Reading nights: here are 11 applications that will make you want to read, best applications to read on Android: which ebooks player to choose?

App to read

Wattpad: She is the mother of the apps, the one that young people adopted very quickly to satisfy their need for writing and imaginary. It is the Eden garden of fan fiction lovers. We read stories written in the form of a soap opera, we comment on them, and the community thus changes the course of stories. A real training ground for those who want to test the magic power of writing.

Reading nights: here are 11 applications that will make you want to read

Your shelves are full of books that wander. Lus and non -read mix ? And in all of this, you don’t know what to read ? We have made a list of applications that can help you on the occasion of reading nights that start on January 20.

Reading nights take place throughout France for four days, from January 20 to 23, 2022. An invitation to read, exchange and listen to texts. But beyond these three days, it seems that “Readers lack recommendations”, This is in any case the opinion of Khalil Mouna, one of the founders of the Gleeph application. More and more apps are boasting of giving advice and putting readers on a network. Here is our selection of digital tools to find yourself there.

Apps that help you store your library and share your readings

My library, Classbook and Bookbuddy: These are applications where we classify our books, we make categories of reads and not read, and loaned books (so as not to lose sight of them). Bookbuddy is more used among professionals, including teachers who manage class libraries.

Collibris is a free application, where you will have access to a real library ! You can classify your titles on a shelf, by categories of your choice. It is both a social network to exchange opinions and ideas, and like the good old clubs of our grandmothers, we can also receive by post a package of books worth 24 euros. The difference with the clubs of the last century is that it is the surprise, we do not know in advance what there will be in the package.

Social networks with access to purchasing sites

Babelio: At the top of the list of recommendation sites in France, you must put Babelio. Nearly 2.5 million people consult this network which lists the titles that its members appreciate, and collect critical comments. At Babelio, most of the users are about 35 years old, large consumers of literary production of the moment, and it is the new features that are at the top of the subjects of exchanges. On Babelio, we are directed to books to sell books.

Gleeph Allows you to scan all the bar codes of your books to store them by categories, criticism, and exchange comments with other readers. Gleeph has 400.000 subscribers who scanned the QR codes of their books, which represents a stock of 18 million works, an average of 45 per individual library. Who are these readers ? “”Mostly 18-30s who read everything “, replies Khalil Mouna. Gleeph directs its users to bookstores or libraries.

Gloss was one of the first on the market after the essential Babelio. Social network and bookstore, it also allows free to read all books in the public domain, with a dedicated component for teachers. Glose was bought last year by Medium, an American platform for creating and distributing digital content of authors on a personal basis.

Advice and free to you to buy or not

Love for books is a site more than an app that first requires you how much mood you are, what you want to feel, to recommend a series of novels. Ingenious, and of high quality. The team is inspired by the biotherapy discovered by the American Sadie Peterson Delaney .

A text one day is an app for lovers of classical literature, very in a hurry. The app proposes to discover texts, extracts from works that fell in the public domain, with a little organic by the author. The app is fun, it offers questions and answers. A way of revising your classics or making a culture and having some references in stock.

Apps that offer you to read stories written only for them

Wattpad: She is the mother of the apps, the one that young people adopted very quickly to satisfy their need for writing and imaginary. It is the Eden garden of fan fiction lovers. We read stories written in the form of a soap opera, we comment on them, and the community thus changes the course of stories. A real training ground for those who want to test the magic power of writing.

Rocambole: It is an A PPLI mounted by French publishers looking for readers accustomed to Wattpad, young people who read stories on the smartphone that hold on alert day by day. If Wattpad allows the “text creation”, without correction filter, rocambole, ensures the work of publishing and pays from the authors to its authors.

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Best applications to read on Android: which ebooks reader to choose ?

Is the paper book doomed to disappear ? Probably not soon. But our uses change and more and more people choose their smartphone or tablet for reading. Easier to transport, assurance of always having it or almost on hand. And above all of the choice, a lot of choices. But then what a reader to choose ? What are the best applications to read on Android ? We have selected seven applications that could make you rediscover the pleasures of a good book even digital.

Applications to read

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What application to read ebooks on Android ?

The best applications to read on Android are readers compatible with all conventional formats: EPUB, PDF, CBZ, etc. They also serve as a digital library to organize your books. These applications also incorporate a virtual bookstore for the purchase of several thousand references, whatever your favorite genres. These apps allow you to use your smartphone or tablet as an electronic reader but without the advantage of e-ink screens .

Aldiko Next

Aldiko Next

Aldiko is one of the main references of online reading. Everywhere, we praise its ergonomics but above all its very large catalog. What to convince Over 10 million users To download the application on the Google Play Store. You can from the application keep books for later, find a book on the page where you left it and Read your own imported files from your phone or SD card. Aldiko Next relies on different digital bookstores including FeedBooks, a network with millions of ebooks in French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.

During your reading, make sliding gestures to the right or left to change the page, adjust the brightness, change the font size or the layout. You can also highlight text, add notes, share a text or seek the meaning of a word in the dictionary. In short, a very complete application that also pays the luxury of being free even if you will have to pay for some books.

Download Aldiko Next for Android

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Wattpad is the community solution for reading. This virtual bookstore is entirely made up of books subject by other Internet users. So, of course You will not find the latest fashionable books. We find mainly for copyright questions, the works of budding writers or fell into the public domain.

The good news is that All literary genres are really represented. From thriller to science fiction through history, all you have to do is search this real gold mine. You can also read your own ebooks from the application which is completely free.

Download Wattpad – Read & Write for Android

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8 applications for reading lovers

Reading applications

Novel, thriller, love story or historical story, whatever, your thing to you, these are the books. To help you manage your library, organize your reading battery or read ebooks on your smartphone or tablet, here is a selection of the best reading applications.

If you like to read, you must know all the Reading applications. The real books of books will tell you: when you are addicted, this passion requires a certain level of organization.

Accumulate books, find new products at low prices, go in search of rare pearls … Being a library rat is not necessarily simple. To satisfy your love for books, novels or thrillers, you sometimes need a helping hand.

Whether to listen to audio books, order the last outings before everyone else, note their readings, there are any mobile applications. Available on iPhone and Android, they make our lives easier and help us organize our library.

Applications to read ebooks

If for some ebooks are a real sacrilege, for others, it is the guarantee of being able to stroll with hundreds of books at the same time.

And if you have no reader, it is quite possible to read its digital books on his smartphone or tablet. To do this, just download the right applications for free.

Whether on your phone or tablet, by downloading Kindle, you will have access to the wide directory of ebooks offered by Amazon. Practical to find the latest news, the books outings to come but also do your research according to an author or a specific genre.

You can directly buy your digital books on the application and even find a large selection of free ebooks.

Here we can read and write. This application, praised by fanfiction enthusiasts, allows you to embark on writing a story to make it discover a large audience.

Conversely, some use it only to read the stories of other users. For the little anecdote, it is in particular on Wattpad that the author Anna Todd wrote her After Saga, and made herself known.

Take 5 minutes to dive into a text of literature. Every day, receive a story of 10 or 15 lines, accompanied by explanations, allowing to discover or rediscover the great classics and the literary masterpieces. It is the best way to be surprised by one of our readings !

Audios books applications

When you don’t have time to devour a good novel, audio books are the ideal solution to immerse yourself in a story while doing something else next door.

Like a podcast, we let the lyrics parade while traveling, cooking, cleaning or preparing.

Audible offers more than 400,000 references of audio books. We find here the big ones Literature classics, but also bestsellers and big news.

Available in several languages, the application makes it possible to improve in English, for example, but also to embark on listening to several books at the same time, to discover new nuggets or to note and give your opinion.

On Librivox, we discover free audio books references. Novels, historical stories, biographies, news, poems, etc. We find almost everything on this application. This is the best way to enlarge your library without paying anything !

Applications to manage your library

Whether to note your recent readings, consult the opinions of other readers, share your passion, follow the release of new products or buy second -hand books, you will necessarily find your happiness among these applications.

Classbook is the best application for Manage your library. With her, it is possible to easily list all her books, new ones and future purchases but also to note the books that you have loaned and to whom.

You can also compare prices between different book sales sites, observe trends and define what your next reading project will be.

Momox allows you to sell your books online, but not just. You will also find a section of CD, DVD and video games. To sell your used books, it’s very simple. You get a fixed price, sending is free and automated payment.

Bubble is the perfect application for comics, manga or comics fans. You will find here your recent readings, you can chat with real enthusiasts and above all, you can manage your library, to avoid buying the same work twice, for example. You can also be notified of the next outings and order your books directly on the app.

What application will you download first ?