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The best VPN suppliers in 2023 | Our top 5


We have tested dozens of popular VPN services and have established our ranking of the 5 best services of the moment. The best VPN among the 5 presented in this article depends entirely on your needs and your preferences. But be sure that whatever the VPN supplier you choose in our selection, they are all reliable and secure.

VYPRVPN – Our priority is your privacy


VYPRVPN - Our priority is your privacy

Vyprvpn is proud to be accredited with being a highly-secret vpn provider and certified by the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI). Users can continue to have complete trust in vyprvpn nowing that we are fully committed to providing a unique online experience that logs zero activity, data flows, and silences restrictions. Read More on Vyprvpn’s Certification.

Privacy is a human right

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) works by encrypting your Internet connection to secure it and protect your privacy whenever you log. Using a vyprvpn, your online activity cannot be followed or intercepted, which protects you from prying eyes of any type. VYPRVPN was developed almost 15 years ago in response to government surveillance programs verified in countries around the world. These programs violate your privacy and it is simply false ! VYPRVPN has a modern and strong encryption, and a guaranteed no-log policy that protects your information from pirates, identity theft and malicious software. It prevents your ISP from following each of your movements and prevents advertisers from collecting and selling your precious data.

The best VPN suppliers in 2023 | Our top 5

The best VPN suppliers in 2023 | Our top 5

After in -depth tests of dozen popular VPN services, our Ranking of 5 best VPNs is the next :

  • NordVPN: the best versatile VPN
  • Surfhark: the VPN that will weigh the least on your budget
  • ExpressVPN: The best VPN when money is not a problem
  • CYBERGHOST: a good VPN with the longest or reimbursed warranty in the sector
  • Private Internet Access: an excellent VPN with the largest network of servers

Keep in mind that the choice of the best VPN depends a lot on your use and your needs. The tools present in our top five are however those which offer the best features for almost integrality of users. They allow you to:

  • Navigate anonymously online thanks to secure servers
  • Access Netflix and other online content since almost any point on the planet
  • Download Torrent files to broadband
  • Protect your personal data

The VPN services we have chosen are compatible with almost all operating devices and systems, especially Mac, Windows, Android, iOS (iPhone), and even Linux. This allows you to secure all of your data traffic using a single subscription.

If you prefer to opt for a Free VPN, Here are our recommendations:

  • Protonvpn (free version)
  • Hide.Me (free version)
  • Tunnelbear (free version)

However, it should be noted that free services are often accompanied by boundaries in terms of functionalities and security. It is strongly recommended to invest in your safety by turning to a premium VPN, such as NordVPN:


Read our full article below to know everything about the best VPN suppliers and find out how to choose the most suitable for you.

What is the best VPN (virtual private network) ? This is a difficult question given the impressive number of options available. In order to guide you in the VPN jungle, we have drawn up a list of Five best VPN suppliers of 2023.

All VPNs in our TOP 5 have servers compatible with Netflix, downloading Torrent files/P2P traffic, the safest encryption protocols and operate from countries applying private life legislation.

Best VPN

These suppliers all respond to the strictest standards in terms of security and confidentiality and offer reliable services enjoying an excellent reputation.

All VPNs on this list offer a unique offer with its own share of advantages. To establish our list, we have carefully examined the following elements:

As suppliers occasionally change their policies, the availability of their servers, their prices or the features offered, we continually update our top 5 of the best VPNs, as well as our top 3 of the best free VPNs that you will also find below.

You want to learn more about these suppliers and other VPNs that we have tested ? Consult our VPN assessment page.

The best offers currently available on VPNs (January 2023)

VPN suppliers regularly offer special discounts on their subscriptions. We are looking for the most interesting offers for the best VPNs every month. Currently, excellent promotions are available on NordVPN and Surfhark products, among others.

1. NordVPN special offer

The offer which is undoubtedly the most interesting currently is offered by NordVPN. You can Try this high -end VPN with 66 % reduction, Or only € 3.49 per month. Click here to take advantage of this reduction. This offer is limited, take advantage before the end of the countdown !

2. Special Surfhark offer

Surfhark also has a promotion to offer you. You can try this VPN for only € 1.99 per month, making it one of the most affordable VPNs on the market. Click here to take advantage of the 82 % reduction.

Comparison table of the best VPN services

You are looking for a quick comparison of our 5 favorite VPN ? Discover their essential features in the table below. Continue reading for a more in -depth comparison of these tools.

What is the best supplier in 2023 ?

  1. Northern : the best versatile VPN
  2. Surfhark : the VPN which will weigh the least on your budget
  3. Expressvpn : the best VPN when money is not a problem
  4. Cyberghost : a good VPN with the longest satisfied or reimbursed warranty in the sector
  5. Private Internet Access : an excellent VPN with the largest network of servers

Currently, the best VPN is northvpn northvpn. The other services deserves a place in our top 5 are Surfhark, ExpressVPN, Cyberghost and Pia. Each VPN has its own advantages, such as specialized servers or high encryption levels. We will briefly explain to you why each of these tools has been efficient during our rigorous tests.

NordVPN Banner

1. Northern

NordVPN is the best VPN of 2023 and it offers the highest level of security that a VPN can offer at a very reasonable rate.

  • Excellent safety options And Double encryption technology Datas
  • Very beautiful intuitive application
  • Possibility of protecting up to 6 devices simultaneously
  • Guarantee satisfied or refunded 30 days on all subscriptions
  • Very competitive price If you are committed to a period of more than a year

NordVPN characteristics

�� Price From € 3.19 per month
�� Operating systems Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows, Android
�� Connections 6
�� Payment methods Credit card, cryptocurrency, other
�� Protocols Ikev2, openvpn, wireguard
�� Torrents options Authorized P2P
�� Refund guarantees Refund guarantee
�� Newspapers No newspaper
�� Allows access to

Why should you opt for NordVPN ?

NordVPN is an extremely reliable VPN supplier with a large number of servers worldwide (more than 5,100 servers in 60 countries), a Military quality encryption and competitive prices. There is nothing surprising that it is considered the most used VPN in the world by Google Trends.

NordVPN is suitable for streaming and downloading Torrent files ?

NordVPN allows you to download torrent files anonymously through dedicated P2P servers. They are easily accessible in NordVPN applications.

NordVPN is one of the best services for Hulu, BBC Iplayer and Netflix. It allows you toAccess the US catalog of Netflix since anywhere in the world. Its special function, baptized Smartplay, Allows you to do it from any server, even those located outside the United States. You will always have the largest film and series catalog of the platform.

With which operating systems and northern devices is it compatible ?

A NordVPN account allows you to protect up to 6 devices at the same time. Among the most popular compatible platforms, let us quote: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Linux.

You can also use it on Android TV, game consoles, Amazon, Kindle Fire, Raspberrypi, and many other devices. Finally, you can install it on your browser, in the form of a extension (Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

Security and confidentiality

Respect for your online privacy matters to you ? So NordVPN will satisfy you. In 2018, a security incident that affected one of its servers located in Finland proved that NordVPN takes the safety of its customers very seriously. NordVPN has since suffered Several security audits conducted by independent experts and has taken all the necessary measures to further strengthen its safety. So this is an excellent choice if you are looking for a VPN with excellent security and providing maximum confidentiality.

NordVPN operates the OpenVPN protocol, which is recognized for its reliability and confidentiality. Currently, this protocol is considered to be the reference in terms of encryption of VPN connections. He also offers a Unique protocol, called Nordlynx. It is a swift and safe tunnel based on Wireguard, which should ultimately replace OpenVPN as a reference in the sector.

We have conducted DNS leaks and couldn’t find anything. It is always a considerable asset in our eyes.

Customer service

NordVPN customer service offers a Excellent live chat feature. His assistance team is also available by email.

This one responds quickly, but the assistance quality may vary. All employees are not as well informed concerning the latest advances. We think this is partly due to the impressive growth that the company has known in just a few years.

Elements to improve

An element that we hardly appreciate with NordVPN is thatIt redirects you to your browser with each connection attempt. This is not the most ergonomic and can have consequences on your privacy. Your browser does not need to know that you are using NordVPN, no ?

Final verdict on NordVPN: 9.3

NordVPN remains at the top of the VPN market, despite certain vulnerabilities in the past. In fact, it is currently the largest VPN supplier in the world. During the past year, investments aimed at proving that user security has been guaranteed have been numerous. This is a leading VPN with quality software offering many possibilities.

NordVPN offers several advanced security features. Many beginner users will not even need it. However, it remains accessible to all users, whatever their technical skills.

A 30 -day satisfied or reimbursed warranty is also available. This means that you can use it without any risk during a one -month trial period and determine whether this service is right for you.

Consult the NordVPN website: https: //

Surfhark Banner

2. Surfhark

Surfshark is a very swift VPN offering excellent value for money.

  • Excellent value
  • Simple application and ergonomic
  • No limit of the number of devices : Protect as many devices simultaneously as you wish
  • Compatible with Different versions of Netflix
  • 30 -day reimbursement guarantee

Surfhark characteristics

�� Price From € 2.30 per month
�� Operating systems Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows, Android
�� Connections Unlimited
�� Payment methods Credit card, paypal, cryptocurrency, other
�� Protocols Ikev2, openvpn, wireguard
�� Torrents options Authorized P2P
�� Refund guarantees Refund guarantee
�� Newspapers No newspaper
�� Allows access to

Why should you opt for Surfshark ?

Surfshark is a quality and affordable VPN, little ago it was still a new one in the sector, today it is simply one of the best tools in the sector. With its low prices, her intuitive software and his Solid safety options, This is an efficient and affordable alternative to other premium VPN.

Surfshark is suitable for streaming and downloading Torrent files ?

Surfshark works very well with Netflix and other streaming services. Actually, It gives you access to the greatest number of Netflix catalogs. At the time of writing these lines, we managed to unlock no less than 30 different versions of Netflix, including the US catalog of the platform.

In addition, for our readers who download Torrent files, Surfshark allows you to use P2P traffic without sacrificing your safety or your anonymity.

With which operating systems and Surfhark devices is compatible ?

Surfshark is the only supplier in our top 5 who does not impose No limit on the number of devices usable simultaneously with a single account. It means that You can use it with your whole family without worrying about limitations.

Surfshark is also compatible with the main operating systems. Native applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux, and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox are available.

Security and confidentiality

The double VPN of Surfhark allows you toSend your data via two VPN servers at the same time, Offering you an additional protection layer. It is therefore ideal if you want to sail anonymously on the internet.

You can choose from a list of protocols, including OpenVPN, Ikev2 and Wireguard. The high level of encryption is guaranteed by the use of the AES 256 unbreakable algorithm.

Customer service

Surfshark has theOne of the best customer service teams sector. And this is the case since the first day. You will receive a quick answer to your questions and it will be enlightened and polished.

Elements to improve

Compared to its competitors, such as NordVPN or Cyberghost, Surfshark offers a less large range of servers. You can choose from more than 3,200 servers distributed in more than 65 countries. Surfshark remains a fairly young actor, his network of servers should therefore expand in the years to come.

In addition, we have noticedmajor speed differences between the different servers. Ideally, all servers should provide the same level of speed.

Final verdict on surfhark: 9.0

Surfshark really offers an excellent value for money. Even after a few years of activity, he managed to maintain his level of success. Like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, Surfshark managed to keep a quality level, despite the increase in the load of its servers. If you are looking for a premium VPN at a very affordable rate, with excellent encryption levels and many options, Surfshark is the solution.

If you wish, you can use its guarantee satisfied or refunded as a free trial period.

Consult the Surfshark website: https: //

Expressvpn Logo Banner

3. Expressvpn

One of the best VPNs when money is not a problem. This premium VPN service is ergonomic, swift and secure.

  • Intuitive applications For all your operating devices and systems
  • Perfect for the Secure and anonymous navigation, streaming and download
  • Quick and stable connections
  • 30 -day reimbursement guarantee
  • Enjoy 3 free months by subscribing an annual subscription (including the links present on our site)

Expressvpn characteristics

�� Price From € 6.12 per month
�� Operating systems Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows, Android
�� Connections 5
�� Payment methods Credit card, paypal, cryptocurrency, other
�� Protocols IKEV2, L2TP/IPSEC, OpenVPN, Lightway
�� Torrents options Authorized P2P
�� Refund guarantees Refund guarantee
�� Newspapers No newspaper
�� Allows access to

Why should you opt for ExpressVPN ?

ExpressVPN is one of the most established and recognized VPN suppliers in the world. This service offers almost all the features you can expect.

You will have access to a Vast network of VPN servers with 3 stable servers located in 94 countries. It also provides very correct flows, as shown by the results of our speed test.

ExpressVPN is suitable for streaming and downloading Torrent files ?

Expressvpn allows you to download anonymously via torrent networks. We tested it with different P2P applications, such as μtorrent and Bittorrent. Everything has always worked perfectly.

You can also Access all kinds of global streaming services. This means that you can still enjoy the American catalog of Netflix outside the United States, as well as other services, such as Disney+ and Hulu.

With which operating systems and Expressvpn devices is it compatible ?

You can use your ExpressVPN subscription on a maximum of five devices at the same time. Simple and efficient applications for Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac and Linux are offered.

Furthermore, if English is not your mother tongue, these applications are translated into more than ten other languages.

Security and confidentiality

This supplier offers a First -order security. Expressvpn takes care of several protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEV2 and its own, Lightway. Your data traffic is protected by 256 -bit encryption.

It does not keep any activity log, your online behavior cannot therefore be followed. The supplier can record some information on your use of the application, but no element with serious implications for privacy.

Expressvpn exploits ” servers so -called without disc “, which means that Even the supplier is unable to consult your navigation history. For all these reasons, this supplier has acquired a solid reputation over the years.

Customer service

Expressvpn customer service offers a live chat function available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week backed by a Quick and cooperative assistance team. This can provide answers adapted to basic questions, but will encounter difficulties in solving more technical problems. If you prefer, you can also send an email.

Elements to improve

Compared to the other suppliers on this list, Expressvpn is relatively expensive. Many people opt for NordVPN or Surfshark because they are of similar quality (or even better), but more affordable.

You will undoubtedly encounter a small problem when you use ExpressVPN on your smartphone, indeed the emergency stop function sometimes starts when you change your network. You will not receive any notification, you will simply lose your connection without knowing why. You will no longer receive any notifications concerning incoming emails, WhatsApp conversations, social networks, etc., Which can be quite boring.

Expressvpn must also strengthen the expertise of his assistance team. As it stands, agents will have difficulty solving the complex problems that you are likely to encounter.

Good to know about ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN was the source of many stir in 2021. In September, it was acquired by Kape Technologies For almost $ 1 billion. Kape also has other VPNs, such as Cyberghost, Pia and Zenmate.

In addition, the CEO of the company, Daniel Gericke, has been the subject of a disturbing news. He was sentenced by the American Department of Justice to a high fine for his involvement in the Project Raven. More specifically, it was accused of having conducted cyber attacks aimed at activists in favor of human rights and American citizens on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. He was not yet an employee of ExpressVPN.

Our team is investigating the potential security repercussions of these events. There is currently no evidence of deterioration in the security level offered by ExpressVPN.

Final verdict on ExpressVPN: 8.9

Expressvpn is an easy -to -use VPN, With many useful options and features. This VPN service is perfect for people who want to surf, download and watch streaming content in an anonymous manner (including Netflix). One of its main drawbacks is very high price, Especially with a monthly subscription. Assistance team members are also lacking in expertise when it comes to solving complex technical problems.

All subscriptions are accompanied by a 30 -day refund guarantee, which can be used as a trial period, so you can try it without any risk.

Consult the expressvpn website: https: //


4. Cyberghost

An excellent choice for beginners with a longer guarantee or reimbursed.

  • Software extremely easy to use
  • Vast network of servers
  • Compatible with Netflix (including to access other catalogs)
  • High quality at little price
  • Save money: sail safely for a few euros per month (45 -day reimbursement guarantee included)

Cyberghost characteristics

�� Price From € 2.19 per month
�� Operating systems Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows, Android
�� Connections 7
�� Payment methods Credit card, paypal, cryptocurrency, other
�� Protocols Ikev2, openvpn, wireguard
�� Torrents options Authorized P2P
�� Refund guarantees Refund guarantee
�� Newspapers No newspaper
�� Allows access to

Why should you opt for Cyberghost ?

You are looking for a Quality, affordable and ergonomic VPN, With a large network of servers ? So Cyberghost is made for you. It has a wide choice of servers (more than 6,800 servers in 90 countries) and very intuitive applications. This combination makes cyberghost one of the most popular suppliers on the market.

Cyberghost is suitable for streaming and downloading torrent files ?

Cyberghost is an excellent VPN to meet all your streaming needs. Besides Netflix, it also allows you to access streaming services, including Hulu, HBO Max and BBC IPLAYER. Of the Servers dedicated to streaming, optimized for all these platforms, are offered. It is very practical and it represents a serious asset for moviegoers and series enthusiasts.

Its P2P servers are compatible with download software, such as Bittorrent and μtorrent, and other P2P tools. Cyberghost therefore makes anonymous download of torrent files as easy as possible.

With which operating systems and cyberghost devices is it compatible ?

With an account, you can connect to cyberghost servers on A maximum of seven devices simultaneously. It is especially useful if you are looking for a VPN for your whole family. It is even possible to request a dedicated IP address. This may allow you to avoid being placed on a blacklist by certain services, such as Netflix.

Cyberghost offers applications for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Linux. So you can protect all your devices in a few clicks.

Security and confidentiality

Cyberghost offers a Solid protection based on 256 -bit AES encryption. You have several protocol options, including OpenVPN, IKEV2 and Wireguard.

Cyberghost keeps certain anonymized newspapers on the frequency you use the application. This data is used to improve software and user experience. Apart from that, no newspaper is recorded.

Customer service

Cyberghost customer service is Easily reachable via live cat available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Assistance is available in English, French and German. If you prefer to find an answer yourself, the website also includes a large guides and FAQ database.

Elements to improve

You may wonder why Cyberghost finishes in fourth place in our list of the best VPN services. This is essentially due to security issues. For example, Cyberghost does not use discs without disc And does not offer protection by double VPN, unlike ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark. Like ExpressVPN, its customer service sometimes lacks technical expertise.

Final verdict on Cyberghost: 8.8

Cyberghost is a high -quality VPN at a competitive price. It is perfect for downloading torrent files and access Netflix. It has a large network of servers, distributed worldwide. Although the many features of other suppliers earned him to arrive in fourth place, this remains an excellent option.

You want to try cyberghost ? Take advantage of his 45 -day trial period ?

Consult the Cyberghost website: https: //

5. Private Internet Access

PIA offers excellent security, competitive prices and the largest network of servers.

  • Particular attention paid to the Protection of privacy and security
  • Excellent network of servers Offering rapid connections (more than 30,000 servers)
  • Relatively affordable Given its quality
  • Many options for experienced users

PIA characteristics

�� Price From € 1.99 per month
�� Operating systems Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows, Android
�� Connections 10
�� Payment methods Credit card, paypal, cryptocurrency, other
�� Protocols L2TP/IPSEC, OpenVPN, PPTP, Wireguard
�� Torrents options Authorized P2P
�� Refund guarantees Refund guarantee
�� Newspapers No newspaper
�� Allows access to

Why should you opt for Pia ?

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a VPN that is always efficient. This supplier mainly focuses on security and confidentiality. If you opt for this tool, you can count on its robust safety and its large network of servers. In 2019, PIA was acquired by the company which also holds Cyberghost and ExpressVPN, we could therefore see this service evolved in the years to come.

This is a good choice if you are looking for a Reliable, secure VPN and respectful of privacy at an advantageous price. In reality, this is the Most affordable VPN on this list. Experienced users will also appreciate its numerous possibilities and safety benefits.

PIA is suitable for streaming and downloading torrent files ?

In terms of Protection of your online freedom, PIA is a good solution. This supplier allows you to access a wide range of regional catalogs from Netflix. However, it focuses on security and respect for privacy. Netflix will therefore not be always as accessible as with other VPNs of this list.

It is also efficient to protect your privacy. You can also Download torrent files safely and anonymously.

With which operating systems and PIA devices compatible ?

PIA software works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera are also available. As it is not officially compatible with Chromeos, it will not work on a Chromebook.

Security and confidentiality

As aforementioned, Pia emphasizes online security and privacy. Pia uses different protocols, including OpenVPN and the most recent Wireguard. It also applies a strict policy of absence of newspapers, Which means that no information likely to take prejudice to you will be registered.

It prevents potential data leaks using an automatic emergency stop function. It can also allow you to block advertisements, trackers and malicious programs thanks to its function called Pia Mace. This VPN supplier is ideal for users who wish to be interested in settings in order to make their Internet connection as safe as possible.

Customer service

Compared to other premium suppliers on this list, PIA does not offer the best customer assistance. He only exhausts. You can find a large guides and FAQ database on its website. If you do not find the solution you need, you can also contact his assistance by email. The response time can sometimes be quite long, But she always knows how to help you. Unfortunately, Pia does not offer live cats to find an instant solution.

Elements to improve

PIA is not the most accessible VPN on the market. He live cats live And This is not the most intuitive tool. The supplier could have taken advantage of its gigantic network of servers and offer its users better performance, but, as it stands, Pia is the Slowest VPN on this list. However, this is nothing to be among the 5 best VPNs on the market.

Final verdict on private internet access: 8.5

We appreciate the fact that there is a little competition on the VPN market. We would be worried if all the main VPN suppliers were held by the same company. But even if Cyberghost, Expressvpn and Pia are now part of the same company, they always deserve a place in our ranking of the best VPNs. Private Internet Access has long been active in the VPN market and has been forged a good reputation. We hope it will continue to innovate in the years to come.

The 3 best free VPN services

In addition to premium premium VPNs, there are also some very correct free VPN suppliers. Of course, these free tools are accompanied by certain restrictions, but some users can accommodate them. Currently, our three favorite free VPN suppliers are protonvpn, hide.Me and Tunnelbear. You can also consult our full preview of good free VPNs, their options and their restrictions.

1. Protonvpn (free version)

Protonvpn is currently one of most used free VPN services in the world. In our opinion, this is currently the best VPN for people looking for a free service. The largest asset of Protonvpn ? No data limit ! THE number of servers intended for free users remains very limited. This means that when there are many protonvpn users online at the same time, these servers will be put to the test. As a result, speed can lower. This can cause streaming, play and even navigation problems.

Fortunately, for a free VPN service, Protonvpn is Sure and easy to master. The protonvpn application is very intuitive and intuitive. Apart from its velocity, we have few complaints regarding its free version. We also tested the paid version of Protonvpn, which we appreciated. The button below allows you to access the free version of Protonvpn.

2. Hide.Me (free version)

Hide.Another free quality active quality VPN for a long time. He gives excellent speeds for daily use. The biggest drawback of its free version turns out to be the Data limit set at 10 GB. perfect for consulting your emails or carrying out online banking operations safely, but the Torrent file download is blocked With the free version. Hide.However, I have an excellent option if you want to try a VPN for free. Be aware, however, that streaming is difficult due to the data limit.

When you visit the Hide, be sure to click on “Prices” (Pricing) in the menu. In this way, the free package is offered to you.

3. Tunnelbear (free version)

Tunnelbear has an application very ergonomic With a pleasant interface. When you start using Tunnelbear, everything is very intuitive. In addition to its ease of use, the free version offers a Good server offer. Unfortunately, the free tunnelbear version has a strict data and it is not possible to Download torrent files and access Netflix. But for those who want more options, Tunnelbear also offers quality paid VPN.

How to choose a VPN supplier ?

There are a large number of VPN suppliers and everyone will try to convince you to subscribe to their service. Most users have a lot of trouble choosing good service. The actors are numerous and they all claim to be the best in the sector. To make things easier for you, we have summarized some of the most important elements that we took into account when establishing this list. You should probably keep them in mind too when you choose a VPN.

Free VPN VS VPN Paying

Many VPNs require a paying subscription, but not all. Some will not ask you for money. Be aware, however, that nothing is really “free” in the world (VPN). In other words, even the best free VPNs will cost you something, but not necessarily money. After all, the goal of a company remains to make profits, so there will always be a revenue model behind a free VPN. Most of the time, the collection of your personal data is part of the financial model of these companies, they are then used for commercial purposes for example. Studies carried out on more than 300 free VPNs have shown that free VPN suppliers often require access to all kinds of non -necessary information, such as your contacts, multimedia files and social networks. In addition, the security and encryption promised by many free services have quality and efficiency gaps. A large part of these free services (around 35 %) even install malicious programs on your device, thus compromising your online safety. In other words, free VPNs can be very dangerous for you and your device.

In addition, most free VPNs impose limits of all kinds on their users: data limits, speed restrictions, download ceilings, advertisements, important waiting time when connecting to a server, etc. This is why it is generally better to choose a paying VPN. In recent years, the cost of these services has dropped considerably, as the example of surfhark illustrates. For a few euros per month, you can get a fast, reliable and very good quality VPN, to share with your whole family. If you are looking for the best available VPN services, a free version will necessarily disappoint you.

Privacy and newspaper conservation

VPN suppliers are not all subject to the same laws and regulations. Some suppliers are required to keep some registers of user activities or limit, or even prohibit, certain types of online traffic (such as torrent file sharing). Among other factors, the country in which the headquarters of a VPN is located determines the legislation that this supplier must comply with. After all, local laws, rights and obligations concerning Internet and privacy vary from country to country. As you may have understood, most VPN users want to hide their online behavior. In this case, the conservation of newspapers on user data makes a VPN practically useless.

Fortunately, all VPN suppliers are not required to respect such laws. NordVPN, for example, scores additional points because it has operated from Panama, where the legislation in terms of privacy on the Internet is favorable to consumers and businesses. NordVPN is not required to have newspapers (logs), while some suppliers based in other countries are.

In terms of newspaper conservation, it is essential to examine the information that is recorded about you. None of the suppliers in our top 5 is subject to such an obligation. We have made it a decisive criterion to appear in our ranking of the 5 best suppliers of 2023. You may be sure that your online activities and your navigation history will not be saved if you use their servers correctly.


By establishing our ranking, we also asked ourselves the following question: the price requested by a VPN is reasonable given its functionalities ? VPNs are not very expensive, but you still want to enjoy the best price. It is important to verify that you have good for your money. We believe that a higher price is not always synonymous with better quality.

The general rule with most VPN suppliers is as follows: the longer your subscription, the less its monthly cost will be important. Therefore, it is often more economical to protect your devices with the same VPN over a long period. Therefore, if you really want to save money, it is important to choose the VPN supplier adapted to your situation from the start.

Compatibility with various devices and operating systems

Almost all the VPNs we have tested provide multiple simultaneous connections. This means that you can activate the VPN connection on several devices at the same time. It turns out to be very useful. After all, you do not want your phone to be suddenly deprived of protective, as you activate your VPN on your laptop. The compatibility of the VPN you choose is another important factor to keep in mind. Of course, it is preferable that your VPN works on all your devices. When we have established our ranking, we have assigned additional points to VPNs compatible with several operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and, as far as possible, Linux.


When evaluating the various suppliers, we paid particular attention to the network and the number of servers they had to offer. How many server servers and locations a VPN supplier does it offer ? A network of servers covering the whole world is essential to enjoy a good connection speed, but also for increased freedom. If you want to access specific streaming services or unlock sites in a given country, it is often necessary to connect to a VPN server in this country. This is why it is also important that all VPN suppliers have a sufficient number of servers located in the right places.

Safety and reliability

It is generally positive that an PN service offers several VPN protocols. You benefit from more release and safety options. It is also essential to look at the quality of the protocol. Some VPN suppliers only focus on one or two protocols, but they ensure that they are as safe as possible. Others can opt for a greater variety of protocols, to help you access the Internet from certain regions. We make sure to take these two aspects into account when we determine if a VPN is sure or not.

If a supplier has an emergency stop function, he also earns additional points. If such a function is available, your online activities will be automatically interrupted if connection to the VPN server is lost. Thus, you never accidentally lose your secure connection without realizing it.

In addition, it is good to look at what the company is behind a VPN service does exactly with your data. Is it trustworthy ? In the past, some actors have not been completely honest regarding the recording of user data. This is why we are very attentive to this question.

Netflix and Torrent files download

Our ideal VPN supplier allows you to download torrent files safely. In addition, many people have other specific wishes. They may wish to watch series and films available in the US catalog of Netflix when they are not in the United States (or by remaining protected by a VPN). A VPN supplier gets additional points when it allows you to access Netflix and other streaming services, such as BBC IPLAYER.


We check the speed of all VPNs we test. We connect to different servers and carry out speed tests to see if there is a drop in speed. There is always a certain loss of speed, but with a good VPN supplier with good servers, you will not notice it. But with other services, you sacrifice 80 % of your flow, which is very painful.

VPN suppliers, especially free tools, often limit the speed of your connection. Fortunately, this is generally not the case with paid services. In any case, our ideal VPN supplier does not impose limits in terms of data or speed.

Ergonomics and customer service

Is VPN easy to install and configure ? Is the information on the VPN website easy to understand ? tests the applications of all VPN suppliers on different operating devices and systems. It is essential that everything works intuitively and easily, even for beginner users.

The ease of use and the quality of customer assistance are also important. If you cannot operate your VPN, it is very pleasant to be able to turn to customer service. We therefore contact customer service from all VPNs we test. We examine the speed and efficiency with which we receive an answer to our questions. We also look at the type of assistance offered: beware you wait several days before receiving an email or a live cat function available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ?

What is a VPN (virtual private network) ?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a secure connection between you and internet. If you use one, you can navigate the net in a much more anonymous and safe way. It works like any other software, you download a program and activate it when you need it. The VPN will create a encrypted tunnel between your device and the Internet, so it will be much more difficult for intruders to discover your location and what you do online.

Why do you need a VPN ?

VPN Shield

You may be wondering why you should use a VPN. After all, use the Internet without VPN changes something ? The answer is yes. When you browse the Internet without VPN, you leave it without knowing many virtual traces of personal data. Your Internet access provider (FAI), for example, can identify the sites you consult and the data you transfer and receive on your smartphone, tablet, computer or other devices. The IP address that has been assigned to you by your ISP allows companies, governments, marketing agencies, websites and IT pirates to meet you. People connected to the same network (WiFi) that you are often able to see the websites you have consulted. Your location, your navigation habits and the history of your browser can all be traced by other people.

The use of a VPN makes much more difficult for the information services, the websites you consult, Google, Facebook, your ISP, your roommates, your employer and other parties to follow your activities. The VPN figures your data traffic and the mask to these external parties.

A VPN service also offers additional protection against cybercriminals that seek to steal your data or access personal information, such as your bank transactions or emails. By using a VPN, you will also be more anonymous on public WiFi networks.

More freedom with a VPN

In addition to additional online security and confidentiality, a VPN can also offer you more freedom on the Internet. Some websites (or parts of these) are only accessible from a given country, such as different information sites and content on services such as Spotify, YouTube and Netflix. With a good VPN, like those in our ranking of the 5 best VPN above, you can access these sites and services, wherever you are in the world.

A VPN service allows you to artificially modify your location and your online identity, so you can use it to bypass geographic restrictions on the Internet. By modifying your IP address, it allows you to access parts of the web that would be inaccessible otherwise. For many users, this ability to unlock online content represents an excellent reason, if not the first, to use a VPN.

You want to learn more about VPNs, their operation and what they are able to do ? Our explanatory article on VPNs will explain all of this to you, and much more.

Conclusion: the best VPNs of 2023

We have tested dozens of popular VPN services and have established our ranking of the 5 best services of the moment. The best VPN among the 5 presented in this article depends entirely on your needs and your preferences. But be sure that whatever the VPN supplier you choose in our selection, they are all reliable and secure.

Using a reliable tool allows you to protect your privacy online and preserve your safety. The VPN services of our selection are compatible with almost all your operating devices and systems: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS (iPhone) and even Linux. This allows you to secure your entire Internet traffic using a single account.

Here is a brief summary of our top 5 best VPNs of the moment:

Place and VPN Note Strong point VPN supplier site
1. Northern 9.3 Versatility Consult the NordVPN website
2. Surfhark 9.0 Value for money Consult the Surfshark website
3. Expressvpn 8.9 Comfort Consult the ExpressVPN website
4. Cyberghost 8.8 Extended refund guarantee Consult the Cyberghost website
5. Private Internet Access 8.6 Number of servers Consult the PIA website

The best VPN suppliers in 2022 – FAQ

You have a question about the best VPN suppliers of the moment ? You are looking for a quick response ? See our FAQ below and click on a question to see the answer !

Can I use a free VPN rather than a paying VPN ?

Free VPNs can be useful, but these are not the best available services. They are often slow and are accompanied by limits in terms of speed and data use. Some even resell your personal data or use your connection badly. Fortunately, some of the best VPNs are very affordable today. This is why we recommend that you use cheap VPN rather than free VPN to enjoy a much better experience.

What is the best VPN supplier in 2022 ?

There are a handful of excellent VPN suppliers on the market. The best for you, however, will depend on your wishes and needs. NordVPN will prove to be the best choice for many Internet users, in particular thanks to its rapid connections, its vast network of servers, its compatibility with Netflix and its solid privacy options. Consult our list of the best VPNs to find out what each of them has to offer and find the one that corresponds to your needs.

What is the best free VPN ?

Currently, the best free VPN is Protonvpn Free. ProtonVPN is known for its high quality and its secure connections, its free version also allows you to access three different server locations. The advantage is that Protonvpn Free allows you to use its service without any speed or data limit. Its only defect is that the speed of your connection can still be assigned, because many users tend to connect to the same free protonvpn free servers.

What is the best VPN for streaming ?

NordVPN is currently one of the best VPNs for streaming. That you wanted to access Netflix, Hulu, Fox or Kodi ; It will allow you to do it. With this VPN, you can access content to which you would not normally have access. In addition, a subscription to NordVPN remains really affordable.

What is the best affordable VPN of 2022 ?

Protection of your online privacy should not be expensive. Surfshark is, without a doubt, the best cheap VPN of 2022. It offers fast connections, allows you to access many international versions of Netflix and operates solid encryption methods to ensure your safety. If you want to discover other affordable VPNs, you can consult our list of the best cheap VPNs.

What is the best VPN for iPhone ?

We recommend that you opt for ExpressVPN for your iPhone or iPad. This VPN is the fastest of those we have tested and works particularly well with Apple products. In addition to speed, it ranks very well in terms of security and additional features. You can learn more about this supplier in this detailed assessment.

What is the best VPN for Android ?

Surfshark is the best VPN for phones Android, Like the Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Google Pixel, and others. It is a very affordable VPN, it offers servers offering excellent flow rates and has a very easy -to -use intuitive application. For more information on Surfshark, you can consult our detailed assessment.

What is the best VPN for downloading Torrent files ?

Thanks to its high speeds and solid security features, NordVPN is an excellent choice for downloading Torrent files. It may allow you to download the files you want quickly while protecting yourself. Consult our full NordVPN assessment for more details.

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