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Need more freedom? Here are the lightest electric bikes on the market

The main reason why cyclists opt for a light bicycle lies in handling, portability, but also the possibility of driving with low assistance or even without assistance.
This is especially true when you are climbing a slope. The heavier the bike, the more efforts you will have to make it go up, and the same goes for the power that the engine will have to provide.
We take stock of all the advantages !

The best light electric bike 2023

Discover the best light electric bike in 2023, with the original help. A very light VAE of less than 12.5 kg, manufactured in France. A powerful and comfortable bike, 100% customizable online, for your daily trips, your summer walks or your sports outings.

The best light electric bike for 2023

An electric bike, like the Help model of the Origin brand, is a light bike that has an integrated electric motor and a battery to provide additional assistance to the pedal. This assistance can facilitate the conduct of the bicycle, especially in difficulties such as steep climbs or facing a strong wind. The electric motor is triggered depending on the force exerted on the pedals and can be controlled by a button on the bicycle . This type of electric bike can easily reach the speed of 25 km/h, speed from which the assistance fades, without slowing the bike. This type of bicycle has a range of 100 km.

Electric bike is a lasting alternative to traditional means of transport such as cars or motorcycles, which can help reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, the electric bike can offer an economic and practical mode of transport, in particular for short journeys. In short, electric bike can be an ideal choice for those looking for a practical, economical and environmental alternative to traditional means of transport.

Electric Bike Engine wheel

Why choose a light electric bike ?

Choosing a light electric bike offers many advantages. First of all, a light VAE will be easier to maneuver and more pleasant to use for daily trips, which can be an important factor for people who wish to use their electric bike for longer trips or for sports activities.

In addition, a light electric bike can be used, even without activating electric assistance. With a weight of only 12 kg, the Original Help can be used for longer trips without having to worry about the battery life. In addition, a light electric bike will be easier to transport, which can be useful for those who wish to transport their bikes by car or in public transport. It’s the ideal bike for the Valotaf .

Help, light electric bike

Mahle X20, the lightest engine-battery system

Mahle Ebike Systems is a division of the German company Mahle, specialized in the production of engines for electric bikes. The Mahle X20 engine is the lightest engine on the market. It is characterized by its power of 60 nm of torque, which makes it capable of managing difficult terrain with remarkable ease.

The Mahle X20 engine is also equipped with intelligent control technology that allows optimal assistance depending on the situation, making it a popular choice for cyclists who seek to maximize their performance and energy efficiency. In addition, this engine is designed to be compact and light, which makes its integration both easy and aesthetic.

In conclusion, the Mahle X20 engine is a popular choice for cyclists looking for an engine with a reduced, reliable and efficient weight. It offers considerable power and advanced technology for a pleasant and effective driving experience.

Why choose an electric bike with an engine in the rear wheel ?

A engine in the rear wheel has three main advantages compared to the engine in the crankset .

Lightness and performance
The electric motors installed in the rear wheel are generally lighter and therefore make VAE more efficient, especially when you want to use the bicycle without assistance or with reduced assistance.

Electric motors installed in the rear wheel can improve the handling of the bicycle, as the weight of the system is very reduced. It significantly affects the center of gravity or the geometry of the bicycle. It can make driving easier and pleasant.

Electric engines installed in the rear wheel are often considered more discreet, as they do not disturb the bicycle line and are easier to hide. Help is VAE whose external appearance is extremely similar to that of a muscle bike.

Help Road, electric road bike

Origin, the choice of Made in France, advanced technology and personalization

Origin Cycles is a French brand of high technology bikes, made in France and customizable. Origin Cycles offers a range of electric bikes for different types of field and driving, including models of VAE of City , of VAE Gravel Or Road VAE . The brand focuses on quality, performance and design to provide a comfortable and pleasant driving experience to its customers.

Origin Cycles uses high quality components, such as recognized electric motors, long -term batteries and high -end aluminum frame to guarantee the best driving experience possible. The brand also offers an online configurator, allowing to personalize their electric bike according to their needs and their driving style.

In conclusion, Origin Cycles is a brand recognized for the quality and performance of its electric bikes, offering a varied range of models for different types of terrain, as well as many customer possibilities for customers.

Why buy your light VAE on the internet ?

There are several advantages to buy your light electric bike on the internet. Here are some of the most important advantages:

Wide selection
Online, you will have access to a wide selection of light electric bikes from different brands and models, which will allow you to find the one that best suits your needs.

Easy price comparison
Online bicycle purchasing sites, such as that of allow you to easily compare prices of different light electric bikes, which will help you find the best value for money.

Remote purchase
You can buy your light electric bike online without having to move, which is practical and can save you time and money.

Detailed information
Online, you will have access to a lot of detailed information on light electric bikes, such as the characteristics, specifications, opinions and customer comments, which will help you make an enlightened decision.

Direct delivery
Most online sites offer direct delivery to your home, which prevents you from having to transport your light electric bike yourself.

In conclusion, buying a light electric bike on the internet can be a wise choice for those looking for a wide selection, an easy price comparison, detailed information and direct delivery.

Need more freedom ? Here are the lightest electric bikes on the market

Lightness and electric bicycle rarely go hand in hand, for years, the VAEs were bulky machines, complicated to transport, costly and equipped with limited autonomy. Slowly, it changed.
Turning to a “light” electric bike has several advantages ! To start, you will find driving sensations closer to those of a classic bike since lightness also offers better handling. A contained weight also saves the battery since you can drive with lower assistance ! Finally, if you need to regularly wear your bike, to climb steps for example, the weight quickly becomes a handicap.
In this, a good way to move while reducing your carbon footprint !

How much an electric bike weighs ?

The weight of a VAE is one of the factors that can dissuade certain users from investing or using them daily. It’s over ! Generally, all styles combined, It varies between 10 and 30 kg. Most are even between 18 and 25 kg. A light electric bike weighs between 10 and 15 kg.

Why opt for a light electric bike ?

The answer is simple: for its weight and autonomy ! Of course, it varies depending on the budget, the design, the specifications and the type of bicycle (road, mountain biking, city, folding. )). As an indication, here are some examples of VAE of different types:

Bike type Model Weight
Urban Mustache Saturday 28 open 23 kg
Mountain biking Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 SL 500 24 kg
VTC Kalkhoff Agattu 1.B Advance 26 kg
Folding EOVOLT City X 15 kg
Cargo Cube Hybrid Cargo 48 kg

The main reason why cyclists opt for a light bicycle lies in handling, portability, but also the possibility of driving with low assistance or even without assistance.
This is especially true when you are climbing a slope. The heavier the bike, the more efforts you will have to make it go up, and the same goes for the power that the engine will have to provide.
We take stock of all the advantages !

Easy to carry

Regularly transporting a very heavy electric bike can be at best a source of trouble – if you have a great distance to travel by walking – and at worst a real problem – for example if you have to wear it on a staircase until ‘to your apartment. For this use, You should opt for a bike close to 15 kg and ideally a few kilograms below.
If you want a bicycle with practical characteristics such as mudguards, a luggage rack and integrated lights, 18 kg is a more realistic lens.
The lighter the bicycle, the easier things get easy in terms of maneuverability and portability. This also makes a difference if you are a suburban who must lift his bike to bring him up and down public transport, to load it on a bike carrier, to pass it over a barrier or to wear it upstairs of your residence !

Easier to advance without assistance

Electric bikes that weigh more than 20 kg can very well advance with the assistance disabled, but the additional weight quickly becomes a burden on the dish, so imagine ascending. You will constantly have the impression of towing a trailer !
When you drive a light electric bike, pedaling without assistance is much less problematic. The light VAEs look like conventional bikes and the additional weight has less impact on the general driving sensation.

Increased efficiency: more autonomy and lifespan

Whatever the electric bike, the battery is the nerve of war ! On the side of light electric bikes, The batteries are generally lower capacity. There are two main reasons for this: reducing weight and integrating the battery into the framework.
This does not mean that a light electric bike must have a small battery (although most light VAEs have one). One of the lightest and most refined versions is the Specialized Turbo Vado SL. It has a battery of more than 320 WH and also has an autonomy extension system, which means that you can connect an additional battery. All this for the modest weight of 14.9 kg. For an electric bike with a pedal engine, 10 speeds, an integrated head shock absorber and a decent battery, it’s impressive.
If you had to get out of battery, a light electric bike will allow you to go home more serenely.

Accelerate in the hills

Road cyclists who use conventional bikes are obsessed with weight, because it is a factor that can help climb hills by providing less effort.
To put it simply, pedaling uphill amounts to working against gravity, so the less you have weight to mount the hill (all other factors such as the power, wind and weight of the cyclist being equal), the faster you will be quick.
It is more and more common to see Electric road bikes alongside ordinary road bikes during group hiking. Many models present themselves as two bikes in one (a VAE and a normal bike), because they are designed to be used beyond the limit of assistance as easily as possible. There is even a Removable engine system Used on many bikes from the German company Fazua.

An electric bike that looks like an ordinary bike

All the bikes presented in this guide do not really look like electric bikes. This can have some advantages: from an aesthetic point of view, these bikes are much more neat, No big battery block dominates the framework.
They are also less likely to be the target of thieves.

Ideal for daily trips

Light electric bikes are perfect for users who only want to use electric assistance to cross the ribs. As the weight is very low (compared to other VAEs), you always have a feeling close to a conventional bike when you run without assistance.

The best light electric bikes by category

In this guide, we have covered the options for road, city electric bikes, mountain biking, hybrids and folds.
Each has specific advantages in terms of characteristics, ease of use and performance.
Here are some of the key criteria that we have taken into account:

  • Value for money : even the best electric bikes can vary considerably in their price. Light bikes are often (much) more expensive.
  • Engine efficiency : the power, the efficiency and level of fluidity of the engines.
  • Batter effectiveness : autonomy, power and load speed.
  • General performance : what is the driving experience ? How the bicycle reacts in climbs and descents ?

The lightest electricity city bikes

Furtivoo Néomouv

  • Weight : 13.5 kg
  • Price : around 1900 € new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy : 30 to 60 km
  • Speed : 1 speed
  • Ideal for suburbans and to circulate on the sidewalks

cock-a-doodle Doo ! This French electric bike has a very refined style, with an aluminum frame and fork, for a very light weight of 13.5 kg. Its battery has a capacity of 160 Wh, it can recharge in retropedalant and has an autonomy of 30 to 60 km, depending on several factors: the mode of the battery, the inclination, the weight of the user, etc.

It can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth using the Bitride application (available on Android and iOS). You can adjust the speed, electrical assistance and many other features.

However, it has a major drawback. Its battery is attached to the rear wheel of the bicycle, which means that you have to enter the VAE from your home to load it. Even if it is not complicated given its weight, it is an aspect to take into account, especially if you live in an apartment.

E-bike Alérion

  • Weight : 13.2 kg
  • Price : around 2000 € new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy : up to 80 km
  • Speed : 1 speed
  • Facilitates daily journeys: go to the office or have a drink

The brand offers a bike Made in France white, stylish and very light called “always on time”. Nothing indicates that it is electric !

The battery has a power of 360 Wh and is integrated into the frame, while the engine is in the rear wheel hub. Its frame is made of aluminum and carbon fork, it can reach a maximum autonomy of 80 km.


  • Weight : 10.8 kg
  • Price : € 4,999 new and between 20 and 60% cheaper on Upway !
  • Autonomy : 70 to 100 km
  • Speed : 1 speed, adaptive
  • For all everyday journeys

The German manufacturer F1 COBOC is a real feat of lightness and of technology. With only 10.8 kg on the scale, it is the lightest assistance bike in our top (the Vello Bike+ not yet being available for sale) while offering a range of more than 70 km.

At first glance, the F1 EYCLE looks like it is mistaken for a classic bike. Here, no apparent electronics and no control screen, but a nicely hidden battery in the frame and a rear wheel engine with integrated torque sensor.

An algorithm analyzes in real time the pressure you exert on the pedals to distribute the right amount of assistance in each situation. This automatic and intuitive operation allows you to have driving sensations as close as possible to those of a bicycle without assistance.

Although you do not have control over the level of assistance via the traditional dashboard that equips most of the VAEs, you can however customize your driving experience with your smartphone. The coboc application allows, for example, to set the assistance offered at startup or to choose the sensitivity of the assistance: the higher it will be and the more the bike will help you pedal.

Also finished derailment and traces of fat on the pants since the F1 EYCLE is driven by a belt. This bike therefore has everything to please city dwellers looking for a light VAE for their daily trips. Note however that its battery is not removable and that you will therefore have to load it close to a power outlet.