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How to share your Spotify Family account ��

You are the subscription manager and want to know how to invite on Spotify Family ? Here are the actions to be carried out:

Everything about the sharing of Spotify account

Music, podcasts, playlists and personalized recommendations: Spotify brings together everything you need in one place. Discover music before everyone else, podcasts, create a playlist. Everything is at hand. And even without advertising, if you choose to go to Spotify Premium !

Take advantage of Spotify, pay less.

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Take advantage of a subscription

Types and characteristics of Spotify subscriptions

The platform offers several types of Spotify Premium subscriptions, some of which can be shared to save each month ��

Personal Spotify Subscription

  • 1 simultaneous user
  • Music without ad and offline
  • Access to more than 70 million titles
  • Price: € 9.99 per month

Spotify premium duo subscription

  • Two simultaneous users
  • Mix Playlist Duo
  • Music without ad and offline
  • Access to more than 70 million titles
  • Price: € 12.99 per month

Spotify premium family subscription

  • 6 simultaneous users
  • Mix Playlist Family
  • Block music with explicit content
  • Music without ad and offline.
  • Spotify Kids: a separate app reserved for children
  • Access to more than 70 million titles
  • Price: € 15.99 per month

With Sharit, save every month thanks to the subscription sharing, we explain to you how to do right here ⬇️

Join a subscription

How to share your premium spotify account

Type of sharing: by invitation link
Restriction: members must live in the same country

For the owner of the Spotify account

  • Log into your Spotify subscription
  • Click on “Profiles” then “account”
  • In the left menu, click on the name of your subscription
  • Under “members of this subscription”, click on “Add to the subscription” then select “Invite in Spotify”
  • Copy the link to send it to the future member (s) of your subscription via Sharit messaging

For the future member of the Spotify subscription

  • Click on the link sent by the owner and accept the invitation
  • Register or connect to your Spotify account
  • Confirms the postal address: it must be the same as that provided by the owner of the account. You can find it on your Spotify Sharit space

Please note, Spotify limits the number of family change during the same year (only 1 change) and you can only belong to one family at a time.

Share my subscription

Why go through Sharit for your Spotify subscription ?

If you share your account, you realize on average 0.00 € in savings /month

If you enjoy a subscription, you realize on average 0.00 € in savings /month

Access to all our content recommendations and available innovations

Questions answers

How does Spotify shareable family subscription work?

The family subscription of Spotify allows up to six members to share a single account, which allows everyone to listen to music and create playlists on their own accounts. The accounts are independent of each other, which means that music preferences and recommendations do not overlap.

How can I create a playlist on Spotify?

You can create a playlist on Spotify by clicking on the “New Playlist” button in the “Playlists” section of the application. You can give your playlist a name and add songs by looking for them in the search bar or by browsing them in your music library.

How to add a member to my Spotify family subscription ?

To add a member to your Spotify family subscription, you must be the main account holder. Go to your account settings, select “family subscription” and click on “Add a member”. You can then send an invitation to the person of your choice.

How to share a Spotify playlist ?

How to share your Spotify Family account ��

Spotify, it’s really The reference app for music : the catalog is immense, there is absolutely everything (except the excellent remix of “say my name” by Cyril Hahn) in short, we love it. But frankly, we can no longer advertise that are always badly chosen and are downright unmanageable for an evening with friends. So we wondered how to have a premium account not too expensive, And we share our solution to you because we are too nice !

Spotify Premium, Spotify Family, Spotify Duo… Light on all these formulas

Spotify Free at 0 € per month is the free business service. It allows you to use the service for free but you will be regularly interrupted by advertising. You will not be able to choose the order of music in the playlists, nor pass all the music that you do not like.

Spotify Premium at € 9.90 per month is the paid version of the service, without advertising, it allows you to listen to offline music and freely choose the music you want to listen to. He authorizes only one user.

Spotify Duo at € 12.99 by month, offers you the same advantages as Spotify Premium, but for two people. It is designed for couples living under the same roof

Spotify Premium Family at € 14.99 per month offers the same services as the premium version, but can be shared between 6 users, one cost per user that falls to € 2.49. A good deal.

Can we share your Spotify subscription ?

THE Spotify accounts Duo and family are planned for sharing. In the duo offer, you can invite your spouse or roommate. In the family offer, you can invite up to 5 additional people.

To propose

I have a subscription and want to offer my places available to save money.


I want to subscribe at a low price by joining a group of fees.

On how many devices can you use Spotify Duo or Family ?

For’family subscription, each account can install Spotify And use it on 5 devices (that is, 6 users x 5 aircraft in the family), however, listening is only possible on a device both by account.

For DUO SUBSCRIPTION, same principle but you are restricted to two accounts (i.e. 2 users x 5 aircraft)

How to listen to Spotify on 2 devices at a time ?

You can’t listen to your Spotify music On two devices at the same time. However, you can connect to the number of devices of your choice, but if you start playing on a second device, It will cut music on the first. So you can only broadcast your music on one device.

How to share my Spotify Duo or family account ?

Time required: 5 minutes

You are the subscription manager and want to know how to invite on Spotify Family ? Here are the actions to be carried out:

  1. At the top right, click on “Profile” then on “Account”Spotify Methodology Subscription
  2. In the left menu, click on “Spotify family”
    Subscription Spotify Family Methodology
  3. Click on “Add to the family subscription”
  4. Click on “Invite the Spotify Premium subscription”
  5. Copy the invitation link and send it to the members you want to invite, Specify the postal address you have provided in your account

You are invited on a subscription and want to know how to use Spotify Family ?

  1. Click on the invitation link you received
  2. Register if you don’t have an account. If you already have a free, you can use it to connect and keep all your reading lists.
  3. Confirm your address. It must be the same as that of the owner.

By sharing your account, you can divide the cost by 6. Is equivalent to € 2.50 per user And represents a saving of € 89/year Compared to the individual premium offer.

How much can I save by sharing my account ?

To propose

I have a subscription and want to offer my places available to save money.