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TOP 20 Women’s cars (2023)


For women, who are more and more numerous to register vehicles in their name or to influence their husbands on the choice of model, the privileged criteria are safety, design, comfort on board and ecology. It is therefore not surprising to note that among the favorite ladies’ cars in 2023 the vast majority of the small city dwellers are. But not only… here are the top 20 favorite cars for women in 2023.

Top 10 ideal cars for women

Today, the choice of a car is no longer exclusively men. Car manufacturers are well aware of this and have adapted some of their models to please A booming female audience. Consult our top 10 best women’s cars.

Top 10 best cars for women

A woman for women is above all a vehicle practical, versatile, elegant and daring lines. Among the favorite cars of the fairer sex, there are mainly city cars, small cars Practices and customizable, but also crossovers for lovers of more sporty vehicles.

Difficult to choose between a car for chic women or a car for young woman ? Just for you, ladies: we present you Our top 10 women’s cars:

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is at the top of the model list acclaimed by women. Its retro style and the influence of the 1950s and 1960s are not for nothing. It is omnipresent on our roads and in particular in town. Rightly: compact, it easily slips into traffic.

We find the fluid curves of the body inside, with soft fittings with light or colorful shades which add a touch of femininity to the passenger compartment and allow to Personalize your car. Comfortable, it offers a flexible and safe driving sensation.


  • Available in electric or hybrid versions
  • Retro style and refined interior


  • Some options are quite expensive
  • 3 doors only

Why we recommend this vehicle:

What appeals to women in the Fiat 500 is the palette of colors and models to choose from. 3 or 5 doors, electric or hybrid or even cut: it is you who see !

Discover our Fiat 500 models.

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Mini mini

The mini is still a car from another time that is all the rage with the drivers. Its attractive colors and curves, which are found at the headlights and on the dashboard, are all details appreciated by women.

This very stylish and coveted trendy city car is the ideal car for young women who wish assert themselves and display their style. There is no shortage of personalization options: strokes and movies outside, ruffles, pedals, seats or even gear lever inside.


  • Quality printing, luxury fillings
  • High seat that offers an excellent field of vision


  • Limited storage spaces
  • Limited soundproofing

Why we recommend this vehicle:

It is its finishes, its maneuverability and its power under the hood that propel the mini to the rank of emblematic female cars.

Discover our mini mini models.

Peugeot 208

True to its brand image, the Peugeot 208 is a small car simple and elegant. It stands out for the quality of its equipment, with all the luxury expected of more prestigious brands, but at a lower price. In particular, you will notice its robust materials with a pleasant visual appearance and.

Under its city car looks hides a very flexible suspension which will absorb all shocks for comfortable driving. The Diesel version E-HDI or Blue HDI is also particularly economical in fuel, while the GTI model will meet the sensations of those who like to adopt a more sporty driving.


  • Small steering wheel
  • Excellent equipment available as standard


  • No pimples: all the settings are made on the touch screen
  • Narrow rear doors

Why we recommend this vehicle:

The Peugeot 208 is a typical woman’s car, but it is not ordinary: heated mirrors, automatic headlights, leather flying. How to resist him ?

Discover our models of Peugeot 208.

Toyota Yaris

The city is the favorite playground for Toyota Yaris. Economical and agile, its hybrid version also takes urban environmental care. Well equipped, reliable, economical and inexpensive for maintenance, Toyota Yaris has everything to please women.

At first glance, it seems difficult to associate its robustness and external lines more marked with a female clientele, but its reliability and its security will bring women the peace of mind that they are looking for.


  • Many standard equipment on all models
  • Excellent safety pack, with a long warranty on new vehicles


  • Less attractive monochrome style than certain competitors
  • Limited height at the rear: be careful if your passengers are large

Why we recommend this vehicle:

Its robustness is reassuring and avoids worrying too much of breakdowns and other common problems.

Discover our Toyota Yaris models.

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Opel Corsa

For a long time already, the Opel Corsa has appealed to everyone, younger to the elderly, which is very rare for a car. His secret ? A whole range of equipment, options and engines to meet everyone’s tastes and desires.

Women looking for a small car to move on a daily basis will appreciate its discreet character. Good handling, comfortable driving position, economy of diesel models or growing reliability of more recent models: let the Opel Corsa surprise you.


  • Available in electric version
  • Entry prices and particularly low insurance costs


  • Very sober monochrome interior
  • Thick pillars at the front highlight the field of vision slightly

Why we recommend this vehicle:

The Opel Corsa is not the most comfortable or the most attractive, but it ranks well in all categories. It is this versatility that earned him a place in this top 10.

Discover our Opel Corsa models.

Ford Fiesta

With the Ford Fiesta, the comfort is. Reduced noise, flexible suspension and Excellent handling contribute to a particularly pleasant driving. Its interior is nicely presented: it is not exceptional in itself, but rare are those which will find its unpleasant aesthetic.

His driving position is a real asset for the Ford Fiesta and women will appreciate its driver’s seat adjustable in height and its raised driving position which allow you to better see the road and adapts to all statures.


  • Standard heating windshield
  • A very complete entry -level version


  • Large chest, but impractical
  • Restricted space for rear passengers

Why we recommend this vehicle:

This high car for women is very comfortable and provides great driving pleasure.

Discover our models of Ford Fiesta.

Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift likes to go to counter-current. When the others grow, it shrinks. What does not change is its quality. Suzuki is renowned for its reliability. The new models are accompanied by a 3 -year or 100,000 km warranty, but there are those who use it.

Light, it is powered by a 1.2 l engine that does not lack power and drives with ease. Practical, it overflows with equipment from the entry -level version: air conditioning, leather steering wheel, cruise control and electric windows at the front. Go to the SZ version and you will also benefit from rear sensors, increased connectivity options and a safety kit.


  • Very affordable
  • Many options, including a 4×4 version


  • Limited adjustment of driving position
  • Little intuitive infotainment system

Why we recommend this vehicle:

Inexpensive for maintenance and pleasant to drive, this car is perfect for a woman who wants to ride with a quiet mind.

Discover our models of Suzuki Swift.

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TOP 20 Women’s cars (2023)

Sensitive to the comfort, size of the trunk and the safety of their children, Women’s cars are more and more often SUVs, or even minivans even if they are endangered. Finally, many women who love cars wish above all to have fun and thus opt for convertibles, synonyms of freedom ..

Women's car

There are the cars that we prefer, and then the ones we buy. It’s not exactly the same thing. There are the cars that make us dream, then those that we choose according to objective criteria such as the price, obviously, but also comfort, versatility, practicality.

For women, who are more and more numerous to register vehicles in their name or to influence their husbands on the choice of model, the privileged criteria are safety, design, comfort on board and ecology. It is therefore not surprising to note that among the favorite ladies’ cars in 2023 the vast majority of the small city dwellers are. But not only… here are the top 20 favorite cars for women in 2023.

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Summary of the article

The 5 city cars they love

Top 1 – Fiat 500: the favorite city car for the female gender for 2023

Favorite women's cars: Fiat 500 1.2 L (2014)

Fiat 500 also seduces women and ladies, It’s a real love story that lasts. Since its appearance, the little Italian has appealed to the female gender for her crisp boil, her small size, her good value for money.

Top 2 -Mini Cooper: The little city car who fascinates girls

Mini Cooper 136 CV

Like the Fiat 500, the mini has always been one of the favorite cars of women. These dedicate a real passion. They crack for its pretty curves, its atypical interior, its maneuverability, its classy side, but also its performance.

Top 3 – Toyota Yaris: the city city 5 doors ideal in town

Favorite women's cars: Toyota-Yaris-Japonaise

Dynamic, compact and agile design, Toyota Yaris appeals to women. With its small size and spacious interior, it sneaks everywhere and becomes the ideal companion of urban journeys.

Top 4 – Peugeot 208: The city car who won the hearts of the ladies

Peugeot 208 Europe

It’s no coincidence that The 100% feminine jury of Women-S World Car of the Year Elected it “best city car” last year: the Peugeot 208 sells very well in France on the side of the female gender which plebiscites its athletic look, its neat design and its premium side make it one of the cars favorite women.

Top 5 – Suzuki Swift: the favorite hybrid city car for women

Favorite Women's Cars: Suzuki Swift

Its look, its small size, its lightness and its tone make the Suzuki Swift one of the favorite women’s cars in 2023. The latter being also particularly attentive to ecology, they praise its small micro-hybrid engine stingy in CO2 releases. So if you are looking for a hybrid city car, the little Japanese is the right plan not to be missed.

The 5 SUVs they love

Top 1-Volkswagen T-Roc: the nicest SUV

Who said they didn’t like SUVs ! Imagine that the T-Roc clientele is feminine. The small adventurer of Volkswagen seduces mainly with its style, versatility and driving pleasure.

Top 2 – Peugeot 2008: the trendy urban SUV that they are tearing off

Favorite women's cars: little Peugeot 2008

The Peugeot 2008 is the best -selling SUV in France. It appeals to men as well as to the ladies, but the latter are even more numerous to crack for this mini 3008 Ultra Techno with its i-Cockpit, its large multimedia slab and its impressive space on board.

Top 3 – Renault Captur: The Crossover Favorite of Demoiselles

Small Renaut Captur

Eternal Rival of the 2008 Peugeot, the Renault Captur also succeeded in conquer their hearts. The small SUV with muscular shoulders favors the comfort of its passengers thanks to a cocoon and generous interior and a formidable driving approval.

Top 4 – Nissan Juke: the favorite SUV of “geek women”

Little Nissan Juke

Semi-assisted driving, Wi-Fi on board, programming of lighting, GPS or remote locking: the Nissan Juke please modern women Who are looking for a very techno car, easy to live on a daily basis. The icing on the cake: space at the back is one of the best in the category.

Top 5 – Range Rover Evoque: the luxury SUV that has class with girls

Favorite women's cars: Range-Rover Evoque-P200-Hybrid-Flexifuel

It is no coincidence that he has won the honorary title of “female car of the year” several times: the Range Rover Evoque is attracting more and more women who rightly praise its premium side, reassuring , class.

The 5 minivans they want for the family

Top 1 – Renault Scenic: The minivan of pregnant women

Favorite Women's Cars: Renault Scenic III 1.6 110 Bioethanol

Launched in 1996, the Renault Scenic will be bowing in a few months. A retirement that many women will regret, they who have always acclaimed it for its obvious qualities: space on board, modularity, omnipresent storage and indisputable road qualities.

Top 2 – BMW 2 Series Active Tourer: The premium minivan acclaimed by wives

New BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 2022

BMW and with its competitor Mercedes one of the last manufacturers to still believe in the future of the minivans. The proof with the new Active Tourer which seduces more and more women thanks to its improved interior space, its giant trunk and its very high -end environment.

Top 3 – Mercedes Class B: The minivan of demanding moms


With its sporting silhouette and premium finish, the Mercedes Class B and its 450 liters of trunk volume offer A beautiful alternative to mothers who wish to reconcile the top of the range of a luxury sedan and the modularity of a minivan.

Top 4 – Volkswagen Touran: joints love its beauty…

Favorite women's cars: Volkswagen Touran 3 -seater rear

They love The Volkswagen Touran, not for its line any enough line, but for its impressive versatility and modularity. The golf of families, as it is nicknamed, if it is not very glamorous, seduces the ladies who seek above all the practical side of the minivan.

Top 5 – Dacia Jogger: The minivan of mothers of large, cheap families

New Dacia-Jogger

Dacia enters the top 20 ! This is hardly surprising, because the new Dacia Jogger offers an ideal solution to mothers who are looking for a nice and inexpensive vehicle capable of boarding up to seven passengers.

The 5 convertibles they want to buy in 2023

Top-1-Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet: The favorite convertible for women

Favorite Women's Cars: Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet

THE Women who like to ride a convertible Most of them turn to the Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet which has the advantage of combining the best of both worlds-SUV and Cabriolet. A very trendy car with four real places to roll hair in the wind.

Top 2 – Mazda MX5 ND RF: the roadster acclaimed by the ladies

Favorite Women's Cars: Mazda MX5

THE The best -selling roadster in the world is acclaimed by women who love the driving sensations. The Mazda MX5 ND RF, like Japan, its country of origin, seduced by its philosophy between tradition and modernity: the tradition of English convertibles of the 1960s; The modernity of technological and reliable Japanese cars.

Top 3 – Mini Cabrio: the favorite legendary convertible for companions


Equipped with a unique hood that opens and closes in 18 seconds up to a speed of 30 km/h, the Mini Cabrio attracts women Thanks to its unique design, outside and on board, but also by its maneuverability, its sportiness. In short, the pleasure they take at the wheel.

Top 4 – Fiat 500C: the convertible to live the Dolce Vita

Favorite Women's Cars: Fiat 500C

Women like the Fiat 500. They love its convertible version, the Fiat 500 C which combines all the good points of the standard version, including the chic and retro interior, but with the advantage of driving in the open air. The dolce vita hair in the wind.

Top 5 – Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet: The favorite convertible for “pilots” girls

Porsche Carrera Cabriolet

“The 911 is the only car with which you can participate in an African safari, do your shopping, run the 24 hours of Le Mans, go to the theater or even browse the streets of New York”. We can resume this good word of ferry porsche for the 911 Carrera Cabriolet and understand that she has everything to seduce women … silver.

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Women’s cars in 2019

Favorite Women's Cars

To say that small cars are the favorite cars of women, that is very cliché. However, this is reality according to an Autoways study.

One in two drivers in France is a driver. And this is reflected in the individual market in 2019 (from January to the end of September) where women represented 40% of new vehicle buyers according to a recent analysis of the specialized study firm. And unsurprisingly, it is the city dwellers who are the favorite cars of the French.

The Fiat 500 (74% of buyers of this model in all its variants including 500x), small, “girly” and easy to use, picks up pole position on a Podium more than expected. And as the clichés sometimes have a hard life, the second model most popular with women is a competitor of the 500: it is the very confidential Opel Adam (72 %) whose manufacturing is stopped, followed closely by Toyota Aygo (68 %) and Suzuki Swift (65 %).

Finally, the share exceeds 60 % for the French triplet: Twingo, 108 and C1, twins of Aygo.

Favorite Women’s Cars: What brands ?

Autoways also identified The favorite brands of the French. And the record is assigned to mini (61%). Women are also in the majority also at Fiat (55.75%) and Suzuki (52.62%). Seven other brands have a share of women in their individual sales above average:

  • Smart,
  • Toyota,
  • Opel,
  • Ssangyong,
  • Ford,
  • Renault,
  • Jeep,
  • Kia,
  • Hyundai.

On the side of French brands, they represent 39.5% of Citroën customers and 37% at Peugeot. Between the three German premium brands, the most feminine is Audi (33.5%), ahead of Mercedes (25.7%) and BMW (23.6%).

Finally, the girls represent less than 10% of buyers For sports and luxurious labels like Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Morgan, Bentley, Maserati, Lotus and Alpine. Which only means women’s favorite cars are not extraordinary models. Perhaps they are simply more reasonable and pragmatic at the time of purchase.

Female gender pours less into electric

Yet more sensitive to ecology, women buy less electric cars than men (1.5% of their purchases against 2.3%). Despite everything, they display a rejection of CO2 of 100 g/km, which is 3 g/km lower than that of men (103 g/km).

A result linked to the typology of their purchases which focuses on caitadins less delicious than large SUVs. Women also buy petrol vehicles (77%).

Buyers are under 30 years old

Because they ” are faster mature and faster independent than boys ” According to Eric Champarnaud, President of Autoways, and that they enter active life more quickly, they are rather in the majority in the purchase of a car until the age of 30. They thus represent 52% of buyers aged 18-26.

Their share then collapses strongly and continuously. They only represent 45% of buyers between 39 and 47 years and under 40% of buyers from 59 years old.

In addition to the differences in purchasing power between men and ladies at the time of retirement, this brutal decrease on the part of women after 60 years can, in part, be explained by a generation phenomenon. “Women who are 65 years old today were 20 years old in 1975.

Women of this generation have not all had an active life and the driving license ”, underlines Eric Champarnaud. This development suggests a future where the share of women throughout the market should progress. “” “By hypothesizing that the effect is generational, one can predict that within 15 years the market will be par with parity and that the penetration of the different brands will depend on their ability to make cars that seduce women“, Analysis Eric Champarnaud.

A result to be taken with tweezers

However, this study by the Autoways firm has its limits since it only takes into account Autos bought by women who decide alone, buy alone and have only vehicle. Hence the majority of small cars, whether they have two or five doors.

The fact remains that many of them live with the family and choose, with their spouse the home of the home. Manufacturers are not mistaken and all attribute theHuge success of SUVs at these ladies Who, when it comes to taking children to school, their activities or on vacation, logically abandon the small city dwellers. There Women’s car Always the odds and has a bright future ahead of him for the coming years to come !

Anne-Charlotte Laugier

Anne-Charlotte Laugier, journalist, blogger and novelist (Ramsay).