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Card review: Boursorama Ultim Metal


Up to € 100 offered when opening a Boursorama account

The Metal Card of Boursorama Banque: a cheap premium offer

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You are looking for a high-end banking offer at Boursorama Banque ? We decipher for you the premium offer of the online bank Boursorama: the metal card. Discover the advantages and conditions for obtaining the Visa Metal Card of Boursorama Banque, as well as a comparison of similar banking offers.

Metal Bank Boursorama card

€ 9.90 per month

Google Play note: ⭐ 4.3/5
Apple Store note: ⭐ 4.9/5

✔️ no additional cost on a trip abroad
✔️ Premium insurance for travel abroad
✔️ Payment and comfortable withdrawal ceilings
✔️ Discovered authorized
✔️ Sponsorship program + generous welcome offer
✔️ Powerful mobile app

❌ Paid card
❌ Bank card with systematic authorization
❌ No infinite visa insurance
❌ No concierge
❌ No access to offers and privilege events

Updated data in September 2023

The Boursorama Bank Ultim Metal card: what is ?

The Ultim Metal offer from Boursorama Banque

Boursorama Banque offers a premium offer called: metal offer.

The metal offer, what is ? L’metal offer is a service offered by Boursorama Banque, and which includes:

  • A metal map with systematic authorization;
  • A package of premium guarantees and insurance;
  • High-end services.

What is a metal card is a bank card made of metal, generally at systematic authorization, attached to the high-end offers of neo banks and online banks. It is generally accompanied by premium insurance and preferential prices abroad (withdrawals, payments into currency and transfers abroad free of charge).

There Metal Boursorama card is a Systematic authorization card. It is similar to a first visa. Without income conditions and at low prices, it wants to be more accessible than the black cards marketed by traditional banks, such as the infinite visa or the mastercard world elite.

To whom is the Ultim Metal card ?

The metal card is a premium offer that seduces a demanding customers wishing to haveexclusive advantages and comfortable expenditure ceilings.

The Metal offer is also suitable for people looking for a Premium card without income condition and at low prices.

Finally, the Regular and expatriate travelers will appreciate the complete absence of costs abroad: withdrawals and payments are free all over the world with the metal card.

If you do not recognize yourself in this offer, discover the others Boursorama Banque bank cards ✔️ Metal : Metal bank card at € 9.90/month, the premium offer for travelers, immediate debit or delayed debit (under income conditions).
✔️ Ultim : Immediate debit or delayed debit card (income condition), which replaces the Gold Boursorama Card.
✔️ Welcome : free visa card with immediate debit, without income condition.

What are the protections and guarantees included in the metal offer ?

You often travel ? There Ultim Metal Card of Boursorama Banque Includes complete insurance coverage for travelers.

L’metal offer includes High -end insurance, worthy of a Premium card, For a very low price.

Metal Bank Boursorama card

€ 9.90 per month

➡️ Insurance guarantees:

  • �� Death / Disability Guarantee
  • �� Transport delay guarantee
  • �� Luggage delay guarantee
  • �� Loss or Luggage Luggage Guarantee
  • �� Civil liability guarantee abroad
  • �� Rental vehicle warranty
  • ��️ Warranty Interruption by travel cancellation
  • ❄️ Snow and mountain guarantee

➡️ Assistance guarantees:

  • �� Medical repatriation
  • �� Travel hospitalization abroad
  • �� Replacement driver
  • �� Too bad or theft of the rental vehicle
  • ⚖️ Legal aid on a trip abroad

➡️ Other services:

  • �� Smart Delay: Airport Access In case of delay
  • ��️ Cashback
  • �� Returning protection
  • �� Average payment insurance and personal effects
  • �� Telephone insurance and tablets

Updated data in September 2023

Bank rates and costs of the Metal offer

L’Metal offer from Boursorama Banque Understands Ultim Metal card and its premium services, for the price of € 9.90/month. An accessible price for an offer where everything is understood and without income conditions.

Metal Bank Boursorama card

€ 9.90 per month

➡️ Current costs:

�� Account holding costs: ✔️ Included

�� Inactive account holding costs: None

➡️ Travel costs abroad:

�� Withdrawal in euro zone: ✔️ at no cost and unlimited

�� Withdrawal outside the euro zone: ✔️ at no cost and unlimited

✈️ Payments while traveling abroad: ✔️ at no cost and unlimited

➡️ costs on payment incidents:

��️ Intervention committee: ✔️ None

�� Authorized discovered: 0.07

�� Unauthorized discovered: 0.16

➡️ Fresh on transfers:

�� Instant transfer: ✔️ Free

�� SEPA transfer: ✔️ Free

�� International transfer: ✔️ Free

Updated data in September 2023

How to get a Boursorama metal card ?

To obtain a Boursorama metal card, you must choose between an immediate debit card, or a delayed debit card.

Metal Bank Boursorama card

€ 9.90 per month

✔️ Immediate debit: none
✔️ Delayed debit on request: € 2,500 net of monthly income

Updated data in September 2023

There metal card Immediate debit is accessible to everyone: without income condition. Ideal for low -income people who still want to benefit from premium services.

How to open a metal account ?

Opening a bank account at Boursorama Banque is simple:

  1. Fill out the online account opening form.
  2. Sign your contract with the bank and add your supporting documents.
  3. Make your first payment of € 500.

When you open your account, you can subscribe to themetal offer and benefit from Ultim Metal Metal card.

Comparison of Boursorama Banque bank cards

How to choose the Boursorama Banque offer that suits you ?

You don’t know which Boursorama Banque offer to choose: Welcome, Ultim or Ultim Metal ? Discover our comparison of Boursorama bank offers: price, ceilings, withdrawals, transfer to currency, insurance ..

Boursorama Ultim vs metal card: which offer to choose ?

You hesitate between the two bank offers Boursorama: Ultim vs metal ?

L’Ultim offer is free, while themetal offer is at a price of € 9.90/month. What is the difference between these two bank cards ?

There Boursorama metal card Allows withdrawals, payments and transfers in euros or currency, in France and abroad, free and unlimited. While you will have to pay additional costs to obtain the same level of service with your Ultim card ::

  • Withdrawals abroad in currencies limited to 3 per month and billed 1.69% beyond;
  • International transfers billed by 0.10% of the amount and 20 € minimum.

On the insurance side, the card Ultim and the metal card Both benefit from a good levels of guarantees:

  • Average payment insurance;
  • Visa first travel insurance;
  • Travel medical assistance.

But the metal card also has the option Protection Boursorama understood. It guarantees your means of payment, paper, leather goods and offers you an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty for your mobiles and tablets.

The offer Protection Boursorama is accessible with a Ultim card, By paying for a supplement:

  • Essential Protection Boursorama: € 0.99/month, up to € 4,700 in reimbursement.
  • PROCESS PROTECTION Premium: € 4.99/month, up to € 32,200 in reimbursement.

Ultim metal offer reviews: what Boursorama Banque customers think

What are the Boursorama Banque customer reviews concerning the Metal Boursorama card ?

Customers appreciate the excellent value for money of theMetal offer from Boursorama Banque, which allows you to carry out free banking operations abroad. In addition, the mobile application and online services are particularly suitable for nomadic people.

On the other hand, customers deplore the initial deposit of € 500 compulsory when subscribing to the metal offer. This device is similar to a barrier at the entrance for some customers.

Laila M. September 5, 2019 Good bank […] I know the operation of banks remotely, what seduced me the new bank card offered black. This card makes it possible to make withdrawals and payments abroad for free [. ] The application is very easy to use [. .

Quentin L. January 30, 2022 Best quality price report Boursorama Banque offers a current account at no cost, with payment abroad without additional cost. The online platform is efficient and practical, a solution suitable for a traveler who needs an account in France. Difficult to find better !

Boursorama is online bank n ° 1, acclaimed by its customers thanks to its excellent quality/price ratio. L’metal offer does not derogate from the rule. Users are satisfied with the premium service offered by the Ultim Metal card Bank Boursorama.

What is the difference between a black card and a metal card ?

Black cards display mandatory, and often high income conditions. Therefore, the Black Card is intended to be reserved for a certain category of customers.

The black card is what ? Also called Black Card, the black card is a high -end and exclusive bank card. This is a luxury card that has premium banking services, justifying its demanding price and conditions of access: insurance, assistance and concierge.

There metal card is presented by neo banks as a premium offer, which can be associated with black card. But what about it in fact ?

Metal card vs black card

Services Metal card Black card
Immediate or delayed flow ✔️ ✔️
Income condition ✔️ Without income condition for an immediate debit card Under minimum monthly income conditions or acceptance on file
Travel assistance and insurance ✔️ ✔️
Insurance of means of payments ✔️ ✔️
Concierge Service ✔️
Overdraft ✔️ *under conditions ✔️

F.HAS.Q Metal Metal Borusorama Bank

How to have the Gold Boursorama card ?

The map Gold Boursorama corresponds to the old Visa Premier Boursorama card. In 2021, online bank decided to replace its offer with the Ultim card. To have a card Gold Boursorama, You have to subscribe to theUltim or Ultim Metal offer Bank Boursorama. These are two offers with systematic authorization card and who have Visa Premier insurance coverage.

What is the difference between a black card and a metal card ?

The neo banks offer the metal card to compete with the black card of traditional banks.

Metal card vs black card

Services Metal card Black card
Immediate or delayed flow ✔️ ✔️
Income condition ✔️ Without income condition for an immediate debit card Under minimum monthly income conditions or acceptance on file
Travel assistance and insurance ✔️ ✔️
Insurance of means of payments ✔️ ✔️
Concierge Service ✔️
Overdraft ✔️ *under conditions ✔️

How not to pay the Boursorama card ?

If you want to get a free stock market card, you have to opt for the Welcome offer or the Ultim offer. Note that bank cards are free under use condition. You must make at least one monthly payment, otherwise it is billed at 5 €/month for theWelcome offer and 9 €/month for theUltim offer. Welcome is the offer without income condition for young people or people with little income. While the Ultim offer is more for assets, or travelers thanks to its insurance coverage.

Card review: Boursorama Ultim Metal

Boursorama Ultim Metal Card Review

Boursorama Banque has been offering its ultra premium bank card since Christmas 2020: Ultim Metal. Accessible against a monthly subscription, it clearly competes with the metal cards of mobile banks such as Revolut or Nickel.

➡️ So what are its advantages, its disadvantages and it is worth the cost ? Answer right away ! ��

  • An ultra premium bank card, without conditions in immediate flow
  • An adaptable authorized overdraft ..
  • Payments and withdrawals at no cost abroad, unlimited
  • Insurance superior to a first visa
  • The effective and practical mobile application
  • A generous welcome offer.
  • It is not free and subject to income in delayed debit
  • … but accessible after 3 months of seniority
  • Few differences compared to the Ultim card
  • Not accessible to banking prohibitions
  • The deposit of € 300 at the opening

The conditions for obtaining the Ultim Metal card

✅ The Ultim Metal bank card from Boursorama is Without any condition in immediate flow, Like other metal cards of mobile banks.

Monthly income of € 2,500 net are requested Or you must have at least € 5,000 at Boursorama to get your Ultim Metal card in delayed debit. This remains reasonable to obtain a metal card with the mention “credit”, very practical for renting a car. ��

➡️ In summary, the Visa Ultim Metal bank card from Boursorama is currently The only metal card available in delayed flow and offering an authorized overdraft.

Up to € 100 offered when opening a Boursorama account

Our opinion on the costs of the Ultim Metal card

The Visa Ultim Metal card costs € 9.90 per month. But there are hidden costs ? Let’s see that ! ��

Boursorama bank account prices

Account holding fees Free
Intervention commission Free
Sepa and out -of -separate transfers online Free
Instant transfer Free, unlimited
Checkbook Free
Online bank check Free
Debute interests (Agios) Allowed : 7 %
Unauthorized : 16 %
Outside CB renewal 10 €
Card contribution in case of inactivity 9 €/month

Summary of account fees at Boursorama

✅ In order to facilitate your reading we have selected certain costs which seem to us the most important.

➡️ In short, as long as your account is not incident and you use your Ultim card once a month, Your Boursorama bank account will cost you nothing more than the monthly subscription. Likewise, international transfers in euros are free, which can be very profitable because they are normally charged 20 €. More information in our detailed opinion.

The costs of the Ultim Metal card abroad

Payments outside the euro area are free and unlimited. And unlike the black ultitim card, withdrawals are not limited. ��

Insurance of the Visa Ultim Metal Boursorama card

The assistance, guarantee and insurance services of bank cards are often overlooked. However, this is the main point of comparison between the different ranges of cards. See rather ! ��

✅ The Visa Ultim Metal Visa Metal Insurances of Boursorama Metal are excellent and even better than the Black Ultim card thanks to the Premium Protection Guarantee. In fact, this option is normally billed € 4.99 per month.

Boursorama Ultim Metal Protection Premium review

➡️ Synthesis, The Ultim Metal card offers insurance and guarantees superior to a first visa mainly thanks to the premium protection warranty included. We can also highlight the Smart Delay service which gives you access to airport salons in the event of late to your plane.

Up to € 100 offered when opening a Boursorama account

Ultim Metal visa card: the ceilings

✅ While the conditions for moving a credit card in a traditional bank are generally left to the discretion of advisers, Boursorama is transparent on its operation: The ceilings adapt to your income or assets Depending on the table below. ��

Reviews Card Bank Boursorama Ultim Metal Ceiling

Comparison with other Boursorama cards

✅ The Corner is the Free Privilege Space of Boursorama, in which you find the good deals of a large number of partner brands, with discounts, cashback offers and vouchers. Membership of the Premium Service in The Corner is free for all Boursorama Ultim Metal customers.

Up to € 100 offered when opening a Boursorama account

Our opinion on Boursorama Banque

Ultim Metal Boursorama bank card review

❎ Impossible to give you a full opinion on a bank card without talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the bank which offers it. And with the Ultim Metal card, It is clearly an advantage : you benefit from the comfort of a bank located in France including check deposits or access to credits, unlike mobile banks that usually offer these metal cards.

✅ In addition, Boursorama is one of the best banks in French lines:

  • It is a very complete general bank, quite capable of becoming your main account.
  • It will be 15 years that Boursorama is the cheapest online bank in France.
  • The comfort of a French bank with access to regulated savings: booklet A, LDDS, PEL, etc
  • It offers among the best offers of personal or real estate credits.
  • But it is not necessarily the best for investments: PEA, life insurance, etc ..

Up to € 100 offered when opening a Boursorama account

Boursorama customer reviews on the app and Ultim Metal card

Boursorama Ultim Metal Reviews card

The Boursorama application is still at the forefront of ergonomics As its excellent notes on the AppStore (4.9/5 of more 175,000 opinions) or Google Play (4.6/5 on 90,000 opinions). Customers are quite rave about the qualities of the application, the Ultim Metal card or the Bank overall: practical, stable and secure.

❎ Only a few criticisms are made on Access to customer service which is impossible via the chat of the application, Unlike most mobile banks. However, you should not need to contact them as the application is easy to use. ��

Up to € 100 offered when opening a Boursorama account

Visa Ultim Metal vs Metal maps of neobanques

❎ While it is impossible to find an affordable metal card with large French banks, it seems obvious that they cannot compete with the Ultim Metal Visa of Boursorama.

➡️ Nevertheless, what is the metal card worth in the face of neobanc cards ? ��

➡️ to summarize, The stock market in Boursorama metal has an excellent value for money, Especially if we compare it to other metal cards available in France. And unlike neobanques, you benefit from the comfort of a French bank (authorized discovered, checks, credits, etc.).

Up to € 100 offered when opening a Boursorama account

Conclusion: the Metal Ultim card (E) ?

➡️ In conclusion, our opinion on the Boursorama Ultim Metal card is very good. It’s an excellent metal card and the only one currently available in delayed debit within a 100% French bank. Likewise, the price of the monthly subscription is competitive and without hidden fees.

✅ Finally, the Ultim Metal card seems to be intended to the wealthiest customers who often travel abroad, Even if it does not reach the quality of ultra premium cards like the infinite visa. Nevertheless, it stands out from the latter by its unique design and its greatest accessibility. ��

Up to € 100 offered when opening a Boursorama account


How much is the Boursorama Visa Metal Visa Metal card ?

The Boursorama Visa Metal Visa Metal card costs only € 9.90 per month, under conditions:
In immediate flow : no income or asset conditions.
In delayed flow : € 2,500 minimum monthly income or € 5,000 in outstanding.
Use the card once a month : if not 9 € of fees.

Visa Ultim or Metal: what differences ?

In the end, there are quite a few differences between a Visa Ultim and Metal card, apart from their appearance and ceilings. Likewise, insurance, guarantees and assistance are equivalent, with the exception of the Premium Protection Guarantee included with the metal card.

How to place a check with the Ultim Metal card ?

To make a check, go to the “Checks” section, then click on the “Make a Digital Check” tab “.
Once the discount has been made online, it will be necessary to send the check by post.
Do not forget to sign the checks on the back and register the account number on which you want the check to be cashed.
Finally, the letter must be freed but it is not necessary to send a registered letter.

What insurance with the Boursorama Ultim Metal card ?

The Boursorama Visa Ultim Visa Card offers the same levels of guarantees, insurance and assistance as a first visa card, including:
– Travel insurance: delay, cancellation, luggage, repatriation ..
– Assistance abroad: legal aid, advance medical costs, civil liability ..
– Protection of rental vehicles: damage, flight and reimbursement of franchise.
– Snow and mountain warranty: search costs, equipment rental, packages ..
– She adds the Premium Boursorama Protection Guarantee, usually billed € 4.99 per month.

Antoine was heritage advisor and private banker before joining Finance heroes. He puts his service and his experience in the banking environment at your service.

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