The future Renault 5 electric 2024 unveils its interior, Renault 5 Electric: All about the Electrified R5 2024!

Renault 5 Electric: Discover the new R5! ��

The businessman stresses that this subsidiary will not only help ” further reduce the costs of an electric car, but also the fixed costs of our company“” . But in fact, it will actually be more complicated than that. And several reasons explain this likely increase in the city car price. First of all, its production in France, within the Douai factory.

A first photo of the dashboard of the Electric Future R5

Marketed in 2024, the first photo of the interior of the future Renault 5, unofficial of course, was published. The mysteries around the one that will be motorized by an electric block how to fall.

The future R5 which will arrive in a few months, continues to be talked about, this time not officially, but unofficially. Indeed, although Renault has not left many mysteries about its style with a final version almost identical to the show-car presented for 2 years, on the other hand, the interior was still a mystery.

A mystery certainly not complete since one suspects that he will resume a design and an organization similar to the dashboards of the last megane e-tech, austral, space, burst or even the recent scenic e-tech presented recently ago. Models which give pride of place to screens and which are based, with success it must be admitted, on the Google system to ensure entertainment and navigation. A system which now allows you to watch Amazon Prime when the car is stopped.

The future R5, which will have much to do on a very competitive market, thus continues its various tests on open roads, at the risk of course to be surprised by professional photographers, or even by individuals. This is what happened to him since a passer -by, recognizing this future electric R5 which we speak a lot has managed to take a shot which allows you to discover the dashboard of the future replacement city car for the current Zoé, and published On the Spanish Cochespias

A neo-retro design outside, but not inside the future R5

With its future R5, if Renault wants to revive the past outside with this neo-retro design, on the other hand, for the interior, the revival side will not seem to be there. On the contrary, since the screens will be at the center, it is the case to say, of this future R5.

Unsurprisingly, we can see a dashboard close to the latest productions. Of course, the touch screen, as an extension of the instrumentation block also digital, will be smaller than the latest models and placed in landscape position and not portrait as on the latest models.

Interior of the 2024 Electric R5 Electric

We also notice the selection controller positioned behind the steering wheel as on the Megane and the Scenic E-Tech with the Renault logo at its end. Another element taken from the manufacturer’s range, the commodo of the multimedia part.

Another teaching, the ories of vents are much more classic here than on the Megane. The reason is simple: due to a lower screen, these can be ideally arranged in the center of the dashboard.

Economies of scale oblige, we note, however, that they seem very close to those who have equipped the different models of the Dacia range recently.

An approach presentation for marketing in 2024

The 100% electric Future R5 show

Marketed in 2024, just a few weeks separate us from an official presentation of the new Renault 5. A model that is undoubtedly eagerly awaited, especially since Renault had initially announced a price under 25,000 €. A promise that could ultimately not be held given the increase in production costs.

Despite everything, faced with Chinese competition, it will however have a size asset in the person of the ecological bonus. Made in France, in Douai, and with a battery also produced in France in the north of France, the Renault 5 will check all the boxes to be eligible for the bonus. It could also be eligible for the government’s leasing offer.

Renault 5 Electric: Discover the new R5 ! ��

More than ever, manufacturers must reinvent themselves to prepare the car of the future. At Renault, we work hard on this process, baptized internally ” Rebirth “, with the RENAULT 5 Electric. There new wave de Renault aims to transform it into a manufacturer focused on ” technology, energy and service »». What will the news look like Renault R5 Electric ? When the vehicle will come out ? How much will it cost ? Will Sixt offer Renault R5 rental ? Are we likely to see a Renault 5 electric turbo ? Let’s answer all these questions, and many more !

  1. Renault 5: History of a legendary vehicle
  2. The new Electric Renault R5 2024
  3. Characteristics of the electric R5
  4. Electric R5 price
  5. First trials of the Renault 5 2024: “More fun than the Zoé”
  6. Electric Renault R5 output (Five ?) for 2024
  7. Electric Renault 5 rental at Sixt ?

Renault 5: History of a mythical vehicle ��

During its 12 years of production, the Renault 5 trusted the rankings of the best sales of cars in France. In 1980, Almost 1 in 5 car sold in France was a Renault 5 (16 %) ! 10 years after its launch. Between 1974 and 1983, the R5 occupied this first place each year. It was not until 1984 that she was dethroned by the Peugeot 205.

What were the ingredients that made the success of this vehicle ? We can quote his original style, especially with its large doors devoid of handles. His innovations, like the hatchback which extends to the bumper. Or even plastic bumper, A first that then vat becomes the standard among European manufacturers.

But it’s above all her price, Obviously, which makes it an ultra popular car. The vehicle was removed from the range in 1984 to make way for Renault Supercinq. Now, the diamond brand will offer a third generation of the R5, which will be electric.

Renault 5 electric ⚡: the first date of 1971 !

The French brand is not, however, at its test in terms ofRenault 5 electrification. Imagine that in 1971, Renault engineers, assisted by EDF colleagues, had developed a Electric R5 prototype ! The vehicle was able to reach the speed of 80 km/h, the range was around 100 km. This electric R5 concept was only produced in 7 copies and remained at the experimental stage. An American version of the Renault 5 electrified was produced in 60 copies. However, the Lectric Lepard does not pierce.

The new electric Renault R5 2024 ��

In 2023, Renault reinvents itself to adapt to new realities of mobility, like all car manufacturers. There New Electric Renault 5 is at the center of its strategy. With this vehicle, the French brand intends to democratize the electric car.

The concept of the third generation R5 was presented in 2021. At the time, the CEO of Renault had announced a release in 2024. One year earlier than the 4 years necessary to create a new model. This reduction in the development time of a car is also one of the Renaulution objectives.

What about today ? Renault is on time to get the New electric R5 in 2024. Orders could be opened at the start of the year, while deliveries will follow a few months later. Prototypes have already been circulating since 2022.

Characteristics of the electric R5

Most of Technical characteristics of the future Renault 5 electrified there are question points. We know that the vehicle is developed on the basis of the Renault Clio Electric platform. Battery packs, power, autonomy, versions, finish … To find out all these details, you will still have to wait. ��

In 2021, Renault announced that the basic input model should be equipped with a 40 kW battery for a range of around 300 km. The Renault 5 with 52 kW pack will have a radius of action which can reach 400 km. Now we would rather be on a basic model with 45 kW battery. In terms of finish level, the R5 should offer a Compromise between Twingo and Zoe.

Electric R5 price ��

In 2021, Renault hoped to sell the new electric R5 around 20.000 €. The base price was then revised upwards, the manufacturer having set himself the goal of not crossing the 25 mark.000 €. Unfortunately, these objectives have been set before the price inflation wave we know. THE RENAULT 5 Electric 2024 catalog price remains to be determined. The specialized press fears that the RENAULT 5 electric price is closer to 30.000 € than 25.000 €.

First tests of the Renault 5 2024: “more fun than the zoé” ��

So far, car journalists have only been able to drive a Mulet from the Renault 5. Namely a vehicle with its own technique, but the appearance of another (in this case the Clio 5). The first impressions are good. There direction and the braking are excellent, this is a Agile and fun vehicle in use, Regardless of his driving style. Forget the calm style of the Zoé, the Renault 5 electric is much more dynamic. ��️

Electric Renault R5 output (Five ?) for 2024

The diamond brand is not late on its initial outing planning of the R5. The next step is now the Official presentation of the electric Renault 5, which will be released in 2024. It may well take place for the Munich Munich Show in September 2023. Until then, Renault should satisfy the curious with teasers. We are also waiting to see the prototype of the serial vehicle.

Last question mark, not least: what will be the official name of the electric R5 2024. Because yes, it has not yet been arrested. R5, Renault 5, Five, E-Five, Renault E5… Everyone has their little idea, without really knowing what commercial name will be adopted.

And the Renault 5 Turbo ? ��️

There Renault 5 Turbo, This 80s sports vehicle is a very popular Young-Timer. Could the brand also resuscitate this mythical Alpine car ? It’s a real possibility. Indeed, the diamond brand has unveiled the R5 Turbo 3rd concept in 2022. Equipped with 2 140 kW electric motors, this Contemporary Electric Turbo Renault 5 develops the trifle of 380 horsepower.

Electric Renault 5 rental at Sixt ? ��

At this point, it is obviously too early to evoke the possibility of Rent an electric Renault R5 At Sixt. But, given the electrification of our park which is gaining momentum, and that we rent Renault, it is quite possible. We are specialized in premium mobility, but that does not prevent us from offering economic options. Whether in the context of short -term, long -term or LLD rental (Sixt+).

If you are looking for a Cheap electric city car rental, We already have alternatives likely to interest you. For example, the Smart Fortwo Electric, the Peugeot E-208, the Electric Fiat 500, etc. For a long -term rental without contribution, be sure to discover these vehicles in our sixt+offer, all inclusive leasing without contribution and without commitment in time !

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Renault R5 Electric: Bad news on the horizon

Expected for next year, the electric Renault 5 could ultimately cost much more than expected and revolving around 30,000 euros. If the reason has not been mentioned, the increase in the cost of raw materials as well as production in France could explain it.

Renault is not unemployed with regard to its electrification, since the firm is preparing to lift the veil on its new scenic e-tech on the occasion of the next Munich IAA, which the editorial staff will make you discover. The manufacturer, who puts a lot on nostalgia, unlike Volkswagen, prepares in particular the launch of his R5.

A higher price

The latter should see the light of day in the course of next year, when it was revealed in the form of a concept in January 2021, As part of the Renaulution. If for the moment, we do not know all its technical characteristics, the manufacturer continues to communicate about that which will be available in an Alpine version inspired by the concept a290_β.

A few days ago, the director general of the diamond, Fabrice Cambolive, answered questions from the German magazine Autogazette About Renault’s future. And of course, the electric city car was at the heart of the discussions. And in particular its price, which has not yet been officially revealed. But it could ultimately be higher than expected, while The manufacturer was initially tapped on 20,000 euros.

Then, over time, the forecasts had evolved to revolve around 25,000 euros. But the manufacturer is not yet fixed, the manager saying that the price will be around 25,000 euros before clarifying that ” We work hard to market The R5 at less than 30,000 euros“” . The electric city car could strongly get closer to the Renault Zoé, currently displayed from 30,100 euros once the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros deduces.

For the record, the current Renault Twingo E-Tech starts from 20,250 euros, again once the aid of the price withdrawn from the price. Will the future R5 be in the same range of prices ? Without a doubt. Which turns out to be a little disappointing, since Fabrice Cambolive says that the 100 % electric ampere division will lower prices.

Many obstacles

The businessman stresses that this subsidiary will not only help ” further reduce the costs of an electric car, but also the fixed costs of our company“” . But in fact, it will actually be more complicated than that. And several reasons explain this likely increase in the city car price. First of all, its production in France, within the Douai factory.

However, we know that European labor is quite expensive, while the MG4 could also display an increasing price if it was one day produced on the old continent. This is particularly why Volkswagen could produce his future ID.1 at less than 20,000 euros in India. But that’s not all, because you also have to take into account The increase in the cost of raw materials and energy.

And for good reason, the price of electricity continues to increase, which will necessarily affect the production cost and therefore on the final amount paid by the customer. Anyway, Renault wants his city car still affordable, so that she can be a candidate of choice for the electric car project at 100 euros per month promised by Emmanuel Macron. And this thanks in particular to a simplified design and a battery offering greater energy density.

According to the interview, the Renault 4 should also display a competitive rate, which has not yet been revealed. These two creations should in any case hunt on the lands of the future Volkswagen ID.2 as well as the next Citroën Ë-C3, which will also display a very affordable price. What give cold sweats to the Dacia Spring, which has almost no rival, while waiting for Byd Seagull to arrive in Europe.

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