Top 20 cars with the largest chest volume (August 2023), family cars with large trunk

Family cars with large trunk

Mercedes-Benz’s E-Break class appears on the list of excellence breaks, alongside Volvo V90, slightly larger and cheaper, and Practice and Sports BMW 5 Touring Series. So what are the areas in which the E Break class excels ? Pure comfort and luxury, as well as the trunk volume.

Top 20 cars with the largest trunk volume (2023)

If we often seek a spacious cabin, have a car with a large chest can also have its importance. Those who need to house all their luggage when they go on vacation, those who transport their pet or even equipment, know how much one vast sustain Is usefull.

To help you choose your future vehicle, reveals the 20 vehicles with the largest chests. Knowing that, of course, some smaller suits are more functional and more practical than a larger. A detail to check when buying a car.

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Summary of the article

Cars ranking with the largest chest volume

Large chest car

In order to establish this ranking, we based ourselves on 2 criteria:

  • Useful trunk volume
  • Chest volume with folded seats

Top 20 – Skoda Superb

The Czech sedan opens this ranking of large trunk vehicles, with 625 liters of useful trunk and 1760 liters with folded rear seats. Good performance !

Useful volume 625 liters
Rotattus seats volume 1,760 liters

Top 19 – Kia Ceed SW

Useful volume 625 liters
Rotattus seats volume 1,694 liters

Top 18 – Mercedes Gle

Useful volume 630 liters
Rotattus seats volume 2,055 liters



To facilitate storage, the chest of the Mercedes Class Break is square, its gigantic opening (113 cm in width) and its low threshold (60 cm) facilitates the loading of heavy and bulky objects. It is the 3rd largest volume of breaks trunk with a volume of 640 liters (1820 liters folded seats).

To automatically open the trunk, nothing easier: just pass the foot under the shield. Equally practical: the luggage cache is automatically rising to more easily access the loading space.

To snack even more volume, it is possible to fold down the rear seat thanks to an order located next to the seats. The capacity then reaches 1820 liters and the loading length almost 2 meters to the front seats.

Useful volume 640 liters
Rotattus seats volume 1,820 liters

Top 16 – BMW X5

Useful volume 650 liters
Rotattus seats volume 1,870 liters

Top 15 – Volkswagen Passat SW

Useful volume 650 liters
Rotattus seats volume 1,780 liters

Top 14 – Skoda Superb Combi: the Break car to the largest trunk

660 -liter Skoda Superb Break Skoda Break was perfectly thought out. Well integrated design level, it has multiplied the little tips so that loading is facilitated as well as modularity, which makes it one of the biggest breaks.

You have races in your arms ? You just have to pass the foot under the bumper and thus activate the electric tailgate. Square, the Skoda Superb Combi trunk also makes it possible to maximize the storage of large objects. And to fold the rear seat (1/3, 2/3), just activate the controllers.

Finally, by folding the front passenger seat, you will be able to load an object 3.1 meters long. To get this much larger chest, the Superb Combi grew up (4.7 cm in width). Which also benefits in a wide board space. This great performance allows him to be 1st in the large trunk breaks classification !

Useful trunk volume 660 liters
Rotattus seats trunk volume 1,950 liters

Top 13 – BMW X7

Useful volume 750 liters
Rotattus seats volume 1,050 liters

Top 12 – Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne 3.0 s e-hybrid

Useful volume 772 liters
Rotattus seats volume 1,708 liters

Family cars with large trunk

If you are looking for a family car capable of transporting a lot of things, you are in the right place. Here are the best rated family cars that also offer great practicality.

The models that make up this Top 10 do not necessarily have the biggest chests in their category, but are the best family cars on the market and offer an important space adapted to a family that grows and all the cases it should carry.

Whether you want a crossover, a SUV or a break, this list is for you. If you have a lot to transport, discover our family cars with a big trunk.

Skoda Karoq

The Karoq is the intermediate crossover of Skoda, halfway between the smallest Skoda Kamiq and the seven places Skoda Kodiaq . It offers good driving comfort, an excellent range of engines, aesthetic finishes in the cabin, as well as high -flying standard equipment. If it is not as luxurious as the Volkswagen Tiguan, it is not far behind and has a lot of practicality to resell, like all Skoda.

Its VariFlex seats are its main asset. Integrated as standard from the SE L version – and available as an option on the lower models – they replace the rear seat with three individual seats which can slide, fall back or simply be removed from the car to enlarge the volume of the trunk. So if you have small children (but a lot of business), you can completely advance the seats, which will leave you 588 liters of space: great flexibility, therefore, unrivaled in this category. You can also opt for all -wheel drive.

Buyers fond of diesel can choose between 1.6 L and a 2.0 TDI. Both are suitable for towing, but we have a preference for the largest engine and its 150 hp, which has more than sufficient power without sacrificing fuel savings too much.

Peugeot 3008

If you are looking for a crossover, you must absolutely take a look at the Peugeot 3008, if only for its interior, which offers one of the best cabins in its category. Yes, Peugeot made a way by presenting this style SUV. But he has not lost sight of the practicality, since he offers 520 liters of trunk volume, thus beating the Nissan Qashqai .

Nevertheless, it must be said that Peugeot retains a reputation for its electrical faults, and computer problems have already caused failures: it is therefore essential to test the car you covet. There is no entry -level 3008, which makes new models quite expensive, but it also means that used models are very well equipped. To stroll through town, we would opt for the petrol engine 1.2 L; But diesel 1.6 L 130 hp (or 120 hp on less recent models) is the most versatile.

If you fold the seats, you will get 1,670 liters of space. Ikea, here we are ! If you set the floor to the maximum height, you will have a flat loading surface, although the height of the car somewhat complicates the handling of heavy objects.

Class E Break Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz’s E-Break class appears on the list of excellence breaks, alongside Volvo V90, slightly larger and cheaper, and Practice and Sports BMW 5 Touring Series. So what are the areas in which the E Break class excels ? Pure comfort and luxury, as well as the trunk volume.

Class E Break is as sumptuous as it is versatile, with an impressive chest of 1,820 liters (640 liters with the seats in place) capable of accommodating two bikes without the front wheels. If its trunk is slightly smaller than the Skoda Superb Break, class E has a whole bunch of standard technological equipment, making it a good investment.

In petrol version, choose the E200, a 2 engine.0 l four -cylinder turbocharger developing 184 hp. It is fast, but little fuel economy, which is why we would advise you diesel 2.0 L 190 hp, which is excellent for powering a loaded block car without generating excessive expenses. However, if you rarely make journeys over 20 km (15 miles), opt for petrol.

Skoda Superb Break

In the big breaks category, the Superb Break is the one that is closest to perfection. It offers a 660 -liter trunk, which goes to 1,950 liters if you fold the seats, and you will feel there as in a premium model, for a much lower price than its competitors from Audi or BMW. Question value for money, the Skoda is very impressive.

Its huge chest has vertical walls, a wide opening of a tailgate and a low floor which will make your life easier to load and unload various objects, such as bikes. Besides, the trunk can accommodate two adult bikes with the folded seats. But if you don’t want to risk dirtying the interior, Skoda also sells a roof gallery and a bike carrier on coupling. The standard version of the Superb is completely suitable. The basic S model will not leave you hungry, but for us, the SE is a good compromise between luxury and accessibility, with standard bizone air conditioning, lumbar and adaptive cruise control equipment.

Regarding the engines, you cannot be mistaken. The petrol engine 1.5 L is the logical choice for those who do not often carry significant loads or trailer, but which make a lot of small journeys; while diesel 2.0 L 150 hp is suitable for the biggest journeys and heavy loads. If you are looking for a family car with a spacious chest, this is the model that we recommend to you.

Kia Sorento

If you are looking for a real seven -seater spacious for seven adults spread over three rows, the Kia Sorento is made for you. It is one of the best cars that exist in terms of spaciosity, and the latest version is available in hybrid in addition to the diesel engine.

The diesel version is powered by the 2,2 proven CRDI engine of Kia. This four -cylinder engine was already present on the third generation sorento and approximately develops the same power as before, with 202 hp and 440 nm. For those who have a caravan, the Sorento is ideal with its maximum traction capacity of 2,500 kg branded.

The interior of the last Kia Sorento has significant improvements in relation to its predecessor. The adjustment and the finishes are very good, with a lot of soft quality materials to the touch, and all this, without forgetting the seven -year warranty.

Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is an elegant SUV that offers the expected luxury and sophistication. Competent on all levels, its conduct is fluid and comfortable on long journeys, and it is easy to handle in everyday life. Its disadvantages are the few equipment available and its range of relatively poor engines, but that cannot cool buyers who want a. And they are right.

Modern diesel engines remain the most effective to benefit from solid performance while avoiding excessive fuel costs that vehicles of this scale generally represent. So, for us, the Q5 is best savor in 40 tdi quattro version. The engine 2.0 L is of impressive sweetness and sufficient speed to never give the feeling of toil, even at full load. Not particularly economical, official figures around 7.1 l/100 km (40 MPG), however, represent a lower cost of use than the petrol version.

The Q5 has a 550 -liter trunk. If you fold the rear seats, you will go to 1,550 liters, although it is necessary to count less on the rechargeable hybrids due to the battery. On the standard model, the rear seat seats fall apart separately, allowing bulky items such as skis while welcoming two people at the rear.

Honda CR-V

With its comfortable cabin, economic engines and seven places, difficult to find a family car more interesting than CR-V. However, the infotainment system is not as good as on the Volkswagen Tiguan, which is to be taken into account if you are looking for a high-tech cabin. In addition, the CR-V is not available in diesel version.

In seven places, we lose a little volume on the trunk, which is 497 liters with the seats raised on the standard five -seat model. In addition, we would advise you to avoid the Entry -level S model (very basic), but apart from that, the rest of the range is rather well equipped. Security question, we benefit from a track output warning, an autonomous emergency braking system and the ISOFIX system for car seats, all integrated as standard throughout the range, which earned it a safety note to it of five stars granted by Euro NCAP.

The range of engines includes a petrol version 1.5 L and a hybrid petrol version 2.0 L only available in automatic. The hybrid version has our preference thanks to its sophistication and the superiority of its gearbox. As with all models of the brand, the CR-V is also more reliable than its competitors.

Volvo V60

The Volvo V60 offers a small range of engines and has a magnificent cabin and a huge chest. It is not the most exciting break, but it is comfortable, safe and elegant, making it an ideal model for families who need more space than in a road. If you are looking for a car that holds the rate of the automatic, the V60 also has an optional parking assistant.

The interior is prestigious, but minimalist, the cabin being dominated by a 9 -inch touch screen installed in the middle of the dashboard. The range of engines (four petrol, one diesel and two hybrids) has something to make you think. Essence 2.0 197 CH allows you to combine savings, power and quality/price ratio; But Diesel D4 is an intelligent choice if you want to go upmarket and benefit from a more advantageous consumption. Hybrid models are absolutely impressive, but very expensive.

The trunk offers 529 liters of space with the rear seats raised, and 1,441 liters once these folded down. Spaciosity is also practical, with a lower space available to benefit from additional storage. Impossible, however, to benefit from all -wheel drive without opting for the V60 cross country.

Citroën C5 Aircross

The Citroën C5 Aircross does not offer the best driving and is not the most qualitative model on the market, but it is easily forgiven by its unrivaled comfort. It also has a range of silent and sophisticated engines, as well as a spacious chest. Its aesthetics are very subjective, but it is certain that no other SUV looks like it on the market.

When you slide the rear seat forward, you get 720 liters of trunk volume. We go to 580 liters with the seats remote to the maximum, but this remains considerably more than the Nissan Qashqai or the Kia Sportage . The trunk also has a very practical format which facilitates the loading of bulky objects. The high -end Fair Plus model also has an electric tailgate, which opens by waving the foot under the rear trunk when you have full hands, for example.

The infotainment system is too slow to our taste, on the other hand, and the ARICROSS C5 stirs more than the other SUVs when launched at high speed. But in terms of practicality, it is a good value for money on the second -hand market.

Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a comfortable and practical choice which has a low cost of use. Somewhat boring with its classic style specific to Volkswagen, and a little more expensive than the Skoda Karoq, the Tiguan remains very popular. So how is it done ? The range of engines is excellent and all levels of finish are well equipped, the high -end models competing with higher models from Audi and others.

The impressive TDI 2.0 offers 150 hp, which gives it our favors, especially if we plan to tow a caravan. Of course, if you rarely venture further than school, it is better to prefer a petrol version, like the 1.4 L or 1.5 L TDI. It is sophisticated on the highway and outside, and if it is not the most dynamic vehicle, we appreciate the possibility of opting for all -wheel drive.

The trunk offers 615 liters of space with the rear seats slipped forward, which makes it more practical than certain competitors, such as the Honda CR-V . But it is at the price level that the Tiguan loses points; Unless you manage to find a well -equipped used model, naturally.

What is the best high trunk SUV?

The Peugeot 3008 is excellent, with its pleasant interior, its elegant look and its truly practical trunk for large families. Although it is not so good, Peugeot also offers a higher size model with the 5008. The Kia Sorento is also a very good choice with a seven -year warranty, and the Audi Q5 is worth the detour for those looking for a chic, practical and high quality model.

What is the best big trunk break?

The Skoda Superb Break and the E-Class of Mercedes-Benz are the best breaks on the current market, both with a huge trunk, with however prices and target audiences differently.

What is the best family car with a big trunk ?

For smaller families, the Skoda Karoq is our first choice. For large families who want a break but have a limited budget, we would rather opt for the Skoda Superb Break. Otherwise, class E. Those who want a SUV will find it difficult to find better than the Peugeot 3008, but the Audi Q5 has better driving, the Kia Sorento is more reliable and the Honda CR-V is simply huge (and reliable also). The C5 Aircross of Citroën is also among the most comfortable SUVs on the current market.

If in addition to having a big trunk, you would like to know what are the Best seven -seater cars Or The best cars to tow a caravan , Read our guide on this subject.