The Free Mobile SIM card for your phone, Equip all your different devices thanks to the multi-Sim offer on the number 1 mobile network

Equip all your different devices thanks to the multi-SIM offer on the number 1 mobile network

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The SIM card to connect to Free Mobile

Free Mobile SIM card

The Free Mobile SIM card was officially unveiled on Friday January 6, 2012 on the mobile Very sober, the SIM card is simply decorated with the free logo and the website address. It is also mentioned that this card remains the property of Free Mobile. The last mention is that of the RCS de Free, the number of Siret de Free. We do not yet have information on the back of the card, where there will certainly be the free logo reproduced on the pre -cut part of the SIM card, aisni that various information like the PU code. To be continued. !

A SIM card suitable for all mobile terminals

Mini SIM Free Mobile card


Micro SIM Free Mobile Card


The original format of the SIM card was initially the classic format of a credit card. Quickly abandoned by manufacturers because it is too large, this format was quickly replaced by the mini-Sim format. This is the most common format currently. In order to ensure compatibility with old phones, the mini-SIM format is obtained by detaching the chip from the original card. The format thus obtained is the mini-Sim format.

Steve Jobs created a few years ago for his devices (iPhone 4, iPad. ) The micro-Sim format. Where some operators make a specific SIM, Free had the good idea to also pre-cut the mini-SIM to make it a micro-SIM, allowing Free Mobile to offer a universal SIM card, suitable for all mobile phones.

You have blocked your SIM card at Free Mobile ?

To unlock your mobile, simply type the following code on your mobile, replacing “Codepuk” and “Newpin” with the right values ​​that concern you:

** 05*Codepuk*Newpin*Newpin#

The “Codepuk”: you will find it on the back of the SIM card (the original card, the credit card format)
The “newpin”: this is the new PIN code that you want to assign to your mobile.

Compatibility problem of certain free mobile SIM cards ?

Free Mobile SIM Card Problem

Many testimonies of free mobile users on the forum indicate that the SIM card provided by Free Mobile would not be compatible with all the mobiles on the market, including relatively recent models. Free Mobile would offer new generation SIM cards with a 5V operating voltage, while still many phones and smartphones would only be compatible with 3V SIM cards, called old generation. Android mobile users have opened a subject of discussion on the forum, but the problem would be encountered on all types of devices (Windows Mobile, Symbian OS. )).

A mobile manufacturer also goes back to us this problem. Their engineers work on this incompatibility. They found that there was no problem sending and receiving SMS, no problem receipt of calls, on the other hand, the issue of calls would be impossible. According to them, the problem would only come from certain SIM cards. Free Mobile offers two types of cards, which can easily be differentiated from the naked eye (see photo opposite).

The forum free Mobile: the free mobile SIM card for your phone

– Exchange on the Free Mobile forum and share your experience !
– Write a new subject on the Free Mobile SIM card for your phone. Your new subject will appear in the list of the latest subjects below. Other visitors will be able to consult it and answer it.

Connect yourself to the account and look at what is said if all is well called 3244.

Maybe because your phone is always scheduled on the first SIM card, erase or completely reset its network settings.

I changed my smartphone. My SIM card was too big for the new smartphone. I had to transform my micro sim card into nano sim. This is how I did. Be sure to protect yourself.

This has always been my problem whenver i go to a foreign country too. 🙁 🙁 :(.

I have already encountered a similar problem but for my part, the problem was that the SIM card moved and I removed it and put it back in its place and that solved my problem. But I .

Without his codes no he will do it himself sorry.

A little late answer but which can serve others in this situation. This situation can be encountered with a dysfunctional sym card. It is better to exchange it with free.

Hello, it will be tomorrow 5 years that my portability at free mobile is effective despite a lot of worries I do not regret a single second my departure from (the so -called) second opera.

I have found the solution you have to erase all the message on the SIM card because it saturates and also the messages received and its very simple remar.

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Equip all your different devices thanks to the multi-SIM offer on the number 1 mobile network

Did you know that you could take advantage of the multi-SIM offer at Orange ? A solution to connect your equipment independently of your smartphone.

Everything about Orange's multi-SIM offer

Olivia Cheval – Published on 06/19/2023 at 8:41 p.m

Multi-SIM options allow you to get a 2nd SIM card to stay reachable on the same number or take advantage of the mobile internet on your package on your tablet, connected watch or other phone, and all without having to subscribe additional package. Did you know that if you are an orange customer, you can get a second SIM card to share your package. The multi-SIM option is offered with certain 5G and paid packages for others. Here is everything you need to know about the orange multi-sim option.

What is the Orange Multi-Sim option ?

Orange offers its mobile subscribers to enjoy a Second SIM card allowing to share the uses of your package on a second device (smartphone, tablet, 4G connected watch, airbox, 4G key. )). For your tablet, smartphone, pc, airbox, 4G key etc, with your mobile plan, you can take out a Internet multi-Sim option + 1 GB and an Multi-Sim Calls & Internet option. For your 4G connected watch, you can subscribe to theESIM Watch option From your smartphone, in the application of your watch. For the same mobile package, it is possible to hold two multi-SIM: a multi-SIM internet+1GB as well as a multi-Sim calls & internet in its physical SIM or ESIM version.

Depending on the subscribed option or the chosen package, you will be able to make/receive your calls, messages and surfing the Internet on two devices at the same time !

Thanks to the’Multi-Sim option, You use the mobile internet of your offer in another equipment, independently. With the Multi-Sim Internet Orange, No need to have a nearby smartphone or subscribe to an additional package !

With this option, you can therefore use the gigas of your package on another device or a second smartphone. Ideal if you have a generous Internet package in Go and want to enjoy it on another device, when you want and wherever you want.

What are the multi-SIM options at Orange ?

There are different Multi SIM options at Orange. Some include mobile internet only when others also call or send SMS. This orange multi-SIM option is only reserved for customers of an Orange mobile package.

Multi-Sim Internet + 1 GB

The Multi Sim Internet + 1 GB option option allows you to share the GOs of its mobile package on a second device, while benefiting from1 go extra in total. This means that if your orange package has 170 GB of the Internet, for example, you go to 171 GB and you can share this quota between your two devices.

This option is provided on request for 170 GB 5G, 200 GB 5G and 240 GB 5G packages. It costs 5 € for other packages including a mobile internet volume with reduced flow beyond.

Good news: activation costs of € 10 are offered until 08/16/2023 included.

Multi Sim Internet & Calls

With the Multi-Sim Internet & Calls option, you can also Make and receive calls From your second device, depending on the conditions included in your package. Please note, SMS and MMS are not included. When a recipient calls your number, you Receive the call simultaneously On both SIM cards.

Note: the second SIM card will not be able to make WiFi calls As is the case with the main phone.

This option is provided on request for 240 GB 5G packages and it is € 5 for others. Here too the activation costs of € 10 are offered until 08/16/2023 included.

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