The mobile post, which operator package to choose?, Activate a new Sim La Poste Mobile card: how to do?

How to activate your Sim Post Mobile Sim card

With mobile post, No package service is available as long as the SIM card has not been activated. The operation is therefore even greater than for certain operators whose activation of the chip is automatic or partial.

Mobile Post Package: offers, recharge and subscription

The mobile post is a MVNO born in 2011. It follows from the partnership between the La Poste and SFR group. To attract these subscribers, this mobile operator offers several ranges of packages that cover all user needs, all at competitive prices. So to help you choose the package that suits you, Jechange tells you more about the La Poste Mobile Package range as well as the packages with phone.

  • The essential
  • Diversity of offers: Large selection of mobile packages and internet offers for professionals and individuals
  • Service quality : Positive customer reviews on the performance and reliability of the network linked to SFR.
  • Efficient customer service: Professional assistance and accessible via several channels
  • ABSULABILITY: Excellent value.(Offer from € 4.99)

What are the Post Mobile Packages ?

La Poste Mobile is distinguished by its flexible and non -binding mobile offers, designed to meet the various needs of its customers. Of the € 4.99 , You can benefit from a mobile package that effectively combines service quality and savings. In addition, La Poste Mobile offers packages including a phone at more than affordable prices, see free, ideal for those who wish to renew their device without breaking the bank.

Packages without commitments La Poste Mobile

The non -binding packages of La Poste Mobile offer many advantages:

  • Flexibility : You can change your mind at any time and at no cost. Adapt your package according to your needs and keep your phone number for free.
  • The price : With packages at from € 4.99 , The mobile post ensures excellent budget control.
  • 5G compatibility : You can take advantage of an ultra-fast internet connection with 5G compatibility on certain packages.
  • Mobile loan : In case of Pepin, La Poste Mobile provides a mobile free.
  • Free delivery : La Poste Mobile delivers the SIM card free at your home.

La Poste Mobile offers a range of mobile plans to meet different needs:

  1. SIM 2H SMS SMS MMS Illi 100MB 4G : The first price package of the mobile post offer 2 hours of calls and unlimited SMS and MMS with a 100MB data envelope for 4.99 €/month.
  2. SIM Package 24/24 + SMS MMS Illi + 60GB 4G : Unlimited calls, sms and MMS in France, with 60GB of data for 10.99 €/month . It also offers the International Advantage option for € 2/month, which offers preferential rates for international calls, and a 5G option for 5 €/month
  3. SIM 120GB package without obligation : It offers the same services as the 60GB package but with a wider 120GB data envelope for 14.99 €/month.

The mobile post stands out for large operators by its values accessibility and support, by aiming to give access to mobile plans to the greatest number. Indeed, more than 2 million customers already benefit from their offers.

In addition, La Poste Mobile has designed Packages adapted to all family members ::

  • A blocked package for children.
  • Boosted gigas packages for parents.
  • Specific packages for seniors.

There network quality is also a major asset of the mobile post. Thanks to the use of SFR network, La Poste Mobile provides 99% coverage of the French population in 4G, 4G+ and 5G.

The mobile post allows the use of the package abroad (Europe) without additional cost. For communications outside Europe, an option International advantage is available. It also offers the possibility ofBuy mobiles from € 1 with a package with commitment, as well as the payment staggered over 24 months and insurance for mobile. Customers can also benefit from a Discount on their mobile plan if they subscribe to an offer SFR box with mobile post.

Package offers with phone La Poste Mobile

You also detect the possibility of subscribing to a Package with the mobile post phone. Take advantage of the advantages and promo codes to rent a smartphone or subscribe to a package+phone at 1 euro with the mobile post:

  1. Package + mobile 200GB in 24 months : this package at € 39.99/month offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, 200GB of data, an option 5g free and an international advantage option at € 2/month. When you travel to Europe and the DOM/COM, you benefit from unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 45GB of data.
  2. Package + mobile 140GB in 24 months : has € 29.99/month , You benefit from unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, 140GB of data, and a 5G option at 3 €/month. By traveling to Europe and the DOM/COM, you benefit from unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 30GB of data.
  3. Package + Mobile 80GB in 24 months : For € 21.99/month , This package offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, 80GB of data, and a 5G option at € 3/month. In Europe and in the DOM/COM, it offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 25GB of data.

These three packages also include the international advantage option at € 2/month For preferential prices on communications to more than 120 destinations. For all these packages, uses outside Europe and DOM/COM are charged in off -package, capped at € 30.

Remember that with a mobile post la Poste package without commitment, you can terminate your subscription at any time. The termination of the mobile post is effective within 10 days after receipt of your request.

The mobile post, in addition to its attractive packages, offers a varied selection of Mobile Post Package with 1 euro phone. Among them, you will certainly find your happiness between Apple high -end phones or Xiaomi phones for more basic needs. Here is an overview of the various mobile phones offered by La Poste Mobile:

  • Apple iPhone 11 reconditioned
  • Apple iPhone 8 reconditioned
  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Apple iPhone 13
  • Apple iPhone 14
  • Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5g
  • Xiaomi Redmi
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 PRO 5G
  • Oppo Find X5 5G
  • Oppo A57

Attention ! The phones are likely to vary, it is therefore recommended to consult the Mobile Post website to obtain the most recent and precise information.

�� Discover the mobile post phones at € 1 !

Rent a smartphone with ! Mobile Post, in partnership with, offers a reconditioned smartphone rental service, allowing customers to benefit from recent technology while adopting an eco-responsible approach. The selection includes several iPhone models, available at affordable monthly prices with promo codes La Poste Mobile. In addition to competitive prices, the rental service offers coverage in the event of breakdown, breakage or flight, and the freedom to change models for free after 20 months.

Mobile Post recharge

Sometimes your consumption can exceed the limits of your package, especially in the event of intensive use of 4G/5G or international calls. This is why La Poste Mobile offers a charging service. If you want to recharge your data package or add additional minutes for your calls, the mobile post to the solution. In a few clicks, VIt can increase your data envelope or your call time, allowing you to stay connected without interruption.

Here are the different charging options available:

  • € 5 recharge : Unlimited calls and SMS + 100 MB of data (valid for 7 days)
  • Recharge of € 10 : Unlimited calls and SMS + 500 MB of data (valid for 15 days)
  • Recharge of 20 € : Unlimited calls and SMS + 2 GB of data (valid 60 days)
  • € 30 recharge : Unlimited calls and SMS + 4 GB of data (valid 90 days)

Prepaid card La Poste Mobile

The range of prepaid SIM cards from La Poste Mobile includes two main offers: the classic prepaid card and the international prepaid card.

  • There Classic prepaid card is an offer without commitment that allows you to communicate in unlimited in mainland France. It offers you the flexibility to recharge your account according to your needs.
  • There International prepaid card is specially designed for those who frequently communicate abroad. It offers advantageous prices towards more than 120 destinations, which allows you to stay in contact with your loved ones abroad at lower cost.

By opting for these cards, you benefit from a series of advantages:

  • Without commitment, without invoice : You recharge your card according to your needs.
  • Credit included : 10 € credit are included to allow you to communicate immediately.
  • Refills adapted to all uses : La Poste Mobile offers four amounts of recharges, adapted to all uses (calls, SMS and Internet)
  • 10,000 available post offices To recharge your card and benefit from the advice of our experts.

The mobile post has a prepaid solution adapted to your needs. Choose the offer that suits you best and enjoy a communication without constraints.

How to subscribe to La Poste Mobile ?

If you are interested in the Post Mobile Packages, the subscription process is quite simple and can be accomplished in a few steps. To succeed in your subscription, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Compare the offers: Carefully examine the many available offers. La Poste Mobile offers a wide range of mobile offers that include options for different consumption levels. To facilitate your search, you can find and compare all the Post Mobile Packages on our mobile package comparator.
  2. Go to the post office or the website : To subscribe, you can go to a post office near you so that an agent helps you complete the process. Alternatively, you can also subscribe online via the Mobile Post website.
    subscribe online
  3. Fill out the subscription form: You will need to provide certain personal information, such as your name, address and bank details. Make sure you have this information at hand to facilitate the subscription.
  4. Confirm your subscription : Once you have completed the subscription form and choose your payment method, you can confirm your subscription. You will receive confirmation by email or mail, depending on your choice.
  5. Receive your SIM and/or box card : Finally, after having confirmed your subscription, you will receive your SIM card and/or your box by mail. Follow the instructions provided for installation and activation.

Subscribe to the mobile post is quite simple, but it requires a certain preparation. By following these steps, you can choose the offer that suits you best and enjoy your new services in no time.

What is the quality of the La Poste Mobile network ?

After consulting the packages, you might ask yourself who is the operator of the mobile post ?

La Poste Mobile works in partnership with SFR. Thanks to this partnership, La Poste Mobile offers its users access to one of the best telecom networks in France. SFR provides coverage and quality of services mobile post, allowing users to benefit from excellent network coverage throughout French territory.

Where to buy a mobile post chip ?

Buying a Sim Post Mobile card is easy and accessible. You can get it in two ways:

  • Online : You can order a SIM card directly on the Mobile Post website. Just choose the offer that suits you and follow the instructions to place your order. The SIM card will then be delivered to you at your home.
  • In store: You can also buy a mobile post chip in one of the many post offices in France.

Promo code La Poste Mobile: What are the advantages ?

Thanks to the partnership established with, La Poste Mobile offers you significant advantages and Immediate discounts on rental phones with promo codes. This is a selection of the latest reconditioned Apple phones like:

  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XR

Thanks to promo codes La Poste Mobile, benefit from attractive rates to rent a new high -end smartphone, while preserving your budget.

Find these promotions directly on the official website La Poste Mobile.

How to manage my Post Mobile Package ?

If you wish to monitor your consumption, pay your invoices, or even modify your package, the Customer Space of La Poste Mobile provides you with all the tools necessary to do so.

With the Customer area or the La Poste Mobile application you have total control on your package:

Functionality Description
Consumption monitoring The customer area allows you to closely follow your internet consumption, calls and SMS. A simple and practical way to avoid any surprise on your next invoice.
Management of your invoices Find all your invoices in one place. You can consult, download and even set your invoices online.
Modification of the package Need more data or calls ? Via the customer area, you can easily change the package according to your needs.
Online assistance If you meet a concern with your package, assistance offers a dedicated section to help you solve your current problems.

In case of difficulties or for any questions relating to your package, do not hesitate to contact the customer service of the mobile post. For this, several options are at your disposal: the free mobile post number, the mobile application, social networks, postal mail, and of course, your online customer area.

To help you make an informed decision as to the choice of your next supplier, we invite you to discover the testimonies of customers. You will find valuable feedback on our page dedicated to the mobile post notices.

How to activate your Sim Post Mobile Sim card ?

Sim post mobile post office activation

To activate a Sim La Poste Mobile card, there are several solutions. The activation of the operator’s SIM card is not automatically done even in the event of portability. You will have to go to the customer area or call customer service to request the activation of the SIM La Poste card.

Here’s how to activate a SIM La Poste Mobile card:

  • Go to the page: https: // activation.lapostemobile.FR/Card-SIM;
  • Fill in the SIM card number presents on the support;
  • Click on ” Enable “ to validate.
  • What approach to activate your SIM La Poste Mobile card ?
  • Activate your SIM La Poste Mobile after opening a new line
  • Activation of a SIM after portability to a mobile postage package
  • Activate your Sim Post Mobile card after changing it
  • Change and activate a SIM La Poste card by changing phone
  • Sim La Poste Problem Mobile: how to repair or change it ?
  • Special situations with the SIM La Poste Mobile card
  • What to do in the event of loss or theft of your mobile with the SIM La Poste ?
  • Blocked SIM card: what solutions to unlock it ?

The content of this page was verified by an editorial expert on the date of 03/17/2023

When a mobile phone subscriber receives a new SIM La Poste Mobile card, it must be activated it. Activation of the SIM card is not automatic, even in the event of number portability. Generally, the procedure to proceed to activation is quite simple. Here, mypetitforfa explains what is the procedure to activate your SIM La Poste Mobile card with confidence.

What approach to activate your SIM La Poste Mobile card ?

By subscribing to a new mobile post mobile package, the new subscriber receives a SIM card to be able to operate with the new network of the operator. In the case of the mobile post, virtual operator, the network to which the subscriber is accessing is that of SFR. To be able to use it, you must follow an approach in order to activate the SIM La Poste Mobile card.

Activate Sim La Poste Mobile Card

After receiving the SIM card from his new Post Mobile Package, a procedure is necessary to activate it.

Activate your SIM La Poste Mobile after opening a new line

The first scenario concerns line creations with mobile post. That implies A new contract with the operator, But also a new number, and therefore a new SIM card. With this virtual operator, the activation procedure is quite simple, but necessary. Without the latter, the subscriber has only limited access to his mobile telephony subscription.

The SIM card is sent to the subscriber at the time of ordering the package. Moreover, the price of € 9.99 of the chip is to be paid at the same time as the first month of package, as soon as order. The SIM card then arrives within 5 days.

To activate the SIM card of the mobile post, it is necessary ::

  1. Connect to the Customer Space La Poste Mobile;
  2. Go to the page: https: // activation.lapostemobile.FR/Card-SIM;
  3. Indicate the SIM card number (14 digits after 893310);
  4. Click on ” Enable “.
  5. Or call customer service at 0 970 808 660, open Monday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.;

With mobile post, No package service is available as long as the SIM card has not been activated. The operation is therefore even greater than for certain operators whose activation of the chip is automatic or partial.

Activation of a SIM after portability to a mobile postage package

By changing mobile operator, There is no need to change the phone number. By requesting the portability of his number, not only does the subscriber keeps it, but in addition, La Poste Mobile takes care of terminating his old contract. It is indeed the operator La Poste Mobile who is responsible for recovering all the information necessary for the transfer of the line. The subscriber has nothing to do, or pay, except the termination costs specific to the terminated subscription, if there is so much.

Portability La Poste Mobile

Changing package for a mobile post offer while keeping your number is possible. However, it will be necessary to change and activate a new SIM card.

To apply for portability, just Transmit your rio number to the mobile post and the telephone number of the line concerned. At this time, you must also choose the date on which effective portability is desired. Subsequently, activation of the SIM card is as before as before.

In short, in the case of portability with the mobile post, it is necessary ::

  1. Subscribe to a post office offer and choose the number portability date;
  2. The day of portability, insert the SIM La Poste Mobile card into the phone;
  3. Go to your Customer Space La Poste Mobile then click on “Activation”
  4. Fill in the SIM number and click on “Activate”.

Rio code

Also read how to get your Rio code to keep the same number ?

Activate your Sim Post Mobile card after changing it

It is not always necessary to change mobile operator to change SIM card. In some cases, mobile post subscribers may have to change their chips following a change in another nature, or following an incident with the current SIM. What are the situations in which to change the Sim post mobile card is necessary ?

Change and activate a SIM La Poste card by changing phone

If changing the package does not involve changing SIM card, it goes otherwise when it comes to a change of smartphone. This is not a question of network or operator, But simply compatibility of the SIM card. The latter exist in different formats: mini-Sim, micro-Sim and Nano-Sim. By changing smartphone, the new model may not be compatible with the Package of the current SIM card.

In this case, it is necessary:

  • Reduce the size of the card using the triple cutting;
  • Use an adapter of the right size;
  • Buy a new SIM La Poste Mobile card.

Generally, The operators sell smartphones with triple cuts SIM cards. This prevents encountering a compatibility problem since the SIM provided adapts to the three formats mentioned. However, the problem remains present in the event of purchase from a reseller other than his operator since no SIM card is then provided.

In some cases, the format of the SIM card is suitable, but reading it is impossible. This happens if the mobile used is simlocked. This means that it only works with the SIM card of the operator who sold it. It is then enough to call the latter with the IMEI of the mobile to carry out the unlocking of the phone.

Sim La Poste Problem Mobile: how to repair or change it ?

The SIM card can be perfectly compatible, but misconduct. When a SIM card turns out to be defective, the subscriber may encounter many types of problems. Calls are then of poor quality, if not impossible to make. Internet connection via mobile data, if possible, is done with a reduced flow. When you encounter this kind of difficulty, you have to yourself Make a diagnosis to ensure that the problem is indeed from the SIM card, and not mobile or network.

SIM Mobile Sim Card Problem

If your Sim Post Mobile card no longer works, it is necessary to recommend a.

To find out if the SIM card is defective, it is appropriate ::

  • To check that a breakdown is not underway on the SFR network (used by the mobile post);
  • turn off the smartphone;
  • to remove the SIM card, then replace it, making sure to put it in the place;
  • to light the smartphone again.

If everything works, the SIM card is then operational. However, if no breakdown has been noted and persist problems, it is necessary to make a test to determine the origin of the problem.

  1. The first step is to place Its SIM card in another smartphone Compatible and unlocked. If access to the package of the package is possible, the SIM card works, but the mobile may be defective.
  2. The second option is to place Another SIM card in the smartphone. If the services related to the inserted chip are available, the mobile works properly.

After finding that the problem comes from the SIM card, you must then immediately contact the customer service of La Poste Mobile.

Special situations with the SIM La Poste Mobile card

Users can obviously find themselves in a different situation from those already mentioned. Three cases are thus particularly recurrent. Fortunately, they also have suitable solutions.

Here is the list of these special cases:

  • the loss or theft of the mobile and the SIM card;
  • The accidental blocking of its SIM card.

What to do in the event of loss or theft of your mobile with the SIM La Poste ?

Following a smartphone flight with its SIM card, you must react as soon as possible. This situation is indeed dangerous since the mobile itself contains many personal data. The thief can thus Access the photos and information retained by the web browser, whose passwords. It is therefore important to secure your mobile as well as possible by leaving the browser only retain the bare minimum, if not at all. If the stolen mobile is extinguished, The PIN code is however necessary for ignition. By having opted for a personalized pin code, the risk is therefore less.

As soon as the flight of your smartphone, it is important to declare it to the gendarmerie or in police post. To do this, you must first bring the IMEI of the device, present on the original box of the latter.

Once the declaration is made, it remains to contact its customer service as soon as possible to request:

  • blocking the SIM card;
  • smartphone blocking (IMEI required);
  • a new chip and, possibly, a new mobile.

If ever the mobile is found with the SIM card after blocking, do not panic. By again contacting customer service within hours of the blocking request, the latter can be canceled.

Blocked SIM card: what solutions to unlock it ?

Who was never mistaken about PIN code ? It happens to everyone. However, be careful not to be mistaken 3 times in a row. If this is the case, the SIM card is blocking instantly. However, this blockage is not final. Just enter the PUK code from the SIM card to unlock it.

The PUK code consists of 8 digits and is located on the original support of the chip. It is also possible to get it online from its customer area. Please note: in case of 10 consecutive errors on the PUK code, the SIM card is definitively blocked. It is then necessary to order a new one.

Advice from myLittlePackage

If none of the cases mentioned in this guide corresponds to the problem encountered, it only remains to contact the customer service of his operator to obtain help.

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