplier based in Romania offers everything you can expect from a premium VPN. Indeed, although its prices are low, it has not skimped on the development of its service.

He offers, for example, the largest infrastructure currently with more than 9,000 servers in 90 countries. It changes Free VPNs which cover only 3 or 4 countries and put a dozen servers available.

What is the most advantageous offer ?

Cyberghost is positioned among the most affordable quality VPN suppliers with its long -term plans. Its prices are regularly updated but they are still very economical. Right now, the 2 -year package is the most interesting. Set at only € 2.19 monthly, it comes with 2 months of free subscription more.

Prix ​​Cyberghost VPN subscriptions

As in the majority of cases, the subscription to the service is settled in a single payment. In this case for the service subscription for 2 years you will have to pay € 56.94. If you do not wish to engage in such a long period, other offers at competitive prices are available to you:

  • 1 month at 11.99 €
  • 6 months which costs € 6.99/month

Aside from the 1 month subscription which has only 14 days satisfied or reimbursed, all other Cyberghost subscriptions benefit from a 45 -day reimbursement guarantee. So you don’t take much risk to test the supplier. You will discover for yourself that it deserves its place among the cheapest VPNs of 2023.

What are his strength ?

Low price does not mean poor quality offer. Cyberghost proves it with its cutting -edge VPN and listening and very efficient customer assistance. It offers a multi-support VPN application that protects its online activities and preserving its confidentiality everywhere.

Cyberghost VPN Windows Application

With an impressive infrastructure covering no less than 90 countries, Cyberghost is worth the detour. VPN also provides dedicated servers for streaming and download.

This VPN supplier has many advantages to justify its millions of monthly users. We can notably mention the following:

  • Global coverage in 90 countries
  • Servers optimized for streaming and P2P
  • 7 simultaneous connections per account
  • Customer assistance in French
  • 45 days satisfied or refunded

If you hesitate to subscribe to its VPN service and want to know more, we return to detail on its advantages and disadvantages in our Cyberghost review.

NordVPN: a full subscription at € 3.35 / month

Known worldwide, NordVPN is not only a very good VPN supplier, but it is also very affordable when you plan its long -term plans. Although it is not positioned among the cheapest VPNs on short-term subscriptions, it becomes very attractive when it comes to annual or bi-annual package.

Thanks to the quality of its VPN tool and its unique features, it deserves its place in our ranking of the best most economical VPNs in 2023 without the least.

What is the best offer ?

If you want to benefit from this low -cost VPN, you will imperatively have to engage in the long term since its prices are decreasing. Indeed, its subscriptions for 1 month and 1 year are relatively expensive. The goal is, as often, to encourage you to commit yourself for a long time. This is exactly the same principle as what is found in mobile operators, for example.

NordVPN Subscription Price

Right now, the best NordVPN offer costs € 3.35 per month. The subscription costs less than € 85, which is more than reasonable when you know that you will benefit from the VPN for two years and that an account includes 6 simultaneous connections. This allows you to equip all your equipment without paying supplements.

Like its competitors, NordVPN offers alternatives on shorter durations:

  • 1 month at 12.99 €
  • 1 year that returns to € 4.99/month

NordVPN is therefore a very inexpensive VPN, especially when you consider its performance. Here is why we consider it deserves the second position in our comparison of the best cheap VPNs.

The advantages of NordVPN

We will see in the next point that cheap VPNs are sometimes dangerous for your safety. Here, this is not the case. Since its creation in 2012, security has been one of the battle horses in NordVPN. The latter not only offers servers compatible for navigation on the TOR network, double VPN servers for reinforced confidentiality and a filter against trackers and malicious software. We detailed these points in Our full NordVPN test.

NordVPN Windows Application

Security is not the only quality of this VPN supplier which will cost you just over € 3 per month. Indeed, we can also highlight our qualities when it comes to bypassing the blockages on the internet. Whether because of geographic restrictions or government censorship, NordVPN allows users to access the blocked sites in their country.

Finally, we also appreciate the design and ergonomics of its application. Other positive points: its broadband connection and its Nordlynx protocol which further fluidifies web traffic. To summarize, in addition to a mini price, NordVPN is:

  • Ten years of expertise in cybersecurity
  • Over 5,700 servers, including specific (Double VPN, P2P, Over VPN …)
  • A no-log policy certified by independent audits
  • Compatibility on streaming platforms
  • 6 simultaneous connections by subscription
  • A satisfied or reimbursed period of 30 days

It is for all these reasons that NordVPN is number 2 of cheap VPNs. As you can see, the price is not the only criterion to take into account. User experience also greatly contributes to this ranking. You will not regret your choice if you opt for NordVPN. Even if you would not be convinced, you could always take advantage of its 30 -day reimbursement guarantee valid without condition.

Surfhark: the VPN has just over € 2 / month

With the Surfshark VPN, you will combine low and safety pricing. Here, no compromise. If its prices are so low, it is above all because it is delayed to catch up with its competitors. And for good reason, launched in 2018, Surfshark has little seniority compared to its competitors.

Therefore, if he wants to stand out, he is forced to offer both a high quality offer, but competitive prices. So we ranked it third on the cheapest VPN podium.

What is the most economical offer ?

In 2023, the prices carried out by Surfshark increased slightly compared to previous years. Despite everything, its formulas are still worth the detour, especially that over 24 months.

Surfhark VPN subscription price

The most affordable subscription at present is therefore that of 24 months. A unique payment of around 59 € will be requested to finalize the subscription. The cost cost is then € 2.30 per month, which is almost unbeatable (it is made partly possible thanks to the 2 months offered).

You can also choose two other offers:

  • 1 month at 12.95 €
  • 12 months at € 3.99

The prices being decreasing, you can imagine that there is absolutely no interest in selecting the monthly plan, especially since all the subscriptions offered by Surfshark are accompanied by a satisfied or reimbursed period of 30 days. The purchase is therefore guaranteed zero risk.

What are his strength ?

The VPNs that we have selected to you so far combine performance and attractive pricing and surfhark is no exception to the rule. With the latter, your confidentiality will not be compromised (even by paying little). Recently audited, Surfshark VPN undertakes to guarantee the safety and anonymity of its users by masking their source IP address and encrypting their end -to -end data.

Also, we particularly appreciate the ease of use of its application and its clean design. Unlimited simultaneous connections are a real plus.

For just over € 2 per month, you will have access to the following advantages:

  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections
  • A policy of non-logs of the logs
  • Excellent compatibility for streaming
  • Servers compatible for P2P and Multihop (Double VPN)
  • A 30 -day reimbursement guarantee

In short, you understood, it is undeniably one of the best cheap VPNs of the moment. Why is he not The best VPN in our general classification ? Quite simply because there is still lack of servers, country, and that its speed does not equal by far that of ExpressVPN, first in our ranking.

How to choose your VPN supplier ?

As you can see, our goal here has not been to present the cheapest VPNs on the market to you, but those offering both low prices and good performance, without ever compromising your online protection.

It is imperative that you know that many inexpensive VPNs are actually unreliable, not very serious and can really put your safety in danger. To establish this ranking of the best inexpensive VPNs, we therefore analyzed several criteria well before arriving at the analysis and comparison of their pricing.

To choose your cheap VPN, you will have to pay attention to the following points:

Is it secure ?

When we see the costs of certain VPN suppliers, we quickly come to wonder how possible it is. How can a company be profitable with such low prices ?

The answer is often sad to accept, but these suppliers sometimes resell your information. It is imperative to verify that the VPN is “no log”, that is to say that it does not keep any trace or history of your navigation on the Internet. Honest and reliable VPNs generally submit to independent audits. It is a good way to ensure the reliability of a provider.

Also, a good VPN must have the Kill Switch functionality. It is the latter who will ensure your rear even if your VPN connection were to let go of you for a few seconds. Other options integrated into the application strengthen anonymity such as double VPN at NordVPN.

All these characteristics, you will obviously find them with the 3 cheap VPNs that we presented to you above.

Is it efficient ?

Security is the most important point, but it is not the only one to look at. Indeed, it is also essential to ensure that your cheap VPN has not reduced its prices in parallel with its performance.

By performance, we mean both speed, but also stability or access to different features. All suppliers presented here offer excellent speeds, great stability and advantages such as streaming, downloading, censorship bypass, or simply, Anonymous Navigation. Special mention for Cyberghost which offers protection against malware and trackers. NordVPN is also one of the few VPNs to offer onion over VPN servers to go on Tor.

He has a large network ?

The size counts, and yes ! When you choose a low -cost VPN supplier, you have to make sure it still has a large network. The more country and servers, the less overloaded they will be your experience.

We consider that a good VPN must be present in at least 50 countries (including the main ones like France, the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom …) with a minimum number 500 servers.

Recall that Cyberghost, the first in our ranking, has more than 9,000 servers in 90 countries ! At home, low prices do not rhyme with poor offer.

Is customer support ?

Finally, it will be necessary to ensure that the supplier’s customer support is good. The cheapest VPNs that we have presented to you in our ranking all offer customer support that can be reached 24 hours a day by 7 days a week per cat online. This is a real advantage that you will very much appreciate the day you have a question to ask them concerning the operation of your virtual private network.

Other VPNs, much less attractive, offer only email as a means of contact. If you want to wait 2 days to have an answer to your question, it is to them that you will have to turn !

Those to avoid absolutely

We will never recall it enough: to find at all costs to find the most affordable VPN rhymes nothing. Indeed, after a certain price level, it becomes impossible to offer a quality offer, ensuring security and performance.

There are much cheaper VPNs than those we have presented to you, but we can only advise them on you. And for good reason, they have proven in the past their lack of seriousness and reliability.

Among the worst cheap VPNs (which we advise you to avoid), there is in particular:

  • Purevpn (Safety flaw in 2017 with the FBI)
  • Ivacy VPN (horrible speed)
  • Trust Zone (Log storage)
  • Hidemyass (Log storage)

Although these VPN suppliers are not very expensive, we really advise you not to buy them. If you want to make a nice purchase, opt instead for a trust VPN like Cyberghost, NordVPN or Surfshark. All three are very cheap and perfectly secure.

frequently asked Questions

We will briefly summarize some of the most frequent questions about cheap VPNs.

�� What is the cheapest VPN ?

The cheapest VPN while offering a reliable and serious service is Surfhark. Its offer is currently at only € 1.79 / month What is exceptional. In addition, you have 30 days satisfied or reimbursed without condition.

�� Are cheap VPNs reliable ?

Looking at all costs to pay less is not the best idea. Indeed, some suppliers sacrifice security when they lower their price. Few cheap VPNs are then really reliable and serious. Consult our comparison to find rare pearls.

�� What differences between free and inexpensive offers ?

Free offers are extremely limited on many criteria. We think in particular of the bandwidth, the number of servers, the number of countries or the functionalities. With a good cheap VPN, you will have many countries and servers, 24/7 customer support, the possibility of unlocking Netflix.

�� What do we win by paying more ?

Obviously, if some suppliers keep relatively high prices, they must be able to justify them. By paying more, you will have better speed and access to a network of countries and even larger servers. If you want the cream of the cream, you have to be ready to put the money.

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VPN price: How much is a VPN that works in 2023 ?

A VPN strengthens the confidentiality of your Internet connection, but at what price ? How much should we pay for a VPN that is both efficient, robust and reliable ? Subscription rates may vary, but you will undoubtedly find a formula that meets your needs.

If the VPN was still something quite confidential and reserved for a rather special public of users, it has become today a service used by millions of users around the world. A VPN allows many uses: protect your Internet connection on public Wi-Fi networks, get around certain restrictions to access emissions or films, navigate the net anonymously and even lower certain prices.

Take advantage of the NordVPN VPN !

Protection of privacy and top security the Kill Switch functionality to protect your privacy protection against DNS leaks up to 6 different types of connected devices

I take advantage of the offer

Take advantage of the CYBERGHOST VPN !

Quality customer support 45 days satisfied or refunded 7 simultaneous connections per account

I take advantage of the offer

Take advantage of the Surfshark VPN !

Simultaneous unlimited connections 65 covered countries is part of the parent company of NordVPN

I take advantage of the offer

Take advantage of the VPN Expressvpn !

94 covered country satisfied or reimbursed pleasant interface real stability

I take advantage of the offer

Take advantage of the VPN VPN VPN !

Modern interface and intuitive servers dedicated to streaming/P2P VPN accelerator which delivers excellent performance

I take advantage of the offer

And speaking of prices, this is precisely the question that arises: how much a VPN costs ? And above all, how much should we pay for a good VPN, which offers the ideal combination between simplicity of use, number of servers, quality and speed of protocols and transparency of the Privacy Policy ? This question is not so obvious and it essentially depends on your needs. We can still establish certain forks and this is the object of this guide !

What is the price range of a VPN ?

The price of a VPN subscription can vary enormously from one service to another, but also in the various offers of the same supplier. It is difficult to establish a specific price, but let’s say that in general rule, we are in a range between 2 euros per month and 15 euros per month. This difference may seem fairly large, and it is mainly explained by the articulation around several criteria.

The first is the commitment. On this, a VPN responds a little to the same rules as many services available by subscription. Inevitably, if you are committed to a fixed period, you are considered a less “volatile” customer than if you subscribe for a month with the possibility of terminating when you wish. This is why the non -binding prices are always higher than the prices with commitment.

The second variable stems from the first: the longer the duration of engagement, the more the price drops. The same VPN service can therefore offer a monthly offer around 12 euros. If you opt for a 1 year subscription, you will go to 4 or 5 euros per month. And if you choose 2 years, you can enjoy a subscription around 2 euros per month, sometimes even with several months offered.

VPN offer

Prices can also vary depending on the service. Even if the different actors in the VPN world offer fairly close offers, prices are not necessarily the same.

Finally, more and more VPN services offer offers combining their VPN with other services such as an antivirus, a password manager or even a secure online storage space. This can also vary the price of the subscription strongly.

Should we opt for a free VPN ?

We can obviously ask ourselves another question: why pay for a VPN ? Because as for everything, there are free VPNs on the market. This is obviously a possibility, and free VPN does not necessarily mean “VPN which sells your data”. Services like ProtonVPN offer a free offer for users who only wish to anonymize their Internet browsing for reasons that are their own and who do not necessarily need the fastest connection.

Free VPN: the advantages and disadvantages of 0 euro software

Because it is essentially on the quality of the service that the difference will be. Often, a free VPN will leave you a reduced choice of servers when it does not automatically connect you to the nearest server without any other choice. The speed of these servers can also be called into question, as is the amount of data that you can exchange per month or per week. Finally, be careful for less known services: read the conditions of use and privacy policy to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What is the cheapest VPN ?

Here is another question that there is no final answer: what is the cheapest VPN on the market ? And the reason why it is difficult to answer is in the very competitive side of this category of services. With a dozen actors who give themselves a hard competition, the offers are moving all the time, and a VPN can often respond to another with a more advantageous offer, especially on the longest subscription (2 or 3 years) which often the subject of very aggressive promotions.


Thus, if we subscribe to a VPN like Cyberghost or NordVPN, it is often easy to get away with it around 2 or 3 euros per month for 2 or 3 years if we divide the price of the subscription by the number of month. We can therefore get away with a very cheap subscription, and that’s without counting additional offers. Because publishers generally do not stop there, and often slide 2, 3 or even 4 months of free subscription, so that protecting your Internet connection only costs a fraction of what you pay for your access.

How to know which VPN cheap to choose ?

You have probably already been able to realize it, the offer in terms of VPN is overwhelming, with many players on the market. And accordingly, it can be quite difficult to know which one to choose from the offers. Good advice: do not be only available at the lowest price, and determine your needs. If you are looking above all an anonymous connection, your choice will not necessarily be on the same VPN service as if you are looking for a maximum connection speed, additional safety features or the largest possible amount of servers in the greatest number of country. So sift through the offers of the different VPNs on their websites and read our comparison to make your choice.

The writing of BFMTV did not participate in the realization of this content. BFMTV is likely to receive remuneration when one of our readers proceeds to a purchase via the links integrated in this article.