Tiktok music of the moment: the most listened to this week, Tiktok Music: all about the new competitor of Spotify

Tiktok Music: All about the new competitor of Spotify

Internet users mainly share life moments because the song evokes a timeless emotion, creating a link between generations and reminding everyone that existence is made of singular and unforgettable moments.

The most popular Tiktok songs this week

Tiktok not only revolutionized the world of digital marketing, but also gave a new face to social networks thanks to its famous challenges and musical clips.

The platform has honored songs within content creation. As a result, some have become viral, others have raised their ashes, others have been revealed to the general public and have a lot of success.

Music on Tiktok is essential to succeed in your videos and touch more people. She is one of the three pillars of the Tiktok algorithm.

However, following the latest musical news on Tiktok is a bit difficult. There are a lot of songs and popularity changes from one day to the next.

To find you there and save you time, we have designed this weekly ranking of Tiktok music of the moment.

#1. “Monkeshine” by LT Fitzgibbons Men

This week is not a song but rather notes well known to the sound of LT Fitzgibbons Men who take the lead in the Tiktok music classification of the moment.

On Tiktok, “Monkeshine” has become the favorite soundtrack for creators of humorous and original videos.

Users are inspired by the song to make quirky sketches, hilarious parodies and Pov comic.

Music adds a touch of liveliness to these videos, thus creating a fun and entertaining space of expression. ����

#2. Kenya Grace’s “Strangers”

“Strangers” by Kenya Grace, unveiled in 2022, mixes pop and electronic, where the singer’s voice merges with soft sounds, creating a bewitching melody.

On Tiktok, the song has become the soundtrack of choice to highlight the talent of creators. Users use the song to accompany original videos highlighting their artistic skills, be it dance, song, visual art:

#3. “Present UFO” by Jul

Jul’s “UFO present”, released in 2021, is an explosive piece of rap that reflects the distinctive style of the French artist.

On Tiktok, this song has become the background of videos that transform the daily life of Internet users into real films.

Tiktkers use special effects, creative montages and a captivating staging to give their ordinary moments a cinematographic aspect.

This music adds a dose of energy to these videos, transforming the virtual life of Internet users into an epic experience. ����

#4. “Wassup GWAYY” by FAMOUSSALLY & YB

“Wassup GWAYY” is a dynamic single of Famoussally & YB, released in 2023. This hip-hop song merges modern rhythms with impactful lyrics, offering a distinctive sound to the listener.

On Tiktok, “Wassup Gwayy” has become one of the viral sensations of the week by reaching fourth place in the Tiktok music classification of the moment.

Internet users share videos, mixing dance, humor, and creativity. Craving choreographies and various challenges arouse the enthusiasm of the community, thus propelling the song at the top of trends on the platform.

#5. “My lioness” of ghetto phenomenon

“My lioness” is an emblematic title of ghetto phenomenon, published in 2017. This song reggae with urban accents celebrates love and loyalty, carried by the warm voice of the artist.

On the Chinese network, this song is used to stage moments of life.

The members share special moments and everyday joys where the song serves as a binder to develop a warm connection between the creators and their audience.

#6. “Song on my funny life” by Véronique Sanson

“Song on my funny life” is an emblematic title of Véronique Sanson, released in 1972. This melodious walk, anchored in French song, reflects the artist’s questions and reflections on his own life.

The song makes an unexpected return to the platform thanks to a wave of videos that allow the song to climb to sixth place in Tiktok music of the moment.

Internet users mainly share life moments because the song evokes a timeless emotion, creating a link between generations and reminding everyone that existence is made of singular and unforgettable moments.

#7. “Water” by Tyla

“Water”, from Tyla, was released in 2021 and today inspires many budding dancers on Tiktok.

The catchy rhythms and the energetic choreographies of the song have become a phenomenon on the platform.

The song encouraged users to create their own dance videos by taking up the artist’s footsteps, helping to spread joy and good humor on the network.

#8. Werenoi’s “Criminal”

Werenoi’s “Criminal”, released in 2021, is a piece of hitting hip-hop.

On the platform, this song accompanies videos where users share their reflections and aspirations.

They express their desires, their dreams, or their personal experiences. We even witness videos where a tiktker responds to another:

Two videos for the price of one, it’s a gift ��

#9. “Sequênéncia da dz7” by Mc Menor do Alvorada & Trashxrl

“SEQUÉCÉNCIA DA DZ7” is an energetic collaboration between MC MENOR Do Alvorada & Trashxrl, released in 2022. This Brazilian song mixes rap and trap, spreading urban vibes.

Music has become the anthem for videos illustrating effort and surpassing oneself.

Users share their training sessions, their sports successes, and their moments of perseverance.

It thus becomes a source of inspiration for the Tiktok community, encouraging the pursuit of personal objectives with determination.

#10. “Tomorrow” by Lyna Mahyde

“Tomorrow” is a moving song by Lyna Mahyem, released in 2018. With her mixture of rap and pop, she tackles themes of dreams and hope.

On Tiktok, she has become the favorite soundtrack for cute videos. Users share tender moments, gestures of kindness, and comforting scenes.

It evokes a feeling of sweetness and benevolence, creating a space where the community shares the joy and the warmth of daily life. ����

Here are the top 10 most used songs in the world of Tiktok this week. And you, what are you chose for your last video ? We read you in comments.

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Tiktok Music: All about the new competitor of Spotify

Bytedance has just launched its new musical streaming application in Brazil and Indonesia.

José Billon / Published on July 10, 2023 at 11:26 a.m

Tiktok Music Indonesia Brazil

In just a few years, Tiktok has established itself as an essential application, capable of competing with certain giants of the social networks sector and content creation such as Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube. Obviously, his parent company Bytedance seems to want to extend his activity and now attacks the musical streaming market. We take stock !

Tiktok Lance Tiktok Music in Brazil and Indonesia

In a post published on its Indonesian site, Bytedance announces the launch of its new musical platform: Tiktok Music. The application entered Indonesia and Brazil on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The streaming service incorporates a large catalog of music from various record companies, including Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music.

Tiktok Music is succeeding in Rereo, the current Musical application of Bytedance, available only in Brazil, Indonesia and India (which is one of the few countries to have completely banned Tiktok) and which will close on September 5. She comes to confront the many actors already in place like Spotify or Apple Music. The subscription to Tiktok Music costs less than $ 4 but, unlike Spotify, no free advertising option is offered.

To date, Bytedance has not announced a launch in other countries.

What are the features of Tiktok Music ?

Tiktok Music therefore allows users to listen, download and share musical titles. The application gives access to the following features in particular:

  • Download music to be able to listen to them offline, as is the case for Spotify Premium subscribers,
  • Access the words of the songs,
  • Exchange with the music community via the Comments section,
  • Create a collaborative reading list with your friends,
  • Import an external reading list and read it from Tiktok Music,
  • Identify the music you listen to, a function similar to Shazam.

A connected application to Tiktok

As its name suggests, Tiktok Music is connected to the application of video content. In his post, Bytedance blog as well as “This new social streaming social service will be based on the power of Tiktok in terms of musical discovery”.

Tiktok has already been recognized for its ability to raise artists, create hits and promote the discovery of music. With the launch of Tiktok Music, users can now go even further by listening, sharing and downloading the music discovered on Tiktok, while sharing their favorite songs and artists with the Tiktok community.

In its operation, Tiktok Music can be synchronized in the Tiktok account, and allows you to listen to the complete versions of the music discovered on the entertainment application. In addition, the recommendation algorithm – one of the main strengths of Tiktok – will take an important place on the new platform, since the user will be able to “Brow up and down to discover personalized songs”.

Tiktok: Top 10 most popular music in 2023

Discover the classification of sounds that made Tiktok vibrate in 2023 !

Appoline Reisacher / published on June 30, 2023 at 11:13 am

Valencia, Spain, December 2020: 3D Rendering of Tiktok App Icon

Music is an integral part of the user experience on Tiktok, and accompanies the success of the largest trends on the platform. Some songs become iconic, and the social network is even able to propel an artist to the front of the stage !

But then, what are the most popular music in 2023 ? The Social Listening Visibrain tool has looked into the issue, by analyzing the music generating the most likes between August 2022 and June 2023. Discover the ranking !

The top 10 favorite sounds on Tiktok

Here is the classification of Internet users’ favorite music on Tiktok:

1. Love you so, From The King Khan & Bbq Show

Rhythmic and catchy music, which adapts perfectly to everyday situations ! Pranks, humorous videos, tutorials…

  • Number of videos: 34 million videos
  • Number of likes: 302 million likes

2. Aesthetic, from Tollan Kim

Rather “chill” music, used for relaxing, soft, and soothing videos: evening routine, home tour, vlog travel ..

  • Number of videos: 13.3 million videos
  • Number of likes: 23 million likes

3. Heyy, of n0gitsxnes

This accelerated version of the song Bloody Mary of Lady Gaga, affixed to a scene from the series Wednesday On Netflix, was a huge success on Tiktok !

  • Number of videos: 4.3 million videos
  • Number of likes: 16.2 million likes

4. BZRP Music Sessions, Shakira

The release of this song last January made a big noise ! Indeed, in this song in collaboration with Bizarrap, Shakira settles his accounts with his ex-companion with punchlines virulent. It didn’t take more for Tiktok to ignite !

  • Number of videos: 4.5 million videos
  • Number of likes: 13.6 million likes

5. Get you to the moon, kina

Soft and soothing music, straight from Italy. This sound plunges us into a moment strong in emotions, which often mixes empathy and nostalgia !

  • Number of videos: 2.7 million videos
  • Number of likes: 13 million likes

6. Snowfall, from Oneheart & Reidenshi

Here is another piece of sweet music that knew how to conquer the Tiktok sphere. A sound widely used for sequences rich in emotions !

  • Number of videos: 1.2 million videos
  • Number of likes: 11.1 million likes

7. She knows, of J. Cole

Although the American rapper J.Cole released this song 10 years ago, this music is experiencing a revival of popularity on Tiktok. Sound is often used for a humorous purpose, playing with the meaning of the words “She knows” (“She knows” in French).

  • Number of videos: 722,000 videos
  • Number of likes: 10.8 million likes

8. Let me down slowly, of Alec Benjamin

The 8th place in this ranking is again occupied by a rather soft and nostalgic sound, released in 2018. It is often used to illustrate love stories.

  • Number of videos: 540,000 videos
  • Number of likes: 9.2 million likes

9. Flowers, from Miley Cyrus

Difficult to have missed this hit since its release in January 2023 ! The title Flowers de Miley Cyrus was an international success, on all platforms. On Spotify, the song reached 1 billion streams in just 5 months, a record. On Tiktok, sound is often used for videos around romance or self love.

  • Number of videos: 5.4 million videos
  • Number of likes: 8.5 million likes

10. Super Freaky Girl X Luxurious, of Nicky Minaj, Gwen Stefani (Tiktok Remix)

This remix offers a R&B sound that particularly appeals to Tiktok, and notably inspires Internet users for videos that speak of fashion, with spectacular transitions.

  • Number of videos: 2.8 million videos
  • Number of likes: 8.2 million likes

How to find trendy music ?

On Tiktok more than everywhere else, music now has a special place. Such a success, that it is also possible to listen to “hits tiktok” playlists on streaming platforms such as Spotify or Deezer !

And if you want to find music that will make the buzz for your next videos, know that Tiktok provides a special section within his Creative Center.