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6 essential yoga applications

If you choose the subscription, you will find Over one hundred programs to choose Depending on the teacher you want, the objectives you want to achieve and your level in the practice of yoga.

.A yoga lesson when you want with the smartphone !

Why not download a free yoga app?

Like many people, you are sedentary and have enough to spend the whole day sitting on your chair, facing your computer ? You have back pain at the end of the day ? You suffer from stress ? You have trouble falling asleep in the evening ?

It is high time to take a yoga lesson because this discipline is the answer to all your ills !

However, it is not compulsory to take your Hatha Yoga lessons in school of yoga, with a teacher.

You can absolutely organize your own home sessions. To do this, SuperProf has selected the best smartphone applications for you so that you are autonomous !

Promised, at the end of this article, you will already feel better and want to know more about Dynamic yoga, vinyasa yoga And all market apps !

The best yoga teachers available

















The best yoga lessons on Android

You have put on your most beautiful yoga outfit ? It’s time to go through !

Like Pilates lessons, yoga postures provide powerful relaxation for body and mind, promoting a quick connection with your self. You will be able to hear again and let your inner voice express yourself.

Take the time to do a Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga lesson, or even hot yoga In your bathroom if you like heat !

The developers thought of all those who did not have the time or the budget to go in yoga school and have put many applications on the market, paid or free, to practice yoga at home.

Let’s start with Google Play, the official Google store for smartphone terminals operating Android !

You will find many free applications to carry out your yoga lesson on its own, such as a large ! Just think about bringing a yoga carpet Well padded to correctly hold the stretching positions, a towel to wipe you /sponge perspiration and not slide (!) as well as a bottle of water to rehydrate you.

The latter is imperative if you practice a Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga lessons !

Free application, this virtual yoga studio is one of the most popular in the world with more than 7,000,000 fans Having downloaded the app !

On the program, more than 289 Yoga postures and breathing exercises, all presented in HD video.

Most: 3D muscles images to make each posture while learning more about anatomy. Please note: beyond 4 programs, you will have to pay € 1.25 to unlock the rest.

Where to find Toulouse yoga lessons ?

Yoga – yoga track

Also free, this app is reserved for English speakers since it does not exist (yet ?) in French.

The explanations on yoga postures are offered in photos and not in videos, which can however help you understand them, even if you are not bilingual.

This app is suitable for many forms of yoga: Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Vinisyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and other variants still.

Need on these two applications ? No worries, since the Android Pit website offers a complete yoga and track yoga in its article on the best Android applications to make yoga.

Asana Rebel

This app offers training designed by athletes and other yoga experts, with personalized programs adapting to your level of form.

THE Yoga sessions last between 10 and 30 minutes and more than 400 adapted exercises are offered with detailed tutorials.

Also find everything you need in your yoga equipment !

Daily yoga yoga)

This program provides more than 30 exercises and yoga courses in HD as well as a large database of more than 200 yoga postures.

Most of the app: real -time vocal guidance, soothing yoga music and a social community to share your progress !

And why not look for a Paris yoga class ?

Down Dog

Praised by nearly 9,000 users, Down Dog (named after the Asana ” Dog head downstairs »» !) promises you a new Vinyasa yoga session at the start of each lesson !

“” Whenever you start a new class, the routine is a little different so that you never get bored. This is the first time that I have taken the time to write a comment, but I think this application deserves compliments », Can we read in the comments left by a surfer who has downloaded the app !

Will the smartphone ultimately replace the yoga teacher?

And to make your smartphone a real yoga teacher, SuperProf has also selected the following paid apps, so that you can deepen your yoga knowledge:

  • Yoga studio: 65 Yoga sessions and meditation lessons, All delivered in high definition video quality. A bookstore of more than 280 poses with practical advice to make them. For the modest sum of € 4.19.
  • Pocket Yoga: You choose from 27 yoga sessions, variable durations and difficulty. A Asana Dictionary explains in detail the correct posture, the ideal body alignment, as well as the body benefits of each new position. It is possible to play the music of your library instead of the default. (€ 3.23).
  • Simply Yoga: more than 60 yoga and variable duration training, to choose between 20, 40 and 60 minutes. All without any advertising banner. (€ 4.99)

You are looking for yoga courses Montpellier ?

Yoga sessions on the App Store

You have always been more apple than Google ?

No worries, we also thought of you with these few well -crafted applications for iPhone and other iPad.

Even at the reason of 5 ’per day, a regular practice of yoga will improve your Flexibility, your muscle tone and will reduce the stress of your daily life. If you cannot do Yoga sessions longer, be at least regular !

  • 5 minutes of yoga : You are still on the grounds ? SuperProf has thought of you with this application which only takes 5 minutes of your time. It offers a wide selection of simple and effective postures to make, with clear and commented images in detail so that the Asana is quickly executed. The latest version has been updated in mid-January 2017, a guarantee of seriousness of the developer. Count € 5.99 for the full version.
  • Yoga to lose weight. This application promises a healthier life, with HD videos of yoga sessions, including yoga lessons to lose weight, sleep better and for beginners. You will receive audio instructions that will guide you during each yoga session – just like with personal yoga instructor !

Yoga applications.Com (€ 3.99), Asana Rebel (online yoga courses inspired by the fitness, from € 9.99), Daily Yoga and Down Dog, to name a few, also exist on Google Play. Go see our descriptions of these programs in the part dedicated to Android phones.

Where to find the right yoga class ?

Yoga with Gotta Joga

This application, downloadable on the Apple Store, is free (for 9 sessions and 4 postures). To take advantage of the entire application, you must subscribe to a subscription. This allows Practice 38 postures in 35 sessions All created by Anu Visuri, yoga teacher in Finland.

Doing yoga with this application allows you to play sports at your own pace and according to your level. The user can choose the duration of his session between five minutes and an hour. Beginner, regular or experienced practice, everyone can enjoy the first morning sessions until evening.

The paid version gives the right to:

  • 6 yoga sessions of rear flexions, with 20 new postures,
  • 5 yoga sessions to strengthen the abdominal belt, with 15 new postures,
  • 6 yoga sessions to work on the hips, with 17 new postures.

For better features, the Yoga application with Gotta Joga is linked to the health application of your device. You can thus calculate your activity in activity and your heart rate

On iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch, all Hatha Yoga sessions allow you to feel better on a daily basis and can be followed in offline mode. The more you progress, the more your yoga tree will grow.

Ready for a Lyon yoga lesson ?


The Yogom application offers you Perfect yoga with 77 different postures. These are detailed and explained in photos so that their realization is simpler. Calm and Zens music come to put the atmosphere. Created by Manu OM, Yogi and song composer for yoga, Music allow you to focus better during the session.

Several programs are accessible in the application. The beginner program is a mixture of gentle yoga postures and yin yoga. It is perfect for those who start yoga and just want to discover the benefits of this discipline.

An intermediate program is also available as well as a pro program. These are a little more complex in order to progress more effectively. The application is therefore accessible for everyone.

The only drawback is that only two small five -minute programs are available for free. The rest must be purchased € 4.99. However, the application is useful if you want to go from level to level and become a seasoned yogi. This price is always lower than private or private yoga courses.

Why do yoga?

Relax Yoga Music

The Relax Yoga Music application is not an application of yoga exercises properly spoken. Above all, this isA Zen music application. It is perfect for being combined with home or self -taught yoga lessons.

The app allows you to enjoy sounds of different atmospheres. Most music are Asian music. There are titles like mediation bowl or bhakti. These music promotes the concentration necessary for the practice of yoga.

The application features allow Make your own music compilation according to your favorite songs. Guided meditations (self -confidence, spirituality, creativity, etc.) are also accessible in order to relax and reach an ideal relaxation state for a yoga session.

The application counts 36 sound atmospheres as well as 6 binaural beats in order to find a good breathing pace.

It is also quite possible to learn new things during your yoga lessons with this application. Small yoga sessions in the course category allows you to Position yourself and learn breathing techniques To practice mindfulness.

The application works on subscription. It is necessary to count About 4.$ 99 per month in the USA. The French price is adapted according to the potential taxes.

Yoga Postures for Meditation

This application is particularly suitable for yoga experts. Beginners could quickly feel overwhelmed. And for good reason, the app offers intensive training set up by yoga experts.

This training allows you to reach an ideal physical form, lose weight, relax and get back in shape after work.

The sessions training is personalized in order to perfectly stick to your sportsman expectations. Comments are welcome after each of the sessions. Critics, good or bad, improve the application as you go.

Yoga lessons, asanas, meditation traces await you to make you progress every week.

Attention : Application in English and paid according to a subscription of two dollars per week.

Where to take yoga lessons?


Doyouyoga is one of the most fun applications since it offers challenges to its users. There is a free version as well as a paid version. Free sessions are launching various long -term challenges so that you never get bored. Videos complement everything to show yoga enthusiasts how to make the right postures.

If you choose the subscription, you will find Over one hundred programs to choose Depending on the teacher you want, the objectives you want to achieve and your level in the practice of yoga.

The application problem is that it is in English. The bilinguals will therefore be very quickly there. For others, videos make it possible to understand the movements without understanding the language of Shakespeare.

The big plus remains the quality of yoga lessons and professors of the application. The application is very well done thanks to the videos. This is why it would be a shame to miss this application because of the language.

Biba Magazine, aware of the magnitude of the Yoga phenomenon, has devoted an article on the 3 best applications to make yoga, with his smartphone.

Mademoiselle M., Mode, beauty and lifestyle blogger has also concocted an article where she describes her best apps for yoga.

6 essential yoga applications

Manage your daily stress, relax, take a break during your day or before joining your bed: yoga leads to serenity. To practice it freely, at all times and without wasting time linked to transport, count on your smartphone. We present some ideal applications to avoid the gym: savings and fullness are there.

Yoga applications for smartphone: insured relaxation

Just take a gym mat and a bottle of water. Put on a flexible sports outfit, leaving your movements all freedom. Start motivated.e to gently raise your energy. Your smartphone provides you with the rest: here are some applications found and tested for a beneficial yoga session.

Daily Yoga: set up a daily routine

This essential application allows you to access a user community. You are never alone: ​​share your programs, your progress and your motivation. Thanks to the support of other members, you are worn.e and encouraged.e.

  • More than 200 yoga postures to perform.
  • A large choice of relaxing background music.
  • Targeted exercises allowing a gentle thinning for users wishing to lose a little weight.
  • The possibility of adapting programs to your capacities and needs.
  • The choice between a vocal coach or registrations replacing the voice.

More than ever, you take care of your body and your mind !


Treat yourself to a real serenity bubble thanks to Gotta Joga, a yoga application to use in the morning, to ensure a day in great shape.

On your smartphone, you have access to:

  • Programs for beginners. It is important to start smoothly and to learn gradually to integrate the right gestures and gain efficiency. Good news: the first 15 sessions are free !
  • Sessions built according to your level: beginners, regular or experienced practices. Everyone finds a shoe at their foot.
  • Programming according to your time available: you adjust the duration of the session according to your schedule.

Gotta Joga is a fun application: a small tree grows over the sessions carried out. You see your progress and easily measure your progress.

The little extra. Thanks to this application, do your exercises everywhere, even without connection: not an excuse not to integrate the exercises in your daily life.


You need to give yourself goals to move forward and progress. Track yoga allows you to program them, whatever your level. Beginners or confirmed, all useful exercises to progress are available thanks to this very practical application of use.

  • hundreds of videos offering you various positions;
  • of a personalized course winning you badges;
  • free to the premium interface if you get points following your progress.

Track Yoga chooses exercises related to your mental state: if you have a depressive trend for example, you find suitable routes to give your morale.

The little extra. The designs of the application are very simple and clear. For each exercise proposed, time is correlated. You choose according to your schedule.

Yoga Down Dog

No, this application does not allow you to practice yoga with your pet. Designed by a yogist, the name of this application is a nod to the posture of dogs often placing their heads down and legs in the air. Amazing posture in this animal, it very well evokes certain yoga poses !

With Yoga Down Dog:

  • Set your sessions by adapting them to your level and your desires;
  • Choose according to your preferences: restorative yoga, gentle yoga, ashtanga yoga, yin yoga…
  • Take advantage of 5 free lessons to test the application before choosing it.

The little extra. Each session takes place in a very melodious voice. The background music relaxes you. Ideal atmosphere to practice beneficial and quality yoga.

Asana Rebel

Mix yoga and fitness exercises: this is the objective of this application created by sports professionals and experienced yoga teachers. An explosive mixture, offering various exercises and different intensities.

Proceed by step:

  1. Inform your physical data (size, weight, etc.).
  2. Choose your priorities: lose weight, gain tone, strengthen part of your body, find energy, relax.
  3. Access your personalized program and let’s go for daily training !

Thanks to this application, you target your goals and you make every effort to reach them.

5 minutes of yoga

A daily meeting around a few minutes of relaxation and letting go ? So choose this yoga application: it allows you not to forget to take this short moment of relaxation.

Thanks to this app, you work:

  • Your flexibility;
  • Your relaxation with breathing exercises;
  • Your muscles thanks to a gentle strengthening.

Gong’s sound indicates the start and end of each position. You quickly see the beneficial effects of this daily meeting on your well-being.

The little extra. This application is completely free !

Practice yoga relaxes and strengthens muscularly: thanks to these applications, practice daily and adopt postures doing you good.

Have a virtual yoga coach with this app!

Have your own yoga coach always with you thanks to the daily iOS and Android Yoga application.

The tool offers dozens of tailor -made yoga courses with videos, step -by -step instructions and offers several types of programs, levels and training intensity.

You define your needs and follow the guide or, you choose the postures you want to perform directly.

And like any good yoga studio, a selection of musical atmosphere is available for users!

Daily tailor -made yoga sessions

No need to move or pay an instructor to enjoy the benefits of yoga, only one application is enough!

Daily yoga contains no less than 30 yoga lessons varying from 5 to 45 minutes and 400 postures selected by certified professionals.

Daily yoga application

HD videos allow you to chain adequately movements and clear instructions indicate how to perform them.

As everyone’s objectives may vary, 7 types of programs are offered: beginners, fitness, weight loss, physical strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance in balance.

Yogis of all levels therefore find their account and it is also possible to stop your choice on 3 training intensities (relaxed, moderate and intense).

Daily yoga application

To this is added a varied music library to create the atmosphere you want and a community to remain motivated by sharing your activities.

Yoga as you wish and when you want!

NAME: Daily yoga

PRICE: Purchases integrated into the application

COMPATIBILITY: iOS 8.0 or + recent and Android 3.0 or + recent