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20 Best drawing applications for iPad in 2023 (free and paid)


It is possible to add layers and import images, in short, all that is expected of a high level paint simulator.

The 5 best drawing applications for iPad in 2022

Test: What is the best drawing application for iPad ? Procreate has the preference of ZDNET because of its plethoric features. We sought and compared the characteristics, as well as the tools, the cost and the compatibility of several other applications to determine the best choices.

By Lena Borrelli | Friday 02 September 2022

The 5 best drawing applications for iPad in 2022

Nowadays, many things have been scanned, and drawing applications are no exception. They are a simple and practical way to produce digital works of art without taking the lead. No need to accumulate paintings and brushes or care about paper cuts. Instead, you have a screen ready to boost your creativity.

Before you draw your next masterpiece, we have listed the best drawing tools for iPad, whatever the tablet model you have.


  • Developer: Savage Interactive Pty Ltd
  • Price : 9.99 euros
  • Note on the App Store: 4.5
  • Compatibility: ipad

Procreate is a mobile drawing and digital paint application under commercial license exclusively available on iPhone and iPad and working perfectly with the Apple Pencil digital stylus.

  • Downloads: 219
  • Release date : 09/18/2023
  • Author : Savage Interactive Pty Ltd
  • Licence : Commercial license
  • Categories:Multimedia
  • Operating system : iOS iPad – iOS iPhone / iPad

There is no doubt that Procreate is one of the best drawing applications for iPad. Designed to operate with the iPad and Apple Pencil, the application has hundreds of brushes that you can all use with 64 -bit colors to create an ultra high definition work. It is possible to create sketches, paintings, illustrations and animations.

There is in addition a Quickshape function which guarantees to trace perfect forms each time. We could also cite the spreading tool or metal 3D effects options. In addition, if you are creative, you will certainly appreciate the 3D paint tool. Finally, the application benefits from the Valkyrie graphics engine for better performance.

  • Simple interface;
  • A large choice of brushes;
  • Fantastic tools.


    a limited image size.

Adobe Fresco

  • Developer: Adobe Inc.
  • Price : 11.99 euros per month
  • Note on the App Store: 4.7
  • Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Adobe Fresco is a powerful application of drawing and vector painting for iPad and iPhone, designed for professionals, artists and designers. Create your paintings, sketches and other illustrations.

  • Downloads: 17
  • Release date : 09/18/2023
  • Author : Adobe Inc.
  • Licence : Demonstration
  • Categories:Multimedia
  • Operating system : Windows 10/11 – iOS iPhone / iPad

Compatible with all kinds of Apple devices, Adobe Fresco is, in our view, the best application to paint on iPad. Designed specifically for Apple tablets, the reactivity of the application is impeccable. It works transparently with the Apple Pencil and even with an iPhone, synchronizing between devices to allow you easy access to your current works. This application is perfectly suited to professionals, offering the possibility of using it as a sketchbook or to make watercolors or oils. Three types of brushes are available – simple, pixel and vector – to help you create exactly the type of lines and curves you want. The application is full of features and, when you have finished, it is possible to export your work to Photoshop or the Creative Cloud of Adobe.

  • specific tools;
  • a complete selection of brushes;
  • Course and training.


  • Unable to personalize the brushes;
  • Not available on Chrome.


  • Developer: Pixite Inc.
  • Price : 6.49 euros per month
  • Note on the App Store: 4.5
  • Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Assembly: Graphic Design & Art is a graphic editor for iPhone and iPad, which allows you to create logos, illustrations and many other design visuals, thanks to powerful vector tools.

  • Downloads: 16
  • Release date : 05/25/2023
  • Author : Pixite Inc.
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Multimedia
  • Operating system : iOS iPhone / iPad

Assembly is an excellent tool, whether it is to produce vector drawings or make sketches. Professionals will appreciate the possibility of creating a variety of different works, including logos, icons and illustrations. You can also choose from 25 different fonts or import others using the search engine. You also benefit from 250 automatic stickers, 35 palettes of prefeated colors and 21 packs of geometric shapes. The point editing tool has standard Béziers curves for better rendering. Once you are finished, you can import and export your creation in the format of your choice (JPG, PNG, SVP and PDF).

  • Ideal for beginners;
  • easy to use ;
  • A free 7 -day trial.


  • limited export options;
  • A required subscription.


  • Developer: Tophatch, Inc.
  • Price : 4.99 euros per month
  • Note on the App Store: 4.7
  • Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Concepts is a digital workspace that offers you an infinite white sheet so that you can note everything that goes through your head without being limited to the dimensions of the paper.

  • Downloads: 7
  • Release date : 09/22/2023
  • Author : Tophatch
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Photo – Leisure
  • Operating system : Android – Windows 10/11 – iOS iPhone / iPad

It is not because concepts is a cheap drawing application that it skimp on the features. There are many ways to use the application, whether it is to make sketches, to scratch or create heuristic cards. You can draw storyboards and give birth to different design. You can even use infinite canvas as a whiteboard to note ideas and brainstorming for your next project. Thanks to all its features, concepts is used by some of the largest current companies, including Disney, Philips, Apple, PlayStation and Google. Tons of pens, pencils and brushes are available, with the possibility of creating yours if you prefer a certain slide, pressure or inclination. The color is provided by the COPIC chromatic wheel and you can add your own PDF images and files to spice up your content. When you have finished, you can easily share your work via Airplay.

  • an infinite canvas;
  • Suitable for professionals;
  • Group subscriptions available.


  • No brush customization;
  • Limited functions in the free subscription.

Autodesk Sketchbook

  • Developer: Sketchbook, Inc
  • Price : Free
  • Note on the App Store: 4.8
  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Autodesk Sketchbook is digital drawing and painting software, compatible with many touch supports that offers a clean and perfectly functional work interface.

  • Downloads: 69
  • Release date : 07/27/2023
  • Author : Autodesk Inc.
  • Licence : Demonstration
  • Categories:Photo
  • Operating system : Android – Windows 64 bit – XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 – iOS iPhone/iPad – MacOS

Autodesk Sketchbook is probably one of the best drawing apps on iPad for beginners. This does not mean that professionals will not find their accounts. The app has a beautiful interface and offers a realistic drawing experience, offering a wide variety of brushes. There are pencils, markers and airbrush. It is possible to imitate the shade and coloring of real tools. There is also a tool in good standing, as well as layers and filling tools to brighten up everything. You can make sure that everything is centered thanks to the tools of vertical, horizontal and radial symmetry. Whatever your project, Sketchbook makes your task easier by offering you the right tools in a simple and refined workspace.

  • A wide variety of brushes;
  • Perfect for children;
  • Compatible with Windows.


  • a light learning curve;
  • Some data loss due to backup problems.

What is the best drawing application for iPad ?

Procreate is our choice of choice here, and users seem to agree given its rating on the App Store. It is also compatible with the Apple Pencil and offers 64 -bit colors and a great diversity of formats.

To find out how it is positioned in relation to competition, here is an overview of the best drawing applications.

  • Procreate – € 9.99 – 4.5 stars
  • Adobe Fresco – € 11.99 – 4.7 stars
  • Assembly – € 6.49 – 4.5 stars
  • Concepts – € 4.99 – 4.7 stars
  • Autodesk Sketchbook – Free – 4.8 stars

What is the iPad drawing application that best suits you ?

After a while, all iPad drawing applications can start to be alike. To help you, here are the recommendations of our experts so that you can find the best iPad drawing application according to your needs.

Choose this drawing application if you are looking for.

  • Tools worthy of a professional – Procreate
  • A realistic painting experience – Adobe Fresco
  • A tool for vector images – Assembly
  • À la carte options for your drawing application on iPad – Concepts
  • A free application to help you start – Autodesk Sketchbook

How did we choose these drawing applications for iPad ?

We take into account several factors when we are looking for the best drawing applications for iPad.

  • Compatibility: Compatibility is, of course, a determining factor here because we only read the best drawing applications for iPad.
  • Features: We examine the features offered by a drawing application, including the types of brushes, their numbers, the types of works you can create and the formats available for recording.
  • Price : In order not to make holes in the budget, we are looking for the best affordable drawing applications, so that you can find the application you want at a reasonable price.
  • Note : No one can better judge an application than a user, which is why we are based on thousands of customer reviews to better enter the user experience.

Before choosing the application to buy and download, be sure to take into account your needs and the features offered by the software.

What is a drawing application ?

A drawing application is a type of software that allows you to create works of art using your iPad. The program typically allows you to create vector graphics by offering several types of brushes, as well as other features, to help you create your next masterpiece.

Are drawing applications available both on iOS and on Android ?

Many drawing applications for iPad are available both for iOS and Android, but the features may vary. However, most iPad drawing applications are available both for on iPhone and Android.

How much drawing applications cost ?

The cost may vary, some being billed monthly, others being paid in one go.

Are there other drawing applications for iPads that deserve to be tried ?

During our search for the best drawing applications for iPad, Art Set 4, Comic Draw and Linea Sketch also drew our attention.

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By Lena Borrelli | Friday 02 September 2022

20 Best drawing applications for iPad in 2023 (free and paid)

20 Best drawing applications for iPad in 2023 (free and paid)

The applications we are going to tackle in this article are among the best design tools that iPad has to offer. They all offer something unique while responding to certain design functions for enthusiasts as well as for professionals.

Since the introduction of the Apple Pencil in 2015, almost overnight, the iPad has gone from the status of simple Cool tablet to that of a powerful tool for designers, With many amazing applications to adapt to the newly introduced stylus, to follow.

Today, five years have passed and we have really great, innovative and unique design applications on which the developers had time to work to find the best ways to use the combination of the two generations of the Apple Apple Pencil with the iPad.

The applications we are going to tackle in this article are among the best design tools that iPad can offer.

They all offer something unique while responding to certain design functions for enthusiasts as well as professionals.

You can, we hope, discover something that can inspire you and/or that may be able to be integrated into your existing tool arsenal. Also, don’t forget to consult the article devoted to another set of graphic design software that you can use from your PC.

Like Dustin from “Stranger Things” said: “Why do you keep this closed curiosity door ?””

Let us unlock this “door” together. Who knows what we will find inside !


Important declaration: we are proud to be affiliated with certain tools mentioned in this guide. If you click on an affiliation link and then make a purchase, we will collect a small commission at no additional cost for you (you pay nothing more).

1. Vectorator


Price : Free

Difficulty level : 6 | 10

Vectorator is a vector graphic design tool that will allow you to create anything digitally, depending on the extent to which you are ready to push your imagination.

This software is solid from start to finish in terms of features and characteristics, which shows that the most sophisticated designers can appreciate what this product has to offer.

Novice users can easily get into graphics design with Vectornator. Thanks to his intuitive interface, Access to Tutorial videos, as well as a very supplied community and support, venture into the graphic design has never been easier.

2. Affinity Designer

(Affinity Designer)

Price : 19.99

Difficulty level : 8 | 10

Affinity Designer de Serif Labs is an application based on the original desktop version of the product and is no less powerful and rich in functionalities than what you would get on your PC.

This product aims to capture and provide professional graphic designers with a tool with which they can create anything, illustrations to UI/UX conceptions, etc., while taking advantage of all that the iPad has to offer.

Besides the possibility of ” draw “ Simply with a stylus or with your finger, you can use vector and matrix functions as well as advanced grids and guides to make your creations really remarkable !

3. Procreate


Price : 9.99

Difficulty level : 4 | 10

Procreate is a very popular creativity application that suits professionals as well as beginners.

This application has intuitive tools and many unique features that transform your iPad and Apple pencil into a full art studio.

You will have access to more than 200 craft brushes (pencils, inks, charians, etc.) which are also customizable, allowing you to completely control your brush game.

It shouldn’t take you too much time to realize the potential and power of this great application.

4. Ifontmaker


Price : 7.99

Difficulty level : 3 | 10

If you want to create fonts or if you only plan to acquire this skill, there is no better application to do it than Ifontmaker.

This software is dedicated to a single objective, which is to allow you to create your own personalized fonts, for any reason or occasion.

Once you have filled all the letters, all the figures and all the symbols (one by one), you can export your new font and use it on your Mac, your iPhone or iPad.

5. Astropad Studio

(Astropad Studio)

Price : $ 11.99 per month or $ 79.99 per year, with a 30 -day free trial.

Difficulty level : 7 | 10

Astropad Studio is a powerful tool for professional graphic designers, which is full of advantages and features and which is suitable for both experienced and beginners.

This product was designed for creation professionals. Thanks to him, you can transform your iPad into a graphic tablet that synchronizes with your Mac and allows programs such as Photoshop and other creation tools to operate as a single entity.

Astropad Studio Works better with the Apple Pencil in mind, and it is recommended to have at least the first version of the iPad Pro to obtain the best performance of this product. As I said, this one is for the big ones.

6. Adobe’s Illustrator Draw

(Adobe Illustrator)

Price : Free

Difficulty level : 5 | 10

Illustrator Draw Adobe is a vector digital drawing platform with a very intuitive interface and offering a large number of tools for your artistic use.

This product is ideal for making quick sketches and, as it is an Adobe product, you can continue your work on your desktop thanks to the Creativesync function. However, with a subscription to CreativeCloud, you can get much more from this product and other Adobe products.

7. Paper by wetransfer

(Paper by Wetransfer)

Price : Free (with in-app purchase options)

Difficulty level : 4 | 10

If there is a product that you never knew that you wanted it or you need, Paper may well be this product.

This digital sketch book is appreciated and rented by many people, and rightly so. You can draw, make sketches, tap, paint and create superb collages in one place.

Thanks to the association of functionality, simplicity and conviviality, this application can really improve your creativity without having to take complicated measures, which makes it an almost essential application to have on your iPad (although some of the best features are only unlocked once you have paid a subscription).

8. Tayasui Sketches

(Tayasui sketches)

Price : Free (with in-app purchase options)

Difficulty level : 3 | 10

Tayasui, translated from Japanese to English, means “easy”, And this is all the philosophy of this drawing tool.

But do not be abused by the fact that, even if it is an “easy” tool to use, it remains very versatile and powerful.

It has features that novice users will have no trouble assimilating, and those who consider themselves above the novice level will undoubtedly find things to appreciate in Tayasui, or more, in the pro version (which costs $ 5.99).

9. Autodesk Sketchbook

(Autodesk Sketchbook)

Price : Free

Difficulty level : 4 | 10

Autodesk has existed for almost five years and, during this period, it has become an experienced tool in its own way, respected by all.

You will be happy to learn that this application was previously cost $ 4.99, But that it is now completely free, with all its features.

In addition to being user -friendly, it has professional quality tools which are both simple and intuitive.

It is unlikely that this application one day comes back to the paid version, but if this is the case, it would be a shame not to try it in its current and most advanced form.

10. Graphic

(Graphic App)

Price : 8.99

Difficulty level : 6 | 10

Here is a graphic design tool with an impressive quantity of features and export capacities and fairly dense sharing, making it one of the few versatile applications capable of tackling most of the digital design tasks that you entrust to him.

Graphic is also Ideal for making illustrations, And works better with the combination of the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro.

It would be quite long to list all the features of this application, so instead of following this path, you can believe me and take a look at the features by yourself. It could be worth it.

11. Pro artstudio

(Pro artstudio)

Price : 11.99

Difficulty level : 5 | 10

With Artstudio, The name speaks of itself. Basically, this application is a photo paint and retouching tool with a ridiculously high number of functions to perform most complex tasks.

In support of all this, its latest version of Artengine will take advantage of the GPU of your iPad, which will result in faster overall performance, so that your creativity is not lagging behind.

The learning curve is surprisingly not too bad, which makes this product an excellent choice for all artists.

12. Clip Studio Paint

(Clip Studio Paint)

Price : $ 4.49 per month or $ 24.99 For an annual subscription

Difficulty level : 8 | 10

From drawing and painting to the creation of manga and comics, Clip Studio Paint is a versatile tool for digital professional artists.

This is a complete application that offers everything you can find in the office version, without any compromise.

Although this product is not intended for everyone, since it is rather addressed to already established graphic designers, take up the challenge of learning all the ins and outs of this application can be enriching and beneficial for those who are ready to devote time to it.

In the end, this product belongs to its own category and the last thing it lacks is the many tools and features.

13. Notability


Price : 8.99

Difficulty level : 3 | 10

Notability is as simple as an application can be, and that’s where it excels. This application will help you capture your thoughts by allowing you to combine sketches, photos and writings.

As this is not necessarily a design tool, but rather a productivity tool, it can be a product that gives life to your ideas for subsequent use.

You can score photos, annotate PDFs, all being then accessible on all your devices. It can really be everyone’s practical tool, for a variety of uses.

14. Pixelmator


Price : 4.99

Difficulty level : 4 | 10

So far, we have not really covered with full -fledged photo editing tools, so let’s go. Essentially, Pixelmator Can be considered a mini-photoshop and it will certainly be able to meet most of your photo editing needs.

In addition to being a powerful photo editing tool, this application also has graphic paint and design functions, and there is really enough to have fun from the start.

The application is very simple to use and whoever decides to take it in hand will be surprised by the diversity and conviviality of this platform.

15. Comic Draw

(Comic Draw)

Price : Free (with in-app purchase options)

Difficulty level : 7 | 10

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own comic strip, or perhaps you have already asked yourself about the process and conditions for creating a comic strip ?

Well, with Comic Draw, You will be able to do it and let me tell you that it’s very funny !

You will have all the necessary tools throughout this creative trip, so that your comic seems to have been made by professionals.

Although at the beginning, you can feel overwhelmed and it requires a lot of work, in the end, most budding artists and people interested in the creation of comics will find that this application is perfect for that.

16. Inspire Pro

(Inspire Pro)

Price : 4.99

Difficulty level : 6 | 10

Inspire Pro is an application of painting and it is also an exclusivity of the App Store, which we cannot ignore.

What you can hope to withdraw is a very versatile platform for making realistic drawings and paintings, with all the features and incredible tools to help you in your approach.

The rendering at 120 Hz, while operating on the Sorcery paint engine, works as if by magic on your iPad, and when you add the Apple pencil to the mixture, be careful – Vangogh, Rembrandt and Dali !

17. Arteage


Price : 2.99

Difficulty level : 5 | 10

Arteage is the last digital painting application that we are going to tackle, and it has unique characteristics that designers and artists will appreciate.

This application is a support simulation that allows you to work with “real world painting tools” such as oils, watercolors, paint rolls, etc.

It is possible to add layers and import images, in short, all that is expected of a high level paint simulator.

But what is really special in this application is its artistic community, where you can share your work, your ideas and discuss everything related to digital art. Have fun !

18. Concepts


Price : Free (with in-app purchase options)

Difficulty level : 6 | 10

With Concepts, You will discover a truly powerful tool that will allow you not only to sketch your ideas in the most satisfactory way, but also a professional level design application with which it is pleasant to work.

Take a look at the wheel of the above colors, it should be quite convincing. In any case, this vector drawing application will offer a large flexibility and of good performance, allowing you to give life to your ideas and let them flourish on a single “infinite” canvas (you must at least take a look).

19. Umake 3D Cader Modeling

(Umake 3D Modeling frame)

Price : Free (with in-app purchase options)

Difficulty level : 8 | 10

This article would not be complete without a 3D modeling application. Here is one that CAD professionals and 3D modeling enthusiasts should consider, if not already done.

The application of Umake 3D CAD modeling is a real friend of the designer and, thanks to the way this product has been designed, it will not take you long to start working on your 3D designs on the go (although the use of “long” is somewhat subjective and that there is a stiff learning curve, fyi).

The fact remains that there are interesting features and that those who are ready to devote time to it are guaranteed to have an application that will change the situation on their iPad (preferably with a “pro” at the end )).

20. Assembly


Price : Free (with in-app purchase options)

Difficulty level : 5 | 10

Assembly is a vector design tool with which you can quickly create whatever you want, from logos, by combining preconceived elements.

This application uses a Powerful points editing system, and theuser interface is quite intuitive, so that even beginner designers should not have any problems to acclimatize quickly to this application.

It is also important to note that Assembly works with other graphic design applications that support the SVG file type, and with import options from other applications, this tool is simply great for working, especially on the move.

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