The 7 best free camera apps in 2023, 5 free applications to replace your camera on Android and iPhone

5 free applications to replace your camera on Android and iPhone

Global mark : 8/10

The 7 best free camera applications in 2023

Camera applications preinstalled on iPhone and Android smartphones are effective and easy to use. We use them every day to take selfies or capture a panorama of a landscape that we have visited. However, although practical, these preinstalled applications do not allow the best of our photos. First of all, they lack effects and filters and moreover they offer very few mounting options in order to perfect every visual detail. This is why we recommend that you install a camera application that will enhance the photos taken with the camera of your smartphone. Let’s discover together the best applications with integrated camera that will replace the camera on your phone.

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  • How to choose a camera application?
  • The best free cameras apps
  • How to use the camera of an application?
  • Comparison of best camera applications
  • Install the best camera application for free
  • Questions – Application with integrated camera

How to choose a camera application?

When you are looking for a camera application for your mobile phone, it is important to consider the features you want to use and those that suit you best. Here are some elements to take into account:

1. Objective of photography: Think about what you want to do with the application. If you just want to take simple photos, then a standard camera application might be enough. If you want more advanced options, such as manual modes, filters and publishing tools, then a more sophisticated application would be more suitable.

2. Ease of use : Make sure the application is easy to use and controls are intuitive. If the application is difficult to understand and use, it could make the photo taking more complicated.

3. Image quality: Check the quality of the images produced by the application. Some camera applications have more advanced image processing algorithms than others, which can influence the final quality of your photos.

4. Additional features: Look at the additional features offered by the application. For example, some applications can support RAW image formats, offer burst of photo taking or geolocation options.

5. Compatibility with your phone: Make sure the application is compatible with your phone and the OS version. Some more recent applications may not work with older phones.

By taking these elements into account, you should be able to choose a camera application that will meet your needs to take quality photos.

Top 7 best free cameras for Android and iPhone in 2023

1. Photodirector – Best application with integrated camera

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Global mark : 10/10

Integrated camera power: 10/10

Available on : iOS & Android

We consider Photodirector as the best application with a camera thanks to the many filters, frames, effects and options of settings that this application offers.

Photodirector - Best application D

Indeed, most camera applications only offer simple adjustment tools during capture. With Photodirector, you will not only be able to adjust basic aspects such as the countdown before taking the photo, the display ratio but also use decorative elements such as filters and photo frames with various themes.

For example, you want to take a couple photo, add a romantic setting. Your family is gathered to celebrate the end of year celebrations, so use one of the decorations of the Christmas pack. You will understand, Photodirector will always find the theme and the decoration you need, no matter the need.

Photodirector - Camera application

Furthermore, if you want to touch up your photo after taking, you can use the tab To modify In order to access a large range of editing tools covering all photographic needs.

  • Filters, frames and settings available directly from the live camera
  • Many features to perfect the photos after capture
  • Facial improvement tools fueled by AI
  • Some filters only in the pro version

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2. Foodie – Application with camera with predefined camera settings

Foodie - Application D

Global mark : 8/10

Integrated camera power: 8/10

Available on : iOS & Android

With Foodie you can take advantage of several nice presets to take your photos in the best conditions.

The application offers a “recipus” mode which allows you to use predefined settings concerning color, shade, saturation, grain, etc. These presets are created and shared by the community of Foodie and cover any type of atmosphere. For example, among the most popular recipe models you can find “Ocean” to capture images by the beach, “Night Scene” for night photos, etc.

Foodie - Camera application

It will also be possible to create your settings by yourself and save them to create your own “recipus”. Other superb embellishment tools will be offered to improve your skin, thin your face, enlarge your eyes or reduce the size of your nose.

  • Different predefined settings packs
  • Face embellishment effects
  • Simple to use
  • Not available in French
  • Very few photo mounting tools

3. Ulike – Application with camera for portraits and poses

Ulike - Application D

Global mark : 8/10

Integrated camera power: 8/10

Available on : iOS & Android

Ulike not only has a powerful camera to embellish your face and body, but also helps you to pose for your next images.

Indeed, Ulike has a “pose” tab that will superimpose white lines on your screen to help you take different poses for your images. For example, you can find poses for selfies, for couples, men, etc. This tool will be very practical if you ever want to take an image but do not know how to stand in front of the camera.

Ulike - Camera application

The application obviously offers other photo features such as makeup filters, embellishment tools, filters, etc.

  • “Pose” mode to help you find the perfect position
  • Lots of skin improvement tools
  • Some effects only available in the paid version

4. Photoshop camera – Camera application with integrated fun filters

Photoshop camera

Global mark : 8/10

Integrated camera power: 8/10

Available on : iOS & Android

Photoshop camera is a fun app that offering real -time photo filters for your camera.

Basic filters for improving portraits or landscapes with fun pop art or painting style effects, the app will allow you to have a little fun with your camera.

Photoshop camera

Even more specific filters are available in the library of objectives, seasonal filters for Christmas with explosion effects of coulters or reflections, you will never miss new ideas.

  • Very simple and funny
  • Important collection of filters and objectives
  • Ideal with the Adobe Cloud
  • No manual or automatic adjustment
  • No retouching functions

5. Youcam makeup – Application with camera to apply live makeup

Youcam makeup - Application D

Global mark : 8/10

Integrated camera power: 8/10

Available on : iOS & Android

You want to change your look but would like to have a preview of your new style before taking the plunge, Youcam Makeup is definitely the application you need.

This powerful application not only offers powerful photo editing tools but also live makeup features to help you visualize your face with different makeup.

Youcam makeup - Camera application

Choose between eyeshadows, a line of eyeliner, lipstick and even a different hair color with the powerful camera of Youcam Makeup. In addition to these make -up filters, you can also use embellishment tools such as a whitening of teeth, a facial reshaping, etc.

  • Perfect for changing your look in an instant
  • Regularly updated with new content
  • Some advertisements after using effects

6. Open camera – Camera application with advanced manual settings for Android

Open camera

Global mark : 7/10

Integrated camera power: 8/10

Available on : Android

Open Camera is a free Android application to manually adjust your camera with options that are not available in the Android camera.

In addition to the standard format, the app offers noise reduction (NR Noise Reduction), optimization of dynamic color ranges (Dro Dynamic Range Optimizer), HDR, panoramic as well as automatic models depending on the environment (night) or style (bokeh for example).

Open camera

Other options are available such as a self-stabilizer that will automatically pivot photos for what is always aligned, the possibility of adjusting the resolution of the device or a delayer and a dust mode.

  • For photo and video
  • Many advanced parameters
  • Latecomer and practical burst
  • Need a great knowledge of photography
  • No filters and fun effects

7. Timetamp camera – to add metadata to captured images

TIMETAMP CAMERA - Camera application

Global mark : 7/10

Integrated camera power: 7/10

Available on : iOS & Android

Finally, we will conclude our selection of the best camera applications with timestamp camera which will be perfect for adding several information to your images.

If you are a photographer and you want to add several information to your photos in order to better organize it, then Timetamp camera will be the perfect solution.

TIMETAMP CAMERA - Camera application

For example, you can add the date, the place, the altitude, the movement speed and even the location on a map. However, the application does not offer decorative tools such as frames or filters but will be effective for users wishing to add simple information.

  • Lots of useful information to add on your images
  • Works on image and video capture
  • No effects or additions of decorations

How to use the camera of an application?

We will now show you how to use a camera application to make the most of it and produce professional quality images

We will use the Photodirector application because it offers many powerful tools and is accessible to any type of profile.

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Comparison of best camera applications

Application Photodirector Foodie Ulike Youcam makeup TIMEMP CAMERA
Available on iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android
Filters available from the camera Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Photo frames available from the camera Yes No No Yes No
Edition tools after capture Yes Yes Yes Yes No

5 free applications to replace your camera on Android and iPhone

Between additions of features and improvements in the quality of the shots, discover a selection of applications to replace your native camera on Android and on iPhone.

Not very ergonomic, too superficial, devoid of publishing tools or sorely lacking in sympathetic filters and visual effects, most cameras integrated into smartphones disappoint photographers looking for originality and pictorial perfection. Download.Com has therefore selected five photo applications to replace that of your Android or your iPhone.


With its refined and carefully structured interface, Camera offers a serious alternative to native Android devices. All essential features are accessible from the shooting screen, whether visual effects, flash, rear camera/front camera change, or photo/video switch.

Focusing on the quality of the photos thanks to a powerful image processing algorithm, Camera affirms its superiority thanks to its collection of varied filters and visual effects. The Live Shot function also draws attention since this mode records the few seconds which precede the moment to photograph, facilitating the capture of the ideal photo.

The +:
+ Functional interface
+ Live Shot function to capture specific moments
+ Collection of varied filters and visual effects
+ High photo and video resolutions (up to 15.9 Mpx and 4K UHD for the rear camera; 15.9 Mpx and 1080p for the front camera)

THE – :
– Latence time pronounced between the capture and the recording of the cliché

Open camera

Open camera finds its audience with hackers and photography enthusiasts. Despite its simplified design, the open source application is full of most complex to the most complex features, giving you full hand on the configuration of the device.

Focus, ISO sensitivity, white balance, exhibition blockage, scene mode, definition of burst intervals, or even detection of faces, Open camera adapts to the most specific habits and needs. As a bonus, we retain the display of the orientation angle to enter perfectly framed shots, as well as compatibility with an external microphone. To perfect its use, the app supports up to 120 images per second according to the capacities of your native sensor.

The +:
+ Open Source Application
+ Completely configurable exhaustive features
+ Support for external audio sources
+ High photo and video resolutions (up to 15.9 Mpx and 4K for the rear camera; 15.9 Mpx and 1080p for the front camera)

THE – :
– Latence time between capture and backup of photos
– No Panorama option

Camera cardboard

Camera cardboard find its originality in the management of photos in virtual reality. On the one hand, the application allows 360 ° panoramas capture. On the other hand, the use at the microphone allows the app to capture the sounds that surround you at the time of the capture. Those who have a VR helmet experience an almost perfect feeling of immersion thanks to the duplication of the screen and the simulated 3D rendering.

Advantage and disadvantage of Camera cardboard : the absence of options and settings. In addition to locking the exposure and sound recording, the application does not allow any personalization of the camera settings.

The +:
+ 360 ° panoramas management
+ Entry of virtual reality shots
+ Sound recording for better immersion in the scene

THE – :
– No possible personalization of settings
– No integrated editing tools


If social networks are an integral part of your daily life, VSCO offers an effective camera lined with a sharing platform bringing together amateurs and image professionals. Consequently of its sleek and elegant design, the application displays few features on the screen and requires that you take the time to navigate within the different menus.

In order to best meet your work requirements, VSCO nevertheless offers the possibility of modifying the structure and order of the elements that make up your tool kit. The most creative finds there a wide range of filters and retouching options for an impeccable pictorial result to share, or not, with the rest of the community.

Attention : Remember to decline the VSCO X paid offer when registering on the platform.

The +:
+ Device lined with an online sharing platform
+ Synchronization of images on all connected devices
+ Tool bag and customizable filters order

THE – :
– No video support
– No Panorama option
– No zoom
– Thorny navigation within menus


Selfie maniacs will find in Retica a powerful camera and a selection of exhaustive filters. Its functional interface provides you with a palette of preset tools to give free rein to your creativity, including a convincing focus effect dedicated to the simulation of the depth of the fields.

Retrica Also stands out for the possibility of making instant -style photography cabin instant montages, as well as animated GIFs generated from a succession of shoes caught in gust. What to bring a touch of original originality to all your images.

The +:
+ Exhaustive filter palette
+ Instant photomontages
+ Generates animated gifs from a burst of shots

THE – :
– Superficial configuration tools


Efficient at all levels, Open camera wins the editorial membership high. Its multiple features and the possibility of configuring them freely make this open source application an essential for all followers of mobile photography. Given the power of the application, you quickly pass the sponge over the latency time a bit long between the capture and the backup of the shots.

IPhone owners can turn to Retrica whose filters and presets guarantee simplified and playful use of the camera.