Top 10 cars less than 100 € per month in leasing!, Car at 99 € per month all inclusive 2023 | Social credit

Car at 99 € per month all inclusive 2023

Once the LOA is finished, you have the opportunity to:

Top 10 cars less than 100 € per month in leasing !

Top 10 cars within 100 € per month in leasing!

Leasing is a very attractive financing solution for individuals and professionals. It has a new vehicle and equipped without generating an excessively heavy financial charge for the driver. Indeed, there are leasing offers for less than 100 euros on the market. Overview of cars accessible at this price.

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Kia E-Niro

On the leasing market, Kia is certainly part of one of the manufacturers who offer the best offers. Small budgets will find their account there thanks to the decreasing prices applied to rents. The Korean manufacturer gives motorists the opportunity to transit towards electromobility by offering them 100% electric cars at less than 100 euros per month. E-Niro is the perfect example. The active version equipped with an efficient motorization of 150 kW for a range of 455 km is available for only 97 euros per month, maintenance included. A first rent increased by 3,600 euros is payable at the start of the subscription. As for the contract it is valid for a period of 25 months and 20,000 km of kilometric package. Through this offer, the motorist has several equipment such as the 10.25 inch touch screen, parking radars, the UVO Connect system, key opening and start -up, adaptive cruise control, rims 17 inches in alloy and active driving assistance.

Kia e-Soul

Resolutely engaged in the electromobility sector, Kia has expanded its range of electric cars which has the advantage of being accessible to all budgets. Aside from the E-Niro, the e-soul is also available at an unbeatable price. This 100% electric SUV is illustrated for its performance and technologies. It is one of the few on the market to offer such high autonomy which is 452 km offered by a powerful 64 kWh battery with a 150 kW or 204 hp engine. The active version costs only 77 euros per month, maintenance included. The offer nevertheless requires the payment of an initial contribution worth 3,600 euros and its validity is limited to 25 months and 20,000 km.

Kia Rio

To always stay in South Korea, lovers of the iconic Kia Rio will be able to set their sights on the model offered in leasing by the manufacturer. No need to break your piggy bank to finance this vehicle, because it is priced at only 77 euros per month. Few manufacturers offer such attractive offers on the leasing market, hence the interest of not letting these good deals. The offer is valid for the Rio Motion 1 version.2 L petrol DPI 84 hp equipped, among other things, manual air conditioning, automatic lighting of projectors, front electric windows, hill start assistance, electric exterior mirrors and radio with screen 3, 5 inches. A first rent increased by 1500 euros is requested from the subscription.

Kia Picanto

To close the series of KIA vehicles accessible in leasing, let us quote the famous Picanto which attracts for its decreasing price. Kia is certainly the only current manufacturer to offer a leasing offer of 57 euros per month with a first rent of 1500 euros. At this rate, the driver can finance the motion model provided, among other things, from a road stability control system, automatic projector ignition and hill start assistance.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai was also specialized in cheap leasing. Its catalog is notably composed of the i10, the small young and expressive city car which is rich in several innovative technologies. For only 69 euros per month, it is possible to finance this model subject to paying a first rent increased by 1500 euros. The contract extends over a period of 49 months per month with a kilometric package of 40,000 km. The eligible model is the i10 1.0 67 Eco Initial Neuve.

Hyundai i20

Still in the Citadine category, the Hyundai i20 can also be funded through leasing at less than 100 euros. This model has recently landed under a new generation offering state -of -the -art connectivity and security equipment, an opportunity for motorists to enjoy a smart and innovative vehicle at low prices. The i20 1.2,84 new initiation is traded for only 99 euros per month. Luck of luck: no initial contribution is required by Hyundai, because the first rent increased by 1500 euros is deducted from the premium to government conversion for those who are eligible.

Dacia Spring

Those looking for a vehicle combining the look of a backpacker with the agility of a city car will be seduced by the new Dacia Spring 100% electric. The Romanian manufacturer breaks prices by offering this model at only 89 euros per month. To be eligible, the subscriber must be ready to pay a first monthly payment of 7087 euros. Its leasing lasts 49 months with a maximum mileage of 40,000 km.

Dacia Sandero

Dacia being renowned for its low-cost offers, it offers several leasing solutions at less than 100 euros. Drivers looking for a contemporary and robust sedan guaranteeing pleasant trips will be able to bet on the famous Dacia Sandero accessible at an unbeatable price of 93 euros per month. In addition, no first increased rent is taxed for this offer, the rental duration of which is 61 months.

Toyota Aygo

Direction the country of the rising sun with Toyota which also intends to attract more private or professional customers by launching its inexpensive leasing offers. One of his recent models is represented by the Aygo which is illustrated for its spontaneity and its agility. The small city car is available for 79 euros per month in its X-Look version and for 69 euros per month in its X-Play version.

Citroën C1

In France, Citroën is among the manufacturers who offer the best good deals in the field of leasing. If the objective is not to exceed a budget of 100 euros, it is advisable to choose then the C1 model which is priced at 89 euros per month, guarantee and assistance included for 4 years. Leasing is set for a period of 48 months with a limit of 40,000 km. A starting capital of a value of 1350 euros is payable to the subscription.

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Car at 99 € per month all inclusive [2023]

Thanks to the LLD (long -term rental) and the LOA (rental with purchase option), it is possible to offer you a lease car at 99 euros per month without any all inclusive . If you do not have the budget to buy a new car cash, discover all the offers of 2023 to have a vehicle within 100 euros per month.

Your Fiat Panda only € 99 1 per month !

You think it is complicated, see impossible to offer you a new car without breaking the bank ? Good news ! By choosing a lease car, you can leave with a recent vehicle quite easily.

What is this offer ?

For its 120th anniversary, the automaker Fiat launched an advantageous offer, mainly intended for families with modest income.

From now on, you can ride in Fiat Panda for only 1 euro per month, and without needing to provide a contribution !

Whether you are young or less young, providing or overwhelmed by consumer credits, this proposal is truly within everyone’s reach.

the principle is very simple

To obtain your Fiat Panda in LOA (rental with purchase option), you just have to pay 1 euro per month over the entire length period (37 months). In addition, 30,000 kilometers are included in this offer.

At the end of the 37 months, two possibilities are available to you:

✅ You restore the car (for example to test another).

✅ You keep it against the sum of 5,890 euros.

What vehicle is it ?

The vehicle itself is a Fiat Panda Special series Ligue 1 Conforama, Petrol 1.2 liters and has 69 horsepower.

Sold for 10,490 euros, this car has various interesting options such as hill start assistance, side and frontal airbags, air conditioning or even electric windows.

What are you waiting for to test a state-of-the-art car, paying only one euro room per month ? Know that this offer is part of the cheapest LLD, so it would be regrettable to miss it ..

Your Toyota Aygo for less than 100 € per month

You are looking for the cheapest LOA offer ? You have always wanted to ride in a Toyota Aygo ? This dream is now possible thanks to the rental with option to buy.

It is not an offer without contribution (the offer at € 99,99/month without contribution was arrested a few years ago), but such a car, at that price, there is What to think ..

The current offer

Concretely, this leasing car is obtained for less than 65 euros per month. After a first rent of 3,090 euros, You just have to pay 64 euros per month for 36 months.

In this attractive offer, 30,000 kilometers are included, and the maintenance is included !

If you need to make a little consumer credit to set the first rent, make a free simulation on our comparator:

Once the LOA is finished, you have the opportunity to:

✅ Make the car (if you want to change your model regularly for example)

✅ Keep it ! If you fell in love with the Toyota Aygo and decide not to part with it, you will have to pay 7,120 euros; which will bring the total price of the vehicle to 12,524 euros.

Your Dacia Sandero at 3 euros per day

You are interested in the cheapest leasements without contribution ? With Dacia, you can get a car within 99 euros per month without contribution !

The offer

Rather than offering a LOA by paying one sum a month, Dacia has decided to highlight a daily offer.

Thus, the Dacia Sandero is accessible to you for 3 euros daily, and without any contribution ! It comes back to 90 euros per month, regardless of the number of days in the month in the month.

Which model ?

At this price, you will leave with a Dacia Sandero 1.2 16 V. This model has 75 horsepower and is sold at a price of 7,999 euros.

At the end of the LOA, you will have already paid around 69 % of the price, or 5,490 euros … you can therefore choose to make the vehicle, or keep it by paying the remaining amount !

If you need a financing solution for this, know that the Floa Bank allows you to finance your car with a personal car loan:

Online and without commitment

Your Kia Picanto at 77 euros per month

The Kia Picanto has always made you dream ? So why not offer it to you once and for all, thanks to the offer at 77 euros per month set up by Kia ?

The offer

This LLD spreads over 61 months and commits you to pay the sum of 77 euros per month, under a condition:

✅ You must have an old car to be recovered in order to benefit from the conversion premium of 1500 euros (which will be used to pay the first rent).

✅ If you do not have a vehicle to take over, you can get the Kia Picanto for 97 euros per month, that is monthly payments that remain below 100 euros monthly ..

In this offer, 50,000 kilometers are included and you benefit from 7 years of manufacturer’s warranty. Advantageous, isn’t it ?

Once the 61 monthly payments have been paid, you will have financed almost 42 % of the car price (11,100 euros in total). Therefore, if you want to keep the car, you will have to pay the remaining sum.

Your Peugeot Ion at 89 euros per month

You want to start an eco-responsible approach and test an electric car ? Peugeot thought of you !

Several years ago, Peugeot marketed an electric car called Ion. With the LLD, you have the possibility to try it or offer it yourself !

The total cost

Realize that a lease car of this ilk is really an irresistible offer ? Especially since the monthly payments are only 89 euros per month for 36 months ..

So, for less than 90 euros per month, you are able to test an ecological alternative !

It is true that the first rent of 11,000 euros can cool some people, but in the end, it falls to zero thanks to the conversion bonus of 5,000 euros, as well as the ecological bonus of 6,000 euros. So why deprive yourself of it ?

With its 130 -kilometer autonomy, its Bluetooth radio and its various serial options, this car is now accessible to the greatest number.

Your Hyundai i10 at only 50 euros per month

You are faithful to this renowned brand ? Know that Hyundai wishes to attract modest families, by offering a cheaper LLD than certain competitors ..

In terms of long -term rental, it is essential to innovate to interest people as much as possible … Consequently, Hyundai has decided to bet on originality by offering an offer that evolves over time !


If you want to adopt a Hyundai i10, you will have to pay the sum of 50 euros per month for 5 months. Subsequently, monthly payments climb to 85 euros per month, for 49 months.

Note that a (small) contribution of 1,500 euros will be requested and that the car does not have standard air conditioning.

In any case, this innovative offer allows you to have a new car within 90 euros per month in the long term !

Your Nissan Micra at 99 euros per month

You don’t have to buy a car ? You like to have the freedom to change from time to time as a model ?

If you are looking for a pretty city car in LLD at less than 100 euros per month, the Nissan Micra will certainly meet your expectations !

The offer

99 euros per month for 49 months; After a first rent of 2,300 euros, and 40,000 kilometers included in the package, this car remains very accessible.

But beware, this is not a LOA, therefore, you do not have a purchase option on it !

So, if you exceed the number of kilometers provided for in the contract, you will have to pay an additional cost when making the vehicle ..

Read also : the 0 rate loan for the purchase of a vehicle

Your Ford KA at 99 euros per month

Here, this is not a car offer at 99 euros per month without contribution, since you will have to pay a first rent of 990 euros. However, you can finally benefit from a Ford Ka at less than 100 euros per month !

Be aware, however, that this model is not equipped with car radio or air conditioning. But if you cannot live without music and without fresh air, you can always have them installed against a financial supplement ..

Our advice: do not make your decision in a hurry

You have just reviewed the cheapest leasing without contribution and with contribution. Now take the time to think about the most advantageous offer for you (which will not necessarily be the cheapest).

Where you have to be vigilant:

The kilometers

Remember to calculate the number of kilometers you perform (home-work trips) ! Indeed, if you drive a lot and exceed the kilometric package, the supplement requested at the end of the rental can be quite salty ..

The original state

You should know that if you make the vehicle, it must be in the same state as originally. If this is not the case, rejoicing costs will be invoiced to you ..

So be careful not to lend the car to the first person in need for example (and always contact your insurance in this case).

Read also : what are the most economical credits to buy a car ?

To conclude :

Your car accumulates breakdowns and repairs ? Your vehicle is quite old and you want to change it ? You want to test new models regularly ?

These formulas allow you to be able to try recent cars, before possibly choosing a model for years to come.