Free yoga application: are they all worth it?, Yoga applications at home: our selection

Yoga applications at home: our selection

The advantage of an application is its ultra-practical format. You always have it at hand and you can throw it or you want and when you want ! What are the applications that offer free lessons and how to know which one to choose ? Here is an overview of the most useful free yoga applications.

Free yoga application: are they all worth it ?

Free yoga application: are they all worth it?

You are looking to get into the practice of yoga and you don’t know where to start ? Today there are free yoga applications that allow you to introduce yourself to asanas.

The advantage of an application is its ultra-practical format. You always have it at hand and you can throw it or you want and when you want ! What are the applications that offer free lessons and how to know which one to choose ? Here is an overview of the most useful free yoga applications.

Daily Yoga: the most famous yoga application

Daily Yoga is undoubtedly the best known of yoga applications. It is acclaimed by more than 60 million users.

Daily Yoga is a very complete application. It offers more than 70 yoga programs, 500 lessons ranging from 5 to 60 minutes as well as meditation and breathing exercises.

The Daily Yoga interface is pleasant to use. The videos are clear which makes them easy to follow. The application lists more than 20 certified yoga teachers who guide you in your practice. Depending on your goals and desires, Daily Yoga offers several features.

For example, you can customize the level of difficulty, the style of yoga and the duration of the exercise. The application is also compatible with other health programs, which will allow you to follow your efforts of efforts, calories spent and time of practice. The application is available in 7 languages ​​and is compatible with Android and iOS.

5 minutes of yoga: the ideal yoga application for beginners and those lacking time

5 minutes of yoga is as its name suggests, an application that offers to discover and practice several yoga postures in 5 minutes per day.

This application is ideal for beginners, because it takes the time to dissect postures to better understand them. Its strong point is also its format ! 5 minutes, it may seem little, but it is perfect for learning yoga and standing for regular practice.

Anyone can find 5 minutes in their day to do some exercises. The 5 -minute yoga sessions are timed so that you keep an eye on the duration of your practice and the time spent in each posture. The series of postures are developed to develop strength and flexibility over the sessions.

This application is available on App Store and Google Play.

Down Dog: the application that offers tailor -made yoga lessons

Down Dog is a Yoga reference application. His name comes from the famous posture of the dog downstairs. The particularity of this application is to offer more than 60,000 different configurations so as not to be tirelessly repeating the same movements. She thus offers you a tailor -made session.

For beginners, the application has a three -day program to discover yoga base postures. For more experienced practitioners, it offers several options to compose its personalized sequence.

You can obviously select the desired type of yoga:

  • Hatha;
  • Vinyasa;
  • Ashtanga;
  • Restorative;
  • Or Yin, but that’s not all !

You can also choose the level of intensity, the body of the body to target, the duration of the practice and the type of music that you like among their large catalog. Down Dog allows you to create a yoga practice that looks like your mindset of the moment.

The application is available on Apple Store and Play Store.

Asana Rebel: the most sporty yoga application

Asana Rebel is a fitness application inspired by yoga. It offers rather intense sessions whose duration goes from 5 minutes to half an hour.

The application offers its users various training programs focused on different objectives:

  • weightloss ;
  • muscle strengthening;
  • flexibility.

The interface is easy to use and the videos are well explained and detailed to guide beginners as well as the practitioners more experienced in the right postures.

The formats of the sequences are relatively short which allows them to be easily integrated into your daily routine. The free version of the application allows access to a few videos that change every day.

However, to access all of the content and functionalities of the application, you will have to take a subscription. Asana Rebel is available on App Store and Google Play.

Gotta Yoga: The Finnish Yoga application that goes up

Gotta Yoga is a Finnish application launched in 2017 which has already been downloaded more than a million times. This application offers a hundred yoga sessions for all levels. The courses are provided by several certified yoga teachers. The duration of the sequences varies between 5 minutes and 2 hours.

The application is appreciated for its sleek design and for its different categories of yoga lessons. Of these 100 sessions available on the application, 12 yoga lessons are accessible for free and without obligation. If you want to go further and continue to explore the Gotta Yoga application, you will then have to subscribe. The application can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

Free yoga applications can help you get into yoga practice or maintain your practice, especially if you are on vacation or on the go. It’s an ally, a mini pocket yoga studio. It is a complementary tool to help you maintain a regular physical yoga practice.

However, an application will never replace a real teacher who will advise you and adjust you in a personalized way. Also note that the name “free” can be misleading. Indeed, the free version of applications often remains fairly limited. Sooner or later, you will encourage a subscription to use the application as much as possible.

Yoga applications at home: our selection

With the stress of current life, it is necessary to meet and create a bubble of tranquility. Yoga can be a perfect ally, just like your smartphone. Give flexibility to your body, seek peace of the head and mind while reaching fullness: here are applications to take a little time for you and practice yoga freely.

Whether you are looking to escape everyday stress, to appease your mind, to practice a sport more subtly than by going to the bodybuilding room or to discover a new philosophy, yoga will meet your expectations. But like any discipline, it is complex to really get started. Yoga, however, has the advantage of requiring little equipment, you can start your training at home using a simple carpet and find on the Google Play Store an application to discover the different forms of yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa , Iyengar and make sure you practice it as it should.

Daily Yoga

No matter your level, you can follow more than 500 asanas, 70 training programs and learn hundreds of postures using videos. The application allows you to follow a daily program and make programs of 5 to 70 minutes, whether you want a long session or simply a short break. Training is carried out by 20 recognized yoga masters in order to offer you monitoring for weight loss, improved sleep or complete relaxation. The application offers additional functions such as audio meditation exercises and synchronization with Google Fit or Apple Activities. You can also broadcast on your screens or help you with your connected watch.

Daily Yoga offers you your first lessons, but you will then have to make an in-app purchase according to the desired program.

Daily Yoga

Yoga with Gotta Joga

Gotta Joga is a fairly classic yoga application with its various programs, its personalized progression monitoring and fifteen free sessions, for yogists of all levels. Its specificity is also thematic programs to do yoga with a chair, for a session after the office, for athletes and now also with children. This new program is divided by age groups (3-5 years, 6-8 years, 9 and +), with even acroyoga and relaxation sessions for the youngest. Gotta Joga offers lessons based on the time of day, for pregnant women. You can switch the courses on your TV via Chromecast.

After the first lessons offered, you can take out a monthly or annual subscription (95.99 euros – reduction currently at 39.99 euros)

Gotta Yoga

5 minutes of yoga

Quick and accessible training for all. This is the promise of this app that allows you to agree for 5 minutes per day of quick relaxation in the morning or in the evening, without overflowing your day too much. Each training offers a series of various postures in order to work on your strength and flexibility and the application displays clear, colorful and adapted instructions for beginners. The timer helps you not exceed five -minute sessions.

App advantage: you pay your lessons at once, no monthly or annual subscription.

5 minutes of yoga

5 minutes of yoga

The Yoga Play tiger

Clubs Le Tigre Yoga Play clubs are concentrated in an app with several hundred videos available with or without connection. Everything is done to offer sessions on demand, depending on your level and time (from 5 to 60 minutes). You will thus have access to hundreds of online courses in a dozen disciplines taught by passionate teachers and yoga experts. All formats have been adapted to home practice. You will find the main disciples (Ashtanga, Hatha, Yogatherapid, Vinyasa, Meditation, Kundalini, Pilates, Yoga for children, etc.)).

And you can also access all the Yoga Play tiger programs on a service dedicated on demand on Orange TV.

The yogaplay tiger

The yogaplay tiger

This application is no longer available

Yoga Down Dog

It is not an application for making yoga with your dog, but one of the most complete and motivating on the market. It takes its name from the famous position of the dog down downstairs. In addition to an intro program in three days allowing you to quickly understand the basics of yoga, the application creates tailor -made training for you (5 to 70 minutes, depending on your level and your desires). Indeed by combining hundreds of exercises you will have an unprecedented training every day, among the 60,000 configurations promised by the app and very varied practices (Vinyasa, Hatha, Sweet, Restaurant, Yin, Ashtanga …). What work 20 different areas and areas in particular. Down Dog also offers scalable music to motivate you with sweet voices to wear videos.

After trial lessons, the application offers a monthly (8.99 euros) or annual (56.99 euros) subscription.

5 free yoga applications on Android and iPhone has selected five free Android and iPhone applications to practice your daily yoga.

Coupled with meditation, yoga aspires to the serenity of bodies and minds. Praised for its soothing virtues, discipline advocates the union of physical, psychic and spiritual elements that form the self. Today, it is possible to participate in induced room lessons by specialized teachers, but also to practice home alone thanks to explanatory videos and personalized online programs. To help you find the formula that suits you, has selected five free Yoga applications on Android and iPhone.

5 minutes of yoga

Five minutes, no more: that’s all you need to start the day well or decompress before bed. 5 minutes of yoga structure this free time thanks to short sequences every day different. Balanced programs combine elementary postures in the discipline. In the event of a memory hole, each figure is illustrated and described in detail. The time and the gong frame the maintenance of the positions.

5 minutes of yoga is not intended to provide full sessions, but rather to create a daily meeting. In addition to arranging a short time of relaxation, the app works smoothly muscle strengthening and flexibility. The benefits are gradually manifested, provided you are diligent.

The +:
+ Very short programs ideal for a daily beginner practice
+ Basic postures
+ Chrono and Gong determine the time to maintain positions
+ Recall module

THE – :
– only two free programs out of the 400 offered in a paid version
– Lack of sound and video explanations to better visualize
– Manual chain of postures on the app

Daily yoga

Daily yoga establishes programs for all tastes and all levels. A guided test guides yogists towards sequences adapted to their capacities; an essential condition for starting and progressing effectively.

The exercises provided by Daily yoga are thematically grouped according to everyone’s expectations: strengthening, flexibility, relaxation, moment of the day. Circuits promote regular and harmonious training. A recall module maintains the motivation and loyalty of users. The video support in French facilitates the execution of postures and accompanies the pace of breathing. By subscribing to a subscription, it is even possible to create a tailor -made program.

The +:
+ In -depth capacity test
+ Explanatory videos
+ Thematic programs adapted to each

THE – :
– a lot of paid content
– Many promotional notifications


With its 111 postures explained in video, Yoga resumes the basics of the discipline with a lot of pedagogy. In fact, the application is perfectly suited to beginners. Intermediate or confirmed profiles take the opportunity to revise the fundamentals.

Yoga offers few programs, but all have the advantage of taking into account the requirements and levels of each. A first selection allows you to work on your choice, strength or flexibility. For each category, the application provides three circuits with staggered difficulty. The exercises adjust to the breathing cycle to be informed in the app settings. The sessions engage many postures with additional profits that are found in the profile history.

The +:
+ Clearly structured apps according to postures / programs
+ Possibility of expressly working on balance, strength or flexibility
+ Sequences wedged on the breathing cycle specific to each
+ All content is accessible for free

THE – :
– few programs
– extremely basic audio support
– nonexistent choreography

Yoga Daily Fitness

Yoga Daily Fitness Theorizes the basics of yoga with around forty detailed postures grouped in various exercises. The proposed series meet various needs: help with sleep, stress management, muscle strengthening, balance of balance, etc. General advice guide yogists in their practice and encourage demotivated. A configurable alarm ensures the regularity of the sessions.

We regret at Yoga Daily Fitness The absence of interactive multimedia programs. A single 30 -day challenge, however, redirects to YouTube videos that effectively accompany beginners in the execution of sequences. Be careful to familiarize yourself with the names of postures in English since the application is devoid of French content.

The +:
+ Programs with various objectives
+ Practice and motivation advice
+ All content is accessible for free

THE – :
– English app
– No video support for sequences


Doyouyoga is perhaps the best structured application of all that above all. Free sessions are all grouped in the same place and offer various challenges on more or less long term. A quick description offers details on each program whose video sequences easily guide yogists.

On subscription, Doyouyoga incorporates a hundred balanced variable duration programs. It is possible to select courses according to a teacher, a goal to be achieved or his level of mastery. All the content provided by the application are in English exclusively. It is therefore necessary to master the Anglo-Saxon denominations of the most used movements and postures.

The +:
+ Perfectly structured
+ Emeritic teachers in the world of yoga
+ Diversity of courses based on teachers, levels and objectives
+ Educational video sessions

THE – :
– English app
– Many accessible content on subscription only


Doyouyoga is undoubtedly the most complete application. The diversity of video exercises and yoga teachers makes it a tutor of choice in the regular practice of yoga, regardless of the level of yogists. It is however necessary to speak English to take full advantage of it.

In French, Daily yoga exempt just as varied lessons. The integration of a capacity test helps beginners to locate their level and to orient themselves towards sequences adapted to their knowledge and their mastery of the most recurrent postures.