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However, there is a big drawback, the tactile mode of the tablet does not seem to work well when using the stylus and it is not optimized to be compatible with office interfaces.

The 5 best tablets to draw comics in 2022

The Best Tablet for Drawing Comics

The narration has been an important part of human history, from the very beginning of these days as humans to the present day. Although the reasons for telling stories have changed a lot, which has changed the most, is the way we do it today. A few decades ago, the creation of comics was a very traditional process, based only on paper and ink, some of the most wonderful stories were told. And since art is very flexible, other media have been added to the process, such as watercolor, colored pencils and markers, but with the arrival of graphic tablets, the situation has completely changed. The versatility of drawing and paint software to imitate any medium, multiple tools for easy correction and optimization for printing had a big impact in the comic industry. Nowadays, almost everything is done digitally. Although there are still traditionally inked comics, corrections, effects and dialogues are added via computer software and the majority of comics are made with a PC and a graphic tablet, with an iPad or with a normal tablet. And there is the problem. With the impressive number of new devices that can be used to draw comics (which increase each year), it is very difficult to make a choice. Each device is similar but different, as is the way comics can be created. For example, Slice of Life, comics on social networks or blog comics with a few panels can be created in a single portable device such as an iPad or tablet. Western comics can also be made on a portable device, but as there are many more panels and are generally made by a team, a laptop with a graphic tablet or a medium stylus screen would be the best. For manga, although there are mangakas that work in a completely traditional way, most of them prefer to use a graphic tablet or a larger stylus screen. Now, for webcomics or webtoons, the ideal would be a large stylus screen with a powerful PC, because the large canvas of these comics in vertical format tends to use a lot of RAM and GPU for backgrounds and the resources. The new generation of animated comics that has not yet won the Internet needs, in addition to a graphic tablet or a stylus screen, a very powerful PC with a dedicated graphics card to manage visuals, so If this is what you plan to do, get an iPad or an Android tablet would be of any use. But even if there are many types of tablets that can be used to create comics, there are certain common elements that we must take into consideration before we think of buying them.

Selection criteria of graphics tablets

Graphic Tablet Being Drawn on

Stylus pressure sensitivity

The sensitivity to the pressure of the stylus is very important not only for illustrations and digital painting, but also for comics. Checking the line feeds pressure and flow as if we are working on paper is crucial for quality work and clean lines in our comics, but it goes further because it can also be used to color and shade our work. The search for 4096 at 9,180 pressure levels is ideal. Let’s not forget to search for devices also supporting the inclination and the inclination for a more organic use of the stylus.

Active drawing area

For some artists, having a large drawing area is not so important, but having a small area becomes a problem in many cases, especially for graphic tablets when the price difference between small and medium -sized tablets is not so tall. For stylus screens, we recommend that you opt for a medium to large stylus screen, because your hand and your arm would take part of the space on the screen.


Graphics tablets need a PC and a monitor to work because we have to see what we draw, so even if your PC is a light laptop, drawing on the move is not so doable. For graphics tablets, portability is limited but not completely impossible. Most tablets are smaller or the same size as an average laptop, so travel with them or transport them for work is an option. Style screens, however, are not an option for optimal portability, although there are certain devices such as the Wacom Mobile Studio, the price exceeds $ 3,500 for an old processor and a low GPU, so it’s not worth the trouble to be mentioned.


The shortcuts are everything, and although some of us are used to a keyboard, it is very very useful to have a few keys on our drawing tablet or our stylus screen. This optimizes not only our workflow, but you can also personalize them for any other software. Some graphics tablets and stylus screens have no shortcut keys, but those who have the same price.

Selection criteria for stylus tablets

Pen Display Tablet

The criteria for selecting the stylus tablets include all the above elements, plus the following:

Size and display resolution

Stylus screens are the choice of most professionals and for a good reason. Large high resolution screens are optimized to draw and paint in a professional manner. There are many sizes, but as the display will be a second screen, opting for more than 13 inches would be best. If you like to have your references and resources on the same screen, then opt for the biggest models is what will suit you best. For resolution, most tablets are in 1920x1080px (Full HD) but I recommend that you opt for QHD (2560x1440px) or UHD (4K) if possible.

Color accuracy

This is an important problem because some of the most popular tablets (WACOM) which are intended for average budgets have low colors (72% to 80% SRGB) when other brands offer much more (100% to 120% srgb) giving richer colors and better contrast in our work.


There are tablets for all budgets, if you test the waters, a graphic tablet would be the best solution. If you are looking for a stylus screen, opt for a medium -sized screen will not hurt your pockets as much as for a larger model, but if you are ready to invest in a professional tool, opt for a more stylus screen expensive and bigger with the right qualities could be the best for you and your career.

For standard tablets

Microsoft Surface Pro 4


There are very few tablets supporting the sensitivity to the pressure of the stylus, and those who do it generally sell their styles separately. Generally for graphic tablets, the stylus is included and it has the highest pressure levels and the optimization of the drawing, but for tablets, the pressure levels are generally half, the stylics are not as optimized for the drawing but taking up notes, and also need to be permanently charged.

Software compatibility

Now that we are talking about tablets, you should know that some software is only intended for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. So before you rush to buy the latest iPad or the most expensive Android tablet, take a minute to check the compatibility of the software you will use.


The battery is another important question when choosing tablets. Usually, tablets are not marketed with artists, but with the general public, in addition to drawing, there are a lot of things that can be done with them such as taking up, content creation, video editing , etc. This is why when choosing a tablet that we will use it for something other than drawing or making comics, especially if we will use it on the go, then get one that lasts +6 hours would be the best.

Storage room

Comic strip files and illustrations are not light. Most comic strip files created in any software are quite heavy, even if you can always use other options such as external storage or cloud storage, for files that must be viewed frequently and for active software, having at least 128 GB of storage is a must.


One last thing to take into consideration is RAM. The more RAM there is, the better, but in the tablets, those with + 8 GB of RAM tend to be quite expensive, so opting for at least 8 GB would be the best.

The best tablets to draw comics on the market today

  • Best tablet to draw comics overall –Huion Kamvas Pro 16 2.5K
  • Best tablet to draw comics on the move – Apple iPad Pro 12.9
  • Best large tablet for professional webcomics – Wacom CINTIQ 32
  • Small stylus screen with the best value for money for comics-XP Pen Pro 12
  • Best economical graphics tablet to draw comics – Huion HS610

#1 Best tablet to draw comics overall – Huion Kamvas Pro 16 2.5K

2022 Huion Kamvas Pro 16

Selection criteria:

  • Style pressure sensitivity: 8192 pressure levels
    • Our note: 10/10
    • Our note: 10/10
    • Our note: 8/10
    • Our note: 10/10
    • Our note: 10/10
    • Our note: 9/10
    • Our note: 9/10

    About Huion Kamvas Pro 16 2.5K

    Huion has been a serious competitor of Wacom for some time, but Kamvas Pro 16 2.5K not only proves that having a high -end device does not need to empty your pockets, but also shows that high quality characteristics are not linked to a brand name.

    The 2.5K screen, the coverage of the 145 % SRGB range, the viewing angle of 178 % and the anti -reflective laminated screen as well as the 8 shortcut keys and the price make this stylus screen the best tablet To create comics.


    • Can run most professional software
    • High pressure sensitive stylus
    • Has a complete SRGB coverage

    The inconvenients

    • Some may need a larger area

    #2 Best tablet to draw comics on the move – iPad Pro 12.9

    2021 Apple 12.9-Inch iPad Pro for Comics

    Selection criteria:

    • Style pressure sensitivity: 4096 pressure levels
      • Our note: 8/10
      • Our note: 9/10
      • Our note: 10/10
      • Our note: 10/10
      • Our note: 10/10
      • Our note: 8/10

      About the iPad Pro 12.9

      Apple has created incredible devices over the years, but the latest iPad Pro changes the situation. Many creators of comics, webcomics and webtoons have opted for the purchase of this device which offers not only portability, but also a powerful processor (chip M1) and enough RAM (8 GB to 16 GB) to manage Large files and resources necessary for the creation of comics. The long -lasting battery of the iPad (10 hours) is also ideal for students and long professional journeys.


      • Can run most professional software
      • High resolution display
      • Has a complete SRGB coverage

      The inconvenients

      • Some may need a larger area
      • The Apple Pencil is sold separately.

      #3 Best big Tablet for Professional Webcomics – Wacom Cintiq 32


      Selection criteria:

      • Style pressure sensitivity: 8192 pressure levels
        • Our note: 10/10
        • Our note: 10/10
        • Our note: -/-
        • Our note: 10/10
        • Our note: 8/10
        • Our note: 10/10
        • Our note: 7/10

        About Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 Touch

        This huge stylus screen is a great tool for creating comics. In particular webcomics in vertical format, which require more space than comics in page. It is great thanks to its large drawing area which not only allows you to work on a larger canvas but also to have references and tools near us without the need for an additional instructor or a second screen. With the Wacom Cintiq Pro 32, a remote control specially designed for Wacom can be programmed for any type of shortcut.

        However, there is a big drawback, the tactile mode of the tablet does not seem to work well when using the stylus and it is not optimized to be compatible with office interfaces.


        • Can run most professional software
        • High resolution wide screen
        • Has a complete SRGB coverage

        The inconvenients

        • Tablet fashion problems reported
        • The ergonomic arm is sold separately.
        • It was very expensive.

        # 4 Small stylus screen with the best value for money for comics-XP Pen Pro 12

        XP-Pen Artist12 Pro

        Selection criteria:

        • Style pressure sensitivity: 8192 pressure levels
          • Our note: 10/10
          • Our note: 10/10
          • Our note: 10/10
          • Our note: 8/10
          • Our note: 8/10
          • Our note: 10/10
          • Our note: 10/10

          About the XP Pen Pro 12

          This stylus screen may not be the biggest or does not have the highest resolution, but it is ideal for beginners, it is not too expensive and it is also portable. Ideal for small offices and optimized for transport because the use of support is optional. The shortcut keys and the red dial are perfect for improving the workflow and the size of the screen is also ideal for working on comics.


          • Can run most professional software
          • Has a complete SRGB coverage
          • Very economical.

          The inconvenients

          • Some might consider him as small

          #5 Best economical graphics tablet to draw comics – Huion HS610

          Huion HS610 Graphics Drawing Tablet

          Selection criteria

          • Style pressure sensitivity: 8192 pressure levels
            • Our note: 10/10
            • Our note: 10/10
            • Our note: 10/10
            • Our note: 8/10
            • Our note: 10/10

            About the Huion HS610

            This graphic table is much more than its price. The Huion HS610 has the perfect size not only to draw comics, but also for illustrations, editions of photos and even 3D modeling, although it can take a little time to get used to it, because the price and the many functions it offers make it the best. Economy tablet for comics.


            • Can run most professional software
            • Very economical.
            • Many shortcut keys and a dial for the zoom or the bruh size change.

            The inconvenients

            • Requires a PC to operate.


            Drawing bands is not an easy task, and learning to recognize and buy the best tablet for our needs is a key point for our careers. There are many types of tablets that can be used for many different things, so after reading this article, I hope you now know how to differentiate them and how to choose the best device for you.

            Thank you for reading this article, the next one !

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            Best graphics table: which model to buy in 2023 ?

            Graphic tablets are essential accessories for digital creation. With or without wireless, autonomous or connected to a computer, more or less compact, with or without screen … Faced with the multitude of models that exist on the market, it is sometimes difficult to know which. Here is our complete guide of the best graphics tablets.

            • Our selection of best graphics tablets
            • The best graphics tablets without screen
            • The best graphics tablets with screen
            • Can I use an iPad Pro as a graphic tablet ?
            • How much is a graphic tablet ?
            • What are the characteristics to take into account to choose my graphics tablet ?
            • Comments

            Our selection of best graphics tablets

            When they appeared, the graphic shelves were expensive and complex to handle. They were therefore reserved for an audience of experienced professionals. But nowadays, this market has been widely democratized and you can find models from 40 euros. Whether you are a art student, graphic designer or a simple amateur interested in computer -assisted drawing, there is no shortage of models and it can be complicated to choose the model perfectly suited to your practice of drawing and graphics by computer.

            Here is our selection of the best graphics tablets available in 2023 with or without screen. At the end of the article, we will give you additional information to make a wise choice.

            The best graphics tablets without screen

            When you start, this is the obvious choice to limit the price and start to see if you like the use of a graphics tablet or if you prefer to keep your traditional pencils and sheets of paper. With a graphic tablet without screen, you will necessarily have to connect it to a computer to draw. It is therefore a less portable choice, but which allows results as professional as a tablet with screen. Some professional designers or graphic designers prefer to use a graphic tablet without screen to work by looking directly at the big screen of their computer.

            One by Wacom: Perfect in schools

            One by Wacom at the best price

            To start with a quality graphics tablet, no need to spend several hundred euros. The Wacom brand is one of the most famous brands in the sector and it offers an entry -level model, One by Wacom.

            For around 40 euros For the Small model and between 60 and 80 euros for the medium model, you will have a simple graphics tablet, but effective. Windows, macOS and chromeos compatible, You will only have to connect it and install the driver to be able to use it. The pressure and the two keys of the stylus are configurable according to your use preferences.

            With 2048 pressure levels, It is a tablet that allows you to make sketches, draw or touch up photos.

            If the Medium model offers greater comfort of use with an active surface of 21.6 cm by 13.5 cm, the Small model has a work surface large enough to draw (15.2 cm by 9.5 cm) and gain in mobility. Indeed, its small size and featherweight allow you to win in any bag very easily.

            THE + THE –
            Simple and efficient Only in a wired
            Interesting value for money Micro-USB port
            Style that does not require recharge

            Wacom Intuos: to start in graphic creation

            Wacom intuos at the best price

            Always at Wacom, the Intuos range always offers very good value for money for people who wish to make computer graphics by computer. Intuos tablets are also available in 2 formats: s with an active surface of 15.2 cm by 9.5 cm and m with an active surface of 21.6 cm by 13.5 cm. It is also possible to choose between a wired or Bluetooth model with prices Between 80 and 200 euros.

            With 4096 Pressure levels, You gain in precision for the lines of your drawings. These models are also a little more practical in use with the addition of 4 configurable keys directly on the graphics tablet.

            If you want to draw from anywhere, the Wacom Intuos offers the possibility of Connect directly to your Android smartphone or tablet Rather than on a computer.

            Finally, you will not need to invest in creation software with this tablet since 3 software is provided To allow you to get started directly.

            THE + THE –
            Possibility to connect it to a Android smartphone or tablet Software provided to limited features
            Wireless model available Micro-USB port
            3 creation software provided

            Huion H611: The best value for money

            Huion HS611 graphics tablet

            If Wacom is the undisputed leader on this market, other brands like Huion try to break through by offering more interesting value for money. Currently available at around 65 euros, The Huion H611 offers a large active area of ​​25.8 cm by 16.1 cm, 8192 Sensitivity levels and one Report rate of 266 pps. The tablet is thought both for right -handers and left -handers and it has 10 press keys and a programmable touch bar as well as 8 multimedia keys.

            If the tablet is large, it remains easy to transport in a backpack since it is only thick 0.73 mm. You can use this tablet on in combination with Windows, MacOS or with a Android smartphone or tablet. On the other hand, it ignores the wireless connection and requires being connected by a USB-C cable.

            THE + THE –
            Excellent value No software provided
            Comfort of the large active surface with many shortcut buttons No Bluetooth
            Android compatible

            Wacom Intuos Pro: The best graphics tablet without screen

            Wacom Intuos Pro at the best price

            The Wacom Intuos Pro is the top of the range of graphics tablets without screen. It is offered in 3 sizes: S (active surface: 16 x 10 cm), m (active surface: 22.4 x 14.8 cm) and L (active surface: 31.1 x 21.6 cm). It can connect in wire via USB-C and in Bluetooth. In wireless mode, she has a Autonomy of 15 hours.

            With 8192 pressure levels, the management of the inclination of the stylus and multitouch, This is the most perfected screen tablet on the market. To facilitate the use of the different features of the software used, 8 shortcut keys are programmable and a touch ring Allows you to quickly change the main parameters.

            For drawing enthusiasts on paper, this tablet also exists in Paper Edition. With this edition, you draw on a sheet of paper with an ink stylus provided and your drawing is transcribed at the same time on your computer.

            THE + THE –
            Possible connection in USB-C and Bluetooth High price
            Possibility to use it in trackpad thanks to the multitouch No software provided (only test periods)
            Available in S, M and L and Paper Edition

            The best graphics tablets with screen

            If graphics, drawing or photo editing is your job or you want the best equipment to satisfy your passion, then you will be tempted enough to invest in a graphics table with screen. These models allow a more precise and intuitive work since it transcribes itself directly under your stylus.

            In your search, you will have to distinguish two types of graphic tablets with screen: the models that must be plugged into a computer and the autonomous models which can be used alone, but which cost much more expensive.

            WACOM CINTIQ: The reference of tablets with screen

            WACOM CINTIQ at the best price

            For a model with screen, the importance is to have a good calibration in order to have a faithful color rendering and a low latency so that your drawing lines are displayed without delay on the screen. This is what this Wacom Cintiq tablet is promised available in 2 sizes: 16 inches and 22 inches. Its Full HD screen, its 8192 Pressure levels and its management of the inclination of the stylus allow you to work professionally to obtain excellent results.

            If its price (from 550 euros) is much higher than a screen without screen, the Wacom Cintiq tablet still offers good value for money compared to other high-end models which can cost several thousands of ‘euros.

            This model should be connected to your computer by HDMI and USB-A. It should also be connected to a source of power supply. It is therefore a graphic tablet intended for a fixed installation. Compatible Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, The Wacom Cintiq is a safe bet that will suit the greatest number.

            THE + THE –
            Imperceptible latency Power required to operate
            Quality Full HD screen
            3-in-1 cable practice (HDMI, USB-A and Power)

            XP-Pen Artist 13.3 pro: affordable and nomadic

            XP-Pen Artist 13.3 pro at the best price

            Unlike the Wacom Cintiq, this graphics table with screen does not require being connected to a fixed power supply. Indeed, it can be supplied directly via the USB connection with your laptop. Obviously, the autonomy of your laptop will be reduced.

            His screen of 13.3 inch has also been designed to favor nomadic use by making it more easily transportable. Available for around 300 euros, this tablet does not have to be ashamed of its characteristics since it has a Full HD laminated screen which reduces the parallax (the lag between the stylus mine and the drawing line on the screen), a stylus with 8192 pressure levels and the management of the inclination. It is supplied with a support to tilt the tablet if you wish.

            THE + THE –
            Good value for money Limited screen size
            Full HD Lamina screen Requires two USB-A ports and an HDMI port
            Possible use on the move

            Gaomon PD1560: The best value for money with screen

            Gaomon PD1560 at the best price

            To try to dethrone Wacom, the Chinese brand Gaomon put the small dishes in the big ones. Indeed, for less than 300 euros, you get a tablet that offers a lot of quality. His screen of 15.6 inches is bright and automatically calibers colors. Its stylus allows 8192 Pressure levels. The latency with the screen is only 25 ms and there is no parallax effect. Its integrated foot is particularly practical since it allows the screen to be tilted according to its convenience of 10 to 90 degrees.

            For this very attractive price, it will of course have to make some concessions such as the stylus that does not manage the inclination or the screen which only restores the space of the SRGB colors. This is a point that can be crippling for professional use.

            THE + THE –
            Unbeatable value for money Less premium finishes
            15.6 inch Full HD screen Limited color restitution
            Imperceptible latency Stylus to recharge and that does not manage the inclination
            Tilting foot from 10 to 90 degrees

            Wacom Mobiletudio Pro: the high -end autonomous solution

            Wacom Mobilestudio Pro at the best price

            If you want a completely autonomous graphics tablet that works without computer or mobile devices, then the MobileStudio Pro Wacom is a solution that will interest you … provided you have the means !

            This tool, intended for a professional audience, is a graphic tablet, but also a real laptop With an Intel Core i7 processor, a dedicated graphics card for the 15.6 inch model, 16 GB of expandable DDR memory, an evolutionary SSD hard drive of 512 GB, 2 cameras and essential connectors including a SD card port. However, it is also possible to connect it to your main work computer to use it as a conventional graphics tablet.

            Obviously, the screen and graphic table is not to be outdone. The screen benefits from a resolution Ultra HD. The colors are brilliant and the reflections are properly managed. In terms of stylus, no surprise. This is the usual model Wacom Pro Pen 2 that works without battery and manages 8192 Pressure levels as well as the inclination.

            THE + THE –
            Solid design Autonomous but too heavy for nomadic use
            Powerful configuration Prohibitive price
            High -end finishes Delivered without case

            Can I use an iPad Pro as a graphic tablet ?

            The iPad Pro has many qualities including a superb screen and excellent power with the M1 chip. With the appearance of theApple Pencil, It is logical to wonder if this would not be one of the best graphic tablets on the market. More and more creatives actually use this solution with theprocreate application To draw directly on their iPad Pro or sketch sketches. Completely autonomous and compact, this is the perfect solution to draw on the move.

            Its use is very pleasant and the results are extremely good. However, an iPad Pro cannot completely replace a graphic tablet, at least for extensive use. This is actually a complementary tool. The ergonomics of a graphic tablet is studied to allow precision work, which a iPad Pro does not allow.

            How much is a graphic tablet ?

            Previously intended for an audience of professional, the graphic tablets have today been completely democratized and we find them at all prices. A graphics table without quality screen is in a price range between 40 euros and 200 euros. A graphics table with screen can be between 250 euros and 3600 euros. The highest rates are autonomous shelves that work even without a computer.

            What are the characteristics to take into account to choose my graphics tablet ?

            Fairly simple, the graphic tablets are nevertheless condensed of technologies and all the tablets are not equal.
            The first element to take into account is the size of the active surface Rather than the size of the tablet. It is indeed on the active surface that you can draw. If the surface is too small for your use, you will very quickly be frustrated and you will want to pass on another format. Do not hesitate to try before buying or tracing the surface on a sheet to realize if it is enough or not for you before buying.

            Configurable buttons may appear gadgets at first, but these are precious aids that will save you considerable time if you regularly use your graphics tablet. They allow you to carry out actions in your creation software without having to take over the mouse in hand or to type on the computer.

            The stylus in itself is also very important. He Determines the supported pressure levels and he may or may not take care of thestylus. If it may seem very technical, it simply means that your stylus will more or less faithfully reproduce the effect of a real pencil.

            Two elements are also very important to take into account which could completely ruin your experience and make you abandon very quickly computer drawing: latency and parallax. Latence is the time between your action and the result on the screen. On a tablet with screen, the parallax is an effect that slightly shifts the mine from your pen and the place where your drawing will really appear. If the latency and/or the parallax is noticeable, your drawing technique will no longer be intuitive and much less precise.

            For the Models with screen, We will have to look the resolution, brightness and good color calibration. These are the elements that will determine if you can correctly observe your work directly on the tablet.

            Finally remember to check the compatibility of your tablet with your computer or mobile device as well as with your creation software.

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