The Mégane RS takes care of its release with a last ultimate limited series, the Renault Megane range

The Renault Megane range

Under the hood, we find the same engine 1.8 300 hp turbo. and 420 Nm of torque, associated with an EDC double clutch automatic box in Europe, which allows it to make 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds.

Megane 4 R.S 2023 Ultimate: the last der !

The end rang for the Renault Mégane 4 R.S who, knocked out by standards, electric vehicles and the ecological penalty, will bow out in a few months. But before that, Renault will offer a special series, as a final reverence.

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We announced it a few months ago, thanks to internal documents that had leaked, the 4 RS Megane will be entitled to a final version before drawing a line both on its career, and both on the brand Renault Sport, since it has been decided that the sports segment would be dedicated to Alpine and that the new mega would be 100% electric.

The latest Renault Sport Megane in its history

For the last megane R.S in its history, Renault therefore offers a series limited to 1976 units, a figure which refers to the birth of Renault Sport almost 50 years ago. This limited series mainly gives pride of place with unpublished stripping, in particular the double diamond on the hood, or those arranged on the roof, the rear shield, the doors and the wings.

Four shades are offered with black Star, pearly white, orange tonic and of course, the one that will probably be the most successful, yellow Sirius. Many elements, sometimes details, have been entitled to a specific black treatment such as the Renault logo, the doors, the window frames, the rims, the rear diffuser or the famous F1 blade of the front shield.

Renault Mégane 4 RS Ultimate 2023

For style and for behavior, this model incorporates widened wings of 60 mm at the front and 45 mm on the rear, with tune extractors in order to better breathe the brakes.

A refined but not very specific interior with complete standard equipment

Mégane interior 4 Rs Ultimate

Inside, there is after all a fairly classic cabin with fairly omnipresent red border, especially on door panels and the steering wheel. Recaro bucket seats are covered with Alcantara and alert.S. Like any self -respecting limited series, the numbered plate is well present, at the bottom of the central console, in front of the gear lever.

Recaro Mégane RS seats

For its ultimate limited series, this R version.S offers everything or almost everything: navigation system with touch screen of 9.3 ”, Bose hi-fi audio installation, digital instrumentation of 10 ”, adaptive regulator (for road use only. ), 360 ° radars and camera for maneuvers and above all, the R.S Monitor, an RS telemetry system that allows you to follow many parameters (torque, power, temperatures, turbo pressure, turn around, etc.)).

There are still some rare options such as head -up, a sunroof and a specific cover to protect the car when it is in the garage.

A limited series based on the Mégane RS Trophy 2022

If this limited series is ultimate, it is not technically, but only on the commercial level. Because technically it is quite close to the trophy version which was on sale last year, not the trophy-R version which really pushed the limits by lightening, to gain in performance.

Under the hood, we find the same engine 1.8 300 hp turbo. and 420 Nm of torque, associated with an EDC double clutch automatic box in Europe, which allows it to make 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds.

To pass all the power to the front axle, the torsen mechanical differential is also there, as is the semi-snagkes bridgestone Potleza S007 tires mounted on 19 ” Fuji Light rims which equipped the trophy-R version, the most ultimate model To date of this 4 R Megane.S. For the braking part, it is provided by Brembo with bi-material discs.

True to the trophy version, its front axle is also equipped with independent pivots (TAPI system), and compression hydraulic stops. Finally, on the back, unlike the Trophy-R, this limited series has 4Control, this device which makes the rear steps in order to offer hyper lively and ultra sporting behavior on the track, to the detriment of a weight a bit superior, however.

A future collector’s car whose coast will climb on occasion

Although its technical characteristics do not bring much more, this last version, risks seeing its coast climb quickly in occasion due to a limited number of copies, and its “der” appearance. An investment that will probably be profitable in the medium term.

New Megane 4 R.S Ultimate 2023

Higher prices than her big sister

This Renault Mégane RS Ultimate will be presented for the first time to the public during the Tokyo Auto Salon which will open its doors on January 13. A place that is not trivial since sports cars are highly appreciated, and particularly the Renault Sport models although the brand is not very developed on this market. However, the “fans” community is estimated at 10,000 people according to Renault.

On the price side, certain options are now standard, it therefore increases the price of the ultimate compared to the old megane r.S.. Not to mention the ecological penalty between 14,881 and 16,149 euros depending on the equipment chosen, the “der des der” is offered in France at 53,450 euros. It is available to order for a total price which can go up to 70,000 euros.

The most posed questions

Where the 4 RS MEGANE is made ?

The Megane 4 RS is made in Spain, in the Renault factory in Palencia.

What is the price of a 4 RS mega ?

In 2023, the Mégane 4 RS price was displayed at € 44,650 (excluding ecological penalty). The trophy version is available from € 49,650 (out of penalty).

What is the best mega RS ?

The best Mégane RS, from a performance point of view and the Megane 4 RS Trophy-R with a 0 to 100 km/h made in 5.4 seconds.

Find out more about Mégane 4 RS Trophy

News, technical sheets, prices, engines, characteristics.

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The Renault Megane range


What to choose between Renault Megane, Megane E-Tech Hybrid and Megane e-tech 100% electric ?

If there are several differences between these three vehicles, the choice is mainly based on two flagship criteria: the type of body (exterior design) and especially the engine.

Compare two 3D models more criteria

car types

Eco bonus of € 5,000 deducted
Megane e -tech 100% electric Equilibre EV40 130ch Standard Charge -B
Discover Configure
Megane Evolution TCE 140 EDC – 23
Discover Configure

Megane e – rechargeable hybrid

Discover Configure
Megane Estate Evolution TCE 140 EDC – 23
Discover Configure
Discover Configure
Compare two 3D models

Outdoor design

The car Megane is a compact sedan. There Rechargeable hybrid e-tech version Using the same type of bodywork.

If Megane e-tech 100% electric does not brutally break with this aesthetic, its front, more muscular face, makes it more lean on the side of a SUV.

Finally, Megane Estate is a 5 -seater break, particularly suitable if you are looking for a family car.

Megane And Megane Estate are thermal vehicles, available in petrol or diesel motorization. By choosing these models, you will not break at all with your driving habits, if you have not already switched to hybrid or electric.

Megane E-tech hybrid rechargeable is, as its name suggests, a rechargeable hybrid car. The interest of this engine is that it emits up to 75% less than an equivalent thermal vehicle, while providing great practicality of use. The electric battery empties during one of your journeys ? The vehicle will continue to ride normally, using only the heat engine.

The purchase of a hybrid car offers several advantages: access to an ecological bonus; Free parking; No traffic restrictions …

In other words, this car makes you benefit from several typical advantages of electric motorization while changing practically nothing to your habits if you are driving a petrol or diesel car today.

Megane e-tech 100% electric is the model to choose if you are firmly determined to go to the electric car.

You will benefit from the same advantages as with the hybrid, but to a greater extent: zero CO2 emitted for use; even larger maintenance savings and access to a higher ecological bonus.


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