The smartphone of the future: what will it look like?, Elders from Apple unveil the future smartphone (or not)

Elders from Apple unveil the future smartphone (or not)

Samsung, among other things, works on this flexible screen and had to offer a model that would unfold like an Egyptian parchment. Deemed impractical by users, the model may not be released soon as planned.

The smartphone of the future: what will it look like ?

In recent years, there have been no technological novelties that have revolutionized the market. Smartphone sales are increasingly growing and the French keep their aircraft longer. But those we know today have nothing to do with the smartphones of the future. New concepts will emerge in a few years and revolutionize our way of using these devices.

The smartphone of the future without battery ?

Today’s smartphones are efficient with a much more worked design as well as many features. On the other hand, the batteries of our phones do not last so long With our applications that put them to the test. Indeed, the battery capacity has increased enormously For a few years, but at the same time our consumption (internet, videos, photos, games. ) has also increased tenfold.

Smartphone in charge

Smartphone manufacturers are there on the lithium -based supersonic recharge. It allowsImprove loading speed as well as the Storage of this energy. This technology was used in particular by Samsung for its Galaxy Note 7 (you know, the batteries of these models which were taking fire and which are now prohibited by plane). Since then, it has been used by other manufacturers who, for the moment, have no explosion problems. In terms of autonomy, the Mate 9 of Huawei is at 58% in just half an hour load, Google pixel works during 7 hours with only 15 minutes dump.

There Immediate total recharge is sought after by brands but a problem appears: a battery too used automatically leads to premature decrease in lifespan of it. The solution may be a Smartphone without battery. Scientists from Washington University have assembled a phone entirely autonomous in energy. It works thanks to radio signals present in large quantities around us. This technology is not new since during the Cold War, the Soviets used microphones with similar technology. If the manufacturers manage to use this feature for all electronic and connected devices, this technology could prove to be a small revolution !

A very flexible and foldable screen

Soft screen smartphone

This concept can be difficult to imagine since we wonder How will electronics be folded smartphone. Indeed, the foldable battery has not yet been invented. However, a flexible screen is perfect for a smartphone without battery, no ? The smartphone of the future could thus Stay easily in a pocket or around the wrist as a watch. The concept looks like the flexible rule used by children at school which has gradually replaced the easily cashable plastic rule.

Samsung, among other things, works on this flexible screen and had to offer a model that would unfold like an Egyptian parchment. Deemed impractical by users, the model may not be released soon as planned.

This type of screen already exists with curved televisions, But they will soon be able to fold completely on order by pressing a button Like the volume of sound. Touch pads gradually benefit from this technology.

An intelligent virtual assistant capable of crossing all our data

Virtual assistant inteligent

The big ones in the high-tech sector wish set up a virtual assistant that is capable of connecting all data very personal user, much like Siri at Apple or Google Assistant but with a level above. For example, he can online shopping user, monitor your health by reminding him of taking her medication, Manage your agenda, Recall a person he has not mentioned for a while, and much more ! The virtual assistant will know what your needs are before you even know it, you must admit that it is a bit frightening ! The Internet user can also ask the assistant specific things, As for example telling him “send a necklace to my wife for Valentine’s Day”, in a few seconds, the software will have found and connected the addressee contact, there Online store of a jeweler and the Bank account. The user no longer has to deal with nothing.

This technology will be a major problem to be supervised for the CNIL (National Commission for Data Protection) since there is a Risk of resale of personal data. In case of piracy, These data will also be found in nature.

Elders from Apple unveil the future smartphone (or not)

Future Humane smartphone

At a TED conference, the Humane startup, founded by two former employees from Apple, presented a first demonstration of a new portable apparatus entirely thought of around artificial intelligence. The days of our smartphones are counted ?

After having founded the Humane startup, Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, having both worked for Apple in the past, reveal their new project. In short video extracts from a TED conference, one of them presents what he considers the device of the future, which could replace our mobile phones and other connected watches.

A device entirely designed around AI

The Chatgpt revolution has escaped anyone, but we are only in the premises of the possible uses of artificial intelligence. Imran Chaudhri thinks that his business has found a way to use AI to offer a new type of device:

“Today, I want to share with you […] a new type of portable device, entirely designed around artificial intelligence. It is completely independent. You don’t need a smartphone or any other device to connect it. »»

As you can see in the video extract below, Chaudhri carries the product in terms of his shirt. This is a small box with different sensors. Unlike a classic vocal assistant like Siri or Google Assistant, the latter is not triggered by the voice, but by pressing the case. It is then possible to interact with it in different ways.

The first is obviously by talking to him. We mean, for example, the device translates a sentence pronounced by Chaudhri from English to French, using its own general vocal model by artificial intelligence. A process that is reminiscent of the tool used by David Guetta to imitate Eminem’s voice.

The @Humane Wearable Doing English-> French Ai Translation in your Own Voice… wow. (Sound on)

Video credit @zarifali9

Read the exclusive on the Humane Wearable’s features: https: // t.CO/TYRMTYPSYI PIC.twitter.Com/CMAWEU8DFS

– Ray Wong (@Raywongy) April 21, 2023

The device is also equipped with a camera capable of projecting information, as we can see here on the hand of Chaudhri, although the interaction with this interface still seems a little blurred.

I OBTAINED A VIDEO OF @HUMANE ‘S ​​AI-POWERED WEAUBLE Projector in Action (Clipped from A Video @zarifali9 Sent Me Of The #TED2023 by @imranchaudhri)

This Looks Insaneee! peak.twitter.COM/DDOFTMCXH5

– Ray Wong (@Raywongy) April 21, 2023

Another use case is presented when the device scans a chocolate bar to read its composition and give information relating to intolerances or food allergies from its owner.

@Humane ‘s Device Helping You Decide What You Can and Cannot eat Based on Knowning Your Preferences and Dietary Restrictions.

– Michael Mofina (@Michaelmofina) April 21, 2023

Many unanswered questions

As in all product presentations, their designers have total control over the elements they wish to show. In this sense, the demonstration of Chaudhri is perfectly mastered and relatively impressive. But does this “projector” coupled with a vocal assistant doped at AI really has the potential to replace our smartphone as far as ? For the co-founder of Humane, there is no doubt: “The AI ​​will be the engine of the next leap forward in the design of devices”.

Chaudhri also advocates the absence of screens, the very people he has helped to popularize for 20 years at Apple by working on products like the iPhone, the iPad or the Apple Watch:

“For the human-technical relationship really evolving beyond the screens, we need something radically different […] the future will not be held in your hands or on your face. The future of technology could almost be invisible. »»

Now it remains to know the weight of the device, its attachment system or the (or not) dangerousness of the projector if the latter accidentally comes into contact with the eyes. The question of the display of more complex information such as a card or a route is also posed depending on the size of the projection surface.

Note also that some people do not use vocal assistants of their smartphones, because they simply do not want others to hear their requests or conversations. Under these conditions, the new Humane device is more like a voice assistant integrating AI very well than a product able to fully replace our devices equipped with a screen.