Tinder or Fruitz – What is the best meeting application?, Bumble and Fruitz unite, for better and for worse

Bumble and Fruitz unite, for better and for worse

Nevertheless, Some features are only found on Tinder or Fruitz. So on Fruitz, you can also send a crushnote (that is, add a visible message from everyone to the person’s profile) or use a discovery (which allows you to reveal the desires of the other member).

Tinder or Fruitz – What is the best meeting application ?

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Tinder or Fruitz

Fruitz or Tinder are two giants of the meeting. These applications make it possible to make various meetings: lovers, friendly meetings or even, frivolous. Let’s discover together which allows them to differentiate them and make your choice between Tinder or Fruitz.

Tinder – The darling application of young people

The Tinder free dating app has been Launched in 2012. Since then, she has continued to develop and attract A very young singles audience. If it is not impossible to register by having thirty, It is mainly intended for 18-25 year olds.

She’s from elsewhere The best known meeting application in the world. The proof is: it has been downloaded more than 340 million times. In addition, it is available in 190 countries, in 40 different languages. A record !

Its popularity can most certainly be explained by the fact that it belongs to the powerful group Match group.com: This same group is the owner of Meetic, saydemain or even, okcupid.

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Fruitz – The most popular application of the moment

Fruitz - L

Like Tinder, Fruitz is A free dating application. It also aims A young audience. She is very popular At 18-25 year olds, As is also the case of Tinder. However, Fruitz is good more recent : launched in 2017, it owes its fame to its very particular concept. Indeed, this UFO of the meeting allows find profiles according to your desires by choosing a fruit. Hence its name !

Thus, for a serious meeting, you will rather have to choose the cherry. For a rather friendly meeting, it is better to select the grapes. For a regular ass plan, you will have to choose the watermelon. Finally, fishing represents a simple story of a night.

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What differences between Fruitz or Tinder ?

What differentiates Fruitz and Tinder, It is above all their concept. If these are two free dating applications to make any type of meeting, The concept of Tinder is much more classic than Fruitz. However, Tinder offers many more interesting features than Fruitz !

In addition, if Fruitz or Tinder are available via a mobile application, Tinder is the only platform to allow you to connect via a web browser via a computer. It is rather practical if you forgot your phone or no longer has a battery, for example.

But these are not the only elements to differentiate Tinder or Fruitz. You also have to take into account A comparison of features, as well as proposed prices.

Tinder or Fruitz – Comparison of features

Comparison of features

With Fruitz, this is the concept that is original, while with Tinder, it is rather the features. You will find some common points On Tinder or Fruitz:

  • Be able to create your profile
  • Add one or more photos
  • Send some likes
  • Chat by private messaging

It should be noted that Tinder or Fruitz work on the system of swipe : you slide the photo with a profile on the right or left. Management matters a lot since that determine if the person interests you And if you want match with her or not.

Fruitz features

Nevertheless, Some features are only found on Tinder or Fruitz. So on Fruitz, you can also send a crushnote (that is, add a visible message from everyone to the person’s profile) or use a discovery (which allows you to reveal the desires of the other member).

It is possible to trigger a geographical and targeted event called “Pollen” : your profile is then highlighted for people who have selected the same fruit as you and being nearby.

Tinder features

The features presented by Tinder are much more developed and allow each of Make meetings in an original way. Indeed, for several months already, Tinder has launched “explore”: it is abouta virtual place where we offer profiles according to different desires. For example, depending on your mood or according to your passions. Select “Chill Out: to share coffee, or more” And we will present you profiles that have also selected this interaction. What specify your research a little more !

On explore, you can also Watch a Made in Tinder series named Swipe night. And discover the singles who participate in this broadcast at the same time as you. This allows you to react together And to leave thus, on a fascinating first message !

Prices comparison

If Tinder or Fruitz are free dating applications, This does not mean that you will not need to take out your bank card. Indeed, whether on Fruitz or on Tinder, it is possible to Subscribe to a premium subscription In order to increase your chances of making serious successful.

With Fruitz, you will have the choice Between choosing a bonus in the form of a pack Or simply, subscribe to a premium subscription. As for Tinder, you will only have access to Three different subscriptions in order to take advantage of additional features, but above all to be able to communicate without limits.

Tinder or Fruitz: how to choose ?

How to choose ?

Tinder and Fruitz are two very useful dating applications. You can Connect very quickly and their concept of swipe stay very effective. Nevertheless, it has several times been postponed by Fruitz users on different platforms such as Trustpilot thanIt often happens that the algorithm is wrong. Thus, we can be a cherry and look for a serious relationship, but come across a fishing that only wants one night. Rather disappointing no ?

As for Tinder, this is obviously D‘A sure value. In addition to Meetic, Tinder thus made it possible to “Take off the game game group” As explained by a capital article. However, this is an application especially used to find a relationship without headache, not necessarily intended to last.

For a lasting relationship, We advise you to turn to Meetic. Like Tinder, you can meet singles with the same hobbies and passions as you, as well as sharing your values. After all, it is not for nothing that Meetic is currently the best serious dating site on the market !

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Modified on 08/18/2022

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Bumble and Fruitz unite, for better and for worse

Earthquake on the side of dating applications: Bumble makes one foot-de-nose in Tinder (and company) and offers Fruitz, the little Frenchman who is popular.

Posted on February 8, 2022 at 9:30 a.m

Badoo, Bumble, Fruitz

Bumble Inc. strike a blow by acquiring the application of tricolor fruitz encounters. With this acquisition, the group hopes one day to catch up with Group match (Tinder, Meetic, match.com), its main competitor, by seducing generation Z and diversifying its products.

Bumbles offers Fruitz, a repurchase that bears fruit ?

For Bumble Inc., Fruitz could be a major ally to cope with Tinder and company. The group that is now made up of Bumble, Badoo and Fruitz resists the giant Match Group again and again.

Created in February 2017, the Fruitz dating application stands out for its approach. In your profile, you indicate directly, without fuss, the type of relationship that interests you. Whether you are looking for your soul mate, a simple one evening or an in-between. Each type of relationship is represented by a fruit. So this explains that. And it allows users not to waste their time with people who do not look for the same as they.

For five years, the different approach of Fruitz seems to bear fruit. Indeed, the French application has a total of 5.6 million downloads. And it mainly makes a box on the side of generation Z, a growing segment of dating applications users. And like Bumble or Badoo, Fruitz works thanks to the Freemium model.

A year after its IPO, Bumble Inc. is valued at 3.7 billion dollars. If it is not too bad, it remains far from the $ 32 billion in match valuation Group. But Bumble’s parent company does not lose hope with its 2.9 million paid users in total during the third quarter of 2021.

By offering Fruitz, Bumble Inc. would like to expand its product offer and extend a little more to the European market. Its objective remains the same: to strengthen relationships. If the detail of this acquisition is still a mystery, we know that the founders as well as the Fruitz team will remain in office from Paris. Good news. This takeover should allow Fruitz to benefit from the resources of other platforms in the group, such as their machine learning technology. A happy marriage ?