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Tinder Video

Paris, September 21, 2021 – With more than 65 billion recorded matches, Tinder is the most popular application in the world to create links with new people. From today, Tinder extends its video functionality in France. Introduced since the start of the year in a selection of countries, this functionality, deployed today worldwide, is a new stage in the Tinder roadmap in terms of video. She will give members the possibility of expressing himself and discovering more about their potential matches by integrating the video format in their profile, so hope to find the person who best suits them. The video offers generation Z a new way to tell authentic stories and embodies Tinder’s evolution towards a more interactive, deeper and more diverse experience.

Gen Z is a generation that likes to tell itself, and which favors authenticity to perfection. Discussions on mental health, respect and values ​​have experienced significant growth in the 18-25 year olds. They are frank and direct as to their expectations and their own limits. The Gen Z therefore uses Tinder by following its own rules: BIOS are not always enough to tell the story that will arouse a Swipe Right.

In countries where this feature is already available, the videos displayed in BIOS have quickly become the best way to reveal itself differently to a future match. Video is the best way to highlight original activities such as hiking, jet skiing and even long summer walks on the beach (Tinder had predicted that the first meetings would be more based on activities right air). More than half (56 %) of users of generation Z think that it is easier to bring out your true personality through a video rather than in a photo, and millions of members already use this functionality.

A video can easily be added to the profile by simply selecting “Add a video on the profile”. Members can cut and crop the video directly from the application.

About Tinder
Launched on a university campus in 2012, Tinder has since become the most used application in the world to meet new. Available in 190 countries and more than 40 languages, Tinder is the application – excluding gaming – the most profitable in the world. It has been downloaded more than 430 million times and has given rise to more than 60 billion matches.

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