The best sports betting applications in 2023 in France, the best applications to bet for free in 2023

The best applications to bet for free


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The best sports betting applications in 2023

The sports betting app is ideal for players who wish to be able to do their bets online at any time and from anywhere. In this complete guide, our experts give you the essentials on the mobile applications of Paris as well as the ranking of the best applications available in France in 2023.

Complete list of Paris applications in France

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How to embark on a sports betting app?

To start, we will explain to you how to easily start a sports betting app. The steps to follow are detailed below:

Choose a Paris site from our list

First, you will have to choose a sports betting site in our ranking of the best mobile applications in 2023.

Create an account and download the application to your mobile

You will then need to create an account by filling out the registration form, then download the application on your mobile phone.

Make your first deposit and claim the welcome offer

Once your account is created, you can make your first deposit with the payment method of your choice. Don’t forget to activate the welcome bonus !

Consult your favorite sporting event

You can now consult your favorite sports event in the list of available bets. This can be the Champions League, the Olympic Games, etc.

Place your bets

Place one or more stakes on the amount of your choice on the match that interests you.

Wait for the end of the match and recover your winnings

Now you just have to wait until the match is finished and recover your earnings if you win your bet !

How we test and note the best sports betting apps: our main criteria

There are many mobile sports betting applications in France and it can sometimes be difficult to know where to give head. In order to find the best of them, our experts are based on very specific criteria. Discover them below:

Availability of different types of sports

The first criterion to take into account to choose the best sports betting app is the variety of sports offered. The application must offer the favorite sports of the French, but also other original sports in order to suit everyone and avoid boredom.


It is essential that the sports betting application is ergonomic. It should be easy to handle and operate quickly without any bug.


Safety is an essential element in the choice of a sports betting application. The bookmaker must be legal in France or abroad, and use a encryption system to protect the confidentiality of bettors.


The best sports betting app must have an optimized interface to adapt to your screen size. It must also allow bettors to make their bets without download.

Mobile compatibility

Mobile compatibility is essential to allow you to bet from anywhere and at any time without having to go to a sport point of sale. It must be intuitive and simple to use in order to guarantee a high quality experience.

Exclusive options

In order to guarantee an immersive and personalized experience, our experts have selected sports betting operators who offer exclusive options. They must offer at least combined Paris options and system system.


The registration procedure must be simple to allow you to start betting quickly from your player account.

Push notifications

Push notifications have become very popular on Paris applications. They allow you to receive real -time information regarding the progress of the match on which you bet.

Paris live

Live bets are very interesting because they allow you to follow a sporting event and place bets at the same time. It is even possible to place a bet directly from the place of the event, if you assist there.

The most popular online sports betting types

In France, the most popular sports betting applications are those for iOS and Android. They are very widespread and allow access to the same sporting events as a Paris site. Below, we invite you to learn more about Android, iPhone and iPad applications.

Android Paris Applications

The Android operating system is used on a large number of smartphones and tablets. It is therefore one of the most common types of sports betting applications in France. Android Paris applications can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

Application available for smartphones and tablets

Free download from Google Play

Offers the same features as the web version

The Android application is a little less widespread than the iOS application

Iphone Paris applications

This sports betting application is intended for bettors who have an iPhone mobile. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store. The features are the same as when you go to the Bookmaker web version.

Downloadable for free from the App Store

Quick access to sports betting

Features identical to the web version

The iPhone app is available only for Apple mobile

Ipad Paris applications

The iPad mobile application is ideal if you want to be able to make your sports betting wherever you are, with the same visual comfort as on a computer. The screen size of the iPad tablet is larger than that of iPhone mobiles and therefore increases the comfort of playing. The handling is simpler and the experience more immersive. You can download the Ipad Paris application on the App Store.

Larger screen size

More immersive experience

Easy to download and take control

The iPad mobile application is rarer than the iPhone application

Our top 5 best applications in Mobile Paris in France

Our experts have made a ranking of the best sports betting applications in France using the selection criteria that we presented to you previously. Among the mobile applications selected, five have particularly caught their attention. Discover them right away.

22Bet Mobile Application

The 22bet operator offers a parions sporting ergonomic point app available on Android and iOS mobile phones. It allows you to bet on a multitude of sports and offers live Paris options and live streaming.

Application available on Android and iOS

Possibility to choose between French and English

Live Paris available

No cash out

  1. 22Bet Mobile Application

Ivibet mobile application

Ivibet allows its players to bet on many sporting events from their mobile phone. The operator offers both an optimized web version for mobiles and an application for Android.

Application available on Android

Optimized website for Android and iOS

Paris live and streaming available

No iOS application right now

  1. Ivibet Mobile Application

1bet mobile application

The 1bet sports betting site has an optimized platform for mobile phones, as well as an application for Android. The 1Bet application offers the same features as its website and offers a pleasant grip.

Application available on Android

Paris live

Application in English only

  1. 1Bet Mobile Application

Megapari mobile application

Megapari is a very recent bookmaker, but it already offers its mobile application. The application is available for Android operating systems and allows access to the same features as its web interface.

Application available on Android

Application in French

Not yet available for iOS

  1. Megapari Mobile Application

20bet mobile application

20bet is known as one of the best sports betting operators on the market and offers a site perfectly optimized for mobile use. The site offers different sports such as football and basketball, and also allows you to bet live. A mobile application should also be launched soon.

Available directly from your Android and iOS mobile browser

Paris live available

Many sports offered

The mobile application is not yet available

  1. 20Bet Mobile Application

Why is it better to bet with your mobile phone rather than on your browser ?

The best sports betting sites often offer two versions: a mobile application and a browser version. In this part, we invite you to learn more about these two versions and to discover their main advantages and disadvantages.

Mobile app

The mobile application is a version sometimes offered by sports betting sites to allow you to make your bets more easily from your phone. Mobile applications are most often available on Android and iOS operating systems. They offer a quick grip and allow you to access sports betting in just a few clicks.

Practical and fun

Saves time

Offers the same features as the web version

Available on Android and iOS

Not all bookmakers offer a mobile application


The browser version and the most widespread version of sports betting sites. It allows access to sports betting from your computer, but also from your tablet or mobile phone. It is available without downloading simply by browsing the web.

Available on computers, tablets and mobile phones

Available without download

Gives access to all features

Some browser versions are not compatible with mobiles

Main advantages of mobile sports betting applications

Sports betting applications offer many advantages to bettors. These are intuitive and allow betting in just a few moments. You can access it at any time and anywhere, as long as you have your mobile phone with you. In addition, they can easily be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Here is a summary of the advantages of mobile sports betting applications:

  • They are secure and reliable
  • It allows you to bet anyone and anywhere
  • They are ideal for live bets
  • They allow you to easily follow sporting events with push notifications
  • They allow access to exclusive bonuses

Most popular types of sports in the world to bet on a mobile application

Mobile sports betting applications are making more and more followers around the world and especially in France. They allow access to the same sporting events as the web version, while being more fun, and accessible at any time. Some sports are particularly requested on mobile applications. We invite you to discover them.

Bet on football with an app

Football is undoubtedly the sport that most attracts French bettors. Mobile applications allow you to easily bet on different variants of this sport. This can be the Champions League as well as Loto Foot.

The most popular types of betting for football are as follows:

  • The result of a match
  • The biggest scorer
  • The number of goals
  • The man of the match

Bet on cricket with an app

Cricket is not the most popular sport in France, but it is very well known with bettors. This sport is widely practiced in many countries such as India, Australia and New Zealand. There are therefore many competitions on which to bet.

Here are the types of available bets:

  • The result of the match
  • The best drummer
  • The number of points

Bet on the badminton with an app

Badminton is a known sport with sports bettors. Many tournaments take place every year, which gives many possibilities in Paris.

The types of badminton bets offered by mobile applications are:

  • The winner of the match
  • The result of the match
  • Players in the final
  • The tournament winner

Bet on tennis with an app

Tennis is a very popular sport on sports betting apps. There are several major international reputation tournaments such as the famous Roland Garros in France.

Applications allow you to bet on:

  • The winner of the match
  • The result of the match
  • The tournament winner
  • Players in the final

Bet on basketball with an app

Basketball is one of the most popular sports across the Atlantic. It is the second most popular sport of the French people on sports betting applications.

Here’s how you can bet on basketball:

  • The result of the match
  • The biggest marker
  • The number of baskets marked
  • The difference in points between the two teams

Bet on kabaddi with an app

Kabaddi is a sport straddling between struggle and rugby. It is one of the most popular sports in South Asia and therefore offers many Paris possibilities.

Here’s how you can bet on the Kabaddi with an app:

  • On the result of the match
  • On the number of points
  • On the top scorer

Online sports betting application and Paris live

online sports betting application and Paris live

Live sports betting allow you to place on a sporting event that has already started. This type of bet is advantageous for reactive players who like to watch the matches and bet at the same time, depending on the progress of the game.

To make the most of the bets live, the mobile sports betting applications are ideal. They allow you to bet from your mobile phone from anywhere and at any time. Some of them even give you the opportunity to watch the matches live to follow the progress. Finally, they allow you to receive push notifications to inform you of real -time results.

Allows you to bet live from any place and at any time

Possibility to watch the live matches

Push notifications to keep you informed of the game’s progress

You have to be vigilant and not get carried away by your emotions

Most famous online sports betting applications in the world: top of the market

In this part, we invite you to discover the 3 most popular sports betting applications in the world: BET365, Parimatch and Betway.

BET365 Sport mobile application

Bet365 Mobile Application

Bet365 is a known bookmaker worldwide. He offers many sports as well as horse racing for your sports betting. Its mobile application is available for Android and iOS phones. By registering, you can benefit from a welcome bonus of 100 % up to € 50.

Mobile Application of Parimatch Sport

Mobile Application Parimatch

Parimatch is one of the oldest bookmakers since it was created in 1996. Its first website was created in 2000 and today it has an application for iOS and Android. The Parimatch application offers not only many sports, but also different bonuses including a welcome offer worth € 30.

Betway Sport mobile application

Betway Mobile Application

Betway is a popular bookmaker in France that has its own mobile application. You will find more than 30,000 options for your sports betting, including all the most popular sports such as football and NBA. It also offers different types of bonuses to bettors including a welcome offer of 100% up to 100 €.

Bonus types available for sports betting users

What would be the best sports betting application without a full range of bonuses ? In this part, we read the most popular bonuses on sports betting applications.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the most popular bonus with players. It is offered on most mobile applications and is reserved for new players in exchange for their registration. It allows you to obtain a bonus percentage during the first deposit or free bets.

Exclusive bonus for App download

It may happen that bookmakers offer an exclusive bonus in exchange for downloading their mobile application. To access it, simply download the app from your Android or iOS mobile. He can give the right to a free bet or other advantages.

Daily recharges

Daily recharges make it possible to obtain a bonus percentage when you make your deposit on a sports betting site. This bonus can be available every day or sometimes every week. To access it, simply deposit money respecting the minimum deposit of the offer.

Free Paris

Free bets are quite common on sports betting applications. They can take the form of bets offered or reimbursed Paris. These free bets can be granted during flash offers, during daily recharges or by engraving the ladder of a VIP program.

VIP programs

The VIP program is very interesting for bettors who prefer to perform their bets from the same platform. It rewards loyal members with their different advantages such as free betting, deposit bonuses, or more advantageous deposit and withdrawal limits.

Bonus without deposit

The without deposit bonus is a less common bonus, but it is available on certain sports betting applications. This bonus is generally of low value but can be obtained for free without having to make a deposit on the application. It is generally given in exchange for an action such as registration of the bettor or downloading the mobile application.


Mobile applications are very advantageous for bettors and it is not surprising that they seduce the French as much. They offer a quick grip and allow you to make bets from anywhere and anytime.

In addition to being practical, they also give access to the same features as the web version. You will find the same sports, the same tournaments, and the same options to make your bets. You can even access live bets as well as push notifications that allow you to remain informed at any time of the progress of the matches on which you bet. Finally, you will find all bonuses on the mobile application and can sometimes even enjoy exclusive bonuses.

Mobile applications are often compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones. They can be downloaded easily and free from the App Store or Google Play. Try your luck now on one of the best mobile applications, thinking of activating your welcome bonus !

What sports can we find on sports betting applications ?

Sports betting applications offer the same sports as web versions. You will often find various sports including football, basketball and tennis.

How to download a sports betting application ?

Sports betting applications can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS mobiles and Google Play for Android.

Do I have to create an account on the mobile application of the bookmaker if I already have an account on its site ?

Only one account is enough to access both the bookmaker site and its mobile application.

Mobile sports betting applications allow you to benefit from bonuses ?

Sports betting apps allow access to the same bonuses as Bookmakers sites. You can even sometimes get exclusive bonuses.

What is the best sports betting application in 2023 ?

Several sports betting applications stand out in 2023. You will find them in our ranking at the start of the article.

The best applications to bet for free

The best applications to bet for free

How to make the right choice among the best applications to bet for free in 2023 ? How to bet on APK Mobile with Bonus ? Why is it better to make bets from a smartphone ? So find the answer by discovering what are the sports betting applications to download. In full growth in recent years, sports betting sites have also experienced the expansion of applications on iOS and Android. Thus, many platforms have now developed their own sports betting applications, in order to offer more diversity to its users. In this article, we will therefore give you our opinion on the best apps to bet so that you can know more about these.

  • 1. Why use mobile applications to bet ?��
  • 2. How to choose your application to bet mobile ?
  • 3. The best applications to bet for free in France
  • 4. Best free applications in Paris for Francophones
  • 5. Free mobile app

1. Why use mobile applications to bet ?��

Today, more people have a nomadic lifestyle, resulting in much greater use of mobile than computer. This allows you to be connected and meet your needs wherever you are: in public transport, during your break, in the street etc. It is therefore completely normal to see the best sites in Paris on football and other sports looking at the development of applications for its users. Especially since the functioning of the latter is often optimal and very fluid, and therefore makes it possible to place its bets in any situation thanks to the application to bet for free.

2. How to choose your application to bet mobile ?

It is necessary to differentiate the different types of applications well, because some can be compatible only with the Android system, and others only with the iOS system. It is therefore important to check these settings before choosing a precise online sports betting site. Most often it is reliable bookmakers that offer the best sports betting apps. In addition, by downloading an app for free you will gain the same welcome bonuses as as you bet online. It is then worth looking for the most advantageous bonuses to start your mobile bets.

Where to download these applications ? Generally, simply go to the sites in question to have access to the download link. Note that these are in the vast majority of cases of free apps, and therefore without money to add to your account to have access to it. Even check the conditions before downloading, especially if you are not sure of the reliability of the site .

3. The best applications to bet for free in France

Now come the question of which sports betting site to choose or what is the ranking of the best sites in Paris. It is obviously difficult to make a general classification, because everyone has their faults and advantages, and cannot correspond to everyone. We will still present you certain sites with a portable application seeming to us interesting.

1️⃣ There is then Netbet, who has a lot of sports. For its part, the welcome bonus to new customers on the first bet, but also offered without deposit after the validation of your account . Perfect for example to bet foot with apk mobile netbet.