The sharing of Netflix accounts has changed, here are the rules that apply now, Netflix: it will take 6 euros to share your codes with people who are not a member of the home

Netflix: you will have to pay 6 euros to share your codes with people who are not a member of the home

Giving your Netflix access code to people who do not live at home, it’s no longer free. Here are the new account sharing rules.

The sharing of Netflix accounts has changed, here are the rules that now apply

Giving your Netflix access code to people who do not live at home, it’s no longer free. Here are the new account sharing rules.

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(Files) The Netflix Logo at The Netflix Tudum Theater in Los Angeles, California, On September 14, 2022. Netflix on May 23, 2023, Expanded its Crackdown on USers sharing passwords with People Beyond theirond, Immondé Family AS iteks to shore up. At the leading streaming television service

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Netflix announced this Tuesday, May 23, that French users will pay, from May 24, an additional 5.99 euros monthly if they want to share their account outside their home.

Netflix – Sharing at will, it’s over. Since mid -week, Netflix has made French users pay an additional 5.99 euros per month to share their access codes with people who do not live with them. After this announcement, the first account terminations began to fall.

The rule decreed by Netflix and detailed on its site is as follows: ” Anyone member of your home, that is to say who lives with you and therefore share your main address, can use your Netflix account “. In other words: if you can continue to watch Netflix programs on several devices in your home (which can be practical when several people in you use the same account, as is the case when you have roommates or adolescents with their own devices), you will no longer be able to share your account for free with your friends or family members if they do not live in your home.

However, means exist to continue to share your account with outdoor relatives, or to watch Netflix on the go. The HuffPost explains any point by point below.

How does the “additional subscriber” option work ?

On his assistance page dedicated to account sharing, Netflix indicates that “Holders of an account with a standard or premium offer can share Netflix with people who do not live with them by adding additional subscribers to their account”. To do this, “The account holder must buy an additional subscriber option, then invite a person to use it”. It is up to you to see, then, with the person concerned, who will pay the 6 euros monthly more required to take advantage of this option ..

This additional subscriber must imperatively “To be activated in the country in which the holder of the account which invited him subscribed”. The possibility of adding an additional subscriber will however not be available for “standard” and “essential” offers, namely the cheapest offers from Netflix.

Depending on the page dedicated to these additional subscribers, the option will not be available on grouped offers to other streaming platforms (where Netflix access is included in a wider content offer) either). Keep in mind also that the additional subscriber can only watch Netflix videos at home only on one screen at a time, without being able, himself, share his access to others – even if he will have a new identifier and password, which will be created when activating this option.

Connect to the Wi-Fi of the house to avoid blockages

If you try to get away from this new rule and still share your password outside of your home without paying the supplement, the platform announces the color: “Devices that identify on Netflix without being associated with your main address can be blocked. »»

To protect yourself from any blockage, Netflix specifies that members associated with the main account must connect to the Wi-Fi network of the home owner’s house, and look at a minimum content every 31 days.

Checks carried out

In order to identify the fraud, the streaming platform will geolocate each connection via its IP address. If a device located far from your home is looking to connect, the platform will send an email to the owner of the main account which will have 15 minutes to confirm via a code that the user is well linked to the home. For offenders, apart from blocking accounts, no financial sanction is currently scheduled: ” Netflix will not automatically pay costs ”.

A temporary code if you go on a trip

But what to do if you travel ? If you go away from your home beyond 31 days, to take advantage of your subscription, it will now be necessary to request Netflix to obtain a temporary code in order to be able to continue to watch films and series. This new password will be effective for seven consecutive days.

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Netflix: you will have to pay 6 euros to share your codes with people who are not a member of the home

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Change at Netflix. We will now have to pay an additional 6 euros in France to share their access codes with someone who is not in their home.

Netflix announced Tuesday that American, French users and a hundred other countries should now pay an additional cost to share their codes of access to the service with people who are not members of their home, as part of its strategy to diversify his income.

The streaming veteran has been testing this new formula for a year, and has already set it up in Canada in particular, after a difficult year 2022, marked by losses of subscribers in the first semester, before rebounding in the second.

“More than 100 million households share their account, which affects our ability to invest in great films and television series,” said Netflix in February in a press release.

6 euros monthly in France

Prices vary depending on the country: American households will now have to pay almost $ 8 per month to authorize a guest to use their account.

In France, it will be 6 euros monthly, as in Spain but instead of 4 euros in Portugal, two countries where the measure has already been established.

“Your Netflix account is for you and for people who live with you, that is to say your home,” said an email from the platform that must be sent to all the subscribers concerned Tuesday.

The message indicates the two possible solutions for those who already share their identifiers: they can add an additional subscriber by paying the supplement, or transfer the profile of a person outside the home. This must subscribe to its own subscription but will thus retain its preferences.

A cheaper subscription with advertisements

The Californian group also recalls that subscribers continue to be able to watch their programs when they are on the move.

Netflix, which has more than 232 million subscribers, added at the end of 2022 a cheaper subscription with advertising, after years of reluctance. It now represents nearly 5 million monthly active users, depending on the company.

The strategy of restricting password sharing had been delayed. But the tests and deployments in Latin America and more recently in Canada have been conclusive, according to Greg Peters, the Co-Director General of the company.

“At the beginning, there are cancellations. And then the people who used used identifiers create their own accounts and add profiles, and we regain land in terms of subscriptions and income, “he assured a conference for analysts in April.