New ZOE – Electric city car – Renault, what will be the future electrical Renault until 2025?

What will be the future electrical Renault until 2025

The Renault Austral will still not be entitled to an electric version, but to a variant with seven places to go shadow the Peugeot 5008.

From 01/09 to 30/09/2023

Example for 100% electric Zoe e-tech balance R110, excluding options.

Long -term rentals, excluding optional insurance, for 37 months and 30,000 km maximum with a 1st rent of € 9,500 reduced to € 2,000 after deduction of € 5,000 in ecological bonuses and € 2,500 in conversion bonus. Subject to study and acceptance by Diac acting under the commercial brand Mobilize Financial Services, SA in the capital of € 415 100,500 – Headquarters: 14 avenue du pavé new 93168 Noisy -le -Grand Cedex – Siren 702 002 221 RCS Bobigny. Return of the vehicle at your dealer at the end of the contract with payment of standard repair costs and additional kilometers.

Deduction of the premium for conversion of € 2,500 subject to the rebate of a particular vehicle or diesel van put into circulation before 2011 or petrol put into circulation before 2006 (according to decree n ° 2022-1761 of December 30, 2022 ) and eligibility, see details on www.primeaconversion.gouv.Fr.

Non-cumulative offers, reserved for individuals and valid in the Renault network participating for any order of a 100% new electric electric Zoe from 01/09/2023 to 30/09/2023, within the limits of available stocks available.

100% electric Zoe e-tech range: min/max consumption (WH/km): 174/177. CO2 emissions: 0 when driving, excluding wear parts. Up to 395 kilometers of WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedures), depending on version and equipment.

What will be the future electrical Renault until 2025 ?

R5 Electric Concept-Car 3/4 front

After the presentation of its new strategic plan called “Renaulution”, the tricolor firm will go offensive in the field of electrification with the arrival of many Renault electric until 2025.

As you are surely without knowing it if you assiduously follow automotive news, Renault presented its new strategy called “Renaulution” a little more than a year ago, with significant investments in the electricity field.

In the range, This will result in new electric Renault. The opportunity to review All the electrical new features that will arrive on the side of the firm in the diamond until 2025.

The news Renault electric in 2022

2022 This is now, and Renault started on the wheel hats with the arrival of a new important electrical model: the Renault Mégane E-Tech. We now have the prices, the first tests have already been carried out, all that is missing is the official opening of orders that will take place next March.

March, it will also be the presentation of the Kadjar replacement, namely the Renault Austral. On the program, no diesel versions and no electric version either ! A fairly surprising choice from Renault, but a offer of hybrid and rechargeable hybrid engines should allow the Austral to attract a number of customers.

During this year, Renault will also present the Kangoo E-Tech Electric and the E-Tech Electric traffic, two 100 % electric utilities that will attack the business market.

The news Renault electric in 2023

2023 will be, like 2022, an important year for Renault. It will be the year Clio V restyling, Even if no 100 % electric version is planned. The Clio will retain its simple hybrid version in the catalog and should clean up in that of thermal.

The Renault Austral will still not be entitled to an electric version, but to a variant with seven places to go shadow the Peugeot 5008.

In terms of electricity, There is an internal project which is currently called “HCB”, A 100 % electric SUV that will come into production within the Douai factory at the end of summer 2023. It should be the technical cousin of the Nissan Ariya and should also replace the scenic in the range. This model will be positioned above the megane e-tech.

The news Renault electric in 2024

In 2024, the Austral will have the right to its cut version, while the Captur will be restyled. A cut version of Captur could even see the light of day. To return to our southern cut, it should inaugurate a new motorcycle group at Renault: A 280 horsepower 4 × 4 rechargeable hybrid version. What go to play with the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 and its 300 horsepower.

But the most important launch, It will be the return of the famous R5 ! Production in the Douai factory will have started at the end of the previous year and the 100 % electric city car will start its marketing in 2024 has A price close to 20,000 euros at the entrance. It will also give birth to a more sporty variant badged alpine.

The news Renault electric in 2025

2025 is still far away, but Renault will still revive an icon, In this case the 4L. The car, 100 % electric, should be marketed under two bodywork: a crossover and a van.

The future 4L will rest on the CMF-B EV platform of the R5. This model should be made in the same factory as the small electric R5.

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