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Ranking of the best electric scooters in 2023


In addition to its devastating look and its black and red color, its footrest with integrated indicators and his Reinforced folding system, we will noticehuge hydraulic suspensions.

The best electric scooters in terms of value for money

We are always looking for the best of the best, and this is understandable. We avoid a very unpleasant feeling: regret. To avoid arriving so far, here is a guide that will allow you not to regret your choice.

Indeed, buying a product can be scary. Especially when its price is substantial. In order not to make an unnecessary or regrettable investment, you must then inquire (electric scooter price)). But you still have to find an objective opinion which will not be biased by a strong commercial intention.

The comparisons are not always honest and seek to camouflage the negative points of certain products. Here is a ranking of the 5 best electric scooters according to their quality/price ratio. This classification was carried out according to consumer opinions and the characteristics present according to the price. You will then have a very reasonable quality compared to the price invested in the electric scooter.

Indeed, most electric scooters offer interesting characteristics. But they do not always justify such a high price. You have to opt for an electric scooter at its fair value. Which considerably inflates the price remains the mark of this means of transport. The Dualtron, for example, are known to be quite expensive even if the quality is impeccable.

Top 5 best electric scooters

This ranking was carried out according to the value for money of the electric scooter. These are cheaper scooters than certain competitors for similar characteristics.

Z8Pro electric scooter

In terms of value for money, the first position comes back to this electric scooter. It has interesting characteristics for a reasonable price.

In comparison with other products of the same price, the Z8Pro is more autonomous, more secure and its battery is more powerful. We can cite, for example, the E-Twow GT 2020 premium scooter. The latter is 9 euros more expensive than the Z8Pro, but it has less interesting characteristics.

Here are the main ones technical characteristics of this scooter:

Engine : LG 500W DC Brushless
Battery : 48V 15.6 Ah
Autonomy: 50 km
Brakes: front/rear drum
Weight : 20 kg

So you should not trust the price for a quality electric scooter. Some are cheaper and more efficient. All this depends on demand but also on the brand or the manufacturing price.

If you want to know more about this product, here is an Electron video that explains what he thinks of the Z8Pro. His opinion is very objective and it highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the adult electric scooter.

Imagine an electric scooter with 75 km of autonomy for less than 1,000 euros. It is possible thanks to this electric scooter. In general, a scooter with such autonomy costs around 1,500 to 2,000 euros. The quality/price ratio is just huge !

This electric scooter has an 800W engine and it can go up to 50 km/h (unbridled on a private road). Designed for the urban environment, this is the best autonomous electric scooter at less than 1,000 euros.

Here are the main ones technical characteristics of this scooter:

Engine : 800W back
Battery : 52V 20.8 Ah
Autonomy: 75 km
Brakes: front/rear drum
Weight : 20.8 kg

Thanks to its engine power, the scooter can cross slopes up to 22% inclination. In addition, the Futecher Gun Pro can support a load of 120 kg maximum. She is therefore very interesting.

To have more details and see the scooter roll in real condition, here is a test video. Kramtoo gives his opinion on the scooter and try it in urban areas.

An electric scooter weighing 10 kg, this is quite rare. If this scooter is at a price less than 650 euros, it is a “nugget”. This e-tow has very good characteristics compared to its price.

This is the best scooter in terms of weight and size. Compact, it is 11 cm in width and height once folded. It is therefore very handy and allows you to move easily.

Here are the main ones technical characteristics of this scooter:

Engine : Samsung 575W DC Brushless
Battery : 36V 8.7 Ah (Samsung lithium-ion)
Autonomy: 35 km
Brakes: Before Kers system
Weight : 10.9 kg

It is therefore possible to invest in an electric scooter that is both light and small at lower cost. This is one of the best choices if you want a cheap and handy electric scooter.

The One Mile Model S8 electric scooter

The biggest downside of the electric scooter remains their sealing. Most are not or little water resistant. It can become complicated if you live in a rainy region.

If you want to use your electric scooter every day, it can become very problematic. The one mile electric scooter above is an excellent choice if you want a scooter usable in all time.

Here are the main ones technical characteristics of this scooter:

Engine : Samsung 350W nominal (500W in crest)
Battery : 36v 10.5 ah
Autonomy: 35 km
Brakes: Electromagnetic front, rear disc + mechanical
Weight : 15.5 kg (12.5kg without the removable battery)

In general, this type of electric scooter can cost quite expensive. Thanks to this scooter you can circulate in town without worrying about the time it will.

If you want to see more closely the waterproofing of this electric scooter, here is a test video. Electron tries the scooter in all time and gives you its feelings.

Starting on an electric scooter is not always easy. We surely wonder which model to choose. Most people opt for a Xiaomi M365, but there may be better.

Here are the main ones technical characteristics of this scooter:

Engine : 350W
Battery : 36V 10.4 Ah
Autonomy: 25 km
Brakes: rear onk
Weight : 13.5 kg

For an almost similar price, you can find the Pablo electric scooter. It has one of the best value for money on the market.

This classification was carried out according to the relationship between quality and price, but there are other criteria to take into account.

If you want to know if the Pablo electric scooter surpasses Xiaomi, watch this video of Electron. You will be able to make your own opinion.

This one, sold on Amazon, is a compact hand pump and very easy to use. In addition, its tip adapts to any valve. We can also add that this pump is very precise.

Its only negative point is the greater effort than a pump on foot. It will therefore be necessary to provide more efforts to inflate your tires in a few minutes.

To know : With tires composed of air chamber, inflate them twice a month. If you have full tires, just check the gum.

Check the screws regularly.

With the journey and its various obstacles, it happens that the scooter unscrews. In order to prevent the screws from going in full journey, they must be constantly tightened.

At the end of the week, tighten without forcing the screws that need them. It is imperative to check essential points of your scooter such as: the frame, the handlebars, the folding and the wheels. If you don’t, it can become very dangerous.

REMINDER : If a screw is damaged or missing, change it immediately before hitting the road.

Is the braking system always effective ?

Over time, it may happen that your brakes lose efficiency. Verification will depend on your braking system.

Three times a year you need:

  • For drum brakes: Check the cable voltage
  • For disc brakes: Check the wear of brake pads

Here are the gestures to take to take care of your braking system. Finally, if your brakes make noise or if they brake much less effectively, turn to a professional. A maintenance service on your brakes is not expensive.

Attention : Never grease your brakes

Recurring questions

In order to deal with as many subjects as possible, here are the answers to real questions asked by consumers. In the best of cases, your question will appear below. If this is not the case, it is possible to contact us by email.

Is there a guarantee for the purchase of an electric scooter ?

An electric scooter generally has a warranty. But this one sometimes does not last very long. The duration of the warranty depends on the purchase price, the robustness of the scooter and the platform which sells it.

Indeed, robust scooter sold on a trusted shop at a certain price will be more likely to obtain an important guarantee. On these shops, the guarantee is often offered at two years for the scooter itself (the structure) and 1 year for the battery.

What is the average maximum speed of an electric scooter ?

The maximum speed is related to the engine power. If the engine is powerful, the scooter will tend to go more.

An electric scooter with an engine power of 250W generally rolls at 25 km/h. On the other hand, an electric scooter with motor power around 500W offers a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Some scooters have two engines. They are called “dual motors”. These adult electric scooters are very powerful. They can roll up to 80 km/h on average but it can go more (Dualtron Ultra II for example).

Where to park in electric scooters ?

You can’t park on the sidewalk. This is one of the most important elements. If you park on a sidewalk you can receive a fine of 35 euros.

Since the sidewalk is prohibited, you have to park elsewhere. The authorized places are present in number:

Locations for motorized two-wheelers
the parking tape, on the roadside

This last option is authorized but it is preferable to park on locations for motorized two-wheelers. Indeed, the parking tape is normally reserved for bikes (being an active movement mode).

Can we have a passenger ?

It is completely forbidden and dangerous to circulate two in electric scooters. You cannot carry a passenger with you. If you do not respect this rule you can be verbalized by the police.

Attention : You can end up with a fine of up to 75 euros.

To conclude, there is no real better electric scooter. Even if some are more appreciated than others, the most important will be what you are going to do with it. A scooter that is not suitable for your daily journeys (irregular terrain, slopes, long journeys, etc.) can cause real safety and sustainability problems. It is therefore necessary to find out about the best ranges of adult electric scooters.

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Ranking of the best electric scooters in 2023

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You will find below the Annual ranking of the best electric scooters in 2023 published by Gyro-Phare.
Gyro-Phare is a shop specializing in existing electric scooters since 2015 and recognized by many media and the public as Expert No. 1 in France in this sector.
This ranking of the best electric scooters 2023 was updated on 10/16/2022.

SPEEDWAY 5 minimotors electric scooter

Ninebot Max G30e II electric scooter

Dualtron Mini Limited 21Ah electric scooter

Dualtron Raptor V2 minimotors electric scooter

1. Dualtron Mini Special

The Dualtron Mini Limited electric scooter in 13Ah or 21Ah from the brand Minimotors was one of the best seller of 2021, then in 2022.

In 2023 the saga continues with an upgrade, and not the least: this dualtron mini special is now with a foldable handlebars and a rubber grip on the deck.

It therefore seems that Minimotors took into account user requests and expectations to finally offer these standard improvements on the Dualtron Mini.
Offered in version 52V 13Ah And 52V 21Ah LG, The Dualtron Mini Special is going to remain one of the bestsellers of this year 2023.

Always equipped with an engine 500W in nominal, She is able to develop until 1450W being asked.

She has 8 tires.5 inches with air chamber and double front and rear spring shock absorbers.
This allows him to be very handy in town, but it lacks a certain comfort on long journeys.
We always appreciate her ultra fine deck, her leds integrated into the gallows and deck, and its great maneuverability.
Very good minimotors once again.

Dualtron Mini Special

3. Dualtron Thunder 3

3. Teverun Fighter 10/10+

4. Dualtron Victor Luxury +

Arriving on the market in 2021, the Dualtron Victor electric scooter was one of the great successes of 2022.

Strecking on this success, Minimotors changed the model by offering the Luxury version at the end of 2022.

It also offers a footrest at the back of the deck, of the “soft” cartridge suspensions, A rubber grip On the deck and a more modern design.

The Victor Luxury + version has new improvements, Like 28ah and 35ah LG batteries, turn signals, headlights and a horn.
Overpowering electric scooter, It is equipped with Two engines of 2,000W each.
Comfort, phenomenal power and autonomy, here is a perfect cocktail offered by Minimotors.
Once again minimotors shows its superiority.

Dualtron Victor Luxury 4

5. Blade X

A real revelation from the end of 2022, the Blade X is a concentrate of power and avant-garde design while offering excellent driving comfort.

This newcomer is the fruit of a Partnership between the Blade and Dualtron brand, just that !

The result is therefore an excellent electric scooter, which benefits from the whole experience of Dualtron with a touch of originality signed Blade.

In addition to its devastating look and its black and red color, its footrest with integrated indicators and his Reinforced folding system, we will noticehuge hydraulic suspensions.

Comfort is therefore indeed there, and what about power: 4000W delivered on the 2 engines, powered by batteries 60V 24Ah or 60V 30AH LG.

You haven’t finished hearing about it ..

Blade X

6. Vsett Mini

The Vsett Mini is the novelty 2023 of the Korean brand Vsett.

It arrives without complex on the niche of urban and light electric scooters, and comes to compete with e-twow or other Xiaomi.

True lightweight, She only displays 13kg on the scale But do not skimp on the equipment: removable battery, NFC card as standard, fthem led, Silicone grip on the deck, Brake to disquE or IP65 sealing !

Suffice to say that this vsett mini does not land on the French market to play the figuents !

Battery level, in addition to its removable VSETT battery will optionally offer an additional battery that is easy to fix and remove, thus boosting the autonomy.

Vsett Mini 36 V 7.8 Ah


The Mantis is finally back !

Electric scooter well known to users, The Mantis range returns in force for 2023.

Strengthened by the success in previous years, Kaabo unveils a new version for 2023 still improved.

Kaabo demonstrates all his experience and endowed this Mantis King GT withElements at the cutting edge of technology : color TFT screen, sinusoid wave controller, Samsung 60V 24Ah battery, gasplate in thumbs, double safety folding system ..

The Kaabo Mantis King GT is not in half measures and makes an almost perfect copy.

We will notice the 2 1100W engines, of the Hydraulic suspensions adjustable, disc brakes full hydraulic, LED lights, indicators and LED bands.

On the aesthetic side, the Mantis King GT is available in 2 colors : black/yellow and black/red.
And finally, this model is Waterproof IPX5, which is very useful for daily use.


8. Nami Burn-e 2 Max

We have been talking about it since 2021, Nami is the brand of high -end scooters to follow.

After the success of the Nami Burn-e, Nami is expanding its range with Burn-E 2 and now Burn-E 2 Max.

Nami’s goal is clear: gradually winning as a leader in the high -end electric scooter market.

This nami burn-e 2 is therefore a model Very powerful, reliable and ultra comfortable.

On the menu: pneumatic shock absorbers, serial steering shock absorber, TFT color screen display, handlebar and carbon soup, new LEDs, tubular chassis…

This nami burn-e 2 Max therefore displays remarkable performance: Autonomy of 150km, Max speed of 97 km/h (on private ground) thanks to its 2 engines of 1500W, and 5 modes of configurable driving speeds.

Finally, Nami always ensures a IPX5 certified seal, Which means that this electric scooter resists very well to use in rainy weather.

Nami Burn-e

9. Lamborghini Alext

You dreamed of offering you a Lamborghini? It is now possible with the Lamborghini Alext !

We are talking here about an electric scooter of the Italian brand proudly sporting the logo with a bull.

You will not find a V12 engine and the pollution that goes with it, but a 500W engine, Because this Lamborghini Alext is intended for urban use.

The Italian brand has therefore bet on a incredible look and one Very good steering comfort thanks to 11 -inch Tubeless tires, of the front and rear suspensions and disc brakes mechanical coupled with an electronic brake.

Real urban scooter, it has a full LED lighting and of Integrated indicators.

Finally, you can also control your Lamborghini Alext thanks to its dedicated application.

Lamborghini Alext

10. Kaabo Wolf King Gt Pro

There Kaabo Wolf King Gt Pro is here best all -terrain electric scooter in 2023.
She is the worthy heiress of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior King, already present in this ranking last year.
Its excess, weight and price prevent it from being higher in our ranking, but its performance makes it salivate more than one.
Imagine: Two engines of 2000W, a maximum speed of 100 km/h and an autonomy of 180 km !
Of the titanic suspensions, compulsory for all -terrain use are present at the front and rear.
As this is the best all -terrain electric scooter, Kaabo had the intelligence to put a double inverted fork at the front.
This brings incomparable stability, nothing moves, no game is possible in the gallows.
The happy owner also benefits from a Double front lighthouse, So powerful that he could serve as a headlight on the Breton tip.
Significant little more: this pro version is now equipped with a display with TFT color screen.

Kaabo Wolf King Gt Pro

11. Dualtron X-Limited

Please note: here is a monster

here is the Dualtron the most powerful made to date : the new Dualtron X Limited.

This final version of the Dualtron X follows the recipe that made the success of the range: monster, Outstanding engines, XXL suspensions, Bitting braking, and look at Mad Max.

Innovation, this Dualtron X Limited is now equipped with A whole new Display Minimotors EY4 Connected which has your smartphone for complete management of the machine.

On the power side, the figures make you dizzy: 13300W Max power, 110km/h Max speed (unbridled on private ground), Autonomy of 170km and crossing of ribs possible up to 70 where just that !

To top it off, Minimotors installed 2 70A controllers to allow breath.

Side and handling side, we will find 13 inch Tubeless tires and xxl hydraulic suspensions.

Dualtron X Limited

12. Hikerboy Brio

Small news in the category of light electric scooters, Brio is a novelty of the Swiss manufacturer Hikerboy.

Offered in 4 colors, this electric scooter is clearly intended for urban use.

Her low weight of 13kg And its easy folding system allow it to be taken everywhere, whether in the metro or in your office, no problem !

It is very well equipped for its price range, with noted 10 inch tires, A rear brake and front drum brake as well as automatic lighting.

On the piloting side we find a Integrated LCD screen, Acknowledging light control, speed modes, load level ..

Hikerboy Brio

Small news in the category of light electric scooters, Brio is a novelty of the Swiss manufacturer Hikerboy.

Offered in 4 colors, this electric scooter is clearly intended for urban use.

Her low weight of 13kg And its easy folding system allow it to be taken everywhere, whether in the metro or in your office, no problem !

It is very well equipped for its price range, with noted 10 inch tires, A rear brake and front drum brake as well as automatic lighting.

On the piloting side we find a Integrated LCD screen, Acknowledging light control, speed modes, load level ..

What changes for the electric scooter in 2023 ?

2023 will be the year of the electric scooter, more than any other before.
Many municipalities have chosen to launch major work to develop cycle paths, supported by the government.
We particularly our “bicycle plan” of cities like Paris or Nice for the largest cities, but many plans exist everywhere in France.
One of the major objectives of this work is to ensure the continuity of cycle paths and to end these plot sections, which force users of electric scooters to return to the road between two cycle paths.
Sweet mobility is at the center of the concerns of elected officials, who seek to promote the use of these non -polluting vehicles.
The savings in terms of health expenditure caused by the development of these modes of transport are gigantic according to many recent studies.
Electric scooters have also proven their practical and playful appearance: 57% of users of electric free service scooters say they want to buy their own electric scooter
In 2021 electric scooters finally obtained a new status in the highway code defined by the mobility orientation law.
A big step will be taken for user safety and therefore for the sustainability of this ecological and fun mode of transport.
In this line, many municipalities are preparing to set up grant systems like what exists on electric bikes.
This subsidy will only be focused on electric scooters limited to 25 km/h.
As such, find our item on existing subsidies for the purchase of an electric scooter.
Indeed, Since January 1, 2022 You can combine aid for the purchase of municipalities up to a maximum of € 400, and the sustainable mobility package offering compensation up to € 600 per year !
In the general opinion, the year 2023 will also see the most efficient electric scooters appear ever. Design and on -board technologies will also be of a whole new generation.

Each year of course, we can list the best electric scooters on the market. Manufacturers are in fact inventive and ingenuity to the point that the new models that come out are as impressive as each other. On the other hand, how to assert about a scooter that this is the best ? What are the criteria that make a classification of the best electric scooters ? Let’s do a check in !

What criteria to identify the best electric scooter ?

The best electric scooter is above all the one that meets your needs in every way. Users of electric scooters do not all have the same objectives: some simply seek to move in town for daily journeys, others are looking more for thrills and still others wish to enjoy sports walks off the beaten track. Manufacturers have understood this distinction well, and they also understood that a high -end electric scooter could perfectly contact several user profiles.

Let us take stock of the main criteria which allow us to affirm that an electric scooter can belong to the ranking of the best devices.

Let’s talk about performance first. The best electric scooter is a model that will not lose power in the face of climbs and which can also give you great sensations. To do this, you must be attentive to the motorization: in general, these are two engines which, accumulated, reach a good power ! But who says power also says autonomy: the best electric scooter is therefore also the one that will certainly deploy a beautiful peak power, but which will do it without having to be recharged every 10km.

Then move on to two additional criteria: safety and comfort. A high -end electric scooter is a machine on which you will feel safe thanks to a suitable deck and powerful and reliable brakes. On the comfort side, the best electric scooter is the one that does not make you tremble from head to foot as soon as you get out of the very smooth bitumen. To do this, you need good suspensions and of course good quality wheels.

What are the best brands of electric scooters ?

In the universe of the electric scooter, there are certainly monsters of innovation and audacity. And they are often the ones that are at the top of the list when it comes to classifying the best electric scooters. This is evidenced by the two dualtron models which appear at the top of our panel ! Minimotors is the monster in terms of high-end electric scooters and the Dualtron ranges have undoubtedly allowed to offer real bestsellers. But beware, Minimotors is not alone in the game. See our 2023 ranking a bit, the Korean brand Vsett also masters the urban segment with featherweight models. Kaabo also knows how to appropriate new technologies to build advanced models like the Mantis. And then of course, there are manufacturers who already have a well -established image and who still manage to dream, this is the case of Lamborghini in particular !

What is the best electric scooter to choose in 2023 ?

To help you choose, here is a selection of the best electric scooters

The 20 -minute writing did not participate in the realization of this article.

Seduced by this new form of mobility, you want to equip yourself with a powerful model ? To help you compare the available models, are interested in key criteria, such as its autonomy or equipment. The study of these can help you make your choice from this selection of the best electric scooters of 2023.

The best electric scooters to choose in 2023

  • Beeper Max: Urban electric scooter
  • Evercross: Foldable electric scooter
  • Ducati Pro 1 Evo WTS: Light electric scooter
  • Kukirin G2 PRO: Sports electric scooter
  • Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3 Lite: the cheapest electric scooter
  • Urbanglide Aircross Pro 10 ’’: the electric scooter with optimal comfort
  • Ninebot Max G2 E POWERED: the Grande Autonomie electric scooter
  • Xiaomi Mi Scooter 4 Ultra: the powerful electric scooter
  • Wispeed T855: the electric scooter with very good value for money
  • Dualtron minimotors: the versatile electric scooter

Beeper Max: Urban electric scooter

Beeper Max

Thought for urban journeys, the Beeper Max electric scooter combines comfort, power and safety equipment. Available in three versions, each with a different battery capacity, this scooter adapts to your needs. It is also folding, facilitating its storage or its use in public transport. On the equipment side, this model is not to be outdone. It has LED headlights, alarm or a USB port.

Most :

  • It offers between 30 and 90 km of autonomy depending on the versions.
  • Its airline tires are able to absorb shocks to bring you more comfort.
  • Its reinforced suspensions play the same role.
  • Its handlebars is adjustable in height.
  • It has an integrated alarm system, controlled from a remote control.
  • Its front and rear lights are in LED. This is also the case for indicators.
  • A digital display indicates your driving information: speed, mileage, autonomy, etc.
  • A USB port allows you to recharge your smartphone by driving.
  • It is folding.

The lessers :

  • This scooter is quite heavy.

Evercross: Foldable electric scooter


Foldable, relatively light, this electric scooter appeals to lovers of practicality. Easy to transport, it also allows you to circulate with ease on all terrains. Its powerful engine, its full tires make it efficient in town, but also on the paths. A damping system is also present to absorb shocks, thus offering you more comfort when driving.

Most :

  • This electric scooter folds very easily.
  • It has a LED display to follow all driving data.
  • It is equipped with several driving modes to preserve the battery life or gain power: eco, pedestrian, sport, standard, etc.
  • Its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to follow your navigation data from your smartphone.
  • It offers a range of 25 km.

The lessers :

  • The headlights of this scooter are not LED.

Ducati Pro 1 Evo WTS: Light electric scooter

Ducati Pro 1 Evo WTS

With only 12 kg (against 15 to 16 kg for its competitors), this electric scooter is one of the lightest currently marketed. It is also distinguished from competition by its attractive price. Offered at less than 500 euros, she still manages to embark many features. It allows, for example, your smartphone to become a real dashboard. Connected to the scooter, it displays your navigation data: speed, mileage, autonomy, etc.

Most :

  • It is light.
  • Its autonomy is 25 km.
  • She is able to connect to your smartphone.

The lessers :

  • It does not have a shock absorber system.

Kukirin G2 PRO: Sports electric scooter

Kukirin G2 Pro

You want to equip yourself with an all-terrain electric scooter. The Kukirin brand G2 pro model has serious assets to seduce you. Robust, capable of passing everywhere, including in difficult areas, it is accompanied by intense driving sensations. Its 55 km autonomy, its ability to drive at high speed, make this model one of the most powerful in this selection.

Most :

  • This electric scooter is particularly robust, capable of circulating on damaged terrain.
  • It offers 55 km of autonomy.
  • It can drive at high speeds (be careful to comply with the regulations imposing a maximum speed of 25 km/h on the road).
  • It can be used in a scooter or scooter version by adding a seat.
  • It has effective suspensions.
  • An display screen tells you all your driving data.

The lessers :

  • It is not very suitable for the city, rather reserved for all-terrain use.

Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3 Lite: the cheapest electric scooter

Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3 Lite

This Xiaomi electric scooter stands out for its price. Placed below 400 euros, it allows you to equip yourself without starting your budget too much. With an engine efficient, it allows you to travel almost 45 km on a single load. It also has a LED display capable of indicating your driving information in real time. This electric scooter is folding to facilitate its storage as its use.

Most :

  • Its price is less than 400 euros.
  • It has a LED display for your driving data.
  • It is folding, easy and practical to use.
  • It is delivered with an anti -theft code system.
  • It is light, weighing only 12 kg.
  • It offers a range of 45 km.

The lessers :

  • It is not equipped with a suspension system.

Urbanglide Aircross Pro 10 ’’: the electric scooter with optimal comfort

Urbanglide Aircross Pro 10 ’’ ’

Thanks to its powerful battery, this electric scooter from the Urbanglide brand can travel up to 50 km without being recharged. It is also distinguished from its competitors by the presence of a quadruple front/rear suspension. This equipment allows you to effectively absorb shock to offer you great comfort when traveling. It is one of the only ones to have this equipment.

Most :

  • It offers a range of almost 50 km.
  • It is equipped with a quadruple front/rear suspension to accompany your journeys with maximum comfort.
  • Its headlights are LED.
  • An LCD screen displays your driving data.
  • It is foldable and equipped with handles to facilitate its transport.
  • Its handlebars is adjustable in height.

The lessers :

  • Its price is relatively high.

Ninebot Max G2 E POWERED: the Grande Autonomie electric scooter

Ninebot Max G2 E POWERED

With almost 70 km of autonomy, this model is ideal if you are looking for an electric scooter capable of space recharges. Folding, it also facilitates its storage or its use. In terms of equipment or features, it is particularly well equipped: indicators, alarm, double suspension, LED lights, display screen, etc. It can also be geolocated on a smartphone from the Apple brand.

Most :

  • It has a range of almost 70 km.
  • It has an alarm and integrated indicators.
  • It is equipped with a double suspension system: hydraulic at the front, with springs at the rear.
  • It is folding.
  • It is equipped with LED lights.
  • An LED screen displays your driving data.
  • It has a geolocation system.

The lessers :

  • Its price is high.

Xiaomi Mi Scooter 4 Ultra: the powerful electric scooter

Xiaomi Mi Scooter 4 Ultra

With a powerful engine, this electric scooter is capable of circulating with great ease on all terrains. It can, for example, climb a slope of 25% or amortize shocks linked to a rugged path to guarantee your comfort. It is also equipped with anti-hassle tires.

Most :

  • Its powerful engine allows it to drive on all terrains.
  • She resists bad weather.
  • Its tires are anti-harassment.
  • It weighs only 12 kg.
  • A engine locking system can be activated to protect it from theft.

The lessers :

  • Its price is the highest of this selection.

Wispeed T855: the electric scooter with very good value for money

Wispeed T855

Ideal for starting or making punctual urban journeys, this electric scooter offers very good value for money. Equipped with front and rear LED headlights and a quality display screen, it meets the expectations of urban mobility lovers. The capacity of its battery allows it to travel almost 30 km in a single load.

Most :

  • It offers very good value for money.
  • It has a LED display screen for your driving data.
  • It is equipped with LED headlights at the front and back.
  • It is resistant against projections of water.
  • Its autonomy is 30 km.

The lessers :

  • It weighs almost 15 kg.

Dualtron minimotors: the versatile electric scooter

Dualtron minimotors

Very complete, the Dualtron Minimotors electric scooter is characterized by a 40 km autonomy, by its ability to absorb shocks. You drive easily on all terrains, while benefiting from optimal comfort. This model is also folding, facilitating its use or storage.

Most :

  • Its autonomy is 40 km.
  • It has shock absorbers at the front and back.
  • She resists splash.
  • It is foldable.

The lessers :

  • Its price is high.
  • It does not have integrated indicators.

The best 2023 electric scooter is above all that capable of fully meeting your needs. Urban, you are looking for a practical model, easy to transport ? Opt for a foldable model. On the contrary, you want to use it on damaged terrain ? An all-terrain electric scooter must then hold your attention.

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