LCL Private, how to connect, Particular LCL – Opening and management of the LCL account

LCL Private – Opening and management of the LCL account

All prices are date of December 2018.

LCL Private Customer Access

Founded in Lyon in 1863 by the founding fathers François Barthélemy, and Henri Germain; Crédit Lyonnais is a French banking establishment. More recently, in 2005, he was renamed LCL, and has extended his activities, no longer limiting himself to traditional banks activities. To this end, the bank has developed online services to satisfy its customers both special and professional. Thus, customers who wish can open an account and manage it from their home. This article comes to make its contribution, by giving useful information to the future members of the bank.

Need help or telephone information ?

Need to contact the LCL bank ? Our telephone information service offers you a connection with the requested service.

1/ Call the 118418 and say ” ACCOUNT “”

2/ Get the contact details or the procedure to contact her

24 -hour telephone information service 7 days a week

How is the customer area of ​​the LCL bank defined ?

The LCL Bank is a large group that today has millions of individual customers, to which are added 320,000 professional customers, and other companies. LCL must be competitive on a market dominated by companies that are constantly innovating. Thus, the evolution of new technologies, and the desire to see its customers grow encourage the leaders of the establishment to update. It is in this order of idea that the bank has set up digital services through an online platform, accessible from the WWW email .

THE LCL customer online account is therefore this connection space which is entirely dedicated to him, and to which he can access as soon as he wishes. In addition, the aim of such a service is to benefit from current banking operations without having to move to the scene. However, it should be noted that this space is offered by the official website of Crédit Lyonnais. After opening your online account, the identifier and password are the only data you will need to take control. Also, there is the possibility of doing so from your phone; To do so, simply download and install the application. The latter is available both on the Android system and on the iOS system for the pleasure of customers.

With this customer area, apart from current banking operations, you can request a point on your wealth with the key to personalized advice. This service is completely free for LCL customers. In addition, since the company operates in the insurance field, you can from your space consult your insurance contracts.

How to access his specific LCL account Secure ?

As mentioned above, it is possible to access this online customer area in two separate ways. The first method implies a connection from the company’s website; While the second method suggests downloading the mobile application. However, it is not enough to proceed in this way to be asked for a bank statement or follow a credit file. It is therefore necessary to follow the essential steps to the smooth running of the handling.

The LCL bank is a large group which takes into account several different entities. Thus, access to the online account of an individual is done according to a precise method which is as follows:

  • As an individual, you must go to the site reserved for private individual customers via the address www.LCL.Fr ;
  • Then, click on the customer access section called “My space” is the second step
  • Following these two stages, a page will be displayed with the following URL: ;
  • A connection zone will be displayed, it will then be necessary to inform the identifiers and the predefined password when opening the account;
  • Finally, confirmation of the type of customer is essential; In the specific case, it is a particular client.

In addition, a professional customer or a company can also have access to their online account from the bank portal.

Are there any tips for a successful handling of its customer area ?

It may happen that the online connection to the Crédit Lyonnais account of the Customer is experiencing difficulties. One of the probable reasons for such an inconvenience is that the latter has several times informed its customer access. Indeed, when you repeatedly enter erroneous identifiers, the security system temporarily blocks the particular LCL account. Thus, no more operation can be done before unlocking the account.

However, when the customer realizes that he has actually forgotten his password or his identifier he can recover them. Of course, this operation must be done before the account is blocked. In the event that the identifier is forgotten, you have to take a look at bank statements or on the LCL Mo accounts mobile application. When no document is found, you must click on the link “immediately recover my customer identifier” and respect the procedure designed for this purpose.

On the other hand, when it comes to the password that is forgotten, click on the link ‘’ Obtain an access code ’will suffice. If despite these measures, the problem persists, contact customer service at number 09 69 36 30 30; An advisor will be pleased to help you.

For E-LCL customers, how to access their account ?

The E-LCL offer is actually the Bank of Crédit Lyonnais completely digitalized. The subscription to this service guarantees its member the management of all its online operations from the space of his home. In addition to frequent operations, the latter can carry out a good number of activities related to his account. These include the simulation of credits, the subscription to any service, the opening of an account where to be guided by a professional financial advisor.

However, you should know that the conversion of an account to Crédit Lyonnais, to an E-LCL account is quite possible. Besides, this only requires the intervention of an advisor who will convert in a few minutes. Following this operation; The E-LCL customer will be able to:

  • Proceed with the simulation and financing of all projects;
  • Perform operations on the stock market by constituting and managing a portfolio of securities;
  • Take part in various insurance contracts to protect your family and property;
  • Constitute savings;
  • Transform.

Posted on August 18, 2020
Last update on May 18, 2021

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LCL Private – Opening and management of the LCL account

Particular LCL

The LCL bank account for individuals allows you to hold a bank card as well as a current account or a joint account. How to subscribe ? What are the prices ? How to get your bank card ? We detail the private LCL bank account.


LCL (formerly Crédit Lyonnais) is a traditional bank that has about 6 million private customers, and hold about 1,900 banking agencies distributed throughout the territory.

Open an account for individuals at LCL

Bank account services

Particular LCL

Holding an account for individuals at LCL allows you to benefit from a current account that offers all the usual services:

In addition to these services, LCL offers individuals to have a savings product or a consumer or real estate credit.


All banks have the legal obligation to verify the identity of their customers. Thus, they must ask at least:

In the event that the customer decides to subscribe online, Without making an appointment in agency, it must also Provide a French RIB. Indeed, having a French RIB attests that the customer has already opened an account in a French bank, and that he has therefore already carried out a physical interview. Such an interview is compulsory to verify that the customer is the one to whom the identity papers belongs.

Note : some neobancs, accounts without bank and prepaid cards do not require not necessarily proof of address, Like N26. There are also some prepaid card services which do not require the necessarily providing proof of identity, but the service to which the customer is then often capped.

Subscribe in agency or online

Particular LCL

LCL offers two possibilities in order to open a specific bank account: go to an agency or subscribe directly online.

Opening an online LCL account has several advantages:

Indeed, making an appointment in an agency can take time, unlike the online opening. The customer does not have the constraint of having to move, knowing that agencies often close around 6 p.m., and are not necessarily open on Saturday. Which can complicate account opening for assets, in particular.

In order to subscribe online to a particular LCL account, it is therefore enough to fill out the form below:

Transfer your accounts to LCL

Is it possible to transfer a bank account ? Since the implementation of aid for banking mobility, Yes.

Take the example of a consumer who wishes to transfer his special current account at LCL. When subscribing, he can sign a mandate If he wishes.

This mandate proposes two options:

  • Request the transfer of all banking operations, balance of the account, and close the previous bank account
  • Request only the transfer of banking operations

In both cases, the new bank is responsible for sending the customer’s new RIB to all organizations that make transfers and samples from the bank account. It can even close the bank account.

Thanks to this new process, the consumer therefore has almost no more approach to carry out himself to change bank, except the subscription in the new bank.

Note : savings booklets cannot be transferred.

Which can open a specific LCL account ?

Particular LCL

First of all, you should know that a bank has the right to refuse the subscription of a customer without the need to justify himself. It may therefore happen that some consumers cannot open a specific LCL account without knowing the reason. In this case, the only solution is to try his luck with another bank, or to call on the right to the account.

Generally, however, these are banking prohibitions whose subscription is refused.

Otherwise, any natural person may subscribe to LCL. If the customer is an unmanned minor, he must be accompanied by his legal representative and go to an agency. Online subscription is not available if the customer does not have a bank account in another French bank beforehand. It is of course possible to open a joint account.

The bank also offers a dedicated LCL student offer.

Note : LCL also offers, in addition to its offer for individuals, solutions for associations and companies.

The whole Particular LCL offer

LCL’s private supply consists essentially of a Bank account, of a Bank card and of Additional services like insurance or SMS alerts, whether customers can choose to subscribe or not.

Unlike many banks, LCL does not have a banking pack. It has established in place LCL à la carte, which allows you to benefit from a discount of the number of products subscribed:

A payment card +:

  • 1 product or service: 3% of discount
  • 2 products or services: 6% of discount
  • 3 products or services: 9% of discount
  • 3 or more products or services: 12% of discount

If the customer decides to Domicile your income, It has more than one delivery of 10% additional, and 20% if it is an E-LCL account for customers under the age of thirty.

Private LCL bank account prices

The Particular LCL prices are split into two parts: bank charges related to services (bank card, insurance, etc.) and payment incident costs, which are only invoiced if the customer is uncovered.

All prices are date of December 2018.

Here is a non -exhaustive list of specific LCL prices for services:

Particular LCL

  • Bank card subscription:
    • Inventive MasterCard card: 45 €/year
    • ISIC LCL card: 48 €/year
    • Classic visa (Cléo Visa card): 45 €/year
    • Premier visa: € 142.80/year
    • Infinite visa card: 354 €/year
  • Account holding costs: 24 €/year
  • Loss or theft insurance for payment methods: € 34.80
  • Withdrawals in a DAB from another bank: € 1.05 From the 4th withdrawal/month
  • Withdrawals outside the euro zone: 3 € + 2.85% (with a minimum of € 0.80)
  • Payments outside the euro zone: € 1.20 + 2.85% of the operation (with a minimum of € 0.80)

The costs in the event of a payment incident can be high:

  • Intervention commission : 8 €
  • Authorized overdraft rate: unspecified
  • Unauthorized overdraft rate: wear rate
  • Linformation for unauthorized debtor account: € 12.50 + Postal charges
  • Rejection rejection for insufficient balance: amount of the levy rejected within the limit of € 20.00

As we can see, the prices of the LCL offer for individuals are rather high. If we add a simple conventional bank card with account holding costs, the invoice is already climbing to 69 € per year.

By comparing, Online banks are much cheaper. Bank cards are free, as well as account holding costs and intervention commissions.

LCL or E-LCL ? The difference

As more and more traditional banks, LCL offers, in addition to its physical agencies, an online agency, E-LCL.

When subscribing, the customer has therefore two options ::

  • Choose a physical bank account with the possibility of going to an agency
  • Choose to subscribe directly to the online agency

If the customer opts for the second solution, he will then gain more autonomy in his management of his bank account. It can carry out most banking operations from its secure space on the Internet or its bank application, without having to make an appointment in agency.

He still has a regular advisor, which he can only contact only at a distance (email, telephone, etc.). E-LCL contact schedules are wider than agencies. The customer can go to the agency to file a do, make a transfer … like any other customer.

Note : a client of a physical agency may decide to transfer their particular LCL account to E-LCL without having to change account number.

The downside is that Particular LCL prices are identical that the customer subscribes to the online agency or the physical agency. However, one would have thought that the online subscription cost less, the customer would therefore benefit from a financial advantage.

e-lcl LCL
20% with LCL à la carte if income domiciliation ATTITIBER AGENCE ADVISOR
Wider contact time slot Access to the entire agency offer
More flexibility in the management of your account
Access to part of the agency offer (check table. ))
Prices identical to the LCL offer Lack of flexibility in the management of your account
Impossible to meet an agency advisor Often limited contact time slot
High prices

Written by Claire Krust – Updated on 03/15/2023